Christmas Break Pt. 03

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Jia Lissa

Adam grabbed at the blanket beneath his sister, desperately trying to pull it out from under her and cover himself up. His father was frozen in the door frame, his face a mask of bewilderment. He began to emit a strange, strained noise as Adam grabbed the loose bit of blanket hanging over the edge of the bed, barely covering his softening cock. Elle was motionless.

“Daddy…” she was starting to sit back onto the bed. Adam was confused. She was moving, but not to cover herself up. And she hadn’t called their father Daddy since they were kids. Her father finally spoke.

“Sweetpea, what are you doing?!?” he moved towards the bed. Elle stood up next to the bed and Adam gathered more blanket, covering himself further as Elle pulled her panties on, still talking to their father.

“Daddy, please, let me explain…”

Her father’s face was shifting, becoming angry as he approached his daughter. Adam watched a wet spot appear on the back of her panties as she bent to grab her t-shirt, his cum pressing through the pink cotton. Their father was standing in front of Elle, his hands trembling as he reached out. Adam’s face was contorted in confusion, his mouth slightly agape. What was going on? Her father reached out, grabbing Elle’s wrist and pulling her forward.

“You said I was the only one…” he glowered down at her.

“Daddy it’s just Adam, I promise you’re the only…” her father shocked her into silence with a hard slap across the face. Adam wasn’t surprised by the physicality of it, but by the passion. Their father had always disciplined them corporally, but took a detached approach to it, strapping or spanking them after he had calmed from the initial anger at their transgression, in a manner that suggested it was as hard for him to implement it as it was for his children to endure it.

“Slut.” He seethed. His chest was beginning to heave. He looked towards Adam, who was skittering away, looking for safe egress as he backed against the wall.

“And you! What is wrong with you? She is your sister!” He moved towards the bed, past Elle.

“Daddy, please, it’s my fault, don’t be mad at Adam…” Elle stood behind their father, tugging on his elbow. There was already a bright red mark across her face. Tears welled in her eyes. She blinked, sending them down her cheeks. Their father turned back to her.

“Excuse me?” Adam could hear the familiar sound of incredulity in his father’s voice, the voice he used when he thought his kids were lying, a voice that said ‘and you expect me to believe that?’ It never failed to elicit the truth. Elle looked down, tears now flowing freely. She watched her toes dig into the carpet as she spoke softly,

“I seduced him, Daddy.” Adam watched his father’s back straighten and his hands ball into fists at his side.

“Look at me.” He demanded. Elle looked up at their father. His hand shot from his side, Adam thought he would strike her again but instead his thumb and forefinger grasped her chin as he roughly drew her face up towards him. “Tell me.” he said through clenched teeth. Adam sat motionless on the bed, still unable to follow what was happening between his father and his sister.

“I…we were…we took a nap on the couch and…I woke up. He was masturbating and I was right there and ever since I came home from school you haven’t had any time for me, Daddy, so…I…” she started to sob. Her father gripped her chin harder, bringing his other hand up to her nipple and pinching, hard. Adam wondered through his fear if his father could tell she liked that.

“Tell me, kitten.” He demanded. Elle squealed as she nodded into his hand.

“Yes, yes Daddy.” She sniffled and breathed deeply, as he released her nipple, keeping his hand on her waist.

“He was stroking his cock when I woke up, so at first, I pretended to be asleep. I watched his hand under the blanket. It…I got wet, Daddy. Watching him stroke. I’d been trying to find time with you alone since I came home and I just felt so horny! I was so good out at school, I didn’t fuck anyone, just those times you made me go to the porn shop and use that glory hole, and I promise that was only my mouth like you told me to, I swear it, Dadd—eeee!” Elle yelped as he raised his fingers up to her nipple again, digging his nails into the skin there.

“Stay on track, Princess. I didn’t ask for excuses, I asked for the truth.”

“I’m sorry Daddy.” Elle breathed heavily as she closed her eyes. Adam could tell she was suffering in pleasure, wincing and groaning as he tortured her nipple.


“I was so good all semester but seeing him stroke like that, after the night before when you used the hard-on I gave you at the dinner table to fuck Mom instead…I just needed something!” He dug into her nipple again. She growled and shuddered as her eyes rolled back in her head.

“No excuses, sweetpea. Just tell Daddy everything.” He let go of her nipple. Adam briefly considered getting up and leaving the room. izmir escort His father and sister seemed engrossed in their conversation, he might be able to get out unnoticed.

“Mmhmm. Okay.” Deep breath. “I woke up and I watched him. And I tried to pretend I didn’t notice but then when he came…I’m so sorry Daddy!” Elle started to sob again, pulling away from her father’s still upraised hand and burying her face in her hands. Her father gently rubbed her waist, seeming to soften in the face of his daughter’s sincere attrition.

“It’s ok, Princess. Tell the truth, and we can work through this.” Elle sniffled, looking up at her father and smiling.


“I promise, sweetpea. It’s ok. I’m not so mad anymore, I just need to know. Tell Daddy what you did.”

“Yes Daddy. So, well, Adam came. I could tell from his face. His face looks just like yours when you cum, Daddy, I just wanted to see it happen again! So…promise you’re not going to stay mad at me?” Adam saw his father’s head nod. Elle glanced past him briefly. Adam tried to flash her a what-the-hell-is-going-on type look, but she was already fixed back on their father’s face.

“So I acted like I just woke up. I acted surprised by him jerking off, and started to ask him questions. I played dumb, Dad…because I wanted him to fuck me.” Elle’s face was bright red as she confessed. Adam’s cock stirred against the blanket he held tightly around himself. His father lowered his hand to his daughter’s cunt, his thumb pressed against her clit through the fabric of her panties. She sighed.

“I missed you …” Elle purred as their father began to rub.

“Don’t stop now. Keep talking. You need to tell me everything if you expect me to trust you again.” Elle mewed as their father rubbed her clit expertly. It seemed to Adam as though he knew exactly how to touch her. Her breath was already getting ragged. But…

“I told him that I wanted to show him. What a girl was like. Our parts. I acted like I’d never been with a guy…like I was a virgin.” Elle’s eyes flicked towards Adam again. His mouth was wide open now. His sister had lied. He felt so stupid. His ears began to ring as he heard his sister detail to their father how he lost his virginity, on the family couch, to his own sister – who was not a virgin. How had he been so stupid? He watched his father reach into Elle’s panties and rub her clit faster as she told him about Adam cumming inside her.

“I couldn’t pretend like it was fine he came inside me; I was supposed to be this total inexperienced virgin…but I had been too turned on to stop him. I wanted to feel my brother cum inside me.” Her breath was labored as she spoke, licking her lips as he continued rubbing her clit.

“Did it feel nice, sweetpea? Getting cummed in?” Adam rubbed his temples, pulling his gaze away from his sister, staring at the floor as he tried to process it all.

“It did, Daddy…mmm, I loved getting my pussy creampied by my brother.” Elle looked up at Adam. He could tell she was seeking his gaze and avoided it, keeping his eyes cast down.

“And so, today…” their father encouraged her to continue. Elle nodded.

“I told him that I had gotten the morning after pill. That I took the bus to the free clinic and got myself on birth control.”

“Where did you really go, Princess?”

“Moonlit Movies and Books.” Adam looked up. That was the dark-fronted store at the edge of town, the one his mother told him sold “dirty, sinful movies” that he was never to watch.

“And you got?”

“Lube and condoms.”

Their father laughed. Adam couldn’t believe what was going on. Had the whole family gone crazy? Was there a carbon monoxide leak? What else hadn’t he been told about?

“Couldn’t wait for me to fuck your ass, Princess? I promised you, on Christmas. Or did you want to work up to Daddy’s fat cock in your ass?” Elle smiled.

“I thought maybe you were done with me. I’ve been home 6 days and haven’t been able to so much as blow you, Daddy!” Their father laughed again, drawing Elle towards him with his free arm, pressing her against his chest.

“Don’t think just because I’m being kind right now that you aren’t in for it, sweetpea. You’ve earned some serious punishment. A good girl doesn’t go around fucking their brother without checking to see if it’s okay.” Adam was shaking his head in his hands. What the fuck was wrong with them? He looked up to see them both looking at him.

“You look a little shocked, son. Is there something I can clarify for you? It seems apparent to me that you, uhh, understand the pleasure involved with fucking our Elle. Furthermore, I can’t think of a better outcome of being caught sodomizing your sister by your father. Imagine if it had been your mom. I’m betting you’d never be done saying your Our Fathers and Hail Marys after she dragged you both immediately to confession. Or demanded an exorcism.” He laughed. Adam moved his mouth wordlessly, looking alsancak escort from his father to his sister.

“I can’t say I’m thrilled that you fucked her ass before me. I was really looking forward to that cherry. She has so few firsts left.” Their father looked down at Elle, smoothed her tousled hair and kissed the crown of her head. “Honestly Adam, cut the act. You can’t be that fucking surprised, you think virgins fuck like that?” Adam thought back to all the things she had said, the words and phrases that had sounded so foreign and dirty.

“Daddy, he is…really. Really. Uhh…inexperienced.” Elle was avoiding looking at Adam. He felt belittled again. Taken advantage of. He imagined the girls at school, the ones who felt ashamed afterwards.

“Sweetpea, why don’t you go sit with your brother?” Elle moved slowly towards the bed. Adam turned his head towards the window and focused on the cluster of rhododendrons by the garage, covered in snow. He didn’t want to cry.

“Adam…” Elle reached out to touch his arm and he swatted her away.

“Adam, do not hit your sister.” He heard the familiar sternness in his father’s voice. Even this normal, paternal command sounded perverted now.

“Sorry.” He said, without looking at them.

“Adam, please, I didn’t mean to lie. I was afraid to tell the truth. Please, just look at me Adam.” He tried to resist turning to her, afraid to read sincerity and burn again with the embarrassment of being lied to like that. Had she been laughing inside while he fumbled with his fingers inside her? Had she thought it cute, his quick ejaculation inside his own sister? She was sick. Wrong. They both were.

“Please, Adam, I wasn’t trying to hurt you…” He heard her sniffle. What right did she have to be crying? He looked up to tell her just that, to make her understand how wrong she had been, but when he met her eyes he faltered. Her face was streaked with tears, the imprint of their father’s hand still evident on her right cheek. She did seem sorry. “Please Adam.” She put her hand on his forearm, rubbing her thumb against his inner arm. It felt nice. Comforting. She scooted towards him, leaning against the wall next to him and placing an arm around his shoulders.

“I’m sorry Adam. I just thought you’d tell me no if I told you the truth and I wanted you so badly! Or you’d tell Mom. I couldn’t…I was scared. And embarrassed.” Adam shrugged.

“You could have told me, Elle.” Their father moved to the edge of the bed, a few feet away.

“You have to understand Adam, if your mother ever found out…I don’t know what she’d do. To me. To your sister. To herself. We cannot risk that.” Adam looked between them. He couldn’t believe what was happening. Five days ago he thought his was a good, Christian family. Law abiding. God-fearing. Now here he was, sitting on his bed with his sister’s ass full of his cum and his father admitting to fucking her regularly for…

“How long?” he asked. Elle sighed and looked at her father. He nodded.

“Three years.” She said. “Ever since senior year at St. Agnes’. He did wait until I was legal, if that means anything. The day after my 18th birthday he took me into the garage and let me have a sip of his beer. A sip turned into a bottle and next thing I knew he had me on my knees sucking his cock behind the minivan.” She shrugged. “I lost my virginity to him within a week.”

“So you’ve just been fucking this whole time? With all of us in the house?”

“Sometimes.” His father interjected. “Not often, it’s too risky. Sometimes I can’t help myself. I’m sure you know the feeling.” He winked at Adam. Adam felt himself begin to grin. His father playfully punched his arm. He tried to remind himself that he had fucked Elle, too. He wasn’t innocent. She hadn’t forced him. And he did enjoy it.

“So you’re not mad that we…that we did all that?” he asked his father.

“I’m mad that your sister didn’t follow our rules,” he said “that she didn’t ask for permission.” Adam furrowed his brow. Elle giggled.

“I know Adam, it’s a lot to take in. Dad and I have rules. I can’t play with anyone else unless Daddy says so, and even then – only my mouth.” Adam still found it so weird that she called him Daddy again, but figured it was one of the less-weird aspects of their arrangement. “Sometimes he’d make me play with other people and videotape it. Like with the gloryhole.”

“Gloryhole?” Adam repeated. It sounded like a patriotic yard game.

“It’s a place, like a closet or a booth, with a few holes in it, where someone sits inside and guys put their cocks through the holes so the person inside can suck them.” It sounded fantastical to Adam, but after today he didn’t think much could surprise him.

“Your sister was having a hard time this semester, being away from a more constant supply of cum, that I sent her out to one nearby. She sucked six cocks in how long, Princess?”

“42 minutes. Six cocks, seven loads.” Elle was buca escort beaming with pride. Adam felt a surge in his cock again.

“Such a good cocksucker. I’m sure you can understand why, Adam. She’s got a very talented mouth.”

“Actually, Daddy, I haven’t sucked his cock yet.” Their father whistled.

“Missing out, son.”

“I did say yet, Daddy. If…that’s ok with you?” Adam looked at his sister. She had her hand on his thigh and was looking at their father with expectant eyes. He pursed his lips and lifted an eyebrow, looking back and forth between his son and daughter before sighing.

“Well. I can’t say I’m surprised. And I am upset about your inability to follow simple rules, but I think to punish Adam for your behavior wouldn’t be fair. I suppose you two can carry on, but I need you to be more careful. I could have been your mother.” He looked stern, like cautioning them on the dangers of riding a bike sans helmet. Adam felt himself nodding eagerly. Despite all this, how strange and dirty he found it all, the idea that he could somewhat freely fuck his sister now was an exciting prospect.

“Hey, yeah dad, why are you home? Shouldn’t you be at work?” Elle asked. Their father smiled.

“I came home to give Adam a gift that would keep him out of the house.” He said. “I thought that you and I could spend some time together.” Elle looked embarrassed.

“You came home for me?”

Adam watched as Elle crawled across him to their father at the edge of the bed. She was on her hands and knees with her ass pointed towards Adam as she kissed her father. He watched her hand reach down to his crotch as she purred. Adam’s cock was responding to the scene before him, despite himself. He couldn’t help it – watching his sister touch their dad’s cock made him want her again. Part of him wanted to fuck her to punish her for lying. It seemed strange to want that. Fucking as punishment. He wondered if there was something wrong with him.

Dad reached towards Elle’s ass and began pulling her panties down.

“Did her anal training work out alright for you, Adam?” he asked as his hand spread her ass. She was leaning against his chest and moaning.

“Huhwhat?” Adam stuttered, his eyes glued to his sister’s cumcovered asshole.

“Her anal training. I had her buy a cute little butt plug to get her ass ready for me.” Adam looked confused. His father chuckled. “A butt plug, Adam, is a little toy that you can insert in your ass and keep there – in your sister’s case, for a whole day.”

Adam felt his face redden as he imagined how excited he was to try all these new, dirty acts with his sister. Only now to discover that she had been preparing all along. And not for him.

“Don’t feel badly, Adam. Your sister was wrong to lie, but you still got to fuck that perfect little ass of hers, right?” he punctuated his question by pressing a finger into Elle’s ass.

Adam watched his cum dribble out, extruded as his father began to finger Elle’s ass. His cock was starting to grow beneath the blanket. Elle had lowered her face to their father’s crotch, and was working to unbutton his suit pants. He had taken off his jacket somewhere between the front door and Adam’s bedroom. His tie was loosened slightly. He was older than his friend’s fathers by about ten years, but in much better shape than most of them. He had always extolled the importance of physical activity, lecturing his kids on always staying active, himself having crewed in high school and college, switching to marathons and the occasional triathlon in his thirties. He was of average height but his broad shoulders and posture made him seem taller. His hair was dark like Adam’s but graying around the temples. Adam thought for a moment that he understood Elle’s attraction to him. He watched them kiss as she pulled his cock from his pants.

Adam gasped despite himself. Besides his own, he’d only ever seen another cock in the lockerroom at school, and even then he knew not to stare despite his desire to compare. From sideways glances every once in a while, he knew he was a larger size but his father was even larger. He wasn’t much longer, perhaps even the same length, but his girth was enormous. As Elle stroked him, it looked as though his cock was as thick as her wrist. She moved her hand quickly up and down his cock, stroking as they kissed. Adam was transfixed. Adam’s father pulled away from Elle and looked at him.

“Adam, you ok down there?” Adam looked up, dazed. “Need a minute, bud?”

“Oh…oh, no. No, keep going. I just…wow.” Elle looked back at Adam and smiled before shaking her ass towards him and lowering her face to their father’s dick. He groaned and grabbed her hair with his left hand, wrapped his fist up in her curls as he guided her down. Adam watched as his thick cock disappeared into her throat. He held her in place, thrusting up towards her mouth as she began to gag.

“That’s it Princess, did you miss this?” he shook his hips, pushing deeper into Elle’s convulsing throat before pulling her off, thick ropes of spit dripping from her mouth as she gasped for air.

“Yes, Daddy! I missed this…” she leaned forward, desperate to get his cock back into her mouth. He pulled back on her hair as if they were reins.

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