Christmas Gift from Niece to Uncle

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All characters depicted are over 18. The story is not true but was inspired by actual events and people. Only those involved (the uncle and the niece) would recognize themselves. And as one of those two, I’m really hopeful that the other will…

And PS, my writing style is very deliberately NOT inauthentic or gratuitous dialog (like all the “oh yes fuck your slutty niece with your huge cock and give her your thick baby batter” language), so if you’re looking for that, you won’t find it here. If you don’t appreciate that kind of dialog, well, I hope you’ll enjoy this.


“Mom, can you toss me that blanket that’s behind you, please?” my niece Marie asked, as our family sat down to enjoy our traditional Christmas Eve viewing of “It’s a Wonderful Life.” My wife’s sister pulled the blanket up from where it rested on the back side of the couch and handed it to my nephew, who passed it to my mother-in-law, my brother-in-law, my wife, my son, my other niece, and finally to twenty-year-old Marie.

There were a lot of us piled onto the couch, and as the kids had grown older, it was a lot more crowded than it used to be, with bodies pressed more closely together. It was all good because everyone got along, but it was also increasingly difficult for me, because as my wife and I grew apart in our marriage, and as she let herself go physically, my nieces were coming of age, and my god were they gorgeous.

Marie, for example, was stunningly beautiful, with long brown hair and very cute freckles she’d had since she was a little girl. She was also tall, with long legs leading up to a really shapely ass, and while her breasts weren’t huge, they were easily C cups, and the sometimes provocative way she dressed (not only in social media photos but also around her family, including one particularly horny uncle) accentuated their ripeness.

On more than one occasion, I’d slipped off to a nearby bathroom to take care of what would otherwise have been an obvious bulge in the front of my pants as a result of an outfit she wore or, as happened more frequently recently, a knowing look she gave me, or an innuendo she’d made that seemed like it was meant only for me to hear, and to get.

As she pulled the blanket over her, and I took one last glance at the gorgeous legs she was about to cover up, it was easy to see why she needed the blanket – small goose bumps had appeared all over her legs, and I was not surprised at all – while the rest of us were decked out in our Christmas pajamas, part of a traditional Christmas Eve gift exchange we’d started years prior, Marie had opted for matching shorts instead of the long flannel pants everyone else had on. And as was typical for her, they were a size smaller than they maybe should have been, so they fit her extremely well showing off her shapely ass, and she also wore them a bit higher than she might have otherwise, pulling them snugly into the crack of her ass. It was distracting, to say the least.

On more than one occasion, we’d left a family get-together, and the first thing my wife would say when we got in the car would be, “Can you believe what Marie was wearing?! How inappropriate, especially with her uncles and grandparents around. I have no idea what my sister is thinking, letting her know it’s okay to dress in such skimpy clothes showing off so much of her boobs and butt!”

To which I’d obviously nod and agree, mumbling some form of affirmation, while thinking in the meantime how grateful I was that Marie dressed the way she did, because it made those get-togethers bearable, and even enjoyable, and knowing that when we got home and I got into bed later, I’d be thinking of those outfits and taking matters into my own hands, while imagining things I really shouldn’t have been imagining with my niece.

But it gave me something to anticipate before a vacation family get-together, wondering what she’d be wearing; it gave me something look at and daydream about while we were all together; and it gave me something to fantasize about afterwards, wondering what it would be like to touch that creamy skin.

A junior at South Dakota State University, Marie and I hadn’t always been close, per se, because we’d lived so far away from her family – us in Northern California, her in Southern Cali – but we’d always had what I thought was a fun connection, and had some good talks over the years. As a nutrition major, she’d spent a long time earlier that day talking with me about her classes, answering questions I asked about what she was studying, what classes she liked and didn’t, and how she was enjoying college.

Apparently, one of her favorite classes was Anatomy, and she loved sharing with me what she was learning, sharing her surprise as she learned about how the body worked. One particular lesson she enjoyed was one called “Physical Stimulus,” about how the body responded to all varieties of external physical stimulation – goosebumps in response to cold, was one example, canlı bahis and as she covered herself up with the blanket, I couldn’t help but wonder what other forms of stimulus she’d learned about in class – and what ones she’d learned about outside of class.

“Do you want to share the blanket with me, Uncle Mark,” she asked quietly as the movie began. Before I could answer, she’d already started draping the blanket over my lap and legs, and unobtrusively sliding closer to me, until the sides of our bodies were fully touching. Talk about physical stimulus, I was definitely starting to feel the early stages of being aroused, feeling a somewhat unwelcome and inappropriate stirring in my pajama pants, given the situation and environment in which we all were. The lights in the family room were all off so everyone could enjoy the movie, and I was glad of that because as the light blanket settled over me, the rise in my lap was far too obvious for my liking, so I shifted my position a bit to make it less apparent to anyone who might look my way.

I shifted too late for one person, however – Marie had clearly seen the rise, and attempted to hold the blanket up for me as I shifted my position.

“You okay there, Uncle Mark?” she whispered quietly, with a glance down and a smile and something else in her voice – surprise, maybe? Some measure of self-satisfaction, knowing it had been her that had caused it?

I was glad she’d whispered, given the topic and potential for embarrassment (and worse), but in truth she hadn’t needed to be so quiet, as my father-in-law’s hearing was so bad that the volume on the television was way up, and loud enough that she could almost have spoken in a normal voice and no one would have heard.

“Keep your eyes to yourself, young lady,” I whispered back, and with my hands under the blanket, gave her bare thigh a gentle teasing squeeze. Other than the familial hugs we gave each other upon arrival and departure from family trips, it was the first time I remember actually touching her skin, and it was electric, with a pulse that shot up and through my arm and went straight to my lap, and although I knew I should release and pull my hand away, I couldn’t.

And then, while I was debating my ability to take my hand off her creamy soft thigh, she put her hand on top of mine, preventing me from moving it even if I had wanted to. Interesting, I thought to myself. Hmmmm.

She intertwined her fingers in mine and squeezed, indicating that it wasn’t accidental, but that she wanted my hand on her thigh. I couldn’t help but wonder if she wanted my hand anywhere else…

I didn’t have to wonder for long. She released my hand, patting the top to let me know she didn’t want me to move it from her thigh, and she gently shifted her hand over to my thigh. As she rested it on top of the flannel pjs, that same jolt of electricity shot through me, but it didn’t have to travel very far – from my thigh to my lap just inches away, prompting an immediate response as I instantly got harder and stood at attention.

Marie noticed the blanket twitch, and whispered, “Well, well, well, Uncle Mark, I take it that feels good?”

“Yes,” I was able to croak out quietly, fortunately much quieter than the TV volume, “Very good.” Given that go-ahead, her hand continued to stroke my thigh, and emboldened by her movements, I did the same, feeling more of that soft skin.

Sitting the way we were, there was a limit to how far down we could go stroking one another’s thighs before we’d have to sit up to reach lower, which would have been way too obvious to the rest of the group, but there was a lot of opportunity to go across one another’s laps, a lot of lateral motion. So as the movie blared on, she tucked in a little closer to my side, and I was shocked and very pleasantly surprised when her hands moved to the inside of my thighs, deep between my legs, which I’d spread a bit to allow her to do just that, and then she slowly inched her way up until her pinky finger was rubbing against the underside of my balls.

I felt that same jolt of electricity again, and this time it started and stopped at the exact same place – right where she was touching. I took a deep breath, inhaling and trying not to gasp out loud at her touch – but it was loud enough for her, loud enough so she knew I didn’t want her to stop. “You like this movie, huh Uncle Mark?” she asked quietly.

“Umm yeah, it’s hard not to,” I said, my voice full of pleasure and innuendo.

“Me too,” said Marie, “I don’t want it to stop,” and with that, she slid her hand up the front of my cock, feeling its hardness through the thin flannel pajama pants, until she reached the tip, at which point she stopped, traced her finger around the head, which brought more shallow gasps from her incredibly turned-on uncle, and then slid her hands back again, slowly stroking me the way she’d been doing on my thigh just seconds before.

There’s no way to describe how good it bahis siteleri felt to be touched like that – it had been years since my wife and I had had any physical intimacy, so short of my own hands, my cock hadn’t felt anyone else’s touch in that long. Plus, the heightened risk of having her touch me with all of our family members around made it a million times more erotic and intense.

She was obviously feeling it as well, as I could hear her breathing quicken. Not one to let her have all the fun, I began stroking her thigh again, higher and higher, until my fingers brushed against the bottom of her soft shorts. Sliding a finger inside, I shifted my movement from up and down to side to side, and soon my fingers were sliding towards that spot between her legs that I’d dreamed about. Her breath quickened as mine had, and as she realized I was about to cross the same line she’d just crossed, but there was no hesitation – very subtly so as not to give any indication as to what was happening under the blanket, Marie spread her legs, allowing me full access to that sweet spot between her young legs.

Fully aware that either one of us could have a crisis of conscience at any time, I didn’t hesitate. My fingers slide easily underneath the hem of her shorts, downward between her legs until they were right where she wanted them, and right where I could feel how wet she’d become. “Mmmmmm I like this part,” Marie said quietly, spreading her legs a bit further to allow me even better access. I quickly took advantage, and was able to slide two fingers under the hem of the snug shorts, and could feel her wet panties underneath.

Moving deftly around them, I slid my fingers inside and could feel her soft wet flesh, at which she arched her back a bit and thrust her hips forward, wanting more. The tightness of her shorts, however, would only allow so much access, so I stayed mostly on the surface, expertly finding her clit and, using the tips of my two fingers, was able to pinch it gently as it bobbed and weaved at my touch. Her breathing had definitely deepened at this point, but anxious to ensure she was giving as good as she was getting, her hand fully grasped my cock outside the flannel pjs now, and she began stroking more deliberately.

Still slowly, but definitive, top to bottom, top to bottom, feeling the full length of my hardness. I heard her whisper, “Wow, Uncle Mark, you have a really big cock. I need to go to the bathroom real quick, promise I’ll be right back.” And with that, she lifted up the blanket and gently stood up so as not to disrupt the other movie watchers. As I watched her walk away, I was again amazed by how firm and tight her ass was – and I was hopeful I might be able to get to know it a bit better soon.

As I shifted my position , and held the blanket up above my crotch so no one would see the tent formed when the blanket draped over me, I stole a glance away from the TV and around the room, to see if anyone was paying attention to anything other than the movie. I was surprised that of the 5 others on the couch, 3 were asleep, and the other two looked close to it. It had been a long day with a lot of activity, and while the room had been chilly at the start of the movie, it was now very warm, which contributed to the sleepiness felt by so many.

I was comforted by that, as I thought it would allow Marie and I continue our exploration of one another. It was then that I heard the bathroom door open, and saw Marie come back into the TV room, with a sly smile on her face, and a noticeable difference – she’d changed out of her tight shorts into a knee-length flannel Christmas-patterned nightshirt.

She casually walked back over to the couch, and as I held the blanket up for her to slide back under, I noticed she surreptitiously pulled the back of her nightshirt way up, almost to her waist. As she sat down and slid over right next to me, she whispered, “I bet the second half of the movie is even better than the first.”

And with that, I eased my hand back into her thigh, and with more certainty this time, slid it up, and along with it, the nightshirt. She’d known that if she’d left her nightshirt down, she would have had to squirm and lift her ass off the couch in order for me to get my hands up to her special spot – by lifting it up in the back, she’d made it easy for me – I liked the way she was thinking. Curious as to what I’d find underneath her nightshirt, I wasn’t surprised at all to learn that she’d also removed her panties, and if it was possible to get harder than I already was, I certainly did as I realized her pussy was completely shaved.

My fingers found their way downward to where her wetness was emanating from, and with no further delay, I slid one inside her, and was greeted not only with another arch of her back and upward thrust of her hips, but also with her hands closing over mine to push me deeper into her. “Mmmmmmmmy god” she said quietly, digging her nails into my wrist and hand, not bahis şirketleri wanting me to move. When she finally allowed herself to breathe again, she relaxed her grip and I was able to slide my finger slowly in and out, then ease a second one in, which brought about another low moan and grip of the hands and wrist.

When she released again, I slid both out and went to work on her g-spot. I didn’t know too much about Marie’s sexual prowess up to this point, but knowing how young men operate, I could imagine that they’d been more about their own pleasure than hers, so I intended to show her what a difference a little experience could make. If her moaning and breathing were any indication, she was learning quickly that experience mattered a lot, and she was thoroughly enjoying it. If we weren’t careful, the others that were awake would notice our activity, or worse, we’d wake some family members up.

So I softly admonished her that she’d have to be quiet or I’d have to stop. “Don’t stop now, Uncle Mark, you can’t stop now, please, I’ll be quiet, I promise,” was her response, as with her hands she urged my fingers back inside her tight wet pussy. A bit more sliding in and out, and a bit more work on her clit, and she was again grabbing my hand and wrist, breathing faster and faster, trying to bury her sounds in the blanket, and then all of a sudden she gripped me tighter than ever and I could feel her holding her breath as her body shuddered again and again and she did everything possible to keep herself under control while she was experiencing waves of the most intense orgasm of her life, and as her pussy oozed her delicious juices.

Minutes passed and she finally exhaled deeply, loud enough for her sister, who was still awake, to say, “Marie, what’s going on over there, you okay?”

With enough presence of mind, Marie was able to say, “This part of the movie gets me every time,” and then pretended to wipe away a tear. Her sister, satisfied, turned back to the TV, and I felt Marie’s body melt into mine as she enjoyed the last throes of that intense orgasm.

In the meantime, I’d had a wicked thought, one I wasn’t sure my young niece would fully appreciate, but I figured I’d try it anyway, and whatever her reaction was, I’d deal with it. Slowly removing my hand from her grip, I pulled it up to my mouth and put my fingers in my mouth, enjoying the delicious taste of her sweet pussy. “Gah!” was all she could mutter under her breath, and I knew it had excited her as much as it had me. She tasted sweet and salty at the same time, and I longed to have more time with her, more time with my face buried between those creamy white thighs.

But that time was not now – having been completely satisfied, Marie now went back to work on me, with her hand expertly finding my hard cock under the blanket, and stroking it gently again. Wanting to give her every opportunity to enjoy him, I reached down to untie the pajama bottoms, and unobtrusively lifted my ass up off the couch while quickly sliding the pants down to just above my knees. “Mmmm, thanks Uncle Mark, you knew just what I wanted, didn’t you?” Marie said quietly, and with that, she reached back over and gripped my cock fully, realizing that I also wasn’t wearing anything underneath my pajama pants.

Stroking me up and down, I soon realized that she’d had more experience doing this than I’d imagined, as I was treated to an excellent hand job the likes of which I hadn’t enjoyed in years. It was all I could do to keep from thrusting my hips upwards to meet her strokes, all I could do to prevent myself from moaning loudly at her touch. But I knew I wouldn’t last long – the intensity of the situation and my excitement at having just made her cum was too much – and as she listened to my breathing quicken, she increased the pace of her stroking, until I was close to cumming and quietly said, “Gonna cum,” to warn her.

She softly replied, “Good, I want you to, I want to taste you,” and with that, I couldn’t hold it any longer. I lifted my ass off the couch, thrust my hips upward, and bit my lip to prevent myself from screaming out as I felt my cum pulse out of me. She slowed her stroking, intuitively knowing how sensitive it is afterwards, and then, just as I’d done to her, lifted her hand to her mouth and licked all my cum off her hand as it slowly dripped down. “Mmmmm, you taste good, Uncle…” and I just smiled and couldn’t believe what had just taken place.

The timing was perfect, as the movie was just about to end, so I quickly pulled my pajama pants back up and re-tied them, as she lifted her own ass off the couch and swept the nightshirt down under her.

As the credits rolled, family members woke up and stood up and announced they were heading to bed. “Me too,” I said longing to find a way to spend more time with my beautiful sensual niece, and her saying she might stay up awhile, as there was another movie on that she wanted to see. As we all said our goodnights to each other, with the obligatory familial and platonic hugs and cheek kisses, she whispered to me to come back down if I wanted after everyone else was asleep, saying that I might like the next movie even more than I’d liked that one.

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