Claire’s Freshman Year Ch. 02

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After fucking Will I enjoyed a wonderful night of dream-filled sleep. I don’t remember much about the dreams except that Will was in them and that he and I were running through the countryside together. It reminded me of some of the early morning runs that I’d taken with Tom. I woke up with a smile on my face and feeling excited about the day ahead.

Later I was leaving Harper Hall after attending my English class and I bumped into Maria who I had met at Tom’s house over the summer.

“Maria, how are you?” I smiled as I embraced her but refrained from kissing her in public.

“I’m good and I’m glad that I’m not still delivering erotic birthday cakes,” she smiled and shook her head.

The best way to describe Maria is as an exotic full figured hard bodied Mediterranean beauty. She is one of those people who has a natural sex appeal for both genders. She has dark black hair surrounding an oval face with full lips, an aquiline nose and sparkling dark eyes. Her 36D tits are difficult to ignore.

“Are you still thinking about majoring in English?” I asked since I’d heard from Molly that Maria is one of her more talented students.

“I am,” she began, “I know this sounds weird but I have this ability to visualize things that I’ve either seen or imagined,” she smirked.

“I’m not sure that I understand. How does it work?”

“Close your eyes and what do you see?” asked Maria.

“It’s mostly dark with shades of black and blue and some light if I squeeze my eyes tight,” I chuckled.

“And if I tell you to think about making love with Tom, what do you see?”

“The same thing but my imagination makes me smile and my pussy tingle,” I admitted.

“When I close my eyes, I can see my memories. Right now, I’m on the nuru mat with Arianna and Tom. I can see it as clearly as if I’d made a movie,” began Maria, “but it isn’t just memories that I can see, it’s anything that I can imagine,” she smiled.

“That’s a crazy talent! I wonder if that’s how movie directors visualize scenes?” I asked rhetorically. “I mean, if they can see the scene before the actors portray it then they would know if it was right or not,” I pondered.

“It’s funny you should mention that. I used to think that everyone had this ability but now I’m thinking that it’s a special talent that I should embrace. It helps when I’m trying to capture visual details in my writing but now, I’m thinking about a possible career in the visual arts and maybe even movie making,” she sparkled.

“I’m excited for you. I know it’s boring but I’ve decided to go into medicine,” I smirked.

“That’s great!” replied Maria supportively, “Have you thought about what interests you most? I mean besides the male anatomy,” she winked.

“Speaking of which are you dating anyone?” I asked out of curiosity.

“No, looking like this is a curse. Guys talk to my tits and it pisses me off. I can’t remember the last time I had a conversation with a guy that was as stimulating as the one we just had. Will you go out with me?” she giggled.

“I will,” I replied with a smile, “shall we go get some lunch at Tony’s?”

“Sounds like fun,” replied Maria as she took my left hand in her right and we walked sprightly across the quad.

“So, did you hear about my housing?” I asked as I saw Max heading toward us.

“No, although Hugh said something about you getting a single room. That must be nice,” she smiled with a tinge of jealousy, “oh no, here comes a creep.” she whispered.

“Hi, Claire,” smiled Max as he looked into my eyes.

“Hi, Max, have you met Maria?” I asked as she stared daggers at him.

“Well, we’ve met but I was an ass and I never knew her name. I’m sorry Maria,” said Max as he turned and looked directly into her eyes, “I see that you and Claire are friends and I hope that you’ll accept my apology.”

Maria was speechless so I dismissed Max and we watched as he moved off in another direction.

“What just happened?”, began Maria, “that guy is not just an asshole he’s, their leader!”

“So, the single room that I was assigned is in their fraternity,” I smiled.

“What are you going to do? Are you going to stay in that zoo?”

“I’m going to stay. Howard offered to move me but those guys need my help. In Max’s case I just taught him how to ask Gina, his girlfriend, what she wants. Then I showed him how to lick her pussy,” I chuckled.

“And you think that I’m talented because I see images in my eyes? My God girl, you see possibilities in people that nobody else could imagine,” chuckled Maria.

“Well, I will admit that Max’s transformation is impressive but I can’t take credit for that,” I replied modestly.

“Oh, please, guys like Max think with their cocks,” began Maria, “and cocks don’t apologize. Can you believe that he sincerely apologized?”

So, who else have you seen?” I asked while quickly changing the subject. “I saw Mike, Heather and Hugh but I haven’t had a chance to connect with any of the others.”

“You almost broke my neck with that subject change,” laughed Maria, bursa escort “yes, I’ve seen them all. Rick, Sam and Dan are all in the West Quad. They are so cute. They’ve introduced me to some of their friends, but I’m not going to date a freshman. Although, I must admit that I’d love to get Rick’s ten-inch cock in me again,” she giggled.

“Would you date a freshman if he had a ten-inch cock?” I asked while thinking of Will. As soon as I said it, I had this sinking feeling of regret. “If Will hooks up with Maria, I’ll lose him,” I thought to myself.

“No, I’m not going to date anyone. My dad has sacrificed a lot for me to come to college and I’m not going to waste that on a dumb jock with a big delicious pussy-satisfying cock,” she laughed.

Maria and I had a quick lunch at Tony’s and then she headed back to her dorm and I went back to my room in the frat. With classes and sports activities starting most of the heavy-duty partying was reserved for the weekends.

Saturday arrived and there was a large gathering of freshman students for a picnic lunch at one of the intramural sports fields. People seemed to seek out friends from their dorms so I joined a small gathering with Hugh, Dan, Sam and Rick. I noticed Will’s head above the crowd, called him over and introduced him to the guys.

“Hi, Will, it’s good to finally meet you in person,” smiled Hugh.

“Hu, hu, hi,” stuttered Will, “thank you for talking to me and Claire the other night. I learned a lot from her,” he admitted and blushed.

“She’s very talented that way. She’s helped me and the other guys from our neighborhood,” replied Hugh as he gestured to the other three standing nearby. “She’s very special to me and I want her to be happy. She enjoyed the time that you spent with her and I hope the two of you will get together often.”

“Oh yes, we have plans to study anatomy together. Oh, that didn’t sound good. I mean the material for our anatomy course,” Will clarified.

Neither one of them knew that I was standing close enough to hear their conversation and I almost spit out my iced tea when Hugh asked, “Would you like to fuck her again?”

Will was stunned and couldn’t speak. Hugh wrapped his arm around Will’s shoulder and said, “If Claire wants it then I support it. I know this may seem strange to you. She and I embrace the view that intimacy is essential for happiness.”

Will reflected on this conversation. With a spring in his step, he and Hugh joined the others. All the guys were very cordial and made a plan to go to the mall with Will to help him update his wardrobe.

Soon the food for the picnic was ready to be served.

While we were eating and chatting, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and was surprised to see Aria. “Hi, how are you? Are you in school here too?” I asked with a beaming smile.

“Yes, this is my first year,” she smiled and we hugged.

Let me take a minute to describe Arianna. She is the daughter of Domenic, a close friend of my surrogate father Tom. Aria, as she’s known to her friends, is young, although two years older than most freshmen, and stunningly beautiful. She is tall, at five-foot-ten-inches, confident and has the looks of a Mediterranean goddess. Her flawless olive toned skin enhances her tall hourglass figure that includes 38D breasts, a narrow waist and an enticing ass.

Today she was dressed casually in sandals, pink shorts that appeared to be painted on and a tank top that was struggling to contain her breasts.

“Hi, guys!” she greeted Sam, Dan, Rick and Hugh with long warm hugs that undoubtedly left each of them sporting an erection.

“And Aria this is Will,” I began the introduction.

“Huh, hi,” stuttered Will as he held out his hand to shake hers.

Their eyes met and Aria took his right hand in her left, guided it around her back and moved closer. “I’m a hugger,” she whispered in his ear as she wrapped her arms around him, pressed her body against his and hugged him a little longer than I would have liked.

When they parted, Will was blushing and said, “I’m in classes with Claire.”

I felt myself relax and filled with warmth and the sound of my name in Will’s voice.

“So, you’re studying medicine?” asked Aria engagingly.

“Yes, my dad was a doctor. He would talk to me about all the interesting patients he would see. I was fascinated by his stories and knew that I wanted to do that too,” he smiled.

“Well, you’ve found a great study partner in Claire. She’s wicked smart and I don’t think anything will ever get in the way of her getting what she wants,” replied Arianna supportively.

After the freshman picnic Will and the guys from the neighborhood met up with Mike and Heather. I was happy to see Heather joining them on the trip to the mall. I like all the guys but, like most guys, they need a woman to help them buy clothes that will appeal to women.

I turned to Arianna, “What dorm are you in?”

“I can’t really stay on campus,” she admitted disappointedly.

“Tell me if I’m being too bursa escort bayan nosy. I assume that you’re trying to save money. Did you apply for financial aid?” I asked while reflecting on my own scholarship.

“I enrolled late. Dad pushed me to do it. I think that his views changed after meeting Molly and Jan. He was impressed by both of them and wants me to have the same opportunities for success,” smiled Aria.

“Let’s go back to my room and give Howard a call,” I began, “If there is any chance of you getting financial aid, he’ll be the one to find it.”

“Does Hugh know?” asked Aria.

“Know what? About financial aid?” I replied clearly perplexed.

“Does he know how you feel about Will?”

“What? What do you mean?” I asked with a pit in my stomach.

“When I hugged Will at the picnic, I glanced at you and the look of sadness on your face was palpable,” Aria stated quietly.

“I don’t know how I feel yet,” I began, “it may be the enjoyment of transforming a boy into a man.”

“Oh, please, Claire,” laughed Aria. “So, it wouldn’t bother you if I fucked him?” she asked jokingly.

Just as she asked this, we arrived at the frat house. As we walked up the steps Max was coming out with Gina. “Hi Max and Gina, I’d like you to meet Arianna,” I smiled.

“Hi, nice to meet you!” greeted Max with a bit too much enthusiasm.

Gina elbowed Max in the ribs, laughed and added, “Please tell me that you aren’t moving in here too!”

Aria reached out and hugged Gina, “No, I’m not moving in. I commute and I’m just visiting Claire.”

Gina, being much shorter than Aria, blushed and became flustered when she found her face pressed between Aria’s 38D breasts and her hands on her firm sexy ass.

When they broke the hug Aria said something to her in Italian and winked. Gina smiled, nodded, took Max by the hand and marched off seeming victorious.

“What did you say to her?”

“I just said, ‘I like girls,” laughed Aria.

“I think that you’d enjoy Gina,” I giggled.

“Tell me more,” replied Aria as we walked into the house and up two flights of stairs to my room.

I walked ahead of her and casually said, “Hi,” to all the guys who were coming down as we went up. It wasn’t until later that I learned that several of them had collided and almost fell down the staircase when they turned their heads to get a better look at Aria’s sexy ass and bouncing tits.

We entered my room and I got us each a bottle of water from the mini-fridge. “Do you mind if I take off my clothes?” I smiled while holding the cool bottle against my sweat covered chest.

We stripped and I turned on the fan. I laid down on the bed and suggested, “Come join me and I’ll tell you about Gina.”

Aria eagerly jumped on the bed and I began to tell her about Max and how I taught him to lick Gina’s pussy. Aria was visibly turned on by my story. She bit her lower lip, caressed her own breasts and tugged gently on her nipples. As the story continued her left hand drifted down across her belly to her mons. She spread her thighs, fingered her own pussy, closed her eyes and breathed deliberately.

My own body began reacting to Aria’s sensual activities. I reached out and touched her left breast with my right hand.

“Mmmmmmm, yessss,” she moaned.

I slid a little closer and kissed her softly on the lips. The passion in our kiss continued to grow. Suddenly she stopped, our lips separated and she pressed the fingers, that had been deep in her pussy, into my mouth. I licked them clean and then responded to her silent request by kissing and licking my way from her lips to her neck, her breasts, her belly and clit. I moved between her wide spread thighs and lapped at her free-flowing nectar.

“Oh! Ohhh! Fuck!” she gasped as I sucked and tugged on her labia. I moved to her clit and continued sucking and licking. Without warning her thighs closed around my head. Her legs crossed, squeezed me tighter and her hips bucked against my face. I kept licking her clit. I was just barely able to breathe through my nose.

Aria screamed through a massive orgasm before she fell limp and silent on the bed. I moved my head carefully. My neck was sore but uninjured. I crawled up beside her. She was breathing shallowly then her eyes popped open and she took several deep breaths.

“How long has it been?” I asked caringly.

“Too long,” she sighed as tears filled her eyes. Dad spends his time with Jan and thinks that I have plenty of people to fuck. I don’t want to mess up their relationship,” she sobbed.

My mind started spinning. I could have Will here in minutes, but did I really want to do that? I could call Tom and see if he or Molly could pick us up for a pool party in the neighborhood. I’m pretty sure that all the men would attend. Maybe we could even get some time to talk with Howard.

Aria moved to snuggle closer and I held her in my arms. She calmed down and her breathing was normal. Her hand slid down, I spread my thighs and she slowly fingered my sloppy wet cunt. escort bursa “How long has it been for you?” she giggled.

“Not long, but I am perpetually horny, and you provide a level of intimacy that guys don’t give,” I smiled and kissed her softly. Her tongue pressed between my lips and the dizziness caused me to close my eyes.

Aria rolled her body partially on top of mine. Her left thigh parted my legs and pressed against my pussy. Her breasts pressed into mine. We kissed as our bodies moved and enjoyed the soft undulations of female flesh. The mutual clitoral stimulation triggered small orgasmic shocks.

Aria spoke first, “I love you Claire and I hope that we will always be able to make love like this.”

“Me too,” I responded with a smile, “but there is something missing.”

“You read my mind,” sighed Aria.

“We need a big cock!” We laughed simultaneously.

“So, are there any guys in the fraternity that would do us without getting all weird about it?” smiled Aria.

“Nooooo!” I replied emphatically, “but, I do have a suggestion,” I offered quickly before I over-thought it.

“Pray tell, who might be packing a cock that could satisfy us both?” giggle Aria.

I grabbed my phone and texted Hugh. I explained the situation and asked him to reach out to Will and bring him over. “I’ll send him over, but I’ve already promised Holly that I’d spend some time with her.”

“Are you planning to fuck your sister?” I replied with a smiling icon.

“You know Holly. Perpetually horny and hunting for cock!”

“You can bring her with you? Please!”

Hugh didn’t send a reply and so we waited to see who might show up.

“Do we need to get cleaned up?” asked Aria.

I nodded we grabbed some towels and made our way to the showers down the hall. Fortunately, all the fraternity members were downstairs partying.

Aria and I shared a shower. “I wish that you lived on campus as my roommate,” I smiled.

“How would I ever get any studying done?” replied Aria seriously.

“I study all the time. Pre-med isn’t easy but there has to be some balance in life,” I quipped.

“I have to admit that I study better when I’m not as horny as I am right now!” she giggled.

We turned off the water, dried ourselves, slipped on clean t-shirts, clean panties and headed back to the room

We straightened up the bed and waited. “You texted Hugh but who was he bringing?” asked Aria.

“I’m not sure. I suggested that he bring Will. Then he said that he wanted to spend some time with Holly so I suggested that he bring her too.” I explained.

“So, you’ve fucked Will and now you want him to fuck me so you don’t have to worry about him becoming exclusive. Is he that good?” smiled Aria.

I nodded and then there was a light knock on the door. When I opened it, Holly entered in a t-shirt, shorts and sandals. She was followed by Hugh and Will. Both guys were dressed in t-shirts, jeans and boat shoes.

“Hi Hols!” I hugged and greeted her enthusiastically, “you remember Aria, right?”

“I can’t forget the image of Aria and Maria together at Tom’s Toga party. That was hot,” replied Holly.

I jumped into Hugh’s arms, wrapped my legs around his waist, kissed him and whispered in his ear, “Aria licked my pussy, made me cum, and now I need you to fuck me. Am I being selfish?”

“I love you and I’m glad that you still want me baby,” replied Hugh.

“Hi Will, I’m Aria, in case you don’t remember me,” she winked.

“Oh, uh, I remember you,” he replied shyly.

“Is your room clothing optional?” asked Holly as she started to strip.

“Yes, it is!” I replied and chuckled at Holly’s enthusiasm.

“May I?” asked Hugh as he lowered me to the floor and grasped the bottom of my T-shirt.

“Yes, please,” I replied as I looked over and saw Will helping Aria strip off her T-shirt and panties.

I started to unbuckle Hugh’s pants while he kicked off his shoes and stripped off his shirt.

Aria, now naked stood up, hugged Will and kissed him softly on the lips. “Claire says that I’ll get better with practice. Can I kiss you again?” asked Will.

Aria nodded and their lips were locked for several minutes. It wasn’t easy for me to watch, but it was much easier having Hugh there to give me the attention that I needed. I lowered Hugh’s pants and wasn’t surprised to find his thick seven-inch cock responding to the sight of Aria’s naked body.

“She is beautiful,” I began while stroking Hugh’s throbbing cock. “Fuck me now and I’ll make sure that you’ll get your cock in her pussy before the end of the night,” I giggled.

“Does it bother you to see her with Will?” asked Hugh perceptively.

“Thinking about them together made me feel jealous. Seeing them together makes me feel happy. Does that make sense? “

“It does. It makes perfect sense,” smiled Hugh as he lifted me into his arms, I wrapped my legs around him and he lowered me until my pussy was filled with his hot throbbing cock. I felt warm, calm and aroused as he raised and lowered me until my body tensed and my pussy squeezed his cock.

“Ahhhhhhhhh, cumming Baby,” moaned Hugh as he filled me with cum.

I looked up at him and we kissed and smiled. “I think Holly might need some loving from her little brother,” I teased.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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