“Clare” Unconventional Aunt Ch. 04

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I met a young man Daniel almost three years ago. He told me a story I found hard to believe. He assured me it was true. Since then I know it to be. I have met almost his entire family. Daniel put me in touch with others he learned of over the years. I don’t know how, I asked, he didn’t say.

They all have in one way or another committed incest. I doubted Daniel and others I talked to at first. I soon learned how naïve I was. Over the last three years I decided to put them to paper. There are ten stories in all. I started submitting them here for your consideration.

I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are for the most part true. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

The stories are somewhat long. Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.

Daniel insisted I talk to one person before any others. That person was JB.

This story is one that almost never saw the light of day. Jay at first rejected any attempt to publish this. Clare on the other hand encouraged it. They are two of the nicest people you would ever want to meet.

This is the final chapter. Clare and Jay begin the journey only to find the future is more than Jay bargained for.


Around Halloween Jesse and Evan came to visit for a weekend. Nancy invited us to a costume party at the house. They arrived Friday after school and we all dressed up. Alice was dressed as a little kitty. It was a small but fun party. Clare and Jesse both held Alice. Evan even took a turn. On the way home they were all pretty happy. I had to work Saturday so I stayed sober and drove.

Back at the house Clare checked on the spare room to make sure they had everything they needed. The futon was long gone the room now just an office. We had purchased a new queen bed for the guest room and some night stands. I headed to bed as the others sat in the living room talking.

“Jay!” Clare was shaking me and whispering. “Jay! Hurry!”

“What!” I woke startled. Clare was over me in her spaghetti strap satin top and her skimpy satin shorts. I could see her tits as she leaned over me.

“SSHHHH.” Clare silenced me. “Come with me.”

Pulling me she dragged me down the hall outside the spare bedroom. Inside we could hear moaning and muffled talking.

“They are sexing!” Clare whispered.

“Great. I’m going back to bed.” I whispered. Clare gripped my wrist and pulled me back.

“Hold me.” She moved in front of me I wrapped my arms around her. We stood silently in the hall. The noises on the other side of the door were steady and becoming recognizable. Jesse was clearly in the throes of passion. Her voice clear if not the words. Clare pushed back my cock starting to rise against her back.

Clare guided my hand under the waist of her shorts to her pussy. She was wet and on fire. Pushing urgently into my palm I snuck two fingers in her pussy. Clare quietly moaned and started to rock against my hand. My other hand slipped under her top and found her breast.

Thoroughly aroused you could hear her pussy sloshing on my fingers. Twisting just her face she searched for my lips. She was mine to do with now and we both knew it. Jesse was getting louder in the bedroom. Clare’s arousal was building at the same rate. She pushed her shorts off and spread her legs open further.

“Cum Jesse! Cum!” Clare hissed through gritted teeth. Her pussy started to drip.

Clare reach behind and gripped my cock stroking it inside my boxers. Jesse was even more vocal I moved my thumb to Clare’s clit. Clare groaned in response.

“Evan!” The first clear words we heard from behind the door.

“YES!” Clare moaned much too loudly.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKK MMEEEE!” Jesse cried out.

I couldn’t be sure but that is what it sounded like. Clare must have thought so too. She squeezed my cock with one hand and pressed my hand against her pussy with the other. Her body started to shudder. Her lips pressed hard against mine. It was all I could do to keep her in my arms. Clare was cumming! At the same time the noises inside the room suggested they too were climaxing.

“I need you in me!” Clare hissed. Like the quick little minx she was Clare pulled my boxers down and jumped in my arms.

“Here?” I whispered as we stood in the hallway.

“In my pussy now!” She was getting louder. I held her ass cheeks and lowered her on my cock. Her arms around my neck her chin on my shoulder. “Take me to our bed and fuck me!”

With my boxers still dangling from one foot I waddled to our bedroom. I fell on top of Clare my cock still deep inside her pussy. She was a woman possessed that night. When she came she came loudly. With the door open I izmir escort bayan am sure her cries echoed down the hall. I myself enjoyed filling her pussy knowing that she was just starting to find herself sexually.

I was up early and was just getting ready to leave for work when Jesse and Clare rounded the corner from opposite directions.

“I think you left something in the hall outside our door!” Jesse twirled Clare’s skimpy pajama bottoms.

“Not mine!” I teased. “Better talk to the voyeur in the house.”

“Jay! You stinker. I thought you loved me?” Clare acted betrayed. “Besides I thought she stubbed her toe!”

“See what you taught her?” I quipped looking to Jesse. “Serves you right.”

I left them both embarrassed and yet happy knowing they both had gotten laid last night. Jesse was like a little sister Clare never had. I think they both enjoyed each other immensely.

We all went out to dinner that night Evan and I got to talk quite a bit. He is still a bit quiet but I believe Jesse is good for him. Keeping him on his toes so to speak. We talked late into the night. It was Jesse that suggested we head to bed.

Before I cuddled up with Clare I went and checked their room. I could tell they were at it again. I went to my office and left them a gag gift. Clare wanted to know if they were ‘sexing’ as she calls it. I told her they were. She made it clear we were going to do it again as well. Oh darn.

It was Evan that was up first in their room Sunday morning. He came in the kitchen asking about the steeled toed boots he found in the hall. I explained Jesse thought he may need them. I was able to not smile until after he left the kitchen.

“JAY!” Jesse yelled from the hall. It was all I could do not to roll on the floor laughing. “This isn’t funny!”

Clare was following as Jesse carried in the boots, she too was amused.

“Quite the contrary. It is very funny!” I explained.

“What’s funny?” Evan asked innocently enough.

“My brother thinks I am a noisy lover!” She dropped the boots with metal plates over the toes at my feet.

“Well you kind of are!” Evan replied. Evan knew the minute he said it he was toast. I couldn’t stop laughing. Even Clare and Evan joined in.

“I like this guy!” I was able to get out between laughs.

“Just you wait Jay Brown! I will get you back!” Jesse tried to be serious, but was now laughing herself. “And you …”

Jesse looked at Evan. He was no longer laughing. He was giving her that look like the whole world had just stopped and she was the only one in it. Jesse moved to him and straddled his legs and started kissing him.

“I love you!” She told Evan. It was the first time I had ever seen Jesse allow herself to be vulnerable.

“You don’t know how long I have waited to hear you say that.” Evan kissed her tenderly. “You know I love you too!”

Evan and I talked before they left I explained the joke about stubbing her toes. I then explained that if he played loosely with Jesse’s heart he would have to answer to me. He assured me he wasn’t, and I believed him.

I talked to Jesse as well about Evan. She explained that she was falling in love with him and it scared her. I told her to trust her heart. She then explained that Evan was everything in bed and more. She thanked me for encouraging her to give him a chance.

Later that week Clare came home from the salon with a new haircut. Gone was the long flowing wave of hair that covered her cheek. The new cut was short and sassy. So short she couldn’t cover her cheek if she wanted. It suited her well. The moment I saw her I knew she was terrified she had made a mistake. I ran to her and swept her off her feet kissing her scar and then her lips.

“You have never been more beautiful!” I praised her. The excitement of having made the decision fading with the realization she was now stuck with her new look she held me close.

“Jay I am scared. What if we’re wrong?” Her fears now resting on both of us.

“Clare you have survived much worse than impolite people. You are a strong woman. You can do this!” I reassured her.

“I love you Jay.” She kissed me.

I sent flowers the next day to her work. She told me later it reminded her what I had said. It took a few weeks of adjusting, and a few tear filled nights for her to get through it. I could tell after the first few days she had changed. Even the people at work noticed, she had received many compliments and support.

Business was steady, we picked up some big jobs but getting supplies at a good price was getting harder. The local wholesaler was struggling. It wasn’t so much for lack of business but low inventory and poor service. The rumblings of other contractors verified my experiences. Deciding I had nothing to lose I contacted the owner. Well into his seventies he had left the running of the business to his only son Ward. It didn’t take long to learn he wasn’t happy with the way the business was managed either. Losing money he had considered izmir escort selling the business but didn’t have a buyer. I called Mike.

Within days he and Albert were on site looking over the books and the facilities. The reports from them as well as the bank and others was just as I suspected. The place had just been neglected under his son. I knew Ward he was a very good salesman. He knew the industry inside and out, he just didn’t like the responsibility of running the business.

Days later the owner accepted my low ball offer with the assurance his son would stay on as part of the staff. We set up a ten year land contract at a fair interest rate. What was left of my inheritance after paying off Wrecker was once again gone for now. The business was housed in a commercial area with access to the main road. There were three large buildings on the property. For now the business was now housed in just one. The other two no longer used since their heyday had just been left derelict with mostly junk housed inside.

I turned running the roofing company over to my head foreman. He and I even talked of him buying the business. It didn’t take long to figure out the issues of the new building supply business. Working day and night, with help from Clare and Mike we started turning things around. Free from the burden of running a business and now working regular hours Ward became an asset to the company.

Metal roofing was becoming popular again so we brought in a premium line to fill that void. Blowing out old inventory and bringing in lines of the newest products we saw our sales steadily improve. Clare took pride in running the books. She worked tirelessly to get them back in shape. It would be months before I could take a paycheck from the supply store. I sank most of my income from the roofing business into the store as well.

Thanksgiving was coming up and I decided to take Clare to mom and dads for the weekend. I would stay Thursday and return early Friday. Saturday after we closed the store I will drive back up and bring Clare home Sunday. I was feeling good about life in general. Clare and I had settled into a comfortable place. The bills were paid and we each had a small amount in savings if we needed it. Our relationship was stronger than ever. Clare’s divorce from Odell was finalized without too much drama. Clare kept things ‘spiced’ in bed on a regular occasion, her libido maybe even higher than mine.

We had not experimented much of late concentrating on the basics for now. Clare seemed to be happy knowing we could have sex whenever we wanted. She was still the same shy introvert from before in public. Only when we were alone did she let loose. The only other people she seemed comfortable around was Jesse, Rhonda and Mike. With Nancy and Butch it depended on the situation.

The ride up to moms was filled talking about the new business and seeing Jesse and Evan. If I didn’t know better I would think she was hoping to listen to them having sex again. Clare even slept for about thirty minutes something she had never done. I chalked it up to her working so hard lately. I let her doze off. Mom and dad greeted us Wednesday night. Jesse was out with Evan. It was the first time mom saw Clare with her new haircut. I could see Clare beaming with confidence as mom complimented her. That night before bed mom pulled me aside and told me how proud she was of me and how happy she was for Clare.

“Jay you have given her the life she deserves.” Mom gushed. “Thank you son.” She kissed my cheek and hugged me.

Evan joined Jesse and us for Thanksgiving dinner. Jesse and I teased each other entertaining the others. The meal was great. The guys were just setting down to watch football when mom asked if we wanted desert. Of course we did. When Clare brought out a plate for Mike and Evan she looked a bit tired to me. She returned with a plate for me. Clare sat on the arm of the chair with me, I noticed she felt a bit warm. I took a bite of pumpkin pie with a generous portion of whipped cream. Man was this good!

I offered a piece to Clare. She took my fork as I held the plate for her and turned back to the game. The next thing I know the fork is hitting the floor and Clare is running down the hall. Setting the plate down I follow her while everyone is looking to see what is going on. Clare is in the bathroom getting sick. Mom walks up behind me and moves me aside.

“Jay leave her to me.” I quickly agreed. We both know I don’t handle throwing up well. I am likely to end up in the same position if I stay.

Concerned, I wait at the end of the hall as mom took her to our room.

“She is sleeping now. She probably picked up a bug.” Mom consoles me. “You go watch the game and I will keep an eye on her. There is nothing you can do now anyway.”

That night it was decided I should sleep on the couch. If she was contagious it would be better if I didn’t get sick. The next morning I was up early and so was mom and Clare.

“Should I stay?” I offered.

“I escort izmir am feeling better.” Clare explained. Mom gave me a concerned look.

“You should go. I will be with Clare. We may stop in and see the doctor while she’s here.” It was something in the way she said it that told me she had concerns. “Maybe she will just need a flu shot.”

“Call me if you need me. Ward said he will be home if I need him.” I looked at mom letting her know I was concerned as well.

Friday was more hectic than I expected for a holiday weekend. The word was getting out that we offered counter sales to the general public. At first the contractors complained about this, they feared it would cut into their work. I explained that we made more money than on wholesale and if we were to stay profitable then we needed the business. What we all learned was it was a small part of the business and the public would also ask us for referrals to reputable contractors. It worked out well for all as long as the vendors did good work.

I called home Friday night to talk to Clare. Mike answered the phone. I found it odd since mom always answers the phone. He said Clare was resting, they went to the clinic where they checked her out. She seemed fine but they ran some tests just in case. He promised to have her call if she got up at a reasonable hour. The call never came.

Saturday at the store was blur. We sold more that day than any other. Normally we close at two but it was three before I locked up. I stopped at our house and took a shower and changed. I tried to call home but the line was busy. I left a message I was on my way. I pulled in the drive and walked to the front door. Mike was waiting for me.

“What’s up pops?” I greeted him.

“Jay your mom got some news today that has her quite upset.” Mike didn’t seem particularly concerned. If anything he almost looked happy. “Please try and understand her position.”

“Any heads up on what it is?” I asked a bit bewildered.

“No JB, I am afraid you are all alone on this one!” He gave me a sly grin. Mike then opened the door as I walked in.

“JAY!” Clare yelled as she flew into my arms. In no time she was kissing me like I had been gone for a month.

“Clare please!” Mom scolded her. She glared at me like I was ten with my hand in the cookie jar before dinner.

“What’s wrong?” I had a bad feeling about this. Mike moved behind mom Clare dragged me over to the couch to sit with her.

“I took Clare to the clinic yesterday. They ran some tests.” Mom continued to glare at me. For some reason she was pissed. “They called today and confirmed my suspicions.” She almost growled at me.

“Oh Rhonda stop!” Clare now scolded her sister. “Jay! We’re having a BABY!”

Clare hesitated only long enough to see me smile then pounced on me a second time. She was still kissing me when I looked up at Mike. He was grinning ear to ear. Mom was another story.

“That’s great…” I blurted out. I was going to ask how that could happen if Clare was sterile. Obviously she wasn’t.

“NO! It is definitely not GREAT!” Mom shouted her voice raising to levels we all knew was beyond normal. “Don’t the two of you know what birth control is?”

She was in a pickle. She had allowed us to stay together against her better judgment, and now her worst fears were coming true. My mother was no prude or bible thumper. She was a hard working honest person that tried to live a good law abiding life. How could she possible approve of her sister carrying my child?

“Mom! I have always been responsible. Clare and I didn’t…well…because this wasn’t supposed to be possible!” I explained. I looked to Clare just to reassure myself. I knew she would not have lied about something like this! We all knew she didn’t have a dishonest bone in her body.

“I tried to tell her!” Clare was getting upset with her sister.

“Jay! She is your AUNT!” Mom repeated it like we didn’t know that. I moved to mom and took her hands in mine.

“No she isn’t! She is the woman I love and is in love with me.” I squeezed mom’s hands gently. “She just happens to be your sister. Can you find it in your heart to be happy for us?”

“Jay you don’t understand!” She protested.

“Yes I do. You are going to be a grandmother!” I kissed her cheek. “When you hold that little girl in your arms you will forget all about this moment and know it was meant to happen.”

“A girl?” Clare squealed. “You said a girl how do you know that?”

Clare and Rhonda looked at each other in disbelief. I looked up at Mike he gave me a confused look as well. I had never told anyone that this was the second part of my dream.

Rhonda had no choice but to let Clare tell Jesse. The idea of an abortion wasn’t even a possibility. It was never mentioned. Overwhelmed by the rest of us mom reluctantly accepted it was going to happen. She wasn’t happy about it. But she knew she couldn’t stop it either. Sunday she kissed me goodbye on the cheek.

“Jay, I love you, but you are making me grey before my time.” Mom said.

As Clare and I drove home we couldn’t have been happier. Clare was beyond excited. The whole way home all she did is talk about the baby and what we need to do in preparation.

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