Cold Fire (Immortal Love Series) 2

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Cold fire

Immortal Love Series

Book 2

New series!

All individuals within the story are above or equal to the age of consent — US law.(18)

All individuals within the story are fictional, any similarities between person(s) are purely coincidental

Feel free to post and comment — I appreciate feedback and critiquing my work so I can get better, but there is a difference between critiquing and being rude. I may not be the best writer but I love it, if you want some story that is perfect stop searching for literature on the internet and go to a library.

Thank you for reading.

This story will be quite long so I suggest bookmarking or another way to store the page that you are on.

I encourage my readers to critique my work but please do not slag off what I write

Remember: not everyone has two sugars in their tea (hint: what you don’t like someone else may)


I would like to thank Chelsey Fine for the AoA series (google) showing me about immortalities and curses

I would like to thank Charlotte Abel for the Channie series (google) showing me about magic and love

I would like to thank Shiggymoto and his Ashley series (check it out), for showing me true love is not always easy… it can be a battle but worth it if you fight hard.

But I would love to thank my sister — the reason I live each day.


David has searched for almost a thousand years for his one true love — his sister — Ashleigh.

With unlimited powers they search the earth to be together, but a centuries old curse placed by their mother, to stop their incestuous relationship, means that whenever they are intimate Ashleigh will die; but with immortal blood she will be reborn again.

Trouble is they must be intimate within the first year of her rebirth or else they both suffer immense pain until they do so.

Can they break the curse? Will true love prevail?

Now Ashleigh is back again, but with no memories of her old life or her brother she soon must learn to remember: about herself, her powers, and her love. She has one year.

Chapter 1: Love, live life

David ran through the woods focusing only on the bright pink line bursting forth from his heart. It could only mean one thing: Ashleigh has been reborn. Again.

Where and when his long-since-gone lover had come back to the world was of no consequence, all that mattered now was reaching her, being close to her, and loving her once again.

The trees and land around became nothing more than blurs as he raced through the woods like he had so many times before. But this time was different, then he would run because he choose to and wanted; this time he ran because he needed to — needed to be with his sister, needed to hold her, kiss her…

He ran through the night and reached the edge of the woods by first light, the sky lighting above in oranges, reds, pinks and other colours that made the world look like an alien planet. East, the line pointed east, he ran on.

Then he saw her… beautiful. Stunning. Naked.

Walking around amongst the trees naked as the day she was born Ashleigh made David’s heart finally begin to beat. She had been reborn. He wanted to run over and embrace her, kiss her soft lips and run his hands over her smooth body. Darting behind a tree for cover he spied on her from a distance, she looked lost, confused. He gritted his teeth and walked calmly over to where she was wandering.

“Hi.” He said as casual as a bystander.

She looked at him with a blank expression not even blinking as he came closer; unfazed at the stranger or that she was nude.

David removed his top letting his well sculpted body free, his perfectly defined abs clenching slightly in the cold morning wind.

“Here.” He said handing out his top in her direction, “You look cold.” He said observing her body, her proud and pointy nipples stood out from her magnificent breasts. He looked away embarrassed for checking her out and to calm his arousal of the sight of his naked lover.

Reluctantly she took the shirt from the stranger before placing it over her head covering her naked body, she smiled. Whoever this mysterious stranger was he was caring and handsome, meekly she thanked him.

He held out his hand in a gesture of friendship, “No problem, I’m David.”

She looked at the stranger with his hand out, his large muscular arms tense. Hesitantly she took his hand in hers. “Ashleigh.” She said quietly the name coming from her mouth naturally, it was her name.

As soon as she took his hand in his she felt an extreme feeling of calmness cloud her brain. She tried to pull her hand away but couldn’t. His hands’ began to glow red and she began to feel tired. Slowly her eyelids got heavier and heavier as a wave of tiredness and relaxation swept over her body. She tried blinking but only succumbed deeper to the sleep that slowly took over. Gently poker oyna the stranger lowered her to the cold floor just as she closed her eyes. Her last sight was of his deep brown eyes watching her, a smile on his face that calmed her fear — she would be safe.

David walked away letting the love of his life rest in his shirt in the woods — she would be found, he had found her.

She was back.

Chapter 2: The new student.

“Come on Danielle we’re going to be late for maths.” Ashleigh said dragging her friend away from her locker.

Danielle laughed at her friend as they mindlessly navigated the halls of North Wood high school, England, “Ash, babe, you are the only person who actually wants to go to maths.”

Ashleigh ignored her friends’ remark as they turned into their maths class and sat in their seats. The bell rang and in followed the usual groups of kids before the class settled down. Soon after in followed the teacher, a short round man roughly in his mid-forties, grey hair and large thick glasses covering his face, as usual he wore a plain grey suit over his slightly overweight body with a tie and always carried a brown briefcase to which was stacked inside with surprise tests he threw out randomly during the year. Please no test today, wished everyone in the class.

He set the briefcase on the teacher desk and turned to the white board facing away from the class, without speaking he absently wrote on the board with a thick black marker.

Danielle giggled in her seat turning and facing Ashleigh leaning over the small space between the desk, “Now I know why you like maths so much.” She teased.

Ashleigh made a grim face and turned to her friend besides her sticking out her tongue. They both started a fit of giggling but stopped after a stern look from the teacher; they were still supressing grins as the old man turned back around focusing on the board.

“You have five minutes to finish this equation.” The teacher stated turning around watching the class as they looked down scribbling in their notebooks.

It had been lucky for Ashleigh to be accepted to school, especially with her mysterious circumstances of being found wandering lost in the woods dressed only in a black shirt. When she had been found by an old couple, now her legal guardians, she had been taken to the hospital and given a psychiatric review. She was concluded with amnesia but was not told if it would last permanently.

When her guardians told her she would be going to school to finish her final year she had been secluded from the rest of the school fearing that she would be ‘lacking intellect’, but after many exams and assignments she was allowed for normal classes being told she had an above average knowledge, kinda strange for a girl with no memory…

Much of the school already knew about Ashleigh and story of being in the woods naked, she was thankful that most of the people left her alone, neither asking her questions or starting rumours. Others had asked her questions to which she had no answers, how did she end up in the woods? Why was she naked with only a shirt? Whose shirt was it?

Danielle had taken to the girl almost immediately and showed her around the school, life and the town. They had been best friends since.

Ashleigh wrote the formula from the board:

?(N-A) / (13.4 * 15) / ?

If N is a repeating number of multiplex 5 and A is the plank constant.

She had no particular reason she liked maths, after all most every other person she knew sighed and tried to play truancy when it came to maths but when it came to mathematics Ashleigh deep down enjoyed the subject. Like a distant memory she associated it with something good, something nice, a time when things were…beautiful. And even though she knew she wasn’t the best at maths she still loved learning the subject…even if something was missing.

Once the allocated time allowance was up the teacher began picking random names from the class register and asking for their answer, despite her love for the class she hated being picked. Please don’t choose me…

“Ashleigh?” The teacher called out. Damn…

She gave him her answer s she had scribbled in her notepad, correct. She sighed

The lesson was only another fifteen minutes before it ended, consisting of a small learning of algebra equations and ending with a small quiz on the lesson. The final bell rang out announcing to everyone it was time to leave.

The class rushed out of the door and spilled out into the hallway like water spills out a bottleneck.

Ashleigh and Danielle battled their way through the mass of people in the hallway trying to get to their lockers before their next class History.

History was taught by a young-ish teacher, Mr James – probably mid-twenties — with short cropped blonde surfer hair and blue eyes that somehow matched his smooth facial features. He had the kind of voice that set most students at ease compared to the more lectured canlı poker oyna voice of many other teachers. He wore a light green polo shirt with long sleeves and light blue denim jeans. Causal clothes not the usual formal suits of many others.

Danielle and Ashleigh took their seats.

“Now here’s a class to look forward to.” Danielle whispered to her friend.

Ashleigh had to agree, spending half an hour sitting in a class watching a blond surfer talk about history really was a good way to start a morning. But unlike her friend at her side or many of the other ladies in the school Ashleigh didn’t find the man standing facing the class irresistible, handsome very much so, but nothing like how others saw him.

“Good morning class.” The teacher sang sitting on the edge of the desk, “We’re going to start off where we were last week, local history.”

The class had been going for less than three minutes before the class door opened and in walked in Ms Johanson the secretary. She was a tall skinny redhead woman to whom many of the males often personified the ‘slutty secretary’ towards; immediately the books went down and heads came up. She was wearing a knee length red miniskirt with black 4″ heels, a white blouse that cut off just above her stomach showing a flattering amount of skin but still maintaining her professional decorum. Every head was watching her, even Mr James, with a friendly but obvious smile.

“Ah, Ms Johanson. To what do we owe the pleasure?” Mr James gleamed clapping his hands together.

The secretary blushed and smiled at the blond surfer; she cleared her throat (receiving a fair amount of sniggering from many of the males towards the back of the class) and with a slightly Germanic accent Ms Johanson replied, “I’d like to introduce the new student, David.”

AS if on cue like a rock David walked into the class with a confident stride of grace and respect, unlike many of the other new students who were usually shy and nervous. All eyes in the class pin pointed the new student.

Ashleigh’s heart stopped, now that is gorgeous, she heard the other ladies in the room sigh and somewhere deep in her heart she was jealous. Why would the gorgeous new guy be interested in me, a freak with no memory?

She gasped quietly and blushed quite evidently when she saw him look around the class at all the faces but once he saw her, his eyes never wavered to anyone else. The two siblings entered a staring contest that neither wanted to look away. Nervous she was blushing at this new hot stranger she looked back at her books on her desk hoping to avoid his eyes, though she definitely felt them watching her.

David’s heart finally thudded in his chest. There she was — his sister — his lover — Ashleigh. Of course he knew where she would be, ever since the night he had found her, secretly and without her knowing, he had been watching her and he knew most about her life, her adopted guardians, her teachers, her friends, her timetable. If there was a classification of being a stalker David was at the pinnacle. One could even postulate he knew her phone number….07845342221…Yep, definitely a stalker.

David couldn’t help but smile as he looked at her beauty. Her gorgeous blonde hair flowed behind her back, he always had loved her hair, but it was her eyes he could stare into for days…her light hazel eyes. He smiled when he saw her blush and looked away scanning the room before he spotted an empty seat near the back window and with a fluid grace strode over and sat down. The lesson resumed with no further interruptions.

He paid little attention to the inaccurate history teacher; instead, he paid more attention to the back of Ashleigh’s golden head. Several times he had to look away and at the white board covered in scribbles of loose facts. You have to live there to understand, history can’t be taught, it has to be lived. The teacher ended the lesson explaining the town during the World War two and how moral was kept alive along with the flock of fighters who had enlisted due to patriotism, Not patriotism, adventurism.

David had, with a little magical persuasion, managed to secure a locker beside his sisters’. Playing it coy he managed to find his locker and dump all his books inside before turning to his sister who was idly standing beside him talking to her friend, no doubt talking about him, the thought made him smile before he gained the courage to speak.

“Excuse me, can you tell me where chemistry 103 is?” He asked Ashleigh.

Ashleigh and Danielle had indeed been talking about the new student when she turned around. For the second time of the day she looked into David’s brown eyes while he stared in to her hazel, with her heart beating in her chest erratically and a shaky voice she stammered, “Umm..S-sure I, we, can take you.” He smiled at her and her heart fluttered once again, He is gorgeous, she thought to herself.

David knew precisely what her next class was. And smiled as they navigated internet casino the hallways that he had already memorized to the last brick and mortar; she was aware of his arm brushing against hers as they walked in the cramped hallways but chose not to move enjoying the small but close contact they shared.

Finally and with a little disappointment they reached the class.

The room was much like the last history classroom, except the desks were not individual but long stretched desks spanning the length of the class, high stools rowed beneath the table tops. Every meter along the top of the desks small taps popped up like blooming flowers and at the end of every desk were two more taps with a sink for liquids. The entire room was painted a sterile white colour, white walls, floor, ceiling, desks.

Standing on each desks were long glass cylinders, glass volumetric pipettes with a ratio of one pipette and equipment to every two seats. Below the glass pipettes were beakers and funnels. Against the windows on the far desk were assortments of bottles filled with multiple colours: reds, blues, and greens.

“Ah, titrations.” David muttered to no one in particular, knowing that Ashleigh and her friend would have heard him.

At the head of the class there was a small raised stand with a long wooden desk littered with papers, pens, rulers and other equipment that the professor may need. Ashleigh and Danielle took their seats as David followed them but chose the seat behind them on another desk row.

The professor stood behind his desk facing the class. He was an old man who had to be near his retirement age or possible he had stayed on. He wore thick black glasses covering his wrinkly eyes. Much like many of his colleagues this professor wore a grey suit that made his features stand out more. His hair was cut short and cropped but grey and combed back, he had a trimmed beard that also was grey in colour. In a particularity he looked much like Col. Sanders for KFC.

“Welcome to Chemistry 103…” He began once everyone in the class had settled down and waiting, “To pass this class everyone will have to complete the seven practical’s set out along with the final exam at the end of the year.” He paused taking in the new faces watching him, “You will find this class strict. If you are late you cannot enter, if you talk during me you shall be asked to leave, if you are deemed unsafe you shall not be able to participate in any experimental. A full list of rules can be seen on the school website.” The professor continued to talk to the class for a good twenty minutes talking about the code of conduct he expected along with his teaching structure.

“…But I’m not totally mean.” He said with a smirk, “And since it’s the first day I thought I would begin with a fun and easy experiment — an acid — base titration.”

David watched Ashleigh turn around and face him; he gave her a smile in which she returned before mouthing the words: not bad, referring to his knowledge at the start and then turned around again.

“Seeing as how there is not much time before class ends I’ll let you all begin, however please be careful as we are using real acids so any spillages please report immediately.

I would like you all to spit into groups and begin the experiment. As it is your first this time I require no write ups. Begin.” The professor sat down at his desk and watched as the class arranged themselves into teams of two.

David looked at his sister ahead who had chosen to begin with her best friend as they were checking the equipment out giggling about whatever gossip they had. More than likely talking about boys — hopefully me.

Although not his idea David noticed that no one sat near his desk and there were an abundance of empty desks in the relative large class. In other words: he was alone.

He held his hand in the air and awaited the professor setting into an adoptive army stance with his hands behind his back, legs shoulder width apart. The professor noticed that he had not a partner to work with and so David asked if he could do the experiment by himself.

He used a pinch of persuasive magic on the professor careful not to show his glowing red fingers to the stares of many students in the class, including his sister and her friend.

“Well… usually this experiment requires two people, one to measure the volume and another to operate the tap and beaker…” David let a little more magic seep through his glowing red fingers, “However… as you said you already done this experiment before — though I’m not sure where — I think you could manage on your own.” He stopped the flow of magic out his fingers.

David smiled at his sister who mockingly clapped her hands together.

The professor continued with his work on his own desk.

David continued with the experiment by himself occasionally watching his sister and her friend laughing while they worked together pouring the acid in the pipette.

David managed to complete the practical well ahead of the rest of the class, a thousand years of knowledge helping him, to finish the practical he dipped the litmus paper in the solution in the beaker watching as it turned green — an indicator of neutral pH.

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