College Hi-Jinx Ch. 08

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“Hey Mom — no, you’re not interrupting anything.” That was blatantly untrue, the sisters had been in a torrid sixty-nine when the phone rang and put a temporary stop to it. Lindsay was still nibbling her sister’s inner thighs as she spoke with their mother on the telephone.

“How are you Mom, seeing anyone? Because you’re a hot, sensual woman, that’s why someone would be interested in you. Oh please, don’t start that. Yes Mom, I’m helping Lindsay with her … studies … yes, she’s a very attentive pupil …” Sonia tried very hard to stifle a giggle as her blonde sibling nipped the inside of her thigh. “Tonight? Well, as we don’t have any classes tomorrow, Linds and I are going to this Club opening we were invited to and go dancing. Yeah, it does sound like fun. Later, Mom.”

“That was Mom,” Sonia said as she hung up the phone and swatted her sister’s ass. “You are a naughty little bitch. Mom’s not doing anything tonight, she says she’s tired. Hey, what time are we expected at the club?”

“10 PM.”

“Oh good, then I have plenty of time to pay you back for that stunt you pulled on the phone!” Sonia squealed as you mounted her sister and began covering the blonde’s naked body with steamy kisses.

Stiletto heels clicking on the cobblestone pavement, Lindsay and Sonia strolled up to the Velvet rope of “Le Clubbe”. The bouncer stopped them right there.

“Sorry girls, youse it two of da hottest chicks I’ve seen in weeks, but I can’t let youse in here becuz …”

Lindsay said calmly “James sent us.”

The bouncer smiled. “Oh, dat’s very different. If youse is friends of James, youse can go right in. Have fun.” Lindsay caught him checking out her ass as they walked by, she winked back at him — the guy was just doing her job and besides, he had told them they looked hot. Which they both did.

The two coeds / models were being sent to The Clubbe at the request of their photographer / manager James. He’d informed them that his friend Jules ran the place and Jules was looking to fill it with pretty girls for the Grand Opening so The Clubbe would be written up favorably by the Press. James gave them each $100 and told the girls to have fun, but save money to take a Cab home if they drank a little bit too much. Laurie appreciated that James was always looking out for their best interests.

The sisters were really enjoying their relationship with James, he continually took the most beautiful pictures of each of them, treated them like Goddesses and, Laurie knew, he was a great fuck. Sonia had modeled for him first, then when James needed a 2nd model, she’d brought her sister along. She and Lindsay ended up posing together and when James suggested they “push the envelope”, with a small bit of arm-twisting from Sonia, they went for it.

“Pushing the envelope” meant doing a hot, hardcore girl-girl set. The sisters made soft, gentle love and it got steamier, nearing incendiary. They continued their girl-fucking back at the Dorm Room and every night since. The sisters dated and enjoyed their sex with other partners, but Lindsay and Sonia’s favorite partners were now each other. The contrasts were so sexy, Lindsay a tall, sunshiny, leggy beach-bunny and Sonia, dark, curvy and intense. When they went out together, just to tease people, they would hold hands, which always started tongues wagging. Usually someone that knew the sisters would pipe up and say “Hey, they’re sisters and just being affectionate” and Lindsay’s mind would just think “If you only knew!”

Sonia danced a bit around the floor as they took in the place. “Have you seen the people in this effing place, sis? They’re all hot, every one of them and I’m sure I saw that Playboy model you’re into by the bar, the pretty one from Japan?”

Lindsay smiled and gave her sister a hug. “They are hot, but we’re pretty hot too, babe.” Truer words were never spoken. Lindsay had been diligently working out since she started modeling and her body was now sleek and toned. She had long, smooth legs and tonight, she was wearing a white jacket, under which she wore a white bustier and tight, white leather pants to go with them. She had on her favorite pair of kicky GoGo boots with a stiletto heel and she had dusted her body with glitter so it would shine nicely in the casino siteleri lights of the Clubbe.

Sonia went for dark and sultry. She’d worn a dark mascara on her green, intense eyes and was wearing a black satin jacket, under which she wore a red bustier with a few laces undone. No bra. She found the tightest black leather mini she owned and accentuated it with black stockings and boots that went to mid-calf, also with a stiletto heel. She’d also opted to wear a bit of glitter. When they’d finished dressing, the girls laughingly called themselves “Black and White”.

The Clubbe really appealed to the young models. The blend of music was wonderful, they seemed to have everything, which was how it had been advertised. There was Techno, Disco, Classic Rock, Oldies, Country and even some wonderful Swing music. Every so often, a slow song would come on so people could share a romantic dance. According to the information packet James had provided them earlier on, the Clubbe employed 3 DJ’s and they alternated music, no one knew what song would be playing next until it started up. It was a fun idea, very spontaneous and totally eclectic.

A slow song, Johnny Rivers “Slow Dancin”, came on and it happened to be one of Sonia’s favorites, so she grabbed her sister and pulled her on to the floor. The girls danced sensually together, holding each other close and attracting a fair amount of attention. When the song ended and changed to a driving Disco beat, it was Lindsay’s turn to strut her stuff, with her sister not far behind. After that song ended, there was a large round of applause for the pair with many offers of companionship and drinks following. The girls declined, but Sonia was thirsty, so they made their way to the bar, sat down and ordered two Strawberry Daiquiris.

“I like this place,” Lindsay said, sipping her Daiquiri. “I’d like to come back here again, maybe even bring a few friends. I think even Mom would like it here. What do you think, sis?”

Sonia smiled. “I totally agree, it’s unique, the people are good looking, but it doesn’t give off the `Meat Market’ vibe that some places do, y’know?”

“Thank You, that’s exactly what I was going for. Pardon the intrusion, but are you two Lindsay and Sonia?”

The girls turned around to find themselves facing a stunning, statuesque black woman who appeared to be in her early 30’s. She was wearing a low-cut, burgundy silk blouse, silver jewelry and black leather pants. She had a lovely figure and looked to be about 6′ tall, although around 4″ of that was likely from her stiletto heels. She smiled broadly at the young women and sat down beside them.

“That’s us, who might you be?” Lindsay replied.

“I’m Jules. This is my club.”

Sonia roared with laughter. “James, that S.O.B. He didn’t tell us his friend Jules is a woman.”

Jules laughed with her. “I asked him not to, I love my little joke. My parents decided they liked the names Jules and it’d work either way. If they had a boy, they were going to name him Julian, if they had a girl, Julia, and as you can see …”

“They got the girl. A very attractive girl,” Lindsay found herself flirting.

“Actually, they got both … my younger brother is named Julian,” Jules laughed as both girls roared with laughter again.

“How did you recognize us?” Sonia asked.

“James showed me your pictures and I told him those are the kind of women I want in my Clubbe. Beautiful, sexy, vibrant …”

“Naked,” Lindsay said and her sister roared with laughter again.

“Oh Lindsay, I’m sure James didn’t show her those pictures.” Sonia smiled.

“Actually, he did.” Jules said with a warm smile. “I asked him to after I saw the first few photos.”

Sonia couldn’t believe it, not because she was embarrassed, but James was usually a bit more discreet. Lindsay spoke up.

“So, what did you think of them?” Lindsay said in a pleasant, flirtatious tone. There was something about Jules she liked immediately.

“I thought they were beautiful, sexy erotic pictures of two of the hottest, sexiest young women I’ve ever seen in my life!” Jules said warmly, without a trace of deceit in her voice.

“Umm … the content didn’t bother you?” Sonia asked nervously.

“No — why canlı casino should it?”

“”Because we’re …”

“Naked,” Lindsay added.

“Yes, so?”

“And we’re …”

“Together,” Lindsay added once again.

“Yes, so?”

Lindsay couldn’t believe how calm Jules was. “We’re two sisters … who pose naked … together … in very explicit poses. Real, hardcore lesbian poses. That didn’t affect you?”

“Was I offended by them or your obvious relationship? No. But I wouldn’t say they didn’t affect me.” Jules leaned in to Lindsay and whispered softly “They got me very, very turned on.”

Sonia enjoyed her sister’s obvious discomfort for a minute, then decided to throw her a lifeline. “Well, we’re both here and we love your Clubbe. We’ll be back, count on it, and it’d be great to get to know the boss.”

“Oh? In what sense do you mean that?”

Sonia leaned closer and put her hand on Jules’ leg. “In whatever sense you want it to mean, gorgeous.”

Julie nodded in agreement. “In a club full of hot people, you’re one of the hottest we’ve seen tonight.”

“Including the Japanese Playmate?”

Sonia squealed “It was her, I told you Laur! Yes, including her.”

“I’m enormously flattered. Would you both like to join me for a drink?”

“We’ve got drinks, but you can stay and …”

Lindsay nudged her sister. “Lord, and some people say I’m the obtuse one. I think she means somewhere else, dummy!”

“I do, yes. My private office, perhaps?”

The girls nodded and Jules smiled at them both, leading the way through the maze of dancers and party-goers, up a small flight of stairs. There was an imposing-looking woman guarding her office door, Jules said to her “Merrilee, no one is to get in here — for any reason. Understand?”

“You got it, boss-lady.”

Lindsay and Sonia entered behind Jules. “Wow, that is one scary-looking babe!” Lindsay exclaimed.

“Merrilee? She’s really a pussycat, but she can handle herself. You don’t mess with her.” Jules held out her arms and the girls both hugged her. “Shall we have that drink now?”

Lindsay tilted her head to one side and said “Do you really want to drink or can it wait until after …?”

“After what?”

“After THIS.” Lindsay moved close to Jules and kissed her while her sister moved behind and hugged her close. They all melded into one sexy, desirable bundle for a few minutes.

“Wow, you two are hot little things, aren’t you?” Jules murmured as Sonia’s arms encircled her waist and Lindsay stroked the silk of her blouse. “Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Girls, you know what the best feature of this office is?

“No, what?” Sonia asked.

“No one will be able to hear us with all the music out there,” Jules smiled. “We can be as noisy as we want.”

“Good, because I’m a noisy lover,” Sonia grinned.

“And I’m noisy when I cum,” Lindsay added.

“I’m looking forward to finding that out,” the sophisticated club owner smiled as the girls moved to a large couch that was in one corner of the office. They turned a few small lights on and it gave the room a nice, sensual glow. Jules was waisting no time in getting out of her clothing and Lindsay saw she had lovely taste in lingerie, most of it was from La Perla. The dark beauty stood before the girls nearly naked and crossed her arms. “Well?”

“Well, what?” The sisters said in unison.

“Why am I the only one undressing? I wouldn’t have thought you two the shy types.”

“You’re right, we’re not,” Lindsay said, slithering out of her leather pants, then removing her Jacket and bustier. All she had on now were GoGo boots, a tiny, white leather thong and skimpy white lace bra which really looked lovely against her tanned skin. Sonia was already out of her mini, with a bit of wriggling, she got out of her bustier and remaining clothes, keeping on her stockings and boots. The sisters made their way back to Jules and brought her across the room, sandwiching her between them and rubbing her nude body sensually. Lindsay had been attracted to Jules from the outset, she was happy Sonia shared her attraction — it was always more fun when they could share.

“God, I want you,” Lindsay moaned as she covered Jules’ full lips with kaçak casino her own. The slender woman pressed her dark-skinned body against Lindsay and thought to send James some kind of gift — a nice bottle of Scotch? — for sending these two sweeties her way. She hadn’t told the girls that some years earlier, she’d also been one of James’s models — and more.

Jules was still standing, but knew that wouldn’t last long as she saw Sonia kneel down between her legs and begin licking her pussy. Jules loved having pretty young things eat her cunt, it got to her every time, but to have another hot girl at the same time was the ultimate thrill. Sisters — now that was the zenith. Lindsay’s tanned boobs pressed against her own round tits felt so nice, she idled over to the couch, Sonia still licking her pussy for all she was worth.

Jules stretched out and now Lindsay was on top of her, so Sonia had to move. She chose to move her gorgeous pussy on top of Jules’ mouth and that was a-okay with Jules, who started gobbling her up. Sonia had a true “eating pussy” and her sister’s hands were running all over Jules’ body. Jules was moaning and groaning as she licked pussy, the vibrations going right into Sonia’s cunt.

Lindsay was now between Jules’ legs, she parted the woman’s wine-colored pussy lips and began eating cunt. “Oh, you gorgeous dark slut, what a wonderfully yummy cunt you’ve got!” Lindsay said, licking it avidly. Sometimes she surprised herself with how far she’d come from the shy little thing she’d been a while back, now she was an incestuous, lesbian loving wildcat who lived for sexual pleasures!

Sonia let herself fall forward, now she and Lindsay were both eating Jules’ pussy and the club owner was lost in a whirlwind of girl-on-girl-on-girl pleasures. The sisters sure as hell knew what they were doing, she was almost crazed with desire as they tended to her lusts.

Lindsay and Sonia moved a bit and were now able to kiss each other before returning to Jules’ cunt. They hadn’t been planning on having a sexual escapade this evening, but they’d sure found one, and it was a pretty hot one at that. They could see the intense, blissful expression on Jules’ face and moved away from her, giving her a chance to sit up.

“Whew. You’re all I thought you’d be, you naughty little wildcats. Okay babies, let’s mix it up a bit — Lindsay, seeing as you started on me, why don’t I return the favor? You can eat your sister’s pussy while I’m doing you, I’m dying to see you two make it!”

Neither sister objected to that idea, so they re-arranged themselves and got down to business. Jules knew how to eat cunt, she was almost as good the first time as Lindsay’s sister was now and they’d had many opportunities to find out each other’s hot spots. Lindsay kissed her way up her sister’s legs, her favorite form of tease and then buried her face in Sonia’s pussy, licking wildly. Sonia threw her head back and hung on for dear life, this sexual experience was one of her favorites so far. She and Lindsay adored each other, but there was something about Jules that was bringing out the best in her younger sibling, she was really wild tonight. Sonia was creaming all over her sister’s seeking tongue and she could see Jules really feasting on Lindsay as well.

It was time to mix it up a little more, so now it was Sonia’s turn to taste Jules and she opted for the classic sixty-nine position. Lindsay didn’t mind, she fit herself in wherever she could, playing with both women, keeping the heat up as they pleasured each other. This was one of the hottest sexcapades of her young life, to be sure.

“Oh, you fucking gorgeous bitches, Jules, Sonia, I wish I had a camera or James was her to take pictures, you have no idea how hot you both look. You gorgeous lesbian sluts, this is all so fucking sexxxeee … shit, I’m cumminggggg!!” Lindsay groaned as her body stiffened, shook, then went off in an out-of-control orgasm.

Jules and Sonia weren’t far behind, they both made each other cum and hugged close after. Lindsay sat beside her sister on the couch, cooling down, while Jules ordered some food sent up and then went to grab some expensive champagne to toast their newfound friendship.

“You both had a good time then?” Jules asked as she came back with the bottle.

“Oh yeah, we’re definitely cumming back here!” Lindsay giggled.

“Good. Come tomorrow night and I’ll introduce you to that cute Japanese Playmate you’re so keen on,” Jules smiled sweetly as Lindsay’s jaw dropped.

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