Couch Fun With Mom

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This is sort of a continuation of “The Masked Threesome”. It’s the same players involved. If you want to get a description of Aimee, you need to read “The Masked Threesome”.



About a month after that amazing night with my mom and sister, I was in another situation that I couldn’t believe and the outcome was….well…..let me just describe the whole thing for you.

It was a Friday night, I was supposed to go out with the boys. Nothing major, it’s just our weekly thing we do.

So here it was, about 9:00pm, it was already dark and I was getting ready to go out. My sister was staying on campus all weekend so she wouldn’t be around. I wasn’t sure what mom and dad were doing.

I was in the kitchen getting something to eat before I left and mom comes in dressed in her beach robe.

“Oh Josh, you’re still home, I thought you were going out with your friends?”

“I am, just getting in a quick bite before I go out. What’s with the beach outfit?”

Giggling, mom said, “Silly, this is what I wear out to our pool, I have my swimsuit on underneath. I spent the day out shopping with friends and went to the spa late afternoon. I was so relaxed afterwards I came home and took a nap. Now I’m wide awake and figured I’d get my swimming workout in since I didn’t do it this morning. Your dad will be sleeping on the couch in about 20 minutes and I didn’t want to just sit there and watch TV all night.”

“Too bad…”, I said, “Too bad you just couldn’t leave dad here and come out with me and my friends tonight. It won’t be much, but it will be better than watching dad sleep on the couch!”

Mom laughed and pushed my shoulder as she walked out to the pool, “Josh, that’s too funny. You wouldn’t want and old broad like me hanging out with you younger folks. Besides, your dad may get called into the office, there’s a big project that has to be done this weekend so I want to spend time with him.”

About that time, my cell phone rang, it was Tim. His car wouldn’t start so he wouldn’t be picking me out for a while. He’s trying to get it fixed so we could at least go out later tonight.

I walked into the living room and saw dad lying on the couch. The top of his shaved head was sticking out of the end of the couch. With all the lights off and just the TV lighting the room, I couldn’t tell of he was asleep or not. I made my way to the staircase behind the couch and tip-toed my way up the stairs, then I heard his voice, “Josh, what are you doing here, I thought you were going out?”

“Oh hi dad, I thought you were asleep and didn’t want to wake you.” I came back down the stairs and sat in a chair in the living room. “Tim’s car isn’t running, he’s trying to fix it and we may go out later. Looks like I’m stuck here with you and mom for a while.” I said chucking.

“No, just me. Your mother is out at the pool swimming. She won’t be back here until after she’s done and all cleaned up. Usually, about an hour or so. We’ve got some time to hang out until she gets here.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said, “Anything exciting going on at the office?”

“Matter of fact, yes there is. We’re working on a big project that’s almost done. I’ll probably have to go in tomorrow to make sure all the plans are going well for our presentation on Monday. Hey, you want to come in and see how it goes?”

“Sure dad, that would be so cool. What time tomorrow?”

About that time, my dad’s cell phone rang and it was the office. I heard dad say, “Are you kidding me?! That should have been done yesterday! What happened? Shit, I’ll be that in about 30 minutes!”

“Josh, as you just heard, something major has happened with our project, I gotta get to the office asap. Looks like tomorrow may not work, sorry buddy. Can you tell your mother I went to the office and I’ll call her later? I don’t want to interrupt her workout.”

“No problem dad, I’ll let her know.”

Dad grabbed his jacket and left. Now what do I do? Dad left, mom’s working out and Tim is getting his car fixed. I’m basically stuck here waiting for….well….nothing. Oh well, I took my cell phone out of my pocked and laid it down on the coffee table and I laid down on the couch where dad was just a few minutes ago.

I started dozing off when I heard some noise in the kitchen. It must have been mom getting done with her workout. As I was lying there, mom came by and said, “Dave, I’ll be down in a bit. Looks like the kids are gone and it’s just you and me tonight. I’m not sleepy so you better not fall asleep on me, ” and she walked up the stairs. Before she did, she put a CD in the player at the bottom of the stairs.

Obviously she saw my head sticking out from the end of the couch, like when I saw dad’s head earlier and thought he was asleep. Since dad and I both shave our heads, she must have thought I was dad.

Mom didn’t turn off the kitchen light and it was shining right in my eyes. So, me being an 18 year old and can’t do anything the common casino siteleri sense way, instead of walking to the kitchen and turning off the light, I just reversed my position on the couch. Now, my feet were where my head was. I propped my head up on a pillow and continued watching TV.

About 20 minutes later, a little pop-up came on the TV screen saying “2 minutes; Sleep Timer”

Shit, dad must have set the sleep timer on the TV before I came in here. The remote was on the other end of the couch and I didn’t want to move to get it until I absolutely had to.

My luck had to be incredible tonight is all I have to say. About that time, I heard mom’s voice from the top of the stairs….”Dave, I’ve got something to show you. The girls and I went shopping today at Fredrick’s Of Hollywood and I got a little outfit for you. If you want to see it, turn that TV off.”

About that time, the TV Sleep timer turned off the TV. (thank goodness for technology!)

So here’s the scene….me in the living room lying on the couch. The only light shining in the room was from the kitchen, which was being me. Mom at the top of the stairs wanting to show off a new outfit. Can I get any more lucky than this?

Just so you get the visual, when someone is laying on our couch with the kitchen light on behind them, it’s almost impossible for someone who is standing on the other side of the room to see the couch person’s face. It’s sort of like standing in front of a spot light with your back to the light (except a lot less bright). The person looking at the spotlight can only see your silhouette but you can see all of that person. Got it?

The TV turns off and mom starts walking down the stairs, still thinking I’m dad. She’s wearing a silk robe, I watch her as she bends down and hits play on the stereo. A slow, sultry Blues song starts playing (I couldn’t tell you what it was) and mom positions herself on the side of the couch about 10 feet away. The kitchen light is reflecting making it sort of like a stage spot light for her.

“Oh, this light is just right for what I need to show you. Dave, you’ve been working so hard this week and we haven’t had much time together, I want to make you feel good and make up for a week’s worth of lost time. Check this out”

She opens up her robe and I see her new outfit. It’s a matching black bra and panty set, complete with a black pearl necklace. The bra is the push up kind that really makes her chest stick out. The panties are silk (of course) and have ties on either side. She had her long hair in a two ponytail style, one on each side. Of course, her make up is flawless. To top it off, she wore black stiletto high heals and they really showed off those shapely legs of hers.

She says “Well Dave, do you like it?”

Me, not wanting to blow it, mumble “Ummm, hmmmmm!!!”

She then walks closer to the couch, pulls the ties on both sides of her panties and they drop to the floor. Then says, “Do you like my new look? I did it just for you.” I looked closer and saw the sexiest little patch of hair just above her pussy. For those that don’t know, this is referred to as a landing strip.

“I know you like me clean shaven, Dave, but I wanted to try this out. I’ll ask you what you think AFTER I’m done with you tonight.” She said with an evil grin. “Right now, I just want to suck that cock of yours, are you ready for me?”

She didn’t wait for an answer. (like there is any way that answer would be “no” anyway, right?)

She walked around behind the couch and positioned herself right behind my head. She leaned her body over mine and unfastened my pants. She pushed them off my hips as she was slithering forward. She grabbed my already massively hard cock and said “My Dave, you ARE excited! I guess we’ll have to take care of this.” And she started stroking me off.

“Dave, I’ve been waiting all week for this…” And then clamped her mouth down on me like a vice! OMG! What a wonderful feeling. Her head was bobbing up and down while sounds of cock sucking were filling the room.

She lifted her head, but continued stroking and said “Dave, I’m so wet for you right now, eat my pussy. I really need to feel your tongue do me!” and went right back into sucking my cock.

That was all the encouragement I needed. I didn’t need to lick around and make her pussy moist, it was already wet from anticipation. I made my tongue as hard as my prick was and drove it straight in her tiny slit!

“MMMMMMMM” was the sound she made when I did it, but she never took her mouth off my cock. I was licking and sucking that pussy as if it were the last time I would ever get to do so. I remember how sweet it tasted the last time I got to lick it and it was just as sweet this time.

Then, without warning, she lifted off my cock and said “I’m cummingggggggggg!!!!” and a flood of juiced erupted out of her box! I swallowed all I could but there was some of the sweetness rolling down and dripping off my chin.

Still stoking my cock, she canlı casino said, “Dave, you’ve never made me cum that fast before, think you can do it again?” and went right back to jacking me off.

I just love a challenge! Of course, my mouth was still devouring her smooth pussy and decided to be daring. I slipped two fingers in her cunt and got them all nice and wet. While my fingers were penetrating her pussy, my tongue when for her sweet little ass. I licked it at first and she gave a little twitch. Then I stuck my tongue in further and heard,

“Ohhhhhhhh, that’s not fairrrrrrrrrr.”

At that point, I stuck my pussy juice soaked fingers into my mom’s ass! “Dave, here I go againnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!” and she came on my face for the second time! Wow, this woman was horny as hell!

So here I was, lying on the couch with my mom’s mouth sucking me off, my fingers in her ass and her pussy leaking fluid all over my face. Even if nothing else happened, I was satisfied. But, of course, mom wasn’t ready to stop yet.

“Dave,” she said sitting up a bit still stroking my manhood, “I think you need me to fuck you now, what to you say?”

I shoved my tongue in her cunt and moaned an “mmmmmm, hummmm” which triggered a nice little whimpering sound from her.

She started moving forward and I lifted her up a bit to help her out. She slithered forward until she was sitting on my stomach, still stroking my cock. She positioned her smooth pussy at the base of my cock and help it straight up against her lower stomach and said, “Dave, I can’t believe how far your cock goes into my pussy.” And continued stroking me while she pressed my dick on the outside of her slick pussy lips. ‘Oh, I can see my pussy hair ticking your cock, can you feel it.”

“Ummmmmmm, yes” I whispered.

“I came twice already, now it’s your turn.” She lifted up a bit and slipped her pussy over my cock and it slid right in. “Oooooooo…….Dave……I love the way you feel inside me.”

She was doing it, my mom was fucking me on the couch! She was riding my dick like she’s never been fucked before.

“Dave, you make me so wet!”

I could feel the suction of her pussy strain to keep my cock inside as she was lifting up and down. I knew I wouldn’t last long.

She whispered “Let me know when you’re about to come, I want to watch you squirt all over me!”

“I’m almost there now!” I hissed back. Luckily, she didn’t catch the fact that it wasn’t her husband saying it.

She lifted off of me and grabbed my prick and started stroking. She leaned back and I grabbed both her pony tails and pulled slightly. “Dave, I can feel my pussy juice on your great big cock, cum for me!!!!!!!!!!!”

That did it, that was all it took. I came, and MAN did I cum! The first blast shot up and it felt like it could have hit the moon!. She kept stroking “I can feel you cumming, keep going!!!!” She leaned all the way down and now her back was laying on my front and I was squirting my cum all over my mom’s chest and stomach. I was breathing hard and she was panting with pleasure and she continued to stoke me. Finally, I quit cumming.

“I’ve never seen you cum so much, was it my outfit?” She giggled. “I love the way your cum feels over my body, just like silk. Feel it with me.” She grabbed my hand, put it with her and together we smeared my cum, yes MY CUM, all over her incredibly tight ab ripped stomach!! I could feel her abs as our hands spread my cum around them. What and incredible feeling!

“Awww, poor baby, your cum is now all over your fingers. We need to clean it off.” And she brought my fingers to her pussy and pushed my fingers, along with hers, into her pussy!

I was fingering my mom’s pussy, with my own cum covered fingers! AND, her fingers were there as well! She started moaning, “Dave, I feel your hot cum inside of me.”

I took that as a hint and began going to town on her already wet clit. I inserted another finger and she jumped a bit. Holding her body with my other hand, I started pistoning my fingers in and out, feeling her squirm on top of me. It didn’t take long until I heard…..

“Oh My Goddddddd, I’m cummmmmmiiiinnnnnngggggggg aaaggggaaaiiinnnnn!!!!!!”

My mom was cumming with my fingers in her cunt! Her whole body was shaking and I could feel it because she was still lying on top of me!

She shook for what seemed liked 2 hours, but I’m sure it was more like 30 seconds or so. When that was over, we were both lying there. Me, with my fingers gently massaging her moist pussy lips and her, breathing heavy with a slight film of sweat covering her body.

Still out of breath, she brought her hands to her hair and undid her pony tails. She rose herself up and was once again sitting on my stomach with her back to me, but this time the ends of her long brunette hair was tickling my chest. It was sight to see that incredible hour-glass swimmer’s body of hers on sitting on top of me.

“Are you up for another surprise?” she said.

Of kaçak casino course, me being 18 years old, there was no signs of my manhood getting soft….AT ALL. My mom, putting her hands on my cock again said, “I guess this hard rod in my hands means you’re still up for it.”

She brought herself down my body a bit and turned around. Now she was facing me but sitting on my thighs. I thought for sure she would recognize me but I guess with the kitchen light shining in her eyes, and some of her hair strands draped over them as well, she really couldn’t make out who I was. And since she thought I was her husband, why would she even question anything, right?

“My friend told me about this today while we were having lunch, and I’m just dieing to try it with you! You just lie there and relax and let me know how this feels to you.” She told me.

OMG, now my mom wants to try something new? What else could she possibly do that she hasn’t done with dad yet? Whatever it is, I guess I’ll find out…WHOO HOO!!!!!

She scooted forward and lifted herself up just above my totally excited rock hard flesh pole. She lowered herself just a bit and the tip of my cock started sliding in the outer folds of her vagina. She slowly kept lowering herself and I watched as my cock was being eaten by the velvet folds of her womanhood. She let out a sound as she was lowering down….

“dddddaaaaaaaavvvvvvvvveee, you’re so hard. I love your cock.”

I could feel her pussy muscles grip my cock as it worked its way up her channel. Eventually, she was sitting all the way down and I could feel her outer pelvic bone on mine. This was almost enough to make me cum, but I held out because I wanted to see, and feel, this surprise she had is store for me……..I mean dad.

Then it happened, instead of riding up and down on my cock and fucking me (which I wouldn’t have mind anyway), she just stayed in place, no movement. It puzzled me at first until I heard her say, “You’re going to get to watch AND FEEL me cum on your cock will I play with myself. You’re going to feel my cunt muscles squeeze your dick as I bring myself to orgasm.”

OMG! My mom was about to masturbate while my dick, yes MY DICK, was jammed up inside of her velvet box.

I could she her eyes were closed and she lowered her hands down to her own shaved pussy. The only hair was the landing strip which was about an inch or so above the top of her clit.

She stuck a finger in and began playing around the inside, which was where my cock was stationed. “Honey, my fingers feel your cock in my pussy” was a phrase I never dreamt I would hear, but it was being said to me from my own mother!

“Do you want to taste my juice?” she said as she brought her wet fingers to my eagerly waiting mouth. I got to taste her pussy….again! But this time she was feeding it to me! Holy Cow, this was amazing!

She then sat back up and with both hands began playing with her clit.

My mom was now masturbating, while on top of me, with my hard prick inside of her! I could feel her muscles tighten and loosen around my dick. I could feel her breathing getting heavier. I reached up and grabbed those perfect bra covered breasts and BINGO! She screamed, “Here I go againnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!! Davvvvvvveeee I’m cummmiinngg!!!”

I never felt anything like it before, all that swimming must create some incredible muscles inside that pussy of hers because all the sudden, my cock was in a vice that was squeezing and squeezing!

I felt squeeze, then let out a bit, then squeeze harder, then let out a bit, then one long squeeze accompanied with,

“AHHHHHHH FUUUUUCCCCKKKK!! I’m still cummmiiinnngggg!!!!”

She didn’t have to ride me to fuck me, she was doing it with just her pussy convulsing!

She was leaning back and I could feel her hair dragging against my thighs as she was shaking!

Finally, she stopped cumming, leaned forward and fell on top of me.

Here’s the scene. Me lying on the couch with my sexy mother covered in sweat from her orgasm, lying on top of me wearing only her Fredrick’s of Hollywood silk bra. My still hard erection being held in place by her tight box, her head next to mine with her hair draped across both of us.

Between breaths she says “Dave, that was unbelievable. I’ve never cum like that before and you helped me do it! I love you. Now I’ll do something for you.”

She pushed herself up until she was sitting straight up on my cock again. She bounced up and down a couple of times and then without saying a word, pulled herself off of me and slithered down until her mouth was on my cock.

“Ummmmm,” she said, “I can taste my pussy juice on your cock. Now I’ll suck your prick until you cum in my mouth.”

I propped my head up a bit on a pillow so I could watch my mom suck me off. With the light from the kitchen shining on her, I could see her perfectly. Every so often, while she was sucking, her eyes would look up and try to focus on my face but couldn’t because of the light in her eyes. Never the less, it was site.

My mom felt me tense up and knew I was about ready to blow my load and picked up her pace a bit. I tensed up and said “Here I goooooooo” and busted my nut in my mother’s mouth!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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