Cum Lover and Steve Pt. 04

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I stayed over with Steve on Saturday night. To prepare for the morn, we exercised our cocks and our love tunnels having wonderful orgasms. Man!!, I’m so in love with Steve’s cum.

I told Steve we need to get up early and arrive at first light, because at that time there will be no picnickers across the street and that we should wear only shorts so we can get naked easily and leave them in the car.

We arose early and showered together to get horny, pulled on our shorts and jumped in the car hoping for a grand old time. On the way I told Steve that a frequent visitor to the spot had made me aware that there were no worries about cops, as they had been instructed to back off from the area.

We arrived promptly at first light, just before six. There were about a dozen cars parked in front of the canyon.

Steve, “Looks busy.”

Me, “Sure does, we may have quite an audience.”

We pulled our shorts off and were now buck naked. I got out of the driver side door and walked around to Steve. He looked a little hesitant, so I opened the door and asked if he was still game. He said, hell yes, I’m trying to calm my excitement a bit. At that, he stepped out, I gave him a peck on the lips, took his hand and we be began walking side by side to the canyon. As we got close we both noticed there was a man and woman sitting in their car.

Me, ” This could be better than we expected.” As our cocks rose to half mast.

Steve, “Damn, I’m quivering.”

When we got to the back of the car, the woman glanced back and we heard through the open window:

Woman, “Honey, you have got to see this!”

We continued and when we reached the open window we turned to face the car a couple of feet away.

Woman, “How cute, you must be lovers.”

Me, “You got that right.”

I turned to Steve, wrapped my arms around him and planted a long, luscious and very wet kiss on his mouth. We turned back with our pricks now at full mast.

Woman, “Oh my god, your cocks are so big and lovely. Honey, I am so turned on.”

Man, “Yeah, it is a sight to behold, and with that passionate kiss, you are right about them being lovers.”

Me, “We are so glad you like it. Your comments turned us on as you can Ankara bayan escort see.”

Steve, “We are going to go up to the clearing there where the grass ends.”

Woman, “Do you mind if we watch?.”

Steve, “It would be our pleasure.”

We proceeded to the end of the grass, which is about 30 feet or so from the street. We turned back around with our arms around our waists and discovered the couple had got out the car and were leaning against the passenger side. We then embraced and began a slow grind of our crotches. We kissed again, kneaded our asses and continued the slow grind.

Woman squeals, “You are making me so hot, I am going to cum.”

We broke off the kissing and both glanced over at the woman feverishly rubbing her cunt. We both said in unison: “That is so cool.” We went back to what we were doing. We stood kissing and such for about fifteen minutes, when two guys came out of the canyon.

I said to Steve: “They must have finished their business.”

One guy kept walking, but the other one stopped near us and said: “Wow, I would like to have some of that meat.”

We turned and Steve said while holding his hard on: “This belongs to my lover” and holding mine: “this one only goes in my mouth and ass. But you are welcome to watch.” He pulls off his shorts and sits on a nearby rock and starts fondling his cock. We resume kissing. After a minute or two I ask Steve to turn around and bend over holding his knees. I give a tongue bath on his ass and the back part of his inner thighs and then pull his cheeks apart and plunge my face into his love tunnel, madly licking and sucking, making very loud slurping sounds. The guy dumps his load on the ground and takes off. Meanwhile:

Woman panting, “Oh shit, seeing you do that live pushed me over the edge. I’m cumming again. Can I come closer and get a better look?”

Me, “Be our guest, I would love you to.”

As she gets beside us, she pulls off her pants and panties in one motion and says: “I am so wet and hot, I must cum again and then again and again.” She then gets on her knees to watch the butt action from about a foot away, while furiously stroking her clit. I turn Steve around and that perfectly shaped manhood bangs into Escort bayan Ankara my face. I take it In my hand and lift it and with the other, I cup his manly balls, lick and slurp them and pop one in my mouth.

Woman panting so hard I think she may faint says, “I can’t believe I am here in broad daylight, naked from the waist down, rubbing my clit raw and watching you suck his balls. I will never be the same.” The man comes over with his hard tool in his hand. By this time the woman is moaning louder and starts squirting another orgasm.

I let go of Steve’s balls and ran my juicy lips up and down the shaft. I took that scrumptious cock head into my mouth and briefly rolled his dick back and forth. I pulled off and told him I was so immensely aroused I had to have his cum now. He said, go for it. I again took that dazzling manhood in my mouth and began pumping his cock as rapidly as I could. I had my hands on his ass pulling him back and forth in rhythm with my mouth. I felt his body tighten and shake. My ache was now to be relieved by a huge load of love juice.”

Steve, “I am going to dump my load. Oh, Oh, Oh, take it all in your lovely mouth.”

Woman, “Oh my god, I love watching this. I am squirting again.”

I tried to hold all of Steve’s man seed in my mouth, but some dribbled on to my chin and chest. I was swishing it around in order to savor the delectable taste. I then swallowed it all and scooped the rest off my chest and chin and sucked every last drop from my fingers.

Man, pumping his prick, “I am so hot!. Sarah, can I lick and suck your love juices from your cunt and thighs and then plunge this ripe hard on into it?”

Woman, still ravishing her pussy, “Tim, and only if Steve is willing,if you let me wrap my lips around that stupendously stunning cock head, taste the cum and hold it in my mouth for a few minutes.”

Tim, “Steve?.”

Steve, “If it’s okay with my lover, go for it.” I said okay.

By this time Tim was on his back between Sarah’s legs and avidly cleaning her thighs and sucking her love juice out of her pussy. Sarah took Steve’s love pole in her hand and cradled his cock head in her mouth.

Sarah, still rubbing her clit, “moaned I’m cumming again.”

After Bayan escort Ankara a few minutes she pulled off, and said “I have truly died and gone to heaven, what a delicious taste and feel of your gorgeous cock.”

Steve’s dick became rock hard again and he said, “I need to fuck you, now!!”

I spit 3 or 4 times on his cock head and lubed him up with my tongue. He said, go bend over on the rock. I did as told and he also spit 3 or 4 times, but on my love tunnel. He began to probe around with the tip of his cock in order for the spit to act as good lubrication and then rammed it home. I squealed and cried out loud, ” Oh yes!!, fuck me hard and deep.” We got a good rhythm going with me pushing back on his pole.

Sarah, “that is so amazing, cum in his ass.”

Tim, “Sarah I need you now! Lay down on the grass by the rock. I am going to fuck your brains out.”

Sarah lay down and Tim shoved it in and started humping with wild abandon. Two naked guys walked up holding their cocks.

One guy, “what have we here? One ass being fucked and one cunt full of cock. Let me fuck that white guys ass.”

Me, “only my lovers cock busts this ass.”

Other guy “well then I will fuck that beautiful brown ass.”

Steve, “this ass, cock and cum belong to my lover, no thanks.”

Steve is now pumping furiously and let’s go with another load of cum in my rectum. Tim shrieks and cums in Sarah at the same time. I stand up to stretch and cum starts leaking out of my ass. The first guy wants to suck the cum out of my ass, but Steve objects and dives sucking and slurping his own man juice. Sarah is now taking all of this in and squeals, “that is so way cool, I wish I could do that.” Steve turns me around and takes my cock in his mouth and makes me cum after 4 or 5 strokes.

It is getting later and the picnickers will start arriving very soon, so we have to move out. Sarah says “this has been the most glorious day of my life, I would like to do it again. I’m sure Tim will to.” Still naked from the waist down she says for us to come over to the car with them. She reaches through the window for her purse, takes out a pen and writes her phone number for me. I said, I don’t know, but we will think hard about. I say, see ya. Sarah says, thank you both for a scrumptiously sexy, beautiful morning. I take Steve’s hand and walk back to the car. We pull our shorts on and head for his place to do a debriefing.

The debriefing and much more in the next part.

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