Cum Play Kitten Ch. 04

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Welcome to ‘Cum Play, Kitten’ – this is a series, but you’re welcome to join me at any stage along the way…


Care to play with Dark Kitten and be featured in a future story? I am new here and have many lessons to learn. Come teach Kitten how to play. You never know, you may be my next storyline. I am always looking for new toys…

Friday. 6 PM.

Full of anxious energy, she stepped outside her condo. The long black gown swaying as she walked, her toned leg peeking out of the high slit with every step. A sleek, black Tesla was waiting. Locking eyes with the driver, not surprisingly also handsome, she made her way to the car.

“Madame” he said as he opened the car door for her. She watched as his eyes travelled the length of her body, feeling a rush of arousal at another stranger looking at her. His hand touched her arm gently, guiding her into the backseat. Her dress riding high over her thigh, she was disappointed to find herself alone in the car. Her surprise evident, the driver assured her that she would be taken care of both on the drive over, and for the evening.

Attempting to keep her nervousness in check, she closed her eyes, resting her head against the smooth leather, letting her mind wander. Why had she agreed to this? Sleeping with strangers was not something she did, nor had she ever felt the desire to do so before. Why did she want to surrender to a stranger? What was awaiting her this evening? A night of play? A night of passion?

Before her thoughts could turn into fantasies, she felt a dull vibration deep inside her.

The vibrator that she had been instructed to insert into her body had hummed to life. True to his word, he was controlling her from afar, and she had no choice but to obey.

Letting out a low sigh, she noticed the driver’s eyes on her from the rear view mirror. Did he know what was happening under her dress as the egg shaped end gently caressed her G spot while the dime sized end purred against her swollen clit. Her nipples hardened. She bit her lip. Her body tensed. For several minutes she was absorbed by the sensation between her legs oblivious to the glaring eyes of her driver, who was evidently enjoying how her body responded to this new experience. The vibe turned off.

“Are you enjoying the ride, Madame?” The driver questioned. Composing herself, she nodded, albeit breathing fast and still biting her lower lip.

It was a game, and the first preview she had into the evening that awaited her. Less than a minute later, they were pulling up to the hotel. She could see him waiting.

As the car slowed, her heart sped up. A rush of blood to her cheeks, breasts, and lower regions was undeniable. The car door opened, his hand reached out to grab hers.

“Kitten, you look so fuckable.”

Normally she would have been taken aback by the abrasive greeting, but tonight, she wanted more.

“Prove it” she whispered.

Helping her out of the car, he hid no signs of assessing her body. Leaning in to kiss her cheek, he mumbled “oh I intend to.”

Taking her hand in his, he guided her into the ballroom. With the sleek couches and chairs, low lighting, and neutral décor, one could have believed they had entered a very elite speakeasy, one by invitation only. Hundreds of others filled the space, mingling with manhattans and deep red wine.

He guided her to their reserved section, a dimly lit corner booth not only roped off, but guarded by two well built staff members who raised the ropes as they arrived. A bottle of red on the table had been decanted, two glasses waiting to be filled.

“Allow me” he said as he poured. Handing her the wine glass, his fingers brushed against hers, the electricity palpable. He sat.

“Sit, Kitten”

Slowly sitting, her eyes met his.

“Tonight you will meet various clients of mine. You will follow my lead and speak when spoken to. You will maltepe escort smile. You will drink. You will dance. You will behave and obey, and you will be rewarded.”

A wetness below pulled her from his trance as two men entered their private space. He stood. She followed. The first client, an older gentleman with striking silver hair and blue eyes, shook her hand, looked deep into her eyes and gave her a kiss on the back of her hand. Flattered at the formality, she blushed. The second client, a darker gentleman, towered over her, formally kissing both cheeks and squeezing her into him as he said hello. Smiling as instructed, she remained silent as they spoke of an upcoming agreement. She then found herself alone with the two gentlemen as her date stepped aside for what appeared to be an urgent call.

She was prepared to hold her own in conversation; she was not prepared to hold her own in conversation while a dual ended vibrator pulsated against her most sensitive internal and external love spots came to life. Startled, her eyes darted over the shoulders of the two men to find her stranger’s eyes on her.

Her first challenge had begun.

As the men continued to talk with their attention on her, the vibrator began to pulse in waves. Slow at first, then building momentum, forcing her to ground her feet into the floor. Her clit began to swell, and she wondered if the two men could see her cheeks flushing behind her long blonde hair. Did the men know she was being pleasured from across the room? Did they know that wetness had begun slowly dripping down her thighs? It took every ounce of her being to focus on the conversation, not the building pressure on her G spot as climax threatening to take over at any second.

Her vibrator soon relented as he returned.

“Gentlemen, thank you for keeping the young lady entertained, you’re needed at the bar,” he said, directing them out of their booth. The men followed his direction without hesitation, his power over them obvious. His hand on her lower back, he guided her to the couch, briefly squeezing her round ass before they sat. His hand on her thigh, he looked into her eyes.

“Hi Kitten, you did well,” he murmured as his lips met her neck, sending shockwaves through her body. His kisses were gentle, but firm, traveling from the nape of her neck upwards. Stopping by her earlobe, he bit, startling her. She pulled away and was met with a firm hand on the back of her head, holding her in place.

“Ah, I spoke too soon. You will learn to listen, my pet” he reminded her as his tongue soothed the area where his teeth had just claimed.

Her body frozen with arousal, she stayed. She stayed as his tongue moved over her collarbone, his hands never moving from her face. She stayed as she felt his lips once again on hers, biting and sucking on her lower lip. She stayed as his hand travelled from the back of her head to her waist, squeezing her hips tightly.

The sensual encounter couldn’t have been longer than five minutes, yet felt like eternity. Her body screaming for more, she reached for him as he pulled away.

“Now now, Kitten, we have to get through dinner, first.”

Dinner. A corporate dinner. A corporate dinner with a stranger she met the night prior, controlling a vibrator hidden deep within her soaking pussy, teasing her with every course.

The vibrator hummed to life the moment she sat at the dinner table. As they mingled with his clients, she watched as he subtly controlled the speed of the vibe with his watch. She struggled to keep her composure, every movement matched with a spark of arousal. She wondered if the other guests, 3 men and 3 women, could see her engorged nipples through her dress, the beads of sweat around her hairline, or the subtle shake of her hand as she drank her wine.

Seated in the back corner with no table behind them, she knew when she felt his hand on her knee that it was escort maltepe time for her second test of the evening. Feeling his fingers over her smooth skin, she met his gaze briefly. A dark smile greeted her as his hand wandered higher up her dress. She now understood why the slit was so high, and why he demanded to be seated where he was. He had full access.

It wasn’t long before his fingers grazed her warm, wet G string. Maintaining the steady waves of the vibe, he let his fingers roam over the humming attachment on her clit. Keeping conversation with his clients, he began to roll his fingers back and forth over her throbbing pressure point, subtly moving the material out of his way. He was about to feel her wetness.

Craving his touch, she shuffled forward in her seat, her hand on top of his, guiding his fingers to push between her waiting lips. To her surprise, his fingers pulled away swiftly. In a matter of seconds they were out of her dress and back on his wine glass, his conversations continuing without missing a beat. She was being punished.

She felt angry and painfully aroused. His eyes met hers briefly, cold as he looked away just as fast.

Turning his attention to his watch, she felt the rhythm of the vibe change. The waves had become pulses. The smooth pressure on her clit and G spot became powerful jolts of pleasure, causing her to squirm in her seat. Different from the first pattern of the vibe, her body reacted strongly to this new sensation. It was harder to keep her composure as her G spot was attacked under her dress. The pressure mounting, she noticed her voice trembling as she spoke. He smiled.

Dinner was almost over, but her climax was coming hard and fast.

Leaning over to her, he whispered. “Deep breaths, my Kitten. You do not cum until I say.” It took all her strength to resist the urge to explode at the table, but she was determined to listen. Determined to be a good girl. Determined to get her reward.

Pleased with her behavior, he relented on the toy and gave her a moment to catch her breath as dinner came to a close. It was time to leave the table, and she wondered if she would be able to walk. His hand right above her ass as she stood, he guided her back to their corner booth, signaling to the staff to close the curtains behind them.

They were alone. In public. But alone.

“I’m impressed, my pet. Shall we give you a treat?”

Taking her hand, he led her to the couch. His hands on her shoulders, gently pressing her into the sleek material, he kneeled in front of her. “You look magnificent tonight” he growled as his hands cupped her breasts firmly, his mouth heading straight for her breastbone. Gasping, her hands flew to his head, holding him there as he pulled at her dress, releasing her supple breasts into his waiting hands.

Twisting and tugging at her nipples, he let his tongue glide from her chest up to her mouth, as her lips parted to meet his. Kissing passionately, tongues dancing, his hands slid to her thighs and up into her dress. She lifted her ass as she felt his fingers tugging at her panties, allowing him to glide the material down her legs and onto the floor beside them.

Vaguely aware they were at a corporate event yet intoxicated by his touch, she let him push her dress up, exposing her shaved pussy. His hands on her knees, he parted her legs, dipping his head further inside her thighs. Unable to move, she felt his tongue waving along her inner thigh as the vibe was gently removed from her body.

His eyes met hers, his wicked smile burning its way through her insides. His head lowered. His mouth finally connecting with her flesh.

Starting gently at her clit, he rolled his tongue in circles as she strained to keep quiet. He ran his tongue between her lips, tasting everything she had to offer. He was savoring her, a delicious, sweet treat he wanted to take his time with. Paying particular maltepe escort bayan attention to her throbbing sweet spot, his tongue meticulously flicked until her entire body began to tremble.

“Soon, my pet”

She shivered as his mouth enveloped her, groaning as she felt his fingers at her entrance. His tongue continued its pursuit of her clit while his fingers pushed deep inside her. Finger fucked and sucked, she found herself reaching for anything in sight to hold on to as her orgasm threatened to overpower her. Swiftly and without warning, his other hand appeared at her collarbone, holding her in place.

She was pinned to the couch. Her dress rumpled around her waist with his head deep between her legs, his mouth and fingers completely engulfed in her pussy.

Tears from both pleasure and tension filled her eyes, dripping down her flushed cheeks.

She whimpered.

He pulled his mouth off her, replacing his tongue with his thumb, gently massaging her throbbing button while his fingers continued their massage of her G spot.

“Have you been a good girl, Kitten?”

She nodded. His two fingers and thumb relentless down below.

“Will you be a good little girl for the rest of the evening as I take some private meetings?”

A small nod. Her climax was about to take over.

“I need to hear you say ‘Yes Sir’, my pet or I’m going to bring you to the brink of release and then leave you.”

Breathless, she muttered “Yes Sir”.

As the last word came out, his mouth covered her cunt and his fingers quickly moved from her pussy to her open mouth. She sucked his fingers, tasting herself, as he finally brought her over the edge.

In an uncontrollable climax, she felt her cum gush out of her. She writhed in pleasure and bucked against his face as he lapped her juices with his tongue. Tears streaming from her face, she shook uncontrollably at the mercy of this stranger. Sucking hard on his fingers, her body melted in pleasure.

His pressure on her pussy lessened as he gently brought her down. His tongue turned from an assailant on a mission, to a caregiver paying meticulous attention to the needs of his patient. Kissing and nibbling, he was licking her pussy clean.

Removing his fingers from her mouth, his hands massaged her breasts as they made their way down to her hips. Lifting his head from between her legs, he met her gaze.

“Kitten, you are magnificent.”

Coming up to kiss her, his hands smoothed her hair. Holding her chin to him, he gently bit and sucked on her lower lip as he began to straighten out her dress. Picking up the vibrator from the table, he warmed it in his hands before inserting it back into her swollen lips. The egg slid easily into her moist entrance, arousing her once more.

He stood over her, his erect cock fully visible under his suit. How beautiful he was. His sharp suit, crisp white shirt, dark eyes, and wicked smile captivated her. He caught her staring and before she could move toward him, he stopped her.

“It’s time for me to meet some clients in private, Miss, which means it’s time for you to mingle, dance, and entertain the other guests. You will meet me back here in an hour, not a minute less, I have more plans for us.”

She stood, stumbling at first as her legs adjusted from their play. As he watched, she smoothed out her dress, tucking her breasts in tightly and ensuring she was properly covered. Looking around the room for her G string, she caught his eyes. Standing with her panties in his hand, he tucked them into his pocket.

“You will be without these for a while, I’m afraid. Your scent is about to tell every man in this room what we’ve been up to. They will be intoxicated by your sensuality and I have no doubts they will believe they may have a chance, too. Show them a good time, but mark my words Miss Kitten you are mine, and I am not afraid to let everyone know.”

Taking her hand in his, he raised her fingers to his lips, kissing gently. “Be a good pet,” he murmured into her hands.

“Yes, Sir” she nodded as she turned and walked through the curtains, past the guards, and headed directly for the bar.

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