Currents of Chastity

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A soft breeze flutters my pink chiffon skirt up briefly revealing my panties. My wet, soaking panties. It has been nearly a month since Sir has allowed me an orgasm, and I am constantly on edge. Today is no different. I curse the way the wind softly caresses my thighs, lifts my slightly sheer skirt, blowing cool wind on my hot pussy. As if his teasing each morning was not enough. My phone interrupts with a small chime, and upon inspection reveals a pornographic image of a girl in the throes of orgasm.

“Good girls will be allowed to cum.”

I don’t bother looking at who sent it. There is only one person who could put me through such tortuous teasing. I sigh, languishing. What I wouldn’t to have his fingers touch my dripping wet cunt, to slowly ease out my pent up orgasm. To grab my hair and fuck me hard with his thick cock…

Wetness between my thighs reminds me of my urgency and breaks me out of my sensual daydream. I sigh again, sweet suffering, and get up to clean up the mess between my legs. Only good girls are allowed to cum.


“Open beşevler escort your envelope, inside are your instructions.”

“When will this be over?”

“When I am satisfied with your obedience.”

I can hear in my head the way he says it, slowly and confidently, commanding and imposing. I open the envelope and scan the pages. My eyebrows arch in surprise, Sir has planned some daring tasks for me today.

Head back to the office, find a quiet spot, and edge yourself 3 times.

I pack up my lunch and make my way back to the office tower. The heat outside is unbearable, my cheeks flushing further from the embarrassment of what I am about to do. I slip into a vacant small teleconferencing booth and close the door behind me. The door has no locking mechanism; I pray to something that no one finds me.

I slip off my demure black pants to find my cunt already moist with anticipation. I begin touching myself, thinking of orgasm, and within minutes am aching for release.


I count silently in my head. I stop beylikdüzü escort and take a few deep breathes before resuming, the next buildup of pressure comes faster now, I’m so close to cumming, so close to release, but I force myself to stop.


I don’t know if I could last a third round. I am so wet and wanting that a single touch on my clit brings me to the edge. I think of Sir, and resume rubbing and fucking my pussy. Again the pressure builds, aching for release, I need to cum, I feel my mind sailing off the edge of pleasure, and manage to jerk my hand back. I let out a small cry of frustration as I’m denied once again.


I let out an unsatisfied sigh, another day left wanting. I swiftly slip on my pants on and inspect the room, leaving it pristine. As I’m closing the door behind me a familiar voice greets me.

“Hello there, not working too hard I hope.”

He smirks knowingly, and winks at me. I blush.

“Hello, Sir.”


“Do bilecik escort you hear something?”

I close my eyes and cough a few times, hoping to mask the buzzing sound coming from between my thighs.

“No, must have been someone’s phone or something. Let’s go back to the designs.”

My business partner drones on about the new product line but my focus is on the vibration on my cunt. I quickly grab my phone and fire a text.

“Sir, please, you are distracting me from important work.”

“I always thought you were a fan of technology. Isn’t it amazing?”

I feel the soft vibrating shift to a pulsing buzz and groan aloud, he is playing with me.

“So, I take it you don’t like the packaging then?”

My mind snaps back to reality, flustered, I attempt to recover and maintain professionalism.

“Y-yes. Re-do the packaging the consumers had some survey where they preferred something more matte.”

A load of bullshit if I ever saw one, I need to escape, I need to get out of here and find relief.

“Are you okay? Maybe we should meet tomorrow you don’t look so well.”

Thank god, a way out. My sweating and pale face is from a sort of sickness I suppose. An unfulfilled need. An ache that can only be filled with Sir’s cock.

“Yes, let’s re –convene tomorrow.”

I grab my files and rush out the coffee shop door, I need to get home to Sir, I need to cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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