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All sex between characters is above the age of 18. This is a long story and not a slam-bang affair. I hope you enjoy it!


Life. Just when everything is going normally, like clockwork, here is comes. A curveball from out of nowhere. Such is my story…

First, a bit about myself. I was 31 at the time, single, not really interested in anything beyond the immediate moment, in terms of my private life. My father had passed when I was 25 and getting out of the military. My mother disappeared when I was 9, and we never saw or heard from her again. My father taught me that women were for the short term, get what you can then leave them before they could think of marriage. Professionally, I was doing well. I had done a few years in the military after high school, where I learned a bit about cyber security. After my father passed when I was 25, I used the insurance as seed money to start my own firm. I wasn’t rich, but I wasn’t broke either. I enjoyed my job. I still do.

Then one Saturday, about 9 am, my phone pinged. It showed a picture of my front porch (my video doorbell when straight to my phone). There was a young girl, blonde, thin, looking a bit scruffy…staring at my doorbell. I watched for two minutes before she reached up and pushed the button.

A quick camera check revealed no one else lurking about. Still wary, I took my .38 in my hand and answered the door.

“May I help you?”

“Are you Michael Atkins?”


“Michael Dean Atkins? Born in Chicago?”


“Was your father Mark David Atkins?”

“Yes.” My wariness was steadily increasing. I was about to order her away, but something stopped me. I never knew exactly what it was.

“Was your mother Karen Ann Atkins, maiden name of Pernell?”

“Yes. Now, please tell me what you really want. I don’t want to stand here answering questions all day.”

“My name is Jill. Jill Pernell. I think…I think we are related.”

“I seriously doubt it. My mother left my father when I was nine, and we never saw her again. I don’t even know if she’s alive.”

“My mother was Karen Pernell. She told me his name and your name…and she isn’t alive anymore.” A single tear tracked her right cheek.

“Do you have any proof of any of this? I would like to think that I have family alive somewhere, but I’ve never heard of you.”

“Please…please, just let me come in. I’ll show you everything I have. I…I…don’t know everything…” She was downright crying now.

I didn’t need anyone coming by to see this, and against my better judgment I invited her in. “Please come in, sit here at the table and we can discuss this.” I had already decided that she was probably trying to scam me for money, but I didn’t need a public scene either. I sat her on one side of my glass kitchen table. I sat on the other side and slowly and deliberately put my .38 on the table.

“Are you seriously worried I might hurt you? I’m 5’4″ and 110 pounds. I think you scare me far more than I scare you.”

“I like to have things in the open. I want you to understand I won’t be threatened in my own home, however.”

“OK…I have this bag, and I’m going to pull out some paperwork. Don’t shoot me just yet,” she said with a slight smile.

She pulled out a stack of paperwork in a large binder clip, somewhat dirty and stained. Everything else spilled out when she did, no knives or guns to be seen. I seemed to be safe for a second, so I relaxed enough to take in this person. Short, thin, short blonde hair, the white kind. Natural. She was not unkempt, but she wasn’t clean either. Dazzling blue eyes, and a figure best described as lithe. She also appeared scared out of her wits, and barely holding it together.

I browsed through the paperwork she had. Her birth certificate, her state ID (she was from Boston), some miscellaneous stuff, and then the last page. It was a picture. She said, “That’s Mom, and who she said was my father. I think you might be the young boy.”

“Excuse me for a second…” I went to my living room and picked up a frame. Comparing the two pictures, it was clear they were taken at the same time. Was this actually real? It was an old snapshot, just like mine was. This was getting real, fast. I sent off a quick text, while she gave me a questioning look.

“We need to know if this is real…for both of us. I can find out fairly quickly, probably two or three days. May I take photos of these documents?”

“Of course. I didn’t expect you to sweep me off my feet as you long lost sister…I don’t really know you either.”

“OK, I can take you back to your hotel, or get you a cab, whichever you prefer. I will need you to stay here for about an hour first, so we can get proof.”

“I… don’t have a motel room.”

“I can recommend a good one, if you’d like.”

She put her head down. I had already seen that when she pulled the paperwork out, three dollars and change came out as well. It was then I realized she had Beylikdüzü escort nothing. She had managed to get here and had nothing left. “When was the last time you ate?” I asked gently.

“Yesterday” she whispered through the tears.

It was then that I did something I didn’t even understand…it was like I was watching myself in a dream. “You can stay in my spare bedroom. We will get you cleaned up and get some lunch as well.” I never even let my friends spend the night. I only had a few women spend the night. What was going on in my head?

“Really? I can’t pay you… I can’t even afford to…”

I cut her off. “You are staying here until we find out. No other options for you. Now, through that door is my spare bedroom, and there is a shower in there as well. Let’s get you cleaned up and ready for company. There is also a closet in there that my last girlfriend used. I think most of the clothes are too big, but you should be able to find something. I noticed you had no luggage…”

Another tear… “You don’t have to do this…”

“Get moving… You like a grilled ham and cheese? I can make lunch while you’re there.”

“Thank you, and yes…may I have two?”

Laughing, I told her I would make her three if she wanted. She went into the room, and I heard the door lock. Realizing that I would be scared too, I allowed it. I also sent another text, with pictures of each of the documents. As much as I wanted this to be true, proof was necessary.

While I was cooking, the doorbell rang and I knew who it was. “Maria! I am so glad you could come so quickly. I need a DNA test done, ASAP. I trust you to be discreet.”

“I always am, Mike!” We became acquainted through business ties, but she was a sweetheart. She was an RN, married, and had two kids. We had helped to calm down her ex a few years ago. She worked for a doctor that I also used on occasion.

“Hungry? I’m making lunch.”

“No, we’re going out after I’m done here. I know it won’t take long.”

We chatted and caught up as I was cooking. Suddenly, the bedroom door opened and out came…wow. Just wow. “She cleans up nice.” I thought. She was wearing a short denim skirt with a belt, and an old Stones tee shirt. The one with the tongue. Her hair was combed, and her skin was positively glowing. I did some math in my head, and she had to be 21 or 22 years old. She looked amazing for a young woman.

Maria introduced herself and told her just how the test would work. “Just a quick cheek swab!” Once she was done, she excused herself letting me know she would get back to me as soon as possible.

We sat down to eat. I had made a small salad to go along with the sandwiches. For a few minutes, there was absolute silence. She ate quickly, but daintily as well. Once we were finished, we just stared at each other for a few minutes.

“You still don’t believe me,” she said. She had a sad look on her face, and it was eating at my usual stone-cold demeanor. “You think I am trying to scam you or something.”

“I don’t really know…I want to believe, but I can’t without proof. Nonetheless, you are a beautiful young lady in need of some assistance. I am not wealthy, but I will give you some help. Would you like to go for a ride? I want to take you to my favorite store…it’s a French place, Tarjay I believe it’s called.”

“Seriously? And Mom used to say that long ago. I know you mean Target. What do you want to get?” she said with a small laugh. It sounded like magic.

“I don’t need much, but you need some things as well. If all this is true, we do need to get to know each other. Would you prefer my truck or a small car? With the truck we can fit more in!”

“I don’t want much. We can take the car.” Again with the sad look. She actually looked upset about shopping. I realized she felt like a burden at that point.

“Look, we don’t have to go, but I thought you might want some decent shampoo and such. Pretty girls deserve pretty things, you know.” I said with a smile. “It’ll do you good to get out a bit as well.”

Off we went, taking my Subaru Crosstrek. I kept the conversation light, letting her pick out a radio station (and finding I liked her choice). Ten minutes later we were there. We went straight to the women’s department, and I told her to pick out three pairs of jeans and five shirts as well as some underwear. I noticed when she made selections, it was always the cheapest items. “Sometimes the more expensive ones are cheaper in the long run. Quality is important,” I told her.

“I can’t pay you back until I find work. I can’t afford anything else but the cheapest.”

Sighing, I said, “But I can. And you’re not paying me back. I won’t allow it.”

She looked at me sideways. “I’m starting to wonder if we do have the same mother. This just wasn’t how she did things.”

“I grew up with someone else. Please, no matter who you are, just let me help a bit. You need some clothes either way, and probably some other things as well.”

After Beylikdüzü escort the clothes, I turned her loose in the Health aisle. I told her to pick shampoo, conditioner, and anything else she might need in the near future. I mentioned I was going to another aisle to find some food items and toiletries for myself and gave her a few minutes alone.

After picking up my needs, I went to find her again. I had to look, until I realized she was sitting on the floor behind the cart, tears on her face. She looked up at me, and said in a quivering voice, “I thought you’d left me here.”

This girl was shattered, I thought. “Not gonna happen. Sorry Jill. I shouldn’t have left you alone. Come on, get up, and let’s finish shopping.” I helped her up and gave her a hug. I knew she had been through some things, but I didn’t realize how fragile she was. I checked the cart and she had gotten nothing. “Let’s go find some things to make you even more beautiful!”

With a weak smile, she said, “You don’t have that much money.”

“I’m with the prettiest woman in Arizona. There probably isn’t anything to make you look better, but there are probably things you want! Grab that cart and we can find some things for you.”

She gave me a sideways look again, but we took off and found some basic makeup, shampoo, and the usual items. She stopped in the feminine aisle, and I said “If you need it, get it. I’m not embarrassed if you’re not.” She picked a few items with a bit of a blush.

After the checkout, we loaded everything in the Subaru and I asked what she wanted for dinner. As usual at this point, it was “whatever I wanted”. Sigh. “What do you like on your pizza? I will have one delivered. Do you have a favorite kind?”

“I haven’t had that often…but I do like pepperoni!” It was nice to see here come out of her shell, if even just ever so slightly.

“I thought it was a rule that all Americans had pizza once a week! You should have eaten a ton of it by now!”

Head down, she said, “Mom didn’t buy it often” very quietly. It appeared I had screwed up, again. “You don’t ever have to be ashamed of your past with me.” Picking up her chin, I said, “Just be honest. We will deal with it.”

Once we were home and unloaded, I told her to go try on everything and then we could wash it. I needed to make a couple phone calls and I would order the pizza, I told her. After she was in her room, I called a doctor I knew and made an appointment outside of regular hours for Sunday. I needed more information. I also received an email from a friend regarding the documents I had texted him. They weren’t forgeries, per what was in the state records department. He also found a certificate of death for my mother (?), and no records of Jill being in school in the Boston area ever. I sent him an acknowledgement and said I would talk to him Monday at work.

The pizza came, pepperoni of course, and I called Jill to let her know it was here. She came out of the room wearing a new pair of jeans and a pretty green top that was cut lower on her chest. When she bent over to get a slice, I noticed two things. One, she wasn’t wearing a bra. Two, while small, her breasts were perfectly shaped. I immediately decided that I was a pervert as well, or that if I was lucky, she wasn’t actually related.

After dinner, she looked almost happy. Exhausted, but happy. I asked her how long it was since she slept, and she laughed. “I don’t really know. At this point, maybe days.” I told her to go to bed, there was nothing else that wouldn’t wait for morning. Again, I heard her door lock. I had a drink and tried to set my alarms and went to bed myself. Sleep didn’t come easy that night, as my mind was confused. “She’s beautiful. But she might be my sister. You don’t really know her. You don’t know anything about her. But she is attractive” thoughts going in a circle through my mind.

I awoke in the morning about 6:30 as I usually do. She was still in the room, hopefully sleeping as the door was closed. I made some coffee and settled back in my chair. A few minutes later, I was startled, spilling my coffee, by a hand on my shoulder. “Good morning!” she laughed. I was surprised that I didn’t hear her come out of her room and wondered if I was losing my touch. She told me she had been up for a while and had been out on the back deck just looking. She said, “You didn’t tell me you had a pool! I don’t have a suit or I would have been in it.”

Totally confused, I checked a few things. I had failed to set the alarm properly or would have known she was out there. I had failed to check my cameras. If she was out to get me in any way, I would have been had. This was absolutely out of character for me. She stared at me as all these thoughts whirled through my head. “Did I do something wrong? Oh my God, all I do is screw up! I’m so sorry!”

I had to grab her and pull her down. “You didn’t do anything wrong. I made a mistake or two and was confused, that’s all. Calm down, let’s get Escort Beylikdüzü you some breakfast and plan our day.”

I made some biscuits and gravy with some bacon. She looked at it like it was a feast fit for a queen and said, “How did you know my favorite?” “I didn’t make your favorite, I made mine!” I said.

After breakfast, I told her she had an appointment this afternoon at two, but the rest of the day was clear. I also told her I was not going to be able to take her to the appointment, as I had some work to do (completely true, I had ignored my work all day Saturday). I called Irene, who I had texted yesterday, to make sure that she was going to come and get Jill. I told Jill, “You will like her. She works for me, but she is a sweetheart and I think you need some time with another girl.” She agreed to go, and then we decided to go out to “Tarjay” again and get her a bathing suit. I told her to go pick one out while I grabbed a couple of things. Before I walked away, I looked at her and said, “I’ll be baack!” in my best Ahnold impersonation, just to give her some reassurance.

Ten minutes later, I found her still staring at the swimsuits. “I don’t know what to get,” she said. While one part of me wanted her to get the micro bikini, we picked out a one-piece that had high-cut legs. I knew she would still look good in it too. Back home, she went to change and told me I had to change too. I changed quickly and was in the pool when she came out. Man was I glad I was in the pool, because it made me look like less of a pervert with the lump in my suit. I still stared a little too long, but I am a guy!

She wore the white one-piece we picked out, and it accentuated everything she had. I kept having to remind myself that she might be my sister. She looked at me, blushed, and shocked me by cannonballing in right beside me! After clearing my eyes, I said, “Payback is a bitch, you know!” with a silly grin on my face.

She started that magical laughter again and said, “Gotta catch me first!” and swam away as quickly as she could. I found that she could swim faster than me, but that she wasn’t really strong enough to dunk me. I was very gentle with her, and only dunked her once as revenge. I found out that I really enjoyed the feel of her on me, and that her nipples appeared to be amazing…then I mentally slapped myself. She looked at me and blushed, walking to the ladder to get out. It appeared to me that she might have some of the same issues I was having.

After a light lunch, I took the truck to the office. I was going to go through the reports I had on her with a fine-toothed comb. I reminded her twice before I left that she had an appointment and that I would be back.

At 1:15, I saw the alert on my phone that Irene had arrived. Irene was a secretary at my business. She also worked with the traumatized women that I occasionally had to deal with, which was why I sent her for Jill. Irene was 5’6″, 26, an auburn-haired very curvy girl that I would have loved to date. I kept a very strict rule about fraternization at work, however, and being that she was exceptionally good at her job, I had to just look and fantasize from time to time. I did get a quick text from her that she was there, and that she would let me know when they were finished.

“Hi, I’m Irene. We have an appointment I believe!” Jill looked at her like she was a Martian. Irene, confused, just said “What?”. Jill started laughing and said she just thought since her name was Irene she would be much older. “My mom saddled me with my Gramma’s name. I figure there aren’t too many of us, so I just rock it!” The bonding began almost immediately.

Off they went in Irene’s car. “Where are we going?” Jill asked.

Irene began laughing, and said, “You got in a car with a stranger and don’t know where you’re going? Your mama didn’t teach you anything!” Jill got very quiet after that, and after they pulled in the parking lot, Irene took her hand and said, “Look, I don’t know what is up with you, but I’m sorry about anything I might have said. We are here, this is a doctor’s office that Mike’s company works with. She’s going to give you a physical, just to make sure you are healthy.”

Jill very quietly said, “My mother didn’t teach me much. And I’ve never had a physical. I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Irene’s mouth dropped, then she said, “This may be a shock to you, she is going to look at ALL of your body. If you can’t handle this, let me know now. And by all, I mean all…like inside and such.”

Jill sat in silence for a minute, and said, “Stay with me in the room, and I will do it. I have heard of it, but nobody ever did it to me.”

Irene’s heart broke a little, and she said, “I won’t leave you alone, I promise. I don’t know what the deal is with Mike, but he’s a good guy. He won’t hurt you either. Now let’s go in and do this.”

Mike was still at the office when his phone buzzed…twice. One from Irene, letting him know they were leaving the Doctor’s office. The other from the doctor that said “Call me ASAP”. Mike immediately called her. “Doctor Margaret Shuman, how may I help you?”

Mike laughed and said, “Still so formal after all these years! Apparently you have something I need to know.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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