Cynthia Ch. 6

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The sounds of the night…this night anyway…were soothing me. My head was still laid back against the cushions, and I was just drifting off to catch a few winks, when I felt a movement on the couch next to me. I opened my eyes and turned my head to see Cynthia’s smiling face looking up at me.

“Not going to sleep, are we, studly…?” she teased. She reached down to gently caress my flaccid cock.

The sight of her made my waking much easier. Cynthia’s grinning face, as innocent as it was, was shining in the low patio lights. Her hair was matted with a combination of semen and Anne’s cum, and as she grinned at me, her tongue moved around her lips sensually. I glanced over at Jim and Anne, who both appeared to be fast asleep in each others arms. Anne’s hand was in Jim’s crotch and both of them were smiling in their sleep.

I flashed back on the sight of Cynthia’s face being covered with semen from our two cocks, and on the look of pure pleasure in her eyes when Jim came inside her mouth. I felt a light, although exhausted, stirring in my cock. Cynthia felt it too, and smiled. “Want a blow-job…?” she teased, running her hand up and down my flaccid staff. I smiled and groaned, dropping my head back to the cushions. Possibly for the first time in my life, I was thinking more about food than a blow-job!! I heard Cynthia chuckle, but she continued to fondle me.

“I swear…” she said, mock irritation in her voice, “your turning into an old man! Or is it me? Should I shower, maybe…?” She kept that teasing edge to her voice. I cracked an eye open and smiled at her.

“Darling…you know I love you with cum on your face…” I grinned. Cynthia smiled and ran one hand over her face, massaging the drying wetness into her skin. Her eyes flared excitedly as she recalled the last half hour. She cuddled closer, laying her head on my shoulder, but keeping her hand cupped over my cock.

“That was so fucking exciting…” she whispered to me. “It was the fantasy we were talking about. I couldn’t get it out of my head that I was actually living a fantasy…god…!” Her giggling voice showed the excitement she was feeling and I smiled to myself as she continued to fondle me and whisper.

“I loved it when both of you came on my face…” she continued, squeezing my flaccid cock gently. “It was right out of a dream…god, there was so much of it! And I think you enjoyed watching Jim come in my mouth…didn’t you…” I opened my eyes again, and looked down at her. I smiled and nodded.

“Yeah, you were pretty hot, all right… How about you? You looked as if you might have been enjoying yourself, too…” Cynthia grinned and nodded “But I have to say…” She looked over to make sure that Jim and Anne were still fast asleep. “Jim comes a lot…but you are so much sweeter…” She winked at me, continuing to fondle my cock and balls as she leaned close to my ear. “I did enjoy the sex part. That was way hot! But if I had to suck cock the rest of my life…If that was all I had… I’d rather have your hard cock, Jack…” Cynthia smiled, almost shyly, and looked down at my cock. “I don’t know what it is, Jack… I’ve never felt this way before. But your cock fits so…right…in my mouth… And when you come…Mmmm…fuck…I probably should shut up…” She looked up at me and shook her head, as if resigning herself to the fact that she had to finish. “When you come…Damn, I don’t even know… but it’s so…right…” She looked up again, as if to see if I was laughing at her. But laughing was the absolute last thing on my mind as I listened with at least three ears… Cynthia saw the look of love in my eyes and smiled. I knew that she was seeing deep inside my soul at that moment. And she knew that she was making me hot…

“I love it when you come in my mouth, Jack…” she whispered, “It’s so thick and hot… And when I swallow you it’s like…I don’t know…it’s like an aphrodisiac, you know? When I’m swallowing your cum I’m thinking like, how can I suck more out of this cock… Oh, fuck…I should shut up right here!! I’ve never been this driven towards having a cock in my mouth… I mean, you know I love to fuck… But with you it’s different…I really crave your cock in my mouth. And, even when you’re coming, I’m wondering how long it’s going to be before I can make you come again… God! That’s so fucked up, isn’t it? I sound like such a slut!”

My cock was now fluctuating between a somewhat painful hardness and semi-flaccid-ness in Cynthia’s hand and I smiled as I met her upturned gaze. I grinned and nodded my head, hoping that she could see the love in my eyes. She chuckled and shook her head with disbelief.

“But you are a slut, Cyn…” I said, as calmly as I could. I stared into her eyes, hoping with all of my heart that she accepted my words in the spirit in which I was saying them. Her quizzical smile urged me to continue. “And I am too, darlin’… But I don’t see the problem with that, and I think you know what I mean…”

She looked at me, her smile slowly spreading into a grin, her eyes ucuz escort on fire as my words settled in. She sighed and rested her head on my shoulder once more. I think she understood that my words came from my heart… I wasn’t judging her anymore than I was I was ‘judging’ myself. I fully understood her position within both the academic community and within the social community. And, I think she understood mine. For whatever reason we’d found each other and both of us were very excited to show off the ‘slut’ sides of our personalities. Did we have an understanding? I was beginning to think so…

We stayed cuddled close together for quite a while, just enjoying the evening, and I almost drifted off again. I raised my head when I felt Cynthia gently shaking my shoulder.

“Looks as if we’ve lost our hosts…” she whispered in my ear. I squinted over in the direction of Jim and Anne to see them deeply asleep in each other’s arms. I admired Anne’s breasts as her chest rose and fell evenly. She had a very peaceful smile on her face. I looked down at Cynthia and smiled.

“I guess we wore ’em out…” I chuckled quietly. Cynthia smiled and nodded, putting her finger to her lips and leaning forward to reach for her dress.

“Let’s go take a swim and let them sleep. We can invite them over for breakfast in the morning…” She winked and stood up. Standing in front of me, she stretched her arms over her head, her legs spread wide, her hands coming to rest behind her neck.

The sight of her in her white garter and stockings, her tits thrust out towards me, made the blood begin to flow hesitantly into my cock once more. Cynthia noticed and grinned.

“So…there’s life in the old boy yet, huh?” she teased, slowly putting her dress on. She left it unbuttoned, and reached out her hand to draw me into a standing position. I smiled, surprised at her strength, and put my arms around her.

“Can’t help it…” I whispered to her, “You’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever met in my life….” I kissed her warmly, pulling her close. “Hell…you’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever met in my dreams!” I meant every word of it. This girl was indeed a dream come true for me.

“Then let’s get out of here.” she whispered, handing my clothes to me. “The night is still young…” She smiled sexily as I put my pants on, holding the buckle of my belt to keep it quiet. I found a pad and a pen, and left Jim and Anne a note, suggesting brunch tomorrow, then we tiptoed away, letting them sleep.

We crossed the back yard, not wanting to go out by the street, and used the gate in the fence separating our yards. It was almost a relief to be back in my own yard, despite the fact that I’d just experienced one of the most sexually exciting evenings of my life.

I watched as Cynthia made her way directly to the pool. I grinned as she kicked off her heels and stepped into the shallow end. She smiled sexily as she walked into the water, still clothed in her dress and stockings. The dress billowed out behind her as she reached the deeper water, then she sank beneath the surface, letting her dress slip away and float to the top. The sight of her in the pool, naked except for her garter and stockings made my cock expand even more. I slipped my pants off and stepped in after her, fearing the noise of a dive might wake Jim and Anne even though we were at least fifty yards away from them. The cool water was amazingly refreshing as I walked to the deep end.

I swam up to Cynthia and embraced her, kissing her passionately as I felt her hands move over my ass to pull me closer. My cock rose, sliding between her legs as we kissed, while her hand caressed my ass. We broke our kiss and leaned against the side of the pool, staring into each other’s eyes.

“I think I love you…” I said with a smile. Cynthia grinned and moved a hand around to my front, curling her fingers around my almost reborn hard-on.

“Don’t start up with that stuff, Jack…” she countered. “We’ve known each other for what…a DAY?!? You think you’re in love because I like to suck your cock…?” She smiled and began to stroke my hard-on. “Because I like it when you fuck my tits…?” I groaned and Cynthia smiled, seeing that her torture was working. She began to squeeze the head of my cock between her thumb and forefinger, pulling my foreskin over the top. “You think you love me…just because I like it when you shoot your hot, thick cum all over my face? Just because I like your big, hard cock in my ass…my pussy…my mouth…? Mmmmm…I’ll tell you, Jack, I know a lot of girls who would love to suck this big cock…” Cynthia grinned when I cocked my eyebrows and looked down at her with a grin on my face…

“And no…I won’t introduce you! See what I mean? God…you’re such a slut, Jack!” I began to protest, but she put her finger to my lips. “Save it for later…” she whispered with a hot grin, then pushed away, backstroking to the other side of the pool.

“Let’s get something to eat.” she laughed. “I’m famished!” ümraniye escort I smiled and followed my angel as she pulled herself out of the pool and walked over to the chairs. She was toweling herself off when I caught up with her. My cock bobbed as I walked and she watched it as I approached, her tongue toying with her top lip.

“And I can see you have my desert all ready for me…” She leaned close, wrapping her hand around me and kissing me lightly, before stepping back. I frowned comically as she began to slide her stockings down, even though she was doing it in a very sensual way…unhooking the garters and smiling as she slowly slid them down her legs… She grinned at me and tossed them in a wet heap. “I have more upstairs, baby… I can see you like the stocking and heels thing…” She looked down at my cock and grinned. “And I do too… Especially if they keep your cock all nice and hard for me…”

Cynthia took my hand and led me towards the sliding door. We both shivered as the cool A/C hit our naked bodies, but it was a very welcome relief from the heat outside. In the kitchen, we heated up the leftovers from our lunch and stood at the breakfast bar wolfing it down. I hadn’t realized how hungry I was until I took the first bite. It was almost midnight and, even though the food at Jim and Anne’s had been delicious, we both still needed more fuel. I had to consciously work on chewing before swallowing. Cynthia grinned at my ravenous appetite, but was matching me bite for bite. We laughed at ourselves as we ate. When we’d finished our late night meal, we sat on the stools, eyeing each other.

“I really needed that!” Cynthia said, wiping her mouth with a napkin. “A girl can’t live on cum alone, you know….” she smiled at me and winked. “Although it makes for a wonderful snack…” She ran her hand up my thigh until she found my semi-hard cock. She began to tease it with her fingers, looking into my eyes.

“I can’t wait to tell Sara about our party…” she said, a lusty and thoughtful look on her face. “She’ll love all the details…” I saw a look of fire glaze her eyes and smiled.

“Just how much ‘detail’ do you two share?”, I asked, my own eyes narrowing. Cynthia leaned back and let her eyes move over my face, as if deciding just how much to tell me, then she smiled.

“Sara and I are very close, Jack… We tend to share a LOT of…uh…detail… Yesterday morning, she was quite graphic about her new young stud. Told me all about his big cock… She was very excited about how she’d made him come three times…” Cynthia looked up at me and grinned. “I can’t wait to tell her about you…” I tried to hide my grin but my pride wouldn’t let me. I’d honestly lost count by now, but I knew that I’d beaten Sara’s ‘new young stud’… Cynthia saw my grin and shook her finger at me, although she was grinning when she did so.

“Don’t get cocky, Jack… You come more than any man I’ve ever met, but I’m gonna do my best to wear you out…” She got up and stepped closer, letting her legs straddle mine as I leaned against the stool. She glanced down, letting her pussy just barely graze my cock. “Actually…” she continued, “I’m not sure I’ll tell Sara about you…just yet…” She looked at me with puppy-dog eyes as she continued to tease me with her pussy. “I mean…Sara is so…blond…you know?” I was silent, doing my absolute best to remain stone-faced, but Cynthia saw through me like glass. “There! That’s exactly what I mean! She’s fucking gorgeous! Her hair…her tits are to die for, for christ’s sake…and those legs! Where in the fuck did she get those legs?!?” Cynthia stepped back, sitting back on her stool and leaning her head onto her hand as she glared at me. I’ve been around enough women to know when to shut up and listen, but her words were making me a little bit angry. I felt my cock begin to shrink a bit as I leaned over and put my arm around her shoulder. I knew that I had to be very careful at this point… On the other hand, my experience told me quite clearly what pond Cynthia was fishing in…. I found it hard to believe that this fantasy vision was looking to me for reassurance, but then, the whole time with her had been mostly surrealistic to this point anyway. I decided to give a try…

“Cynthia…” I said. “Baby…” I said. The disbelief was making me stutter… “Do you have any idea at all how incredibly happy you are making me? Do you have any idea in the world how unbelievably excited I am that you’ve chosen to spend some time with me? Cyn….You are the most…. You are the…my fantasy! You are what I’ve dreamed about since I was old enough to dream about you… I have to pinch myself just to be sure that you are really here with me! LOOK!”

I reached down, pretending to pinch my leg, then ran my hand up to Cynthia’s firm breast. I took her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and pinched it gently, rolling it back and forth as I stared into her eyes.

“Pinching this is much better… just to make me know that you üsküdar escort are here with me…” I saw her smile and looked deeper into her eyes. “I mean it, Cyn….You are the most perfect woman I’ve ever been with… You are a dream come true. And not just because you’re a great cocksucker…” I grinned and she finally grinned back. “I said I was falling in love with you…” I whispered, ignoring the red lights that were flashing in my brain, “And I meant it. It’s not just lust, Cyn… It’s your smile…your attitude…your brain… I’m totally blown away that you’re even here with me now!!”

Cynthia looked up at me with the beginnings of tears in her doe eyes. “And, you’re telling me that Sara doesn’t turn you on at all?” I stared back at her as a grin spread over my face.

“Hmmm….well…” I stammered as my brain whirled, then I looked at her with a grin. “Cyn… Sara is hot. I’m not going to deny you that. Watching her blow her boyfriend was a major turn-on…. I mean she was really getting into showing off, you know?” I smiled, my eyes fixed on Cynthia’s…

“But, what was even more of a turn-on for me was sharing that whole thing with you, Cyn… I was watching Sara suck his cock…watching him fuck her tits… And yes, she does have wonderful tits… Seeing how much she enjoyed making him shoot off all over her… Damn! But, what turned me on the most was being there with you, Cyn… Sharing that whole thing with you… And knowing that you were into watching them just as much as I was… You, baby…are my innermost fantasy come to life…”

Cynthia looked up at me, and this time her tears were real…filling her eyes and spilling over onto her cheeks. I grinned and leaned forward, licking them off her cheeks, then moving my tongue to her lips. She mewled like a kitten and pressed herself into me, kissing me back with all the passion that I was feeling for her right then. I had more to say… I had so many words to share with her, but I decided not to, just yet… I shut up and let the mood flow between us as we kissed and hugged. Finally, I reached down, tilting her face up to look at me as I smiled into her eyes. I’d never been so at peace in my entire life. Cynthia looked up at me with her doe-eyes again, and smiled.

“I’m not going to fall in love with you, Jack…” she breathed. I felt her whole body shiver…

“No problem, baby…” I replied. We stared into each other’s eyes for what seemed like an eternity, mentally quizzing and subsequently answering each other in silence as the clock on the mantle clicked off the minutes. Finally a sexy grin spread over Cynthia’s face.

“You know…. She enjoys the whole…uh…’watching’ thing as much as I do. I know she’s gonna want to play with you…” She continued to stare into my eyes, waiting for a response. But I wasn’t going to lie to her. The thought turned me on immensely.

“And, would you be okay with that, Cynthia?” I asked, staring back at her. Her eyes were on fire again and I knew the answer before a single word had passed her lips. I felt the blood rush back into my cock, making it flip up against Cynthia’s thigh. She grinned and wrapped her fingers around me once again as she nodded her head.

“Yeah…I’d like to watch her play with you, Jack…” Cynthia hissed. Her smile grew as she saw my eyes begin to burn. “Mostly because I know it would turn you on… but by now you know that I like to watch, don’t you…” She smiled when I nodded my head. “In high school I was always trying to look over my boyfriend’s shoulder to see what was going on in the back seat…” Her grin widened and her eyes glowed mischievously. “And Sara really gets into it, you know? I think I’d maybe like to do you with her… That would be very hot… Did I tell you that it was Sara who taught me how to deepthroat…?” My heart was pounding as I tried to recall anything, and to tell the truth, I couldn’t. My entire mind was suddenly filled with the image of Cynthia and Sara loving and sharing my cock… I smiled at Cynthia, not bothering to answer her question.

“So…” I said, trying to remain calm, “”It sounds like you two share more than…uh…details…?” Cynthia looked back with a “Whatever do you mean?” look in her eyes and I smiled. “Does Sara share her boyfriend with you, too?” I was amazed at myself when I felt another pang of jealousy begin to form. Here my new girlfriend was talking about sharing me with her roommate, I’d just watched her perform amazingly erotic oral sex on my neighbor and his wife, and I was feeling idiotic jealousy thinking about her with Sara’s boyfriend! The absurdity of it made me grin to myself as I turned the emotion away. Cynthia seemed to sense my feelings, as if she was privy to my thoughts and smiled along with me.

“Not this one…” she said, surveying my eyes for any return of the ‘monster’, “Not yet, anyway. And we’ve never done any three-way stuff, if that’s what you mean. But you saw that Sara likes to show off…and usually it’s just that. She likes it when I’m sitting in the living room with her and her boyfriend, watching movies or whatever… then she’ll start making out with him or playing with him to get him hard. She likes showing off their hard-on’s to me.” She looked into my eyes and grinned. “Like I said, I haven’t been dating in quite a while. I think she likes to show me what I was missing…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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