Daddy Helps Daughter Jody

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Daisy Dukes

I was worried, my little girl had been getting tummy pains for several days now; well I say little girl, she’s 18 but very young looking and still pretty naïve. It had been just me and Jody since her mother ran off with my best friend more than 15 years ago. Since then I had brought her up alone, looking after her every need, feeding her, clothing her, the perfect father. She would always be my little girl.

She had left the house to keep an appointment with her doctor and I was sitting in the kitchen with a coffee, waiting for her return. I wanted to go with her but she was a young woman now and I knew I should let her look after herself a bit more now. I was quite proud when she phoned to make the appointment herself and insisted on going alone.

I heard the door open; she came in looking a little red faced and sad and with just a nod to me she headed for the stairs.

“Baby – are you OK?” I called to her.

“Y-Yes daddy.” She replied nervously.

“Well come in here and tell me what the doctor said.” I asked, trying not to sound as concerned as I was.” She hesitated at the foot of the stairs then slowly walked to the kitchen, head down; face flushed and sat on a stool opposite me.

“Well – what did he say?”

“He – umm – gave me some tablets daddy.” She mumbled.

“Let’s see them then.” I held out my hand. She slowly placed a brown paper bag on my palm, peeping from under her fringe as she did so. I opened the bag and slid out a white box which I immediately opened to reveal a blister pack of seven very large torpedo shaped ‘tablets’.

“Wow! Those are rather big aren’t they darling, how often do you…” I noticed something else in the bag, a collection of clear plastic gloves. I couldn’t help smiling a little as I looked back at the front of the box, an unpronounceable brand name followed by the word: ‘suppositories’.

“Oh – I guess you know what you have to do with these Jody?” I smiled sympathetically.

“The doctor told me exactly what to do with them daddy!” She glared.

“Wow, could she get any redder?” I thought. “It’s OK baby, a little lubricant will make it easier for you, don’t worry, you just need to relax while you do it and they will pop in quite easily, really.” I gave her a reassuring smile, poor baby; she was obviously not looking forward to doing it.

“But daddy, I c-can’t do it!” She sobbed.

“Why baby?” I asked. She said nothing but held her hand out, palm down and fingers bent, showing me her extremely long, perfectly manicured fingernails.

“Ah! I see. Yes, you’d be in danger of slicing yourself open with one of those lethal weapons in your bottom darling.” I suppressed a chuckle, well; my concern for her predicament stopped me laughing. “I’m sorry baby but you’ll just have to trim one of them, my darling.” I told her.

“Oh but I can’t, you know Julie is using me as a fingernail model for her practical exam next week and I really can’t let her down!” She insisted, tears welling in her eyes.

Julie was her best friend and both girls were on a Beauty course at the local college. A course they loved and took very seriously. Beylikdüzü escort They were forever plucking and waxing, massaging and painting. I had been the ‘victim’ of a number of ‘Head and neck’ massages. Well, I say victim, in fact I looked forward to them – she was very good. Julie had practiced on me a few times and I enjoyed that in a slightly different way. Julie was a sexy little thing and I regularly joked about her giving me a full body massage whenever she liked but she was a little shy and just reminded me they were only allowed to practice those on classmates – till they were qualified anyway.

“Well I don’t know baby, but you must use them or you may not be well enough to be anybody’s fingernail model next week, I really can’t see any alternative!”

She was silent for a while, then, “Well”, she peered at me sheepishly, “If someone did it for me…”

“I’m sure the doctor is far too busy and…” She was looking at me with her big puppy dog eyes, the ones she used when she wanted me to buy her something or do something for… I froze.

“W-Would you do it for me daddy?”

I was dumbfounded, the next 10 seconds lasted forever, my little girl was suggesting that I should poke my finger up her bottom! How could I? How could I possibly do such an intimate, personal thing to my little girl? But if I didn’t – there was no-one else… and what possible reason could I give her for refusing? Telling her I was too embarrassed would be really pathetic.

But – umm – are you sure you would be OK with your daddy doing that?” I looked at her sad face, hoping she would reconsider and think of another solution.

“Oh yes daddy, thank-you!” Her face lit up and it looked like a great weight had been lifted off her little shoulders. She had obviously thought about this but was so embarrassed to ask me. “The doctor said I should do one as soon as I got home and then one every morning for a week”.

“Oh – right – well – OK – where shall we – umm – well – you go up to your bedroom darling and – umm – take off your – err – skirt and I will be up in a few minutes, OK?” I tried not to sound as nervous as I felt, this was ridiculous, I had looked after her every need for years now; I had changed her nappies, washed her private places, dressed her… well – OK – not for a few years now but… oh pull yourself together and don’t be a wimp! I reprimanded myself, she’s your daughter and she needs you!

She turned and walked up the stairs to her room, going in and closing the door. I pocketed the suppositories and walked up to the bathroom and washed my hands. I pulled the box of ‘tablets’ from my pocket, fondling them nervously as I walked to her bedroom door. I hesitated… then tapped lightly on the door.

“Come in daddy!” She called softly.

I opened the door. She was sitting on the edge of the bed in just white cotton bra and panties. Her underwear had pretty lace bands round the edges and tiny pink bows on the front of the waistband and between the cups; she had chosen them last time I took her shopping. The bra was 32b; she was pleased when the woman in the lingerie shop had told Beylikdüzü escort her she needed a larger one than last time. I remember how embarrassed I was when the woman told her.

Her hands were resting lightly on her thighs; she was waiting for me to tell her what to do.

“Right – err – well – get on your hands and knees on the bed I guess – with umm – your bottom in the air and your face – umm – in your pillow, OK baby?”

“OK daddy.” She quickly did as I suggested – her beautiful round bottom in the air and the right side of her face pressed into a nest of her own long blonde hair on her pillow. Her white cotton panties were snug and emphasised every contour of her gorgeous little bottom.

I put my hand between her knees to urge them apart a little; I explained that it would make her pose more stable and comfortable.

I stared at her tight white cotton panties. “I’m – err – just going to pull your panties down a little, OK?” Idiot! Why was I asking her if it was OK, I couldn’t do much with them covering her bottom!

“Yes daddy.” She mumbled.

I slipped my fingertips under the waistband each side and eased them down a little, just enough to reveal her red, puckered bum hole. I gasped a little and swallowed nervously. I pulled them down a little further to the top of her thighs, her naked pink swollen pussy in plain view. That was far enough for me to do what I needed to do… I hesitated for a while then pulled them down to her knees. So I don’t mess them up with lubricant I told myself.

I stared, open mouthed and dry lipped as I popped one of the ‘tablets’ from its wrapper. I licked my dry lips.

“Have you got some lubric… err – cold cream baby?” I couldn’t ask my little girl if she had lubricant! But I knew she had drawers full of every beauty product imaginable.

“Yes daddy, in my bedside cabinet.”

I opened the top drawer to reveal a clutter of bottles and tubes. I found a tube of cold cream and removed the top.

The gloves! I realised I had left them on the kitchen table!

“Bugger!” I muttered under my breath, but my hands were clean, so never mind. Part of me wanted to do this with a bare finger anyway but I didn’t want to admit that to myself.

“Everything OK daddy?” She enquired nervously, her voice slightly muffled by the pillow.

“Yes baby.” I reassured her. I stared at her beautiful bare bottom as I squeezed a large blob of cream onto my finger. I paused a little, staring at that little puckered hole. I placed the blob of cream in place and rubbed it gently, feeling the smooth cheeks of her bum caressing my fingertip. As I massaged her crease I was surprised to hear a barely suppressed giggle from below.

“Are you OK baby?” I asked.

“Yes daddy,” she giggled, “it’s very cold though, it tickles.”

“Oh – err – sorry baby.”

I placed the large suppository on her hole, in the middle of the cream, pressing gently. It slipped in smoothly – but when I prepared to press it in with my middle finger it popped straight out again.

Her bottom was so tight; I needed to loosen it up a bit. I placed my fingertip Escort Beylikdüzü on the hole and wiggled it in the cream. I pressed – it moved in slightly but the hole was so tight and I could feel strong resistance.

“Easy baby, try to relax your bottom muscles and just go loose…” My finger slid in a little more, I pressed harder and eventually it was in as far as it would go. I realised my index and ring fingers were resting on her pussy lips and I suddenly felt incredibly nervous. My heart was racing and I had the biggest, stiffest erection! So stiff it felt uncomfortable, like it shouldn’t get that stiff, like it was going to burst! I discretely repositioned it a little with my free hand as I twisted my finger and moved it in and out a little. Oh wow! I heard soft groaning from below and slowly pulled my finger out.

“Is that it daddy?” She asked hopefully, voice wavering a little.

“Not quite my love, I was just making sure you were – err – loose enough.”

“Oh.” She said, obviously a little disappointed that it wasn’t over yet.

I took the suppository and poked it into the tight little hole, following it carefully with my middle finger, deeper and deeper until my other fingers were once again resting on her swollen lips. I kept my finger in place longer than I should have, I had stopped trying to fight the feelings that were flooding my body and was now trying to get every bit of pleasure I could out of this amazing experience. I allowed my fingers to feel the sponginess of her soft pussy lips. Slowly, reluctantly, I pulled my finger out as my eyes explored every inch of her bare flesh. I paused a little as my finger broke free, staring at those perfect little cushions, imagining licking and kissing…

“Have you done it daddy?”

Yes baby, all done, well – nearly”. My hands gently pulled at her knees till she lay flat on the bed. “You just need to stay like that for half an hour, keep your – umm – bottom cheeks tight so the suppository doesn’t pop out. It will dissolve and do its stuff now, OK?” I smiled nervously, eyeing her perfect bottom, and her white panties that were down by her knees. I couldn’t resist, without thinking I pulled her panties down and slid them over her feet, “So you can – umm – open your legs to – err – help you press your bottom cheeks together baby.”

“Thanks daddy.” She smiled sweetly at me with only a slight flush to her face.

“My pleasu… I mean – no problem baby.” I stared at her bare bottom and rosy pussy lips a little longer then reluctantly headed for the door…”

“See you in the morning daddy. I will be up about 8 o’clock for the next one – if that’s OK?”

Gulp! “Ok baby, I’ll see you then.” I left her room and walked into my bedroom, flopping backwards onto my bed. In seconds my trousers and boxers were down and I had Jody’s panties over my face. I rubbed my cock hard and fast while inhaling her scent. I thought about what I had just done and how much more I wanted to do. Oceans of hot cum squirted high in the air, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some of it hit the ceiling.

“Oh!” I moaned. “Oh yes!” I collapsed in a mess of cum and guilt. Why should I feel guilty though I reasoned? I hadn’t crossed any barriers. I had only done what Jody wanted me to do, what she needed me to do and will do again tomorrow… oh God yes, tomorrow…

To be continued…

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