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This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


Mom walked in my bathroom just as I was getting out of the shower. I was standing there starkers. Sometimes I caught her undressed and she acted normal, like it was nothing. I got the bath towel and it hid myself some for a moment until I could adjust, not so she would think anything about it. I loved seeing mom starkers and I loved her seeing me so I switched to a smaller towel as soon as I could and got a foot up on the bench and opened my knee out while we talked. She flickered her eyes in all the right places. There had to be a nice view of in my vagina. I pretended not to notice.

She said, “I’ve always loved your figure, Molly. It’s so beautiful. Anyway, I saw David at the museum and he was wondering if you might be interested in a little dalliance with him. He was a little concerned mentioning it to me instead of you. He thought you might think he didn’t see you as an adult but I think he was interested in my reaction. I asked if he would like me to mention it to you and he said if I could he would appreciate it and be sure to let you know why he mentioned it to me first. There. I think I actually got it out so it makes sense.”

Mom’s mentioned David’s dalliances a few times over the past year. I don’t know how she knows about his private life. He runs the church.

Mom laughed at me and said, “You look like a deer caught in highlights. You weren’t expecting it, were you?”

I was standing there drying my boobs and between my legs thinking about what mom said. “Did you tell dad?”

“No,” she said. “Keep it private or tell him later if you want to. I think he knows David has dalliances so it wouldn’t be a surprise and it’s your decision anyway.”

“When does David want to do this and what does he do?” I said.

“From what I understand it’s not a onetime thing,” she said. “When you’re both available. Some private time. Some nice kissing. Being together. One of you might like to add a little sexual flavor for fun. If you’re comfortable with each other no reason you can’t continue for a while. He’s gets lonely. It’s his way of coping and not causing a problem. He’s very casual about it, calm, loving. Molly, he just wants some private company and is asking if you do too. To try it out with him.”

I went right to my computer with just my pants on and looked up dalliance. ‘Amorous play’. ‘Amorous toying and flirtation’. Well, amorous was there twice so I looked up amorous. ‘Playful flirtation’. I think that’s what mom meant. David is about 35 years old. He isn’t more than two or three inches higher than me and he’s slim with a flat stomach and narrow hips. Nice muscles and neck and hair. A mild tan usually. Hugs and kisses with David sounded like something I wanted to do. David runs the church.

Other than formal church work he usually wore a buttoned knit top and a little darker gray stretch waist pants, full length. From mom’s gossip I knew I wasn’t the only one. I wasn’t worried about anything except not being good enough. I guess that’s normal. If I didn’t work out that would be ok. He has others and it wouldn’t change anything. The church is large and there are several buildings, all connected in cross-over passageways since the buildings were originally not connected. I’ve heard he has living space somewhere in there.

The next Tuesday evening mom said, “I saw David. He said if you would like to join him to come over Thursday evening. He said around 8 if that’s good and if you’re not there he’ll know you would rather not. He said if you don’t it’s just fine.”

Mom smiled and left me standing there wondering what to do. I finally got up the nerve. I knew there was a lot I didn’t know. The next evening I found mom in a private place away from dad.

“Mom,” I said. “I’m going to go over tomorrow. Any suggestions?”

“I’m tempted to give you a little pep talk but I think I need to be more specific and you can do or not do,” she said. “Wear a regular bra. I don’t think he’s going to go there this time. Wear one of your really smooth and loose and very thin skirts. Don’t wear any pants. You want to let him get as much of your scent as you can so try to find a way to open your thighs. If he slips his hand on your inner thigh and you like it, let him. If you don’t, slowly clamp your thighs and he’ll pull back. It’s normal trial and error so he won’t be offended. Molly, it’s a two way street. He’s there for you as much as you’re there for him. If you feel like doing something he’ll probably love it so give it a try. Be shy about it. Have some fun.”


I’m 19 and a half and I’ve been out of high school for more than a year. Mom knows I don’t date. A dalliance. I drove over so I would get there a little before 8. I had on what mom suggested. David was just leaving his office and saw me come in.

He Ankara escort came over and took my hand and said, “Molly. You look so beautiful. Thank you so much for coming over. I really hope you enjoy yourself. Would it be alright if we went up to my quarters? Mostly so we have some privacy.”

“Sure,” I said. “I thought you lived here but I wasn’t sure.”

“For about two years now,” he said. “They get more of my time that way and, of course, I’m glad to give it. Except Thursday and Monday evenings and occasionally another evening. Sometimes I’m needed but I think everyone is doing their best to let me have those two evenings.”

We went through some hallways and up two sets of stairs and across a causeway to another building. Down another hallway and he opened an unlocked door and we went in. It was a very well designed den type lounging area that looked a little rustic. Thick cushions and pillows all color coordinated. A kitchen in the far end.

He stopped after closing the door and pointed to a latch and said, “Push to lock the door, pull to unlock, like this. You never need a key.”

He demonstrated it several times. It was quiet and would ensure privacy but I could get right out if I wanted to. We went over to a kitchen and he got a bottle from the fridge and some round bowl type wine glasses and poured them about half full.

“This is rather mild wine but it can build up and make you hiccup,” he said. “Let me show you the rest of my quarters.”

With our wine we walked over into a bedroom. There was a bedside table lamp on. The room was perfect and plusher than I would have expected. The bed was big, maybe queen size, with sheets folded a little more than half way down. We kept walking and he opened the door to his bathroom and let me have a peek. It was a nice size with a shower and all the other comforts and it had a bidet. He was letting me know where the bathroom was. Maybe his bed too. We went back to the den.

The windows were those tall factory types. We went over and could see the traffic and people. Small curb strip trees in a line. Not that dense since it was mostly neighborhood. It wasn’t majestic but interesting. A little chit chat and David went over and turned the lights out so we could see out better. We chatted some more and sipped the wine and I noticed his arm around my waist. I was very pleased at that. I guess I was worried I wasn’t good enough. I remembered what mom said and slipped my arm around his waist. I could feel his fingers on the side of my hip. I liked that too. He was breaking barriers. I liked that too.

To me being invited to a dalliance with him was a chance to do a few things I haven’t yet. Sitting in the den and glancing at dad’s pants is a lot of fun but it gets to be routine except when he seemed to get harder for no apparent reason. David and I lingered a few moments and we put the wine on the window sill and stepped to the side of the window and did a lovers kiss, as I call it. My arms around his neck and his around my waist. As soon as his hands got on my lower back I felt him against me. He was almost hard and my skirt wasn’t any buffer. I could feel a lot.

He said, “Molly. Thank you so very much. I was hoping you would come over. Before we get too far is this dalliance ok? I don’t want to go too far?”

“It kind of makes me catch my breath,” I said. “It is exciting isn’t it? I think that’s the first time I’ve felt a man there, like that. It’s amazing how much of you I can feel. It’s like its right against everything, all the way up. If my breath gets a little heavy and I seem to zombie out it’s because it’s so good. If it’s ok with you do you think we can do this for a while? If my legs get weak we may have to go sit on the sofa.”

“I would love to,” he said. “It gives my feelings time to spread out all over my body and every bit of me enjoys it more.”

He pulled me in lightly and I felt his hands sliding down my lower back on my buns. I moaned and pressed in a little more. We were kissing as we went. Good kisses.

I said, “Your hands feel really good. I need to open my legs some. Is that ok?”

“Yes, whenever you want,” he said.

“Thanks,” I said. “It gives both of us more room for your penis and both of us more room for your fingers. If I seem to get wet it’s normal for girls.”

I hung on to his shoulders, one side then the other and opened my legs. I needed air and I wanted to give him a bigger area to get against me. I felt his fingers sliding down my buns and under to my vagina but on my skirt. His penis got much better and I started curling my hips up and back a little. It moved him up my clit and his fingers kept rubbing around my vagina. I couldn’t believe my luck. Any boy on a date would have me on my back and my legs shoved up and that would be it. David’s dalliances have obviously made him into a semi-seasoned lover and he could enjoy everything without going crazy.

We kept that up for a full five or Ankara escort bayan ten minutes and seemed to take a breath and slow down. I wasn’t kidding about weak legs. I was holding them tight keeping myself in place. It isn’t all that easy. I slowly pulled back and he did too. We sipped some wine and went over to the sofa. David sat on the far end and I sat beside him. It was a lover’s sofa, deep and soft but not enough so your hips sank down away from an advancing penis. The coffee table was close so we could put our glasses on it. I draped myself back into his shoulder and slipped off my shoes and brought my feet up out of the way.

My butt was prominent for his hand and my skirt was way high with only a little thigh still covered. I didn’t know if he knew I didn’t have pants on or not. I took an enormous chance, for me, and lay my hand right down in his lap. I mean it was just right there. I hardly had to move my whole hand. I found myself draping the top somewhere with my fingers pointed down. I squeezed a couple of times and waited a count or two then slowly pulled up and pushed down. David took a breath and I felt his hand on my buns. He slid down towards the bottom and went right off onto my skin. No panties there.

A breathing delay and he was in, fingering my vagina. We did a matching push-pull and finger-finger and kept that up. It was going to take me weeks of having orgasms thinking through all we’ve done so far. This was wonderful dalliancing but I knew David must have long past transited to dalliance fucking. We slowed down and stopped and David turned some lights on and got us about a quarter glass of wine. We sipped and dallianced like that some more. Time passed. He was so comfortable to be with I never had a reservation to speak of. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

He said, “Molly, that went so well I’m almost jumping out of my skin. I hope you have orgasms as big as I am over the next few days. I’m very struck at how sensuous of a girl you are. Amend that to women. I didn’t think we would get that far for several times. We seem so compatible in what we want. With my schedule it’ll be a week and a half or even two weeks and a half before I’m free for another one. I’ll get word to you and see when you’re available. Edna was a big help so give her a big thank you. Thanks for keeping our privacy and I always do.”

Edna is my mom. David walked me out and I went home. Mom and dad were still up but that was normal. They always went to bed late and got up late. Mom looked at me and smiled and dad said, ‘Hi pumpkin’. I got ready for bed and mom came up and sat on the bed waiting.

I said, “No, we didn’t have intercourse and yes he played with my vagina and yes I played with his pants. Well, his penis in his pants. We started out hugging and kissing and his penis got hard and got right against me. It was so good I had to open my legs so he had more room. He rubbed my buns and lower down on my vagina, on top of my skirt. Later, on the sofa, he got under my skirt in back. I didn’t have pants on like you suggested. I dallied with his penis while he dallied in my vagina. It was so sensuous and erotic and exciting I could hardly stand it. He was so good with me. I loved it.”

Mom said, “Want to strip and turn out the lights?”

My actual mother started taking her clothes off and I turned the lights out and got in bed. She got me on my back and got between my legs and got my clit with her lips and I had an enormous orgasm about two minutes later. She got up beside me and got me settled down. That was a first but it was much better than my orgasms. Mom and I were kind of intimate once before, about 4 or 5 months ago. I got a heat rash in my poop place. That’s what mom calls it since there are no words available for normal conversation. Mom got me nude below the waist and on my stomach with a sturdy pillow under my middle.

She got in place and spread my poop place way open and wiped it with witch-hazel and put baby moisture barrier on it. By the time she was done, each time, I was almost as turned on as with David. David was not a normal subject of conversation between mom and I. She didn’t press me on anything about it and I didn’t bring it up. My own orgasms were better and I had a few more than normal. I totally ignored my encounter with mom like it never happened and she seemed to do the same thing. I would love to ask dad how she was in bed after but no chance of that. After about a week I started thinking about another dalliance with David.


Another quiet conversation with mom. I said, “Suppose I didn’t want to go that far with David just yet. What could I do?”

She thought about it and said, “Dalliance, then maybe some dalliance type sex,” she said. “That might be what you want. Also, I’ve seen some smiles at the right times from your dad. I’m pretty sure he knows and is thrilled you’re having some adult fun. If you need some answers from a man’s point of view you can ask him. Remember Escort Ankara he’s a grown man so you don’t have to be coy.”

I was glad to be past that point. Dad knows David. Not pickup truck friendly but they confide in some things. David called and I happen to answer the phone. Another three days. Another Thursday evening. I vowed not to overtax my clit. I didn’t have dildos or vibrators for my vagina. I was reserving that for penises. I didn’t have to worry about a hymen. It simply disappeared. This time I didn’t wear a bra but had a very thin whispy scarf type thing around my neck over my breasts so they weren’t be noticeable

I wore a stretch waist middle-thigh skirt with lots of room and a button up thin top. I wore pants this time. I met him about the same place and we went up to his quarters. We got wine and sat on the window sill this time sipping and talking. Before long we were out of wine and he got us some more. I left my scarf on a chair earlier so he had some good displays of my protruding nipples.

“Could we start out like we did before,” I said. “That was so pleasurable and fun and exciting all at the same time. Did you know your penis was rubbing my clit almost the whole time?” I sat my wine down and stood up and he did too. I started to get my arms around his neck and said, “I wore pants this time. Maybe you should take them off. It’ll be better, more sensual.”

We stepped past the window. He leaned in and kissed me and slipped his hand under my skirt on both sides and pulled my pants down and pushed then down below my knees. I was leaning over keeping my lips on his while he got them off.

“Would you like to put your arms around me lower down,” he said. “You might find some things to do. Oh, I didn’t wear any shorts this time so things may be more noticeable.”

I took a breath at that and got my hands around his waist. He got around my neck and we meshed together so nicely. He was fully hard and folded right in between my thighs and right up pressing in. I had my hands on the backside of his hips and we softly got into kissing. He was very good at kissing, always the right thing at the right time. Since I was around his hips I had better leverage and went ahead and opened my legs more for his penis. David very slowly set up a perfect movement to keep his penis rubbing me in just the right places.

I got so comfortable feeling him I pushed my hands right down in the back of his pants. I stopped moving them but he didn’t say or do anything about it so I kept going and ran all over his buns and into the top and bottom where they came together. I pulled the middle apart a few times and got a couple of indications he liked it. I was absolutely turned on past any point I’ve ever been in the past. I pulled his buns up on both sides and we started pushing into each other. David kept going so I kept going. It was a sensual high and he and I were massaging ourselves against each other as nicely as we could.

I waited as long as I could and whispered, “I have to pull my skirt up.”

He nodded against my cheek and I reached both hands against my hips and started pulling my skirt up. He lifted slightly and I got it up higher than my hips and got back on his buns. When he got back into me I almost fainted. David did several thrusts as far as his hips could manage pulling way down and pushing way up letting his penis rub me good all the way. I pulled my arms back up to around his neck and he moved his down to my buns again and we lightly muscled ourselves into an imaginary intercourse.

I was tilted back and he was bent over me just an amount so we didn’t fall backwards. I could feel him pressed down between my walls. He was moving left and right so casually and sometimes he went right into my clit and sometimes he hit the nerve endings at my vagina. I could really tell when that happened.

I waited as long as I could and said, “Would you like to push your pants down?”

He nodded in our kissing and I pulled back a little and his pants went way down and he was back into me. That was a first. An actual bare penis on my actual bare vulva, all the way, and moving. We weren’t that far from getting in bed and I wanted to wait some before a full unbridled encounter. I soaked up all the sex I could store and slowly we worked out of it. My skirt fell and David pulled his pants up. I got a look at his penis when he wasn’t watching me. Wow. If we could do what I thought about this would be world class fun.

We got our breath under control and got more wine. Two glasses of wine already. I didn’t for a moment think David used wine to defray decisions. It gave a very nice warm feeling. That’s what it was for. I turned the lights out and we sat on the sofa like before. We talked and he rubbed my nipples and I reached under his top and played with his.

When it seemed right I said, “Would you mind if I undressed you? Then you can undress me. I thought we might lie in the sofa and it would be more comfortable for you to use your fingers and I could do that too. It’ll be my first bare penis with my fingers and you might be able to find what you missed before.”

“You are so surprising,” he said. “Yes, I would love to.”

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