Dazzled by December: New York Spa

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Author’s Note: I love Country Music. I know for many you are hanging your head and saying ‘why Red… why?’ I really like George Straight’s song She Let Herself Go and I started a series with that title, but the woman in that story is different from this character. The character in She Let Herself Go is just as special to me, but as I looked back and reflected on the words to this song I realized I wanted to create another She Let Herself Go with a different woman in mind.

So I hope you enjoy Dazzled by December. Her adventures will follow the path of George’s Straight’s song. . .where Alissa in She Let Herself Go follows a path of fantasies that she and her lover had played out on the phone and now play out when they spend the Summer together. I hope you give both a look see and I know you’ll see the difference and perhaps you’ll see similarities, but not in their excursions… each is unique in that regard. Please enjoy these short stories of December and leave a comment if you wish. ~ Thanks ~ Red.

Fall had come fast and with it the changing of the leaves and the bustling of the city. December stared down from the high rise suite that now served as her apartment. Two years had flown by since she’d divorced the highschool sweetheart. The town jock and the head cheerleader had ended a marriage that was destined to failure from the beginning.

December pushed her fingers through her short hair, having cut several inches off just hours before. A sigh escaped her and she worked the tension in her right shoulder with hard kneads of her left hand.

“You need a massage,” the voice of her new best friend Rachel called out to her as she stepped into the large sitting room.

December turned and smiled. “Yeah, I know.”

Rachel set down a glass of ice tea and then took her seat. “When can you take another vacation?” she asked.

“Anytime really, just got to make a few phone calls. It’s been a year since the trip to Hawaii,” December said and walked over to the sofa, opposite of her friend, and co-worker. “It’s been a couple of fantastic years, since the divorce.”

“How is Matt?” Rachel asked. She lifted her glass and took a long draw on her tea.

“He’s great. Remarried and is expecting his first baby,” December answered with a genuine smile.

“Are you jealous?” Rachel enquired.

December chuckled. “No. I’m happy for him. He’s a great guy. Our marriage wasn’t awful, it just wasn’t right.” She drank her tea and kicked off her shoes, massaging her feet with the toes of the other. “A massage would be great. Who do you recommend? I’ve lived in the Big Apple now for four months and I should start indulging myself.”

Rachel smiled. “Let’s go wild. Skip the city and we’ll head out to a private spa that my mother-in-law has taken me too several times. We’ll spend a week being pampered. Lord knows I could use it.”

December watched her friend pat her swelling stomach. “I bet you could. Let me make a few phone calls and we’ll head out on Monday, sound good?”

Rachel beamed. “Great. I can’t do the hot tub or the sauna, but by God I can lay there and have someone rubbing my tired, swollen feet!”

“Yes, you can,” December chuckled and winked. The two friends chatted about the upcoming vacation. By the time December was alone in her apartment and snuggled deep under the warm blankets, her body was a hum of excitement. It was going to be great, she told herself as she imagined the pampering her body was expecting. The simple escape from the worries of management were going to melt away from her shoulders for a while and she was looking forward to it.

The week moved quickly for December; she was surprised by how fast things seem to fall into place for her. Her life was full of friends now; her family supported her decision to move to New York, taking the job with one of the leading design firms in the Nation, and now she sat beside her new best friend, drinking sparkling water in a champagne flute, while the limo driver took them to a fantastic week long getaway.

When they arrived at the Resort, they were shown to their rooms, a connecting door permitted the privacy that December and Rachel both wished. Rachel admitted her husband would be coming later on that evening, because he really didn’t want to be away from her during the last few weeks of her pregnancy. December wholeheartedly agreed and found herself thankful for the private room. Naughty fantasies often led her arcane izle to explore her sexual release and she had packed all her sex toys in her suitcase. The idea of using them with Rachel in the room was out of the question. She’d only been with one woman and the experience was wonderful, but not her cup of tea to indulge in all the time, plus Rachel was very much in love with her husband and the thought of seeking pleasure from another, whether it be man or woman, was something Rachel said she’d never contemplated before.

A knock on the door brought December back to the moment and she hurried to the door that opened into the brightly lit hall. “Hello,” she said to the small woman in front of her. The girl smiled back, offered her a pack and explained that there were several activities at the resort that she’d been preregistered for, thanks to Rachel. December took the papers and thumbed through them; she thanked the girl and then headed over to Rachel’s room.

When her friend opened the door December stepped in. “Hey there, how are you feeling?” she asked.

“Not bad, just tired. Is that the pamphlet with the things I signed you up for?” Rachel asked.

“You admit to it,” December laughed and sat down in a chair that Rachel offered to her.

Rachel giggled. “You’ll love it.”

“Tennis? I don’t even know how to play tennis, and golf? I can’t golf, my boobs are too big. Putt Putt sure, but golf, golf. . .not!” December watched Rachel take a seat, noting the stretched stomach and the small bump of her normally hidden belly button. “It is true,” December said, “pregnant women glow.”

Rachel smiled. “Thanks. . .though I think I am just glowing because I am hot and want this baby born already.”

The two women laughed. “Look Dee, you don’t have to, but I know you’ll have fun. This is a great place, highly respectful and private. Senators, Governors, Hell even the President showed up once. Not the current one, but some President from some year did.”

“I’ll try it. I mean I’ve got nothing else going on, and this is a week of rest and relaxation,” she giggled, “though sweating up a storm while playing golf doesn’t sound like relaxing.”

They finished their drinks and December helped her very pregnant friend lay down, after she expressed the desire to sleep instead of attending December’s first lesson in playing badminton, another activity Rachel had registered her for. Quickly she rushed back to her room and slid out of her clothes and into a sports bra, sleeveless tank, a pair of shorts, and some ankle socks and tennis shoes. She looked over the map of the building and headed out toward the first of many sweaty sessions of sports that were supposed to help her enjoy a relaxing weekend.

The week moved relatively calmly for December, Rachel and Rachel’s Husband. The three of them were often seen together, swimming in the pool, or relaxing at its side. The two women were often in Yoga class together as well, special sessions for Rachel were often supervised by her protective husband. Her due date loomed on his mind, bringing December around to thinking how wonderful it would be to have a man worrying about her as she was preparing to give birth.

“Ma’am,” the voice whispered behind her ear.

December moaned, “Yes?”

“You were whimpering something,” the masseuse said, his fingers kneading the warm flesh of her shoulders.

“Was I?” December sighed. “It was probably over the intense pleasure I’m feeling.”

“I am glad you’re enjoy yourself. You muscles are a bit tighter than they have been all week,” he told her.

“Brian right?” December asked, turning her head to look at the young man who was busy working out the kinks from tennis class, as she lay on her belly.

“Yes,” he answered. He moved his fingers down her right arm and then back up again.

“Why would someone insist on doing this to themselves?” She laughed when she heard his chuckle.

“I like to think it is so they can do what you are doing now, simply enjoying themselves,” he told her and moved up to massage her neck. “You are having a good time here right?”

“Mmmm. . . yes, I am very much. I have really enjoyed these sessions with you. I’m glad I found the perfect hands to make me feel just right,” she told him. She shifted slightly and felt her towel slide. “Oops,” she whispered and moved to grab the towel that was covering her ass.

“It’s fine. I’ve got it,” Brian told aşk kumardır izle her and grabbed the thick, plush towel.

December shivered and moaned, then bit her lip. Brian’s fingers hand merely grazed her ass cheek and she felt her pussy tingle. “What the fuck?” she asked herself. He’d touched her body for the last few days and she hadn’t felt the heat of her sex respond like that, why now?

She closed her eyes and allowed herself to once more become lost in the touch of the young man. His fingers were sure of their job. She sighed and then felt her mind shift from a simple massage to a naughty fantasy. She chewed on her bottom lip as she felt Brian’s hands work down her spine and then out along her back before moving to her ribs. “Mmmm. . .” she moaned.

Her fantasy continued and she saw herself lifting her ass as if offering it to her lover. She felt her pussy grow slicker and she moaned.

“December?” Brian asked.

She bit her lip and chuckled. “Sorry,” she said and then wished she’d not told him to call her by her first name, his voice was mesmerizing. December, after meeting him and finding him to be a nice guy, asked him to drop the formal title and go with the breeze of December.

“Sorry for?” he asked.

“Nothing, just thinking,” she told him and shifted, so she could feel the tender touch of his hands on her back and then her thighs. “Fuck,” she muttered and then heard a soft chuckle.

A thought crossed her mind and she wondered, how private this little resort was. Her hand moved from her side and she slipped it under her belly as she felt Brian moving his down her right leg. His hands pulled on the muscle, stretched it and gripped it with firm fingers. December’s hand moved down her stomach and her fingers slipped over the edge of her pussy.

Brian watched his client move her hand under her stomach. His cock jerked and he inwardly chuckled. He’d wondered how long it would take for the beautiful executive to succumb to the fantasies that people have when they have someone giving them a massage. He didn’t mind the fantasies; he admitted to several friends that his job was the best ever and he had no real need to ever quit. He’d worked for the resort for ten years, and at the age of 28, he was perfectly content with the perks that many single and some married women enjoyed when he used his hands on their tired muscles.

He made his way down her calf muscle and watched her ass lift. “December, you’re really forming some strong muscles.” He squeezed his way back up and massaged her thigh. “You okay?” he asked when he heard her moan.

“Yeah,” she hissed.

He smiled and slid his hand under the towel that covered her ass. “You’ve worked hard the last few days,” his voice softened as he began to grip her ass cheeks.

“Yeah,” she moaned and lifted her ass.

Brian smiled and moved so his mouth was near her ear. “December. You don’t have to keep working so hard. I’m here to help you. Your supposed to enjoy yourself. I can do that for you.” He slid one hand from her ass and under her hips, taking her fingers from her sex. He brought them out and licked them clean. “Delicious December,” he whispered and laid her hand back against her side. “Relax.”

His hands rested on her hips and he rolled her over; her naked body lay nestled on the soft, cushioned table and he gazed the full length of her. He watched her chest rise and fall, her eyes flutter open and then closed as her acceptance and desire to the situation became clearly written on her face.

“Dazzling, baby,” he told her and began a frontal massage on her thighs and then her hips. He squeezed and gripped, rolled muscle and pulled skin. As he did, he bent down and kissed her belly button, flicked the hole and circled it with his tongue, sucking and biting the edge several times. Her scent filled his nostrils and he felt his cock jerk inside his uniform shorts.

Her body shuddered under his touch and he moved further up her leg. He lifted his head and palmed her pussy. “Very soft, like silk.” He dipped a finger between her lips and teased her clit. “You are so hot,” he told her, bent back down and kissed the top of her sex.

Retracting from her sex, he removed his clothing and walked over to lock the door of the room they were in. The curtains were long ago drawn for privacy so when he turned back to the woman on the table only she could see the massive organ protruding aslında özgürsün izle from his tanned and chiseled form. He smirked as she took in his size and her hands moved to cup her breasts.

“Nice,” she whispered and her legs fell open, offering her sex to whatever he wanted to do to it. December watched him advance and felt the heat of her pussy become a raging inferno. Each step he took was like a panther coming to drink from the waters of a sweet stream. Her breath caught in her chest and she shuddered when he finally reached her side and touched her skin.

He moved his hands over her body, like the masseuse he was, but with the heated looks of a lover and the swollen manhood sliding against her skin when he pressed closer to her. “Brian,” she moaned and wrapped her hand around his wrist. “Fuck me,” she said.

Brian grinned and pulled his hand free. He moved to the end of the table and grabbed her legs, dragging her down so her legs hung off the edge. He spread the long limbs so they hooked the corner edges of the table. “I’m going to fuck you December,” he told her and lined his cock up to the glistening juice-covered pussy.

December groaned. Her hips lifted on their own and she felt her pussy tighten. “Yes, Brian. Fuck me,” she moaned.

Her eyes grew wide as his cock began the trip into her succulent cunt. Slowly he slid into her and with each inch December growled out. “Ohh fuck you are so fuckin’ huge.”

Brian chuckled. “You’re so fuckin’ tight.” He pushed in more and enjoyed the warm sides of her sex as she opened and then tightened around him. “Yeah baby, squeeze my cock.” Brian pushed in further. His fingers moved under her ass, gripped the globes hard and then dragged her onto the remaining length of his tool. “Fuckkk,” he moaned and shivered.

December’s fingers gripped the edge of the table. Her hips rose and her ass shifted so she was grinding her pussy against her masseuse and feeling his balls nestle between the crack. “Brian, oh fuck. Move baby, fuck me hard.”

She heard his chuckle and then felt him drag himself out of her. Her breath held itself deep in her lungs until she felt him slam back in. “Yes!” she muttered and her hands came up to grasp her breasts.

“Pinch your nipples baby, show me how much you like it,” Brian told her and worked his cock in and out of her hole.

December arched her back and assaulted her breasts. Her long, perfectly polished fingers twisted the rosy buds. She pulled them up tight and then released them, moaning as her tits swayed and her pussy was plundered.

The scent of sex continued to grow stronger. December gripped Brian’s shaft hard, refusing to release him and forcing him to withdraw with greater strength. His growl of approval made her repeat the process of squeezing her pussy when he made the motion of reclaiming her cunt.

Brian watched her envelope him and then he saw her face contorting in pleasure. He smirked and pulled his cock from her pussy. “Roll over Dee,” he growled out.

He watched her face dawn and then her body move. Her legs came up, her knees bent into her chest and her ass up in the air. He dragged the slippery head of his cock over the crack of her ass and then down into her pussy, where he impaled her quickly. The juices he’d deposited between her cheeks were soon played with by one of his fingers. Brian retreated and then as he slammed home, his finger rammed its way into her dark star.

“Brian!” she shouted and suddenly exploded on his cock as his finger worked her tight ass and his cock fucked her pussy.

He grunted low and felt his eyes roll back in their sockets. “Fuccckkkk.” He pulled his cock from her hole and showered the round globes of her ass. He watched the thick streams of juice coat her ass and shuddered violently, dropping another glob of pearls.

December felt his come and closed her eyes, chiding herself for not thinking of condoms. She rolled to her back and smiled. “Thanks for that,” she told him, meaning the fuck and the release on her ass.

Brian smiled and picked her towel up off the floor. He wiped off his seeds and then pulled her into his arms, carried her to a long sofa and kissed her lips. “Next time we’ll use condoms.”

December purred. “I think next time is as soon as your last appointment leaves.”

“Agreed,” Brian said with a chuckle.

December noted the time. “Hmmm. . . ten more minutes. Need your cock cleaned?” She giggled and slipped to her knees. “Yeah a week at the spa. I’ll leave her glowin’.” she thought to herself as she began to wash away the proof of their play.

The final glimpse of December’s erotic life will be Dazzled by December: Lakeside Retreat ~ Thanks Red

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