Did It For The Team Ch. 02

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Mike learns that the first time wasn’t a fluke

The drive back to campus was a little uncomfortable. I didn’t really say anything for the first 5 minutes. Dave and I were sitting in the back and Kent was driving. Kent was the first to break the tomblike silence that hung in the air.

“You’re awfully quiet Mike, you okay?” asked Kent.

“Yeah, I’m just a little tired.”

“I bet you’re a little freaked out by what just happened, right?”

“Yeah, to say the least.”

“I know what’s going through your mind. It doesn’t make you gay; tons of guys do this for their buds and teammates. Just think of it as your contribution to the team. You really showed your loyalty tonight, Mike, and your willingness to put the team first. I won’t forget that. Plus I think you did kinda liked it,” he said with a smirk.

Dave chimed in. “Well, I saw you were packing some wood in that speedo while you were sucking off Kent, and it was definitely stretched beyond capacity. So I know you must have been turned on.”

I thought for a moment and looked for a way to rebut it. “Well, Kent was rubbing my junk and with a suit like that, you know any friction against it is enough to fill the whole thing up. I couldn’t help it.”

Kent laughed. “True, but I’m pretty sure you also enjoyed it. You’re the kind of guy that is on the fence – you wouldn’t go out seeking a dick to suck, but I had a feeling when I first met you that you just needed a push. A push of my cock buried in your throat. He laughed a little. “Some guys need just a little encouragement, while others I had to get a little more physical with. But they all eventually saw things my way.”

“And there is only one way, Kent’s,” added Dave. It was pretty obvious Kent had Dave trained physically and mentally.

“He’s right Mike, you submitted after a few minutes. Not that you’re a pussy, because you aren’t. Far from it. You’re just one of those nice guys who doesn’t like to disappoint anyone. And that’s a great quality to have. Granted, you weren’t getting out of that room without a load in your stomach; that was already predetermined. Dave knew that you were going to become a cocksucker that night also, and was cool enough to make sure you came to our get together.”

He and Dave both laughed. I didn’t see the humor of all of this.

Dave pushed my shoulder. “Relax Mike, were all buddies here, and I did the same thing last year. You and I just blew the two most powerful and best looking dudes on the team. Trust me, from the looks they get from the rest of the team, there are plenty of dudes who would love to be in your place- I mean, position,” he added with a laugh.

I broke my silence. “I don’t know. It was all a bit weird. Unexpected. And certainly something I never expected to do. I’ve only been at college less than a month and already I’ve done this. I didn’t have time to even say no. ”

Kent stopped the car. “Dave, you drive,” he said. “I need to have a little chat with Mike.”

With that Dave got out and suddenly Kent was sitting next to me in the back of the car. I was confused why he all of sudden he moved to the back. Dave glanced through the rear view mirror before we started moving again.

“I’ll prove to you that you liked it. And şişli bayan escort I’ll prove to you that you want to do it again.”

He spoke with such confidence and conviction that I found it pretty hard to even try disagreeing with him. He pulled my shorts down. My grey speedo was stretched beyond capacity and there was clearly a wet spot on it.

“See? Just talking about this has you hot and bothered. I’m in the same boat,” he added.

His pulled his shorts down and his blue and red speedo was in the same state, tented and with a huge wet precum spot all over the front. He pulled those down to his ankles and his huge member sprung forward. All eight inches in their full glory silhouetted against the night. It looked even bigger than before. His hand hooked around my neck and he pulled me towards his dick. All I said was, “Not again,” but he said, “Yes, again,” and continued the pulling motion. I tried to stop his forward motion, but he was just too strong. His crotch was emanating heat and I could feel it as my face got closer to it. His whole member pulsated. His hand went to the back of my head and I felt all five of his fingers spread in my hair as my downward journey continued. “Open up,” was all he said. I obeyed.

His slick precum hit my tongue and his rock hard prick continued its entry into my mouth. It was spongy, rock hard and even bigger than a few hours ago.

“There you go, see? No need to deny it or put up a fight for show, Mike. You’re a natural and you’re right where you need to be, face down in my crotch, right?”

“Mmmm hhhmph,” was all I could say.

“Sorry, Mike can’t really understand you, but it is oh so hot when you try to talk and I can feel the vibrations on my cock.”

I was about six inches down when his downward pressure continued until he had another full inch or so buried in my mouth. He gave one last thrust and I was suddenly flush with his pubes. I felt like I was running out of air and felt a gag coming on, but he quickly picked me up and I sucked in air through my nose.

“Dude,” he screamed out to Dave, “he just deep throated me.”

“Way to go Mike, I knew you would learn fast enough,” said Dave from the front seat.

I tried to say thanks, but it was a muffled utterance which again produced a vibration on Kent’s cock, which made him moan. Kent moved me up and down like he had a few hours ago and I pretty much got down to his pubes on every downward swallow. Incredibly I didn’t gag. I also realized when we hit a bump in the road, it actually drove Kent’s dick further down my throat. We hit one manhole cover and I pretty much kissed Kent’s balls. Kent just kept his hand on my head but not in a vice like grip as before.

“See, I don’t even need to force you anymore, you know the job you need to do.” Kent’s words slipped into my brain, and it reinforced the dynamic between us. This guy knew how to take the fight and doubt out of my mind. I kept moving up and down and Kent reached down to feel my hard dick through my suit. I moaned on his cock, which got a reaction out of him. I felt his dick jump a little in my throat and some precum leaked out. I got to taste that on the way up. It was a familiar taste from a few hours ago. Kent pulled my head off his saliva covered şişli escort dick and called out to Dave.

“He’s rock fucking hard, Dave. And he’s about as big as me! Looks like we have another hung Italian on the team! And more proof he is enjoying his job today. Dave, why don’t you come back here and show our newest cocksucker a little team appreciation?

The car came to a stop, and Dave turned off the car. He parked behind an abandoned building near campus. I started to question what was going on but Kent simply shut me up by pushing his large member back into my wet mouth. Dave got out while I continued servicing Kent’s engorged dick, which was pretty much hitting the back off my throat on each trip down. I also tried to give some extra attention to the bulbous cockhead, because Kent seemed to like that. That of course would made him leak out a few drops of precum, the taste of which I had grown accustomed to and actually began to like.

Dave got in the back and sat next to me. I was lying horizontally by now. He pulled my suit down and in one swoop took my cock down to the base. His soft mouth enveloped my cock and easily expanded to get my wide dick inside his throat. I thought to myself that he must be part boa constrictor because he took my entire eight inches down without even flinching. No girl I had ever dated could take me down to the base, and Dave did it in two seconds. He starting showing the stellar oral skills he seemed to already be known for.

My mind was spinning now and it was hard to focus on my job with this expert head I was now receiving. I also was moaning from the attention of Dave’s mouth and throat which of course meant more vibrations on Kent’s cock. Kent seemed to really react to the vibrations and every “Mmmmmm” out of my mouth was rewarded with a fresh load of that tangy precum. I took it readily. I can’t lie; Kent tasted great. Dave was also moaning causing my cock to throb. After he gave a few sucks on my head, I also began to leak. That caused him to moan out of satisfaction as he intensified his efforts. I felt a lightness in my head like I was floating and a tension began building up inside my body. I felt like someone flipped switch and I reached the point of no return. Out of instinct I also intensified my efforts on Kent as well, which had him moaning and cursing. Suddenly I felt my orgasm rise up my dick and I started shooting ropes of cum into Dave’s mouth. To my delight, he swallowed greedily and professionally.

My sucking and yelling (if you could call that) also elicited the same response from Kent. And as if almost on cue, Kent blasted into my mouth. I knew immediately I would swallow it with no encouragement or force from him. I was being fed sperm as I fed Dave sperm. It was an unbelievable sensation. My body jerked a little but both guys kept me steady on the seat, which helped as I convulsed as I shot and swallowed. Kent’s load wasn’t as big as the first one, but it was sizable, definitely a big sticky mouthful. I laughed inwardly, seeing that I was able to take it all with absolutely no problem, while girls I had dated in the past struggled with swallowing.

Dave, the seasoned veteran, coaxed a few more drops out of me, and then let my now deflating cock fall out of his mouth. mecidiyeköy escort Kent pulled out of my mouth as well, and said,

“Well, point proven, first time wasn’t a fluke. You’re an official cocksucker. My cocksucker, right?”

“I guess so,” I replied.

“I’m in you forever, Mike. We’re connected man, my sperm in your body, and now yours is in Dave. We’re all connected man, a team.” Kent moved up to the driver’s seat, and Dave and I got out of the car. Kent rolled down the window and said,

“Take it easy guys, I’ll see you at practice Monday , right?”

Dave and I walked the short distance back to the dorms and my head, throat and crotch were still buzzing from this road head episode. Dave finally broke the silence by saying how hot what we just did was. I did agree, as it was the first time I had ever been blown by a dude. He also admitted he wanted to suck me off the first day he saw me at tryouts.

“Dude, when I saw your body and your bulge, I knew I wanted to taste it, but I also knew those guys had plans for you. I feel bad I didn’t tell you, but it also turned me on that they were going to get you into our circle. When you were sucking off Kent, I was so turned on, I couldn’t contain myself. So tonight when I got the go ahead from Kent to do you, I went for broke on your meat. I’m glad I could please you, since tonight you did a lot of pleasing but not a lot of getting pleased. Your load was huge, the biggest and best tasting I ever had. You have a great cock, Mike. Thanks man.”

“Well, I do eat a lot of fruit,” I kidded. “And it felt good to get off tonight as well. I just didn’t picture doing this type of thing, and I don’t know how it all happened so fast.”

Dave explained the situation. “I had the same experience, but we’re the low men on the totem pole, and we’re dealing with two Alpha males here. You had no choice in the matter. They had carefully planned tonight, and like I said before, no guy ever refused Kent. Every girl, and I’m sure quite a few guys lust after him and you got to digest him twice in a few hours. You’re a lucky guy. And he thinks you’re a cool guy, too. I sucked him off last year, but I was mentored more by Jason who coached me a little bit so we developed more of a bond. I pretty much have been doing him exclusively. Kent had a freshman sucking him off last year, but the guy got kicked off the team for smoking pot at a party, so Kent dumped him. So he was quite eager to find a replacement this year, which is where you came in.”

I worried to myself if I gave a vibe off that made me seem like an easy mark, and questioned Dave.

“Was it so obvious that I was an easy target? I think I’m pretty masculine.”

Dave encouraged me. “That’s exactly what he and Jason look for. Low key, handsome, masculine guys in great shape, who are easy to get along with and agreeable, which is what your personality is like. You were a perfect fit.”

I also noticed that Dave also fit “their” bill. He was ruggedly handsome, classic Italian features, dark eyes and hair, and a muscular lean body. I guess I was in good company. We walked towards the dorm entrance. As he entered his room, he said, “Don’t sweat this so much Mike, and don’t make of it more than what it is. It’s just a few teammates bonding and expressing their masculinity in a different way, that’s all.”

That made it a little easier to swallow. Literally.

My heartfelt thanks to Ken for his valuable help in editing this chapter. Thank you!

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