Dixie Saga Ch. 1

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Chapter 1: Trick Or Treat

Senator Cal Trent’s Home
October 31, 9:12 p.m.

It was October 31, Halloween. And like most couples on Halloween Dixie and Bob was going to a Halloween party. It was going to be a small affair at the local Senator’s home. Of course, a small affair for him meant somewhere in the neighborhood of fifty couples.
Dixie had known Senator Cal in high school and had helped to get him elected to his first government job. To the Senator’s credit he never forgot that. He invited Dixie, and of course her husband, to every social event that he threw. To Dixie’s credit she only attended those events where the chance of a faux pa was minimal.

Dixie had opted for the Middle Ages look with a full-length gown that flared at the waist before dropping all the way to her ankles. The low cut neckline showed just enough cleavage to be a bit risqué.
Bob, Dixie’s husband, had opted for something a little more modern. He wore boots with spurs, black slacks, a tan shirt and a black mask that fit snuggly around his eyes. Around his waist he wore two toy six-shooters. Fastened to the belt of the gun holsters were the obligatory ‘silver’ bullets.
In the 40’s a most opulent hotel had been built. At the time the area had promised to become the commerce capital of the area. Along with its ornate facade, multiple rooms, extensive grounds it boasted the most extravagance hedge maze of its time. Unfortunately, the booming commerce bypassed the area and the hotel fell on hard times.

In the 60’s the governor of the state bought the hotel and had it restored to its former glory. For awhile it became the governor’s mansion. But the 70’s brought a new conscience to politicians and the governor’s mansion was considered to be much to gaudy for any sensible politician. So the Trent family had purchased the mansion for next to nothing.
The Trent’s had a single son who inherited the mansion. The mansion was his office away from work, his campaign headquarters and home. Once again the hotel had made it into politics, this time in the form of Senator Cal Trent’s home.

Dixie and Bob arrived at the party just after 8 o’clock. The evening had turned out to be warm and hospitable. cosmic love france izle As they arrived a full moon was just peeking up over the hills. It promised to be quite lovely.
By ten things had progressed much as Dixie had expected. She had said hi to some of the most influential people of the area. Senator Cal had made the unofficial announcement that he would be running for a higher office this year. Bob had had too much to drink.

Around a table sat half of the partygoers listening to Bob tell the tale of rescuing some child from certain drowning back when he was younger. It had been before they had met, and Dixie half suspected that it had been the child that had saved Bob. But over the years the tale had became more elaborate, being finely polished over the years of retelling.

“I’m going out for a breath of air,” Dixie whispered to Bob, half-heartedly hoping that he would at least glance at her low cut bodice. Instead he only nodded, making sure that he didn’t miss a beat of his story.

Dixie found a side door that opened out into the warm night air. Instantly she felt better. As she walked down the hill away from the house lights a slight breeze sprang up and somehow found its way under her hoop skirt where it tickled her thighs for a moment before fading away. But even that passing caress brought her nipples painfully erect as though looking for someone to give them attention.
She walked on, away from the house lights. The shadows in front of her gave her pause until she realized where she was. She stood at the entrance of the maze. On a whim she walked into it. Mentally she compared the maze to the way her life seemed to be going; happiness seeming only a turn away. But when the turn was completed something completely unexpected awaited.

A trickle of sweat traced a line down one breast and suddenly the frustration was too much. She grabbed the hoop skirt and pulled. For convenience, the hoop was held on by Velcro and snaps, which gave way to Dixie’s sudden onslaught. She threw the cumbersome wire mesh and fabric as far away from her as she could. She stood in the full moonlight breathing heavily wearing only the bodice, panties dahmer monster the jeffrey dahmer story izle and stockings. She wondered why her emotions were pulling her in so many directions tonight. A light mist started, accompanied by a warm breeze. It reminded her of a thousand tiny hands caressing her thighs, her breasts; where they weren’t covered by her blouse, her face.

Quite suddenly Dixie didn’t care about anything anymore. She removed what was left of her clothing. When she stood naked in the warm mist and moonlight she felt somehow empowered. The light rain was like a lover’s kiss flowing over her entire body.

She cupped her breast in her hands, feeling the weight of them. She squeezed her erect nipples and let out a gasp. Her legs were suddenly too weak to hold her up and she fell to wide spread knees. One hand remained at her suddenly super sensitive nipple while the other moved lower, over her stomach. Dixie luxuriated in the feel of skin on skin. Her hand came to rest at the junction between her thighs.

A sound from behind her caught her attention and she turned. At the entrance to this particular part of the maze stood a man in a black mask and toy pistols. Suddenly Dixie felt embarrassment overwhelm her.

“I’m sorry, Bob. I’ll get dressed.” Dixie got up and started looking around for her clothes.

Bob came up behind her and put his arms around her, cupping her breasts and teasing her nipples.
“Who said I wanted you dressed?” He whispered in her ear. Dixie turned in his arms, a look of confusion on her face. But before she could say anything Bob pressed his mouth to hers. His tongue thrusting forwards, invading her mouth. The heat that Dixie had felt earlier suddenly exploded within her. She pressed herself into Bob’s arms, unable to get close enough.

Bob put his hands on her shoulders and gently pressed her downwards. She went to her knees again. Her hands fought with the gunbelt. In her rush to remove the belt she was only ensuring that it wasn’t coming off. Strong (a moments pause) hands closed over hers and gently undid the belt.

With an almost animal damned saint izle lust Dixie yanked Bob’s pants down around his knees. She looked at his manhood for a moment before taking it into her mouth. ‘Was Bob really this huge?’ she asked herself.
She sucked on Bob’s manhood, running her tongue over the head. She felt the muscles in his buttocks tighten underneath her hands. She pushed her mouth up and down over him, first slowly and then moving faster with each passing second.

Suddenly Bob was lifting her back to her feet, his lips pressed to hers. She reached up to slide the mask off but his hands intercepted hers. Gently he placed her hands behind her back and then began to kiss her. First her lips, then her neck. He gently lowered her to the ground as he worked his way lower.
His lips paused for a moment giving special attention to her breasts. One hand teased and tugged a nipple as his lips encircled the other. He switched, sucking on the nipple that only moments ago had been between his fingers.

Then he was moving lower. Down over her stomach. For a moment he explored her belly button with his tongue. And then he was moving still lower. Dixie’s hips thrust upward to meet his probing tongue. He licked lightly across her clit, then pushed further down the full length of her wet slit. Sucking her juices, then thrusting his tongue deeply into her repeatedly, Dixie began to match his rhythm with her hips. He moved back to her clit and teased it unmercifully. Dixie was moaning loudly.

He began moving back up her body. Carefully he placed his hips over hers. With his first thrust he buried himself fully. Dixie’s legs shot upward around his waist, trying to get closer to him as she stifled a cry. Her body shuddered with orgasmic release.

He began a slow tempo, which kept building faster and faster. Soon he was pounding into Dixie. Dixie’s hips were thrusting upward to meet each thrust. Her body shivering in one continuos orgasm.
Dixie felt his body beginning to tighten, signaling that he was getting close. She felt his back arch for that final thrust and….

A hand was gently shaking her. Dixie opened her eyes and looked around. She was fully clothed and the grass where she lay was dry. She looked at Bob’s smallish hand on her shoulder.

“C’mon, honey. Enough napping. Time to go home,” Bob said.

As Dixie stood up she realized that she was truly fully clothed. She didn’t have any panties on. Unbidden those famous words came to her mind and slipped out her mouth before she could stop them.

“Who was that masked man?”

To Be Continued…

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