Doctors Orders

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Sandra was a hard working, independent woman who spent most of the decade of her twenties building up an successful company. Being hardworking and driven paid off, so by the time she was thirty, the business was making enough money that she could hire enough staff that she no longer needed to work 12-14 hour days, 6-7 days a week. So when she told her husband Kevin that she was backing off from a work a bit to have more leisure time, he was all for it. But ten years of working till exhaustion had and unexpected side effect. She suddenly developed a snoring problem.

It was bad. Really bad, to the point that it was affecting both Sandra and Kevin’s ability to get a good night sleep. She’d sleep through the night, but wasn’t rested in the morning, while he would be woken up and then couldn’t fall back asleep. More than once, he would wake up and marvel that a woman that small could make noises that loud and then he’d toss and turn the rest of the night. Even when the snoring stopped, he couldn’t fall back asleep.

As time passed it became more and more serious, as he was having issues functioning at work. Sandra wasn’t much for doctors or “western” medicine and it’s prescription heavy answers to everything, but she also wasn’t one to ignore issues. She didn’t act that way at work, and she didn’t act like that at home. True to her nature, she were all out and started trying every home remedy they could find to curb her snoring. Sandra wore nasal strips, tried not eating close to bedtime, avoided sleeping on her back. Pretty much any potential solution either of them read about, she tried. So by the time Kevin finally insisted she see a doctor, she agreed and when the doctor made an unusual suggestion, she was open to trying it.

“There are a couple of medications I could suggest, but honestly I try to avoid prescribing anything unless there is no other option.” The doctor told them both.

“I’m so happy to hear you say that” The petite brunette replied.

“If medication solves the problem, maybe we should try it.” Kevin tried to suggest, though clearly Sandra disagreed.

“If we have to, we will but I’d prefer a more natural approach if possible.” she told him.

“Well, I’ve heard a lot of anecdotal evidence the last couple of years about throat stretching being very effective, there’s no hard science in it yet but I think it might be an option for you both.”

“That sounds painful, doc. I’m not going to have my wife hurt herself just so I can sleep” Kevin told him.

“It sounds much worse than it actually is.” the doctor reassured him. “Snoring is just air passing through a tight space, and causing a noise. Obviously there is more to it then that, but the idea is that by increasing the circumference of the inside of the throat, even just by a fraction, the air has exponentially more space and therefore isn’t as confined or as likely to cause snoring.”

“How would I stretch my throat? Would I sleep with some sort of a brace?” she asked the doctor.

“No, no. Its nothing external, it just a matter of making your throat open up a bit more.”

“But how do I do that?” she asked.

“Well, keep in mind this is anecdotal… but when I said it was an option for you both, I meant it. It’ll take both of you to make this work and even then it could take weeks, if it works at all.”

“Doctor, I’ll do anything at this point.” Kevin confessed.

“You’re the specialist, if there is one thing I’ve learned is the key to success, it’s to listen to the experts. It’s that simple, swear to god.” She put a hand to her ample chest in a mock oath.

“Well whenever the snoring happens, Kevin would wake you and, um, insert something into your throat for a few minutes.”

“Like a tube?” she asked unsure.

“Like his penis.” the doctor said matter of factly.

“His penis?!” she was shocked, but the doctor continued before she could say anything else.

“I know how this sounds, but it makes a lot of sense if you think about it. There is no danger of it going too far as it is attached at one end, it’ll stretch out your throat just a little, which is what you want and… well, to be blunt, its not a concept that is foreign to most canlı bahis couples.”

She sat there unsure of how to respond.

“Um, how would this work, exactly” Kevin asked, awkwardly.

“Just like I said. If she wakes you with her snoring, you wake her up and insert your penis as far back as you can go, for as long as you can until…” the doctor looked at Sandra, checking to make sure she was following along. She was. She was blushing, but she understood.

“… well, let’s just say ejaculation would coat the throat lining a bit at that point, which wouldn’t hurt and in fact might even help a bit.”

“oh my goodness!” Sandra managed. “Doc this, this is a bit to take in”

“I know this is a bit unorthodox. Regardless, there is nothing else for me to do now. Just honestly think about it, as it’s a much more nature solution. If you give it the old college try, and it doesn’t change anything in, oh say 6 weeks, come back and we’ll try a prescription after all”

6 WEEKS! Kevin thought. Did the doctor just prescribe 6 weeks of blow jobs? Not just blow jobs, but deep throat blow jobs? HOLY SHIT. Their sex life, even at it’s most intense didn’t ever include 6 weeks of deep throat blow jobs. In fact, Kevin couldn’t recall ever trying to deep throat with his wife. Hell, it had been bit since his last “standard” blow job.

“Honey, what did you think” he asked carefully as they headed back to their car.

“I dunno, it’s weird” she said “…but I guess it kinda makes sense.” She replied.

Kevin kept his responses to hums and nods, not wanting to show his wife how excited was at the thought of 6 weeks of her sucking his cock nightly.

“It’s a lot of work for me in the middle of the night… but if it solves the issue…” she continued.

Kevin continued to nod slightly in non committal agreement.

“And it’s not like I have never… y’know… in my mouth…but down my throat?… and to go from a sleeping state to full on… but I am the cause of the issue after all…”

Kevin liked where where this seemed to be going, so kept his mouth shut. (In hopes that he wife wouldn’t, as it were)

“It’s such an odd thing to consider… but he is an expert…”

She got very quite for a few minutes. Then she turned to Kevin

“Honey, I think, um”

“Yes dear?” kevin asked.

“I…I think we should try it.” she admitted.

“Okay…um, just because it is a bit weird, just to make sure we’re both on the same page, what exactly do you want to try” he asked.

“I…um, whenever I wake you with my snoring, wake me up and, um, y’know…insert your…penis into mouth.”

Kevin drove the rest of the way home with a throbbing erection.

Kevin’s cock was still rock hard as they entered their apartment. They hadn’t said much the rest of the way home. As she took off her coat, Sandra asked. “Honey?”

“Yes dear” he responded.

“I… about what the doctor said ” Sandra’s cheeks were flushed, she was embarrassed.

“Honey, if you’ve…um changed your mind” Kevin almost hated himself as he said those words. He would kick himself forever he accidentally talked her out of this, but the last thing Kevin ever wanted to do was pressure his wife into doing something she didn’t want to do.

“No, not that. It’s just…I thought…” Sandra struggled to say what she was thinking. “I don’t think I’ve ever… tried to get you down all the way before. Maybe… maybe I should practise? I mean, I don’t want to be sleepy and out of it on my first attempt. Is that okay?” she asked innocently.

Kevin could hardly believe it. Sandra, his wife for 10 years, the woman who never looked the least bit lost, was sounding so hesitant, so unlike herself. And on top of that she was asking HIM if she could deep throat his cock, as if she was the one asking for the favour. He was in awe of the situation.

“Sure..honey, we can try that.” he said as he walked over to their couch. “Should I sit?”

Sandra looked at Kevin for a second as she thought that this was both weird and more than a little exciting. As a couple, they never talked about sex much. Planning the act out wasn’t something they did, she just bahis siteleri kinda always took control and silently directed him. This was new to her. To both of them.

“I guess so… no, wait. In bed it’ll likely be me on my back, with you on top of me, so we should practice that. That okay?”

“Sure, you want to lie on the couch?!” he asked.

“Yeah, okay. That makes sense.”

Sandra laid down in the couch, her head propped up against the arm. She looked up him, her eyes wide and innocent. “Okay. I’m ready.”

Kevin stripped off his clothes. She lifted her arm out to him, taking his hand and guiding him to stand beside her head.

She looked up at his hard cock and whispered “Honey. I don’t know if I can get it in all the way.”

“That’s okay.” he reassured her.

“The doctor said you have to stick it in as far as it will go. Take it slow, but promise me you’ll do that. Okay”

“Okay” he promised.

Kevin stepped onto the couch, so he was kneeling, straddling her. She reached up, and started to stroke him. He let out an audible groan at her touch. He had been excited for nearly an hour at this point.

“Ready?” He asked. She took a moment to roughly measure his length.

“I can do this.” she whispered to herself.

Kevin leaned forward, and she opened her mouth to accept him.

Her mouth was hot and wet, and she quickly began bobbing her head up and down his shaft. She wrapped a hand around his dick and pumped and twisted as she sucked. Kevin was in heaven, his wife was sucking his cock with a newfound enthusiasm, but after 30 seconds or so he stopped her.

“Sandra…Sandra.” he told her. She stopped moving, and with his dick still in her mouth she looked up at him.

“mmphh?” she tried to ask.

“Honey, it feels great, but… the idea is to get in as deep as we can, not finish as fast as we can.” he explained.

She slid her lips up his shaft and off him to respond “Sorry, that just how… that’s what I normally do.”

“I’m not complaining…” he told her. “…I love that you do that for me. Its just not what this time is about, right?”

She smiled at him, he was right of course but her natural instincts had kicked in and she had automatically taken over and reverted to her typical cock sucking technique.

“Right.” she said. “Okay, let’s try a bit. But not all the way, not yet honey.”

He looked down at her, and mouthed the words I Love You. She mouthed them back then turned her eyes away from him, and straight towards the large cock in front of her. She slowly opened her mouth, as wide as she could make it. He slid his cock in, stopping where he suspected her gag reflex was going to get set off.

Kevin held his dick there for a moment, Sandra’s mouth still as wide as was possible as she waited. He slid a bit further, still no reaction. He slid a bit more, and she began gagging. He pulled out immediately.

She wiped some tears from her eyes and said “Try again” then opened her mouth wide. Kevin slide his dick into the same point, and again she gagged, and he pulled out.

“Again” she said. For a third time he entered her mouth, and for a third time she gagged hard. He pulled out once more.

“Again!” she whispered.

“Honey. You don’t…”

She cut him off mid sentence “If we’re going to try this, then let’s do it right. You’re going to have to… to force it in a bit more.”

He hesitantly slide his cock in once more, and when she began to gag he held it there. She instinctively tried to pull away, but the arm of the couch prevented her from moving back. He reached down and gently, but firmly held her head still. He pulled out just a bit, then thrust forward, going further then ever. She gagged slightly, but then her throat relaxed.

“Oh fuck honey, this feels amazing.” he told her.

He began pumping his cock in and out of her mouth, never going as far as possible, but still beyond their norm.

Sloppy wet sounds emanated from her mouth as he continued to fuck her face.

“Oh god.” he exclaimed. Then, without thinking added “Take it, take that fucking dick.”

Sandra make a noise, that seemed to be in agreement, but bahis şirketleri given she couldn’t talk with a cock in her throat, he pulled out to check.

“Honey?” he asked, as she drew deep breaths, and wiped the water from her eyes.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes… just… need a second to… catch my breath” she told him.

“The…talking is…I like it.”

“You like it?” he was surprised.

“I…yeah, I really like that part.” she told him, glancing down to her jeans. He glanced down confused, then realized she meant she was getting wet.

“Oh…maybe we’ll have to take care of that, once we’re done practising” he told her.

And then he leaned forward again.

“Open.” he said sternly. She complied.

“Are you ready for this cock.” he asked She nodded. Kevin being this bold was exciting and turning her on.

“Ask me for it.” he told her.

“Can, can I have your cock in my throat?” she asked.

He answered by pushing his dick into her waiting mouth.

He held her head, and forced himself deep. She still wasn’t swallowing him completely, but he wasn’t complaining. A series of wet guk, guk, guk sounds came from Sandra as she repeatedly took in his dick, over and over as he fucked her throat.

“Take that dick. Take that dick.” he told her.

“Aaaggghhh” was all that came out when she tried to answer.

“Get ready.” he warned her.

Her eyes widened. She hadn’t expected to swallow his cum, at least not on their first “session”.

“mmmpphhh!” she tried to talk, but her mouth was full of his cock. She tried to pull away, but he held her head in place, unwilling to let go. Before she could think of something else to do he let out a loud grunt.

“FFUUUGGGGHHHHKKK!” and shot a load. She started to gag as half went down her throat, the other half into her mouth. Before she could even swallow, he fired again. Some of that went down her throat as well, but most of it ended up in her mouth. When he shot a third time, her mouth overflowed and cum ran down her cheeks.

He pulled out, and she began to sit up quickly when he spurted a fourth and final load, this one across her face by accident. It streaked across the bridge of her nose, and forehead. She looked up at him in utter shock.

“Shit. I’m sorry honey. I didn’t mean to… y’know” he apologized.

“It’’s okay.” she told him. She wasn’t happy about that part, but up until then it had been really hot.

“Sorry. Did you still want to…now?” he asked, motioning to her nether regions. She wasn’t into it at all anymore.

“No. I just want to clean up.” She said, as they both got up.

She went into the bathroom, and as she ran the water in the sink, she wondered how she had gone from total arousal to completely turned off.

As she wiped the cum from her forehead, she looked at it, feeling it between her fingers and thumb. It wasn’t something she loved, but it wasn’t that gross. Had him cumming on her killed the mood? He hadn’t dared do that before, so maybe. But thinking about it now, she was starting to get excited again.

Her husband had just held her head and all but forced her to swallow his jizz. Her pussy began to tingle as she remembered trying to pull away and being unable to. She reached down into her panties and began to play with herself.

He made me swallow his cock and then his cum like some sort of slut, she thought. Her hand sped up, and she could feel an orgasm building.

Then he came on my face, she thought. On my face, like I was a whore.

She focused on that moment again. The visual of his cock being that close to her face and her seeing the sperm firing out, the physical feel of it hitting her forehead, the emotional disbelief she felt when she realized he had cum on her face.

On my fucking face, she thought. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and came on my fucking face.

And then she came, hard. it was one of the most intense orgasms of her life. She had to fight the urge to scream.

She collapsed onto the toilet, using it as a seat as she recovered. It Definitely wasn’t the cum on the face that was the turn off. She would never admit it to Kevin, but that had actually been very exciting.

And that is when it hit her. She had gotten turned off when he apologized. When he had taken control, she had never been wetter.

This was something she had to consider more.

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