Don’t Tell Eric Ch. 01

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It was a beautiful Friday morning in late May as Amy Davis sat in the audience at her son Eric’s high school graduation ceremony. As she watched him walk across the stage to get his diploma she was filled with pride and also a bit of sadness. For Amy the day marked the successful completion of her job of raising her son Eric.

In every respect Eric had become a man. He had turned 18 a few months earlier…he was well adjusted…he’d never been in trouble with the law…and now he had graduated from high school. He’d even been accepted to a good college and would soon be on his way to living his own life. It seemed to Amy as if he didn’t need her anymore.

Tears of joy and tears of sorrow ran down Amy’s cheeks as she thought about her son not needing her anymore. She had sacrificed a lot and worked very hard over the years to be able to afford to send Eric to a very expensive private school on the ‘rich’ side of town. They weren’t exactly poor, but as a single mother it was difficult at times for Amy to afford the private school. Amy felt strongly though that the private schools would be much better for Eric than public school.

As she watched him get his diploma Amy knew that her son was more than worth the effort she had made.

When the graduation ceremony ended Amy pushed her way through the crowd trying to find Eric. When she found him she wasn’t surprised to find him standing with his 5 best friends Mike, Lucas, Kyle, Jeff, and Troy.

“Eric…congratulations sweetie.” Amy said.

She hugged him and kissed him on the cheek.

“Oh come on mom…you’re embarrassing me in front of the guys.” Eric said.

Amy pulled away from Eric.

“I’m sorry Eric…I don’t mean to embarrass you…I’m just so proud of you sweetheart. If your dad were here he’d be proud of you too.” Amy said.

Eric smiled.

“You always say that mom.” Eric said.

“I always say it because it’s always true Eric. He’d be just as proud of you as I am. You did it kiddo.” Amy said.

Amy hugged Eric again.

“Hey mom…the guys and I were talking…would it be okay if we have a pool party at the house tomorrow?” Eric asked.

“Sure…no problem…though I don’t know why you guys always want to have your parties at our house with our little pool with the huge custom built pools at some of your houses.” Amy said.

“I think it probably has something to do with your willingness to let us drink at your house Mrs. Davis.” Jeff said.

“Yes…well if you’re having a party tomorrow I guess I’d better stop off to stock up on…party supplies…on my way home. How many people were you planning on having over?” Amy asked.

“Not too many…probably 15-20 at most.” Eric said.

“Okay…I’ll be sure to get enough alcohol for a party that size, but you guys are going to pass the hat to pay for it…I can’t afford to just buy that much alcohol on my own.” Amy said.

“Don’t worry about it Mrs. Davis…we’ll take up a collection and get you more than enough money to cover it.” Lucas said.

The next day was a Saturday and Eric and his friends had a pool party in Amy’s backyard. The party started in the early afternoon and after the first hour or so Amy came out the back door in a bikini. She walked over to where Eric and his friends were sitting.

“I hope you boys don’t mind me being out here, but I want to be sure things don’t get out of hand.” Amy said.

“We never mind having you out here with us Mrs. Davis. You’re way cooler about this than any of our parents.” Mike said.

“Yeah, grab yourself a drink and join the party.” Jeff said.

Amy grabbed a beer, walked over beside the pool, and sat in a chair and alongside some of the girls that had come to the party. She knew the girls from all of the other parties she’d hosted for Eric’s friends so she easily joined in on their conversation with them as they talked about their plans for the summer and what college they were going to go to in the fall.

The party lasted all afternoon, but as the sun started going down people started leaving and soon everyone but Eric’s friends had left. They all gathered around one table with Amy.

“We can’t thank you enough for letting us have this party Mrs. Davis…everyone had a great time.” Jeff said.

“It was my pleasure guys. You guys have one last summer together before you’re all off to college so you should enjoy it. As far as I’m concerned there’s nothing wrong with having some fun as long as things don’t get out of control. Well…I’m gonna head inside and grab a shower. I hope you guys will be nice and help Eric clean up the mess you made, and be careful driving home.” Amy said.

“We will Mrs. Davis.” All 5 guys say together.

Amy stood up to go inside.

“Oh…Mrs. Davis…we almost forgot. Here’s the money to cover the alcohol.” Mike said.

He got up and grabbed a wad of cash out of his bag and handed it to Amy. Amy started counting the money.

“There’s quite a bit more here than I spent on the alcohol for this party.” Amy said.

“Consider the rest of it a tip for being so cool and letting us have so many parties here over the past few years.” Kyle said.

“Well…thank you boys.” Amy said.

Amy headed inside and the guys helped Eric clean up the party; then they left. Amy had showered, changed, and was in her office working on her computer by the time Eric came inside.

“Thanks again for letting us have the party here today mom.” Eric said.

“You’re dear edward izle welcome sweetie. In just a few short months you will all head off to college and start living different lives. I hope that you have as much fun as possible together this summer so you’ll have great memories to look back on years from now. Do you want me to make you some dinner?” Amy asked.

“Nah…I had plenty to eat at the party.” Eric said.

“Okay sweetie.” Amy said.

The Monday night after the pool party, Eric went over to Lucas’ house to hang out with the guys. For the first few hours they all sat around drinking talking about normal things…then the conversation changed.

“So Eric…when are we gonna have another pool party over at your place?” Kyle asked.

“I don’t know man…we seem to have all of our parties at my place…you’ve all got pools…why doesn’t one of you throw the party?” Eric asked.

“Nah…it’s got to be at your place Eric.” Kyle said.

“Why does it have to be at my place? Is it because my mom lets us drink?” Eric asked.

“That’s part of it, but the main reason we have to have the party at your house is because your mom would be there.” Lucas said.

“You want to have the party at my house because of my mom?” Eric asked.

“Yeah…every time we all hang out by your pool your mom comes out with us.” Troy said.

“So?” Eric asked.

“Dude…she comes out and sits by the pool with us in her bikini…looking fine as hell.” Mike said.

“Hey man…that’s my mom you’re talking about.” Eric said.

“She’s your mom man…she ain’t our mom…which means we can look at her and talk about her and she’s a fucking MILF.” Jeff said.

“Shut up Jeff.” Eric said.

“What? She is a serious MILF buddy…hell you know that. You see her every day; surely you’ve noticed how hot she is.” Kyle said.

“Shut the hell up about my mom! I’m serious.” Eric said.

“Dude…you should be proud to have a MILF like that as your mom. Just look at my mom.” Mike said.

“Or mine…you’re lucky.” Kyle said.

“Can we stop talking about my mom please?” Eric asked.

“Dude…I would hit that so fucking hard.” Lucas said.

“You’re talking about my mom man…that’s not cool.” Eric said.

“Dude I would give anything to fuck your mom Eric.” Troy said.

Eric was really pissed off.

“Shut up right fucking now!” Eric said.

“I’m serious man…anything…just name it.” Troy said.

“Yeah…I would too. Eric, your mom is the hottest woman I’ve ever seen man.” Mike said.

“She has MILF written all over her fine ass.” Jeff said.

“I’ve wanted to fuck her since 7th grade.” Kyle said.

“Knock it off guys. I’m getting seriously pissed off.” Eric said.

“She touched my cock once.” Lucas said.

The other guys looked at Lucas.

“Bullshit.” Troy said.

“No…she did. When we were little she would baby-sit me. Eric and I played in the mud in the backyard and got filthy as hell so she gave me a bath.” Lucas said.

“That don’t fuckin’ count…you were just a little kid.” Jeff said.

“It’s more than you’ve ever got from her.” Lucas said.

“Fuck what we’ve got from her…it’s what we want from her. What’s it gonna take Eric?” Mike asked.

“For what?” Eric asked.

“For us to fuck your mom…how much will it cost us?” Mike asked.

Eric was completely blown away.

“I don’t fucking believe this.” Eric said.

“Believe it man…how much will it cost us to fuck her? $300? $500? Am I getting close?” Troy asked.

“You guys are fucking assholes…I’m out of here.” Eric said.

Eric had heard enough so he got up and stormed out and headed home.

Amy could see that Eric was upset as soon as he walked in the door. She also noticed that it was way earlier than he normally got home from a night out with his friends.

“What’s the matter sweetie?” Amy asked.

“Nothing.” Eric said.

“Don’t give me that…what is it?” Amy asked.

Amy motioned for Eric to sit down next to her…he slumped his shoulders and then sat down beside her.

“So what’s wrong?” Amy asked.

“It’s the guys…they were talking about something tonight…it really pissed me off. They’ve been talking about it off and on for a long time, but tonight was different. Tonight they went way too far.” Eric said.

“Well knowing them the way I do and given the fact that they’re 18 year old guys I’d bet that whatever they were talking about had something to do with sex. What were they talking about that upset you?” Amy asked.

“It’s not…I really don’t want to talk about it mom.” Eric said.

Eric went to get up, but Amy held on to him.

“Eric sweetheart…I can’t stand to see you this upset. You can talk to me about anything Eric…please tell me what’s wrong.” Amy said.

Eric looked at his mom and sighed.

“Okay…it isn’t so much what they were talking about that bothers me…it was who they were talking about and how they were talking about her that bothers me.” Eric said.

“Who were they talking about? Is it a girl that you like or something? Is it a female friend of yours? Who is it?” Amy asked.

Eric tried his best to hold it back but he couldn’t stop himself.

“You…okay…they were talking about you.” Eric said.

Amy was surprised.

“Me? Your friends were talking about me…in a sexual way?” Amy asked in disbelief.

“Yes. They say death in the dorms izle you’re a MILF.” Eric said.

“A what?” Amy asked.

“A MILF.” Eric said.

“What is a MILF? I don’t know that word.” Amy said.

“It means a Mother I’d Like to Fu…um…have sex with.” Eric said.

Amy was shocked…she’d never heard the word MILF before…and she was shocked that her son’s friends thought of her like that.

“Oh my goodness. So they were all talking openly about wanting to have sex with me…and that’s what’s bothering you right now?” Amy asked.

Eric nodded.

“Yes, but it’s not just that…it gets worse.” Eric said.

“There’s more? What else could there be that would be worse than that for you?” Amy asked.

Eric took a deep breath.

“They kept asking me how much.” Eric said.

“How much what?” Amy asked.

“They wanted to know how much money they would have to give me to let them have sex with you.” Eric said.

Amy’s jaw dropped open…she was completely blown away…her son’s friends were asking him how much money they would have to pay Eric in order for them to have sex with her.

“Oh my god. Do you believe them? I mean do you think they’re serious about offering you money for that? Or do you think they were just giving you a hard time?” Amy asked.

“I think they were very serious. They’ve given me a hard time about things before…this is nothing like that. They even asked about specific prices. They offered $300 or $500.” Eric said.

“They offered you as much as $500 so they could have sex with me?” Amy asked.

“Yes.” Eric said.

“Oh Eric…I’m so sorry that they did that.” Amy said.

Amy hugged Eric and for a few minutes they both remained silent.

“I’m sorry mom.” Eric said.

“You don’t have anything to be sorry about Eric. You haven’t done anything wrong.” Amy said.

She held Eric for a while longer before he pulled away from her.

“Are you gonna be okay sweetie?” Amy asked.

“Yeah…I think I’m going to go to bed.” Eric said.

“Okay.” Amy said.

After Eric had gone upstairs Amy sat on the couch letting what Eric had told her sink in. She was shocked that her son’s 18 year old friends all seemed to want to have sex with her. Amy did consider herself attractive; she’d been asked out by several men close to her own age over the past few years…she’d never even considered that guys her son’s age would be interested in her.

Amy took great pride in taking good care of herself. She ate right and worked out regularly and she felt that she looked a good deal younger than her true age of 38. Amy was tall for a woman at 5’8″ with long legs, a nice ass, a smooth flat tummy, and D cup breasts.

Amy found herself sitting there thinking about Eric’s friends. She had known them since they were little kids and to some extent that’s how she still saw them. She had never once thought about any of them in a sexual way…after hearing that they were interested in her sexually however…she couldn’t help thinking about them that way. Over the past several years Amy had seen them all wearing nothing but bathing suits by her pool a number of times. She had to admit…they were all good looking young men.

As she sat there thinking about Eric’s friends Amy couldn’t help but think about how long it had been since she had been with a man. Amy had been widowed by a drunk driver 14 years earlier when Eric was 4 just years old and she hadn’t been with a man since her husband died.

Amy began remembering making love to her husband…it brought back good memories. Slowly her husband’s face was replaced by the faces of Eric’s friends. Amy was amazed at the feeling of butterflies in her stomach…and the tingling even lower…as she thought about having sex with Eric’s friends.

After not having sex for so long the thought of having 5 young guys wanting to have sex with her excited Amy. The idea of having men less than half her age want to have sex with her so badly that they were willing to pay her for it excited her too.

“Could I actually do that?” Amy asked herself.

Over the next several days Amy spent a lot of time thinking about what Eric had told her. She thought about Eric’s friends. She thought about sex. She thought about getting paid to have sex with Eric’s friends.

Eric went to hang out with his friends every night during the week, but he came home very early and very angry every night. There was no need to talk about it…Amy knew why.

By Friday night Amy had made a decision and she was determined to get Eric’s friends to stop giving him a hard time one way or the other. She wasn’t quite sure when she’d have the opportunity to talk to them, but she knew that she had to do it soon. Amy took a load of clean laundry upstairs, took a shower, and got dressed. When she came downstairs she saw Eric sitting on the couch watching TV.

“Aren’t you going out with your friends tonight sweetie?” Amy asked.

“What’s the point? If I go over to Lucas’ tonight they’re just going to ask me how much it will cost them to have sex with you again. That will get me pissed at them and I’ll come home. Besides…I’m going to grandpa and grandma’s this weekend and I want to get an early start tomorrow morning so I plan to turn in early.” Eric said.

Amy saw her chance…she knew where the 5 guys would be…and she knew Eric wouldn’t be there.

“Okay. I think I’m diary of a gigolo izle gonna go out for a drink…it’s been kind of a strange week.” Amy said.

“Okay. Have fun.” Eric said.

“Oh…I’m sure I will. Don’t wait up.” Amy said.

Amy walked out to her car and drove away. She drove across town into an expensive neighborhood. She pulled up in front of a house she’d been to several times over the years. She parked by the curb, got out of her car, and walked around the back. Out by the pool, exactly where she figured she’d find them, Amy found Eric’s friends Troy, Kyle, Jeff, Lucas, and Mike sitting around talking.

The guys saw her walking towards them and they all got quiet.

“Good evening Mrs. Davis. Eric isn’t here.” Lucas said.

“I know that. I’m here to talk to you guys.” Amy said.

“Talk to us about what?” Mike asked.

“I know that the 5 of you have been giving Eric a hard time lately and I’m here because I want it to stop.” Amy said.

“What? What did he tell you? We haven’t been bothering him about anything.” Troy said.

“Oh really? So you haven’t been constantly asking Eric how much it will cost you to have sex with me?” Amy asked.

The 5 guys all had the deer in the headlights look for a moment.

“Are you kidding? We’d never do something like that. He’s just trying to get us in trouble.” Kyle said.

“Yeah.” Jeff said.

Amy laughed.

“I’m not buying that for one second guys. Remember…I have a son your age…I can tell when you’re lying, and it is written all over your faces. I’m tired of you guys bothering Eric about this, you’re supposed to be his friends, so I’m here to put an end to it.” Amy said.

“What do you mean put an end to it?” Mike asked.

Amy had a very serious expression on her face as she looked at the 5 young men.

“What I’m about to say doesn’t leave the 6 of us do you hear me? If you spread it around I’ll simply deny it and it will ruin things for everyone. $1,000 apiece.” Amy said.

“$1,000 apiece for what?” Troy asked.

“You all wanted to know how much it would cost you to have sex with me. The answer is that it will cost you $1,000 each. Remember though; you can’t tell anyone…especially not Eric…about anything that happens. So if this happens there will be absolutely no bragging to your friends about doing Mrs. Davis. This offer is only open to the 5 of you and nobody else.” Amy said.

The 5 guys sat silently for a few minutes.

“Are you for real?” Lucas asked.

“Yeah…are you serious or are you just messing with us?” Jeff asked.

“I’m very serious. For $1,000 cash I will have sex with you. The question isn’t whether or not I am serious. The question is…were you guys serious about being willing to pay to have sex with me?” Amy asked.

The guys stared at Amy dumbfounded for a moment.

“Hell yes we were serious…at least I was.” Troy said.

“Me too, but the price seems a little high.” Mike said.

“Oh it does? Well that’s too bad because if you want to have sex with me that’s what you’ll have to pay. I’m not some cheap street walking slut. You all come from rich families and have more than enough to pay me $1,000 to have sex with you and if I’m going to do it I won’t accept anything less than that amount. Does anyone think that is unreasonable? Do any of you think I’m a cheap slut?” Amy asked.

“No…of course not…none of us think you’re a cheap slut. Mike’s an idiot…I think $1,000 sounds just fine.” Jeff said.

“How about the rest of you…Mike?” Amy asked.

“I apologize…$1,000 will be fine.” Mike said.

“How about the rest of you?” Amy asked.

The other guys all agreed that $1,000 sounded fine.

“Good. You’re serious…I’m serious…you’ve all agreed to the price…so now we need to talk about the rules.” Amy said.

“What kind of rules?” Kyle asked.

“First off…and it is absolutely vital…nobody knows about this but us. You can’t tell anyone about what we’re doing under any circumstances…especially not Eric. If I hear that you’ve been bragging about it…or talking about it where people overhear you…or anything like that I’ll deny it and it will all be over. If Eric somehow finds out it will definitely be over. Secondly it will be done on my schedule at locations of my choosing. If you want to have sex with me you will have to do it when it is convenient for me…not when it is convenient for you. I won’t be some call girl that you can just call up any time you want to fuck. Third there will be no pictures or videos or anything like that so don’t even ask for any. Fourth…when it comes to the sex itself I’m in charge so don’t try to boss me around in bed. If you try to get bossy with me or if you get rough with me its over. Fifth each of our…dates…will last as long as I want it to last…no longer…no shorter. If all I want is one quick fuck that’s all it will be. If all I want is to do oral that’s all it will be. Then again…if I want it to last all weekend…that’s how it will be too. You will accept whatever I want to do without complaining or it’s over. Sixth…there will be no discounts…you all have a good deal of money and already agreed to the price…so its $1,000 per time…cash…in advance…no exceptions. If you don’t have the money…you don’t have the mommy. Seventh you guys have to stop giving Eric a hard time. He’s your friend…he’s been your friend all your lives…act like it. You need to apologize to him for giving him such a hard time about wanting to fuck me and you need to get him to hang out with you again. That will work to our benefit…if he’s hanging out with some of you guys…he won’t be at my house…making it easier for me to have one of you pay me a visit. Are there any questions about the rules?” Amy asked.

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