Doublecrossing Isis

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As so often happens with these Roman stories of mine this story was inspired by an artifact. This time it is a little phallus shaped Bronze Stud found on the site of a temple dedicated to Mercury at Uley in Gloucestershire England and dated 2nd or 3rd century.

My name is Geminia, sister of Geminius who is my twin brother. When we were born our father Felixius Domiti Ventris wanted to give thanks to the gods, because not only had his wife Claudia survived her ordeal, but he also had two healthy children. Accordingly he promised me as a votive gift to the Temple of Isis.

My childhood was no different to that of other girls of Roman families. I played with other children, whose parents were of the same Roman rank as my father; we did not associate with the natives. My dearest friend was Antonius Lucius the son of another Prefect. My father commanded an Alae of auxiliary cavalry, Antonius’s father commanded a cohort of auxiliary infantry. As we were both from families of equites rank, in the normal course of events we might one day have married, but as I said, I had been promised to the Goddess Isis. Despite this, we stole kisses and exchanged small gifts, fearing their disapproval I hid Antonius’s gifts from my parents.

In due course when by the laws of Rome we became adults, my brother Geminius and my Antonius took their togas, and I instead of being married, moved to the Temple of Isis. The temple was a large complex, consisting of buildings where people worshipped Isis and other gods either publicly or privately. Another set of buildings housed the priests and a lesser building was for the women who had been given or given themselves to Isis. Surrounding these buildings were the hortus where cremation urns were buried and the temple women worked.

I do not know what the practice is in other parts of the Empire, but on this far flung northern island the temple women earn money for the temple. To put it in plain terms the women are sacred meretrix. As darkness falls the women walk through the gardens, if, when, they are accosted by a man they cannot refuse him. They must go and lie with him, regardless of how large or small the offering he makes.

I was soon to learn the stated policies and the practices of the temple are not the same. At first I was not to go with men, during the time of darkness I stayed in the building. This was the time of my instruction when I learnt the arts of love, how to please a man. Using an ivory phallus I learned how to handle a man’s penis, to manipulate it by hand, to take it in my mouth without gagging. Painfully I learnt about anal intercourse, the method most of the women preferred as it avoided a pregnancy. casino oyna The only thing I did not learn in a practical manner was vaginal intercourse.

It was important to Isis that I remained virgo intacta until the first man entered me. The time when I was to first walk the gardens was set for the Feast of Venus. “At least it will be spring, and you won’t get a cold back.” Cackled old Agrippina, who was my praeceptrix.

Agrippina was a woman in her late thirties, who was too old and ugly to continue servicing men. Most women married and left the service of Isis before this happened to them, but for a few a potential husband had never materialized.

It was from Agrippina that I learnt about the auction; my hymen had become a precious commodity. Men were making bids to be the first man to lie with me. “I thought I had to lie with the first man who accosted me.” I said to Agrippina.

“That’s what we are taught. But with a virgin it is always arranged so the highest bidder will be that first man. It is better for you, some older experienced man will initiate you with skill and care.”

My heart sank, I did not want to lie with some wrinkly, fat, old merchant or prefect. I wanted to lie with Antonius, who if my father had not made his ridiculous pledge would have been my husband. I think it was then I began to make my plans!

When I next saw my brother Geminius in the gardens I made my request. The sense of filial duty is strong; my brother was duty bound to obey our father. However the bonds forged in the womb transcend all other bonds, and reluctantly Geminius agreed to help me.

In the late afternoon the gardens are deserted. The women are preparing themselves for the dusk when they will walk the gardens, and people who have come to pray or honor the dead have returned to their homes, not wanting to be mistaken for a temple woman or her client. Old Agrippina my tutor was diverted from attending to me, to act as an ornatrix to the other young women.

On the afternoon of the appointed day as was my habit I bathed. After I had bathed I took especial care when I oiled and scented my body, I wanted to be perfect for my Antonius. Standing naked in the bath-house I ran my hands over my body, admiring myself.

As a Roman girl of rank I would never have looked at my body as I did now, but temple women are frank and open about their bodies and sexuality. I ran my hands over my firm breasts; I was thankful that they were not over large, for in my experience big breasts tend to droop. Below my breasts, my stomach was pleasingly flat and below that my abdomen had the faintest curve – I knew from the compliments from the other women I canlı casino had a body to be proud of. After my bath I persuaded Agrippina to dress and pin up my hair. A little later when I was in the balinuem I had completed my preparations by anointing my vulva with olive oil.

As I had planned, I was able to slip from the house without anyone noticing. I made my way through the gardens to a small grove, where my Antonius accompanied by Gemenius awaited me. There was little time. Leaving Geminius as our guard and lookout, I led Antonius into the shelter where a private altar to Mercury stood.

Agrippina’s training had rendered me shameless. In a trice I had pulled my tunica over my head and I was naked. Barely had I kissed my lover’s sweet lips than I was tugging at the folds of his toga. He poor, sweet, innocent boy appeared to have been rendered helpless, he simply stood there as I undid the gemma that fastened the material at his shoulder. As the garment fell open, I was driven by a sense of urgency which even in my wildest dreams, I had not anticipated feeling. I tore at the fastening of his cingulum leaving it to fall onto the muddy ground.

As the cloth fluttered free of his body, I saw the most beautiful erect penis. To be honest by this stage I was relieved to see Antonius had begun to react. For horrible moments as I stripped away his garments I had thought the unthinkable, I had feared he was not interested in women.

His stiff, straight cock, reassured me that it was his inexperience that had led him not to react not distaste, or his sexual orientation. I swear by all the Gods if he had not been interested, the urges within me burnt so fiercely I would have either, have killed him, got Geminius to deflower me, killed Antonius and myself, or done all three.

Without a thought I sank to my knees and began to adore his wonderful cock with my mouth. Using every trick Agrippina had taught me I began to stimulate him. Licking along the underside with long licks that began where the base joined his scrotum and continued to the end of his foreskin. Then I felt his hasta stiffen and begin to convulse. I had gone too far, I wanted his seed inside me, not spilt on the ground. Frustrated he groaned when I used a trick Agrippina had taught me. I dug my finger into the muscle just behind the sac.

I rose to my feet. Antonius placed his hands on my waist, lifted me and sat me on the altar dedicated to Mercury. As I lay back I opened my legs. I felt a warm, wet bubble deep within me bloom and burst at the first touch of his fingers. The wetness flowed down over the lips of my labia, I knew that I was ready and as the sun sank time was running out. If kaçak casino I had not been missed already, I soon would be. “Antonius, enter me now you must be the first.” I said urgently.

He moved closer to me. When I felt him parting my labia I raised my legs and wrapped them around his waist. He pushed gently – too gently. “Harder!” I urged him. “Push into me hard, do not have a care you will not …” Then I cried out as he thrust into me and I felt my hymen being sacrificed not for Isis, but for my love. “Do not stop now,” I said through gritted teeth. The pain was horrendous as he thrust roughly into me, but the joy at having given myself to my lover outweighed that discomfort.

Then it was over, when soon, too soon for me, with a grunt he came and I felt the warm milky fluid that was his semen flowing into me. Wanting to prolong the moment I crossed my ankles and clasped my legs tighter around his waist drawing him closer to me. I moved my hips grinding my pubic bone against his until I felt myself flush with inner warmth and cum. I clasped him not wanting to relinquish the warm feeling of closeness I felt to my lover.

Our excubitor, my dear brother Geminius broke that majical spell. For although time had seemed to stand still for Antonius and me, not even the power of our love could stay the sun from making its remorseless journey towards the western horizon.

Speedily we dressed ourselves, then with a swift embrace and a kiss we were forced by circumstances to part. I returned to the house of the sacred meretrices. My lover and my brother hid in the shadows waiting until the hortus had filled with the men of the night. By mingling with these men they were able to slip away unnoticed.

The next day my brother Geminius returned to visit me. He brought with him a gift from Antonius, when I unwrapped it I found a tiny bronze stud cast in the shape of a phallus – a votive to Mercury. I attached the stud to my tunica, so I would always have a memory of my Antonius.

I hope that you have enjoyed this story and that those of you who are historians will forgive some of the minor inaccuracies I have created for the sake of the story. Remember this is a work of fiction. Please remember to vote, I enjoy creating the stories you the reader can repay me simply by voting. Thank you!


i Alae – wing.

ii Cohort – infantry group of two centuries.

iii Equites – literally Horse owning – Knight.

iv Hortus – garden.

v Meretrix – prostitute.

vi Virgo intacta – virgin with an unbroken hymen.

vii Praeceptrix – female tutor from praeceptor.

viii Ornatrix – one who does hair and make-up, a beautician.

ix Balinuem – lavatory.

x Gemma – broach.

xi Cingulum – girdle – loin cloth.

xii Hasta – spear

xiii Semen – (literally) – seed.

xiv Excubitor – sentinel

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