Doubly Disappointed

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“Mind of a genius, body of a goddess,” Erin mused to herself as she admired her naked body in front of her bathroom mirror. She had every right to be proud. With long brown hair, 36D breasts, wide childbearing hips and an ass that nicely countered her chest, she was indeed a beautiful specimen of womanhood and she knew it. Being a healthy woman in the prime of her child birthing years, she decided it was time to contribute her genes to the future.

She was dating a good man named Michael whom was a loving person, good provider and attentive to her needs but he had a flaw: a genetic condition. Yes it was only appendicitis and could easily be corrected with surgery if the child she was carrying ever developed the inflammation but that wasn’t good enough. Erin was genetically superior, a trait she knew was rare. The embryo growing inside her was flawed and nature was not kind to the genetically flawed. She didn’t have this exquisite body and health because her ancestors had mated poorly.

Micheal’s genetics had seemed healthy when they met but that illusion had ended a few days ago when he suddenly fell ill and was taken to the hospital for emergency surgery. Erin was relieved that he was going to be okay but her hand was gently massaging her taut lower abdomen the entire time.

Mike would only be in the hospital for three days and he would be protective of his embryo, so Erin knew she had to end the pregnancy quickly. After visiting him in his hospital room, and telling him everything would be fine, she headed to the local women’s clinic and requested an immediate in-clinic abortion.

A believer in natural selection and evolution, Erin marveled at how far humans had come from the time we had been monkeys in Africa. At that time, a female had to accept if she was pregnant by a lesser male and had little say of the evolutionary consequences of breeding. At least how we can change the tide in a better direction, she thought as she lay on her back and the doctor moved between her legs. While some women may find the idea of her womanhood open and exposed to total strangers to be invasive, Erin found it empowering to be in control. As for any moral questions? We were all just apes, after all. More advanced, yes but there wasn’t such a huge genetic difference between humans and chimps. The creature being removed from her was just an ape, a foreign thing that had been put there and she wanted gone. The cannula was then inserted into her vagina and the suction began.

Erin was sore after the procedure for the next few days and was still güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri spending a lot of time in bed when Mike came home from the hospital. He was a little surprised when he was picked up at the hospital by his father instead of Erin. She looked like she was uncomfortable when he saw her in bed and she sat up to greet him in a gingerly manner. He asked if everything was ok with the baby, and Erin smiled and said the baby was fine. She had had some rough morning sickness and some cramping and had gone to the doctor to get checked out, she told him. If the doctor called to see how she was doing after her visit, that’s what it was about.

The next week, Erin went back to the clinic for her follow up examination and the doctor said she seemed to be healing well. Upon examining her uterus and cervix, he saw signs that she was nearly ready to ovulate. The doctor warned her of that fact and she thanked him honestly. She needed to get pregnant again quickly in order to fool Mike into thinking that she was still carrying his child. Even she was impressed to be fertile again so quickly after just terminating a pregnancy. She really was an exceptional breeder!

The doctor suspected ovulation to occur the next day and an ovulation test confirmed it. Erin soon felt the associated sexual aggression and libido that she had come to associate with that time of month. While Mike rested at home, Erin put on her best red dress that her breasts strained against and gave a very generous look at her legs. Sauntering to a nearby bar, she found her target: John, the brother of her co-worker. Her co-workers grandparents had just died of extreme old age, a sign of genetic quality and strength. Fucking her co-worker would be too likely to be found out, but his married brother was a less risky endeavor.

A few suggestive one liners and some “careless” brushing of her breasts against his arm and they were soon in a nearby wooded area. He caressed her enormous breasts, marveling at their heaving weight. She was rubbing her crotch against the bulge in his pants, making his thinking blurry. He was clumsily trying to pull down her dress over her breasts and Erin saved them both by undoing the zipper down her back, letting the dress fall down around her. John wanted to step away for a moment to see her nearly naked in her bra and panty glory but Erin refused and was undoing the front of his pants. In one motion, she dropped his pants and boxers, letting his erection stab toward her.

She was immediately on her knees, slobbering on his güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri pulsing penis. He had never known a woman so hungry to be fucked, he hardly had time to think. That was Erin’s plan. Don’t give him time to think about his wife or condoms. As she sucked him, she undid her bra, letting her breasts spill loose and her nipples brush against his legs. He groped her chest and she, still sucking him, pulled her wet panties down her legs.

John, somewhat in a stupor, obliged her when Erin demanded that he get on his back. He lay staring as her pulsing womanhood, wet, fertile and hungry for a new embryo to fill it, impaled itself on his manhood. They gasped together in their union, both shocked by the intensity of the feeling. Their bodies, sensing the sexual intensity and genetic quality that the other could provide, increased their arousal to a fever pitch. This was not “having sex,” “making love” or even “fucking.” This was pure animal breeding in its purest sense. Rarely do two such specimen come together, but when they do, its a special evolutionary moment.

Her firm, round ass slapped hard against his muscular legs, her breasts crashing hard into his chest. Together they groaned and screamed in wild sexual frenzy. In a testosterone fueled moment, John flipped Erin onto her back and pumped her hard, his legs impressing her with their strength. She leaned up, watching him pump her. She watched his manhood slide in and out of her, anxiously waiting for it to inject her with its content. He was getting close and she was in a state of ecstasy. John finally let lose a powerful animal cry and filled her vagina with ultra potent sperm. Erin had guessed correctly: John was truly an alpha male breeder. The instant was marked by Erin screaming a sound that neither could remember hearing before: a mix of joy, release, triumph and fulfillment. If evolution could experience emotion, it would feel pride in how well it had done its job.

John’s sperm filled her, his hormone rich semen causing her vaginal walls to convulse with passion. Her uterus demanded the chance to re-fill itself. The loss of Micheal’s embryo was unacceptable to her biology but the chance to make up for it with a better seed was immediately granted. Within the hour, the virile sperm fertilized her precious egg, a truly exceptional new life began forming. Phenomenal quality has been created, bringing humanity further from their primitive beginnings. Meanwhile, Erin lay quietly on her back in the forest as nature took care of the rest.

Erin güvenilir bahis şirketleri returned home the next day, saying she went to visit her parents. Mike was suspicious that she left without saying anything to him, even if he had been asleep. She had been acting strangely for the past week, like she was hiding something. Erin avoided him and had been taking pain medication. Now the pain pills were gone and she seemed oddly upbeat. Mike said nothing.

He was feeling better after his surgery and was starting to move around more. This came as a surprise to Erin one day, who still expected him to be resting. It had been several days since she had been bred by John and she was dying to know if her egg was fertilized. Standing in the bathroom, she waited for the fertilization test to give her its results. The strip gave her a resounding POSITIVE, causing her to yelp in joy. The noise caught Mike’s attention. He stepped into the bathroom and briefly saw her reflection in the mirror holding some kind of medical testing applicator. She screamed that she was in the bathroom before he could see her and he left, confused at what he just saw.

The next day Mike was taking out the trash, when he saw an empty box through the plastic bag that read “Home Fertilization Test.” Tearing the bag open, he read the box and saw that it was for ultra early pregnancy testing. The test could be taken a few days after sex, before the egg had even implanted into the uterus.

John’s betrayal was enormous. Had she lied about being pregnant with his baby? No, that couldn’t be, she had shown him the positive pregnancy test over a month ago. So how could she be testing herself for early pregnancy when she was already pregnant? She had been to the doctor’s office the day of his surgery. Whether she had miscarried or aborted his child, she was now expecting another man’s baby. Either way she was playing him for a fool. He re-read the box. “Used for pre-implantation testing,” he said. There were more than one way to play God using medical science, Mike thought as he got in his car and drive to the pharmacy.

Later that night, Mike made Erin her favorite meal and bought her favorite bottle of wine. He made a surprise of it, telling her that with all they had been through in the past few days medically, they deserved to celebrate coming through the other side in one piece. Erin agreed, despite guilt over lying to her boyfriend. He was a good man and would make a good father to her child, even if it wasn’t his. As she sat back and relaxed, Mike crushed the morning after pill he bought that day and slipped it into her wine. After dinner, they went to bed and as Erin rode on top of him, he watched the spot between her legs, knowing that the growing blastocyst was being denied a safe site to implant. “Sorry buddy,” he thought as Erin finally shuddered in pleasure, “she’s mine.”

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