Down by the River

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**All characters are over 18 years of age**

August 1989

Steve reluctantly agreed to go with his family to the summer house. He would rather have spent the last days of his summer break hanging out with his friends before they all left town to go back to college and trying to get into the pants of his girlfriend, Sherrie. Steve was not a virgin, but Sherrie was and he was having a hard time convincing her to give him her virginity. But…. his parents were insistent, demanding he come on family vacation before he was out of the house completely in a couple years, and the summer house was usually a pretty good time.

It wasn’t too fancy, just a big old house near the river about 60 miles north of the city. His dad had inherited it and shared ownership of it with Steve’s aunt Candice. They rented it out for most of the summer, but the families usually tried to spend at least a week there every summer. Sometimes the whole extended family showed up, sometimes close friends and their families would join them. It was right on the river, had a total of 6 bedrooms and was great for swimming and cool, lazy summer days and Steve always liked it when he was a kid, but now he was 19, going into his sophomore year of college and wasn’t as interested in the wholesome family fun at the river. He would rather have smoked some weed, listened to Guns n Roses and tried to get laid.

Steve had helped his dad unload all the luggage and groceries when they arrived and then started to get settled in his room. His sister Lisa, not quite 2 years younger having just turned 18 and Steve being about 3 months shy of 20, had one of the room two doors down. She kept to herself a lot, her nose in books like Fahrenheit 451 and On The Road. They weren’t as close as they once were but they always looked out for each other. Steve knew she didn’t really want to be at the river either, but she had just graduated and definitely was still under the rule of law for the Nathan house so what she wanted didn’t enter into the equation at all.

Some old friends of his mom and dad would be joining them later that evening. Calvin and his wife Terri, and Brenda. Calvin was about 20 years older than his dad and had been a coworker of his dad’s until he retired a couple years ago. He looked even older, wrinkled face and the classic alcoholic nose. Calvin’s wife Terri was the odd one out, older than the other women and not really friendly with them. She seemed to Steve to just be an old prude. She was a slight, little woman who perpetually looked like she smelled something unpleasant.

Brenda was an old friend of his moms who had been widowed about a year or two ago. She was in her late 40s like Steve’s parents and looked like the typical middle aged working class woman. A few laugh lines on the face and a bit of paunch that women can get, but she was still attractive with a thick head of black curly hair, a really round plentiful ass and a rack to die for.

Steve had begun to unpack and was surprised when he opened the drawer to the dresser in his room. It seemed one of the summer tenants had left behind some porn! Score! There were a couple of Penthouse magazines and an old school pulp fuck book about an airline pilot fucking all the stewardesses and a couple of passengers. Back in ’89 porn wasn’t as easily accessible as it is now, so finding some was like Christmas! He stashed them in between the mattress and box spring of his bed and looked forward to stroking later.

He went back downstairs and his dad was grilling some burgers and the guests started showing up. Calvin and Terri arrived first, just as the burgers started coming off the grill. The Phone rang and Steve’s mom answered it. Brenda was running a little late and told his mom to not hold dinner for her, so everyone began to eat.

The booze started to flow among the adults after dinner, (Steve’s parents still wouldn’t let Steve drink. “21 is the legal age!” was his dad’s mantra) and Calvin started telling his Navy stories. Steve had grown to hate Calvin’s stories over the many years he had hung out with his dad, and really didn’t like Calvin or his silver haired wife either. Steve said good night and turned in early to slip off to his room and check out the dirty books he had found earlier!

Steve got ready for bed, taking off his shirt and pulling on some cotton pajama bottoms. He looked in the mirror and flexed. Steve was a very handsome young man, light brown hair to his shoulders, a tight muscled frame and a devilish smile that helped Steve get plenty of girlfriends while in high school. Even though he had many girlfriends it wasn’t until he went to college that he lost his virginity to a junior in his English class who pretty much just used Steve for sex. Steve honestly couldn’t have been happier with the relationship that ended amicably if unceremoniously at the end of the spring semester. Steve went home feeling like a man of the world with his new sexual knowledge, but the girls in his bonus veren siteler hometown still weren’t giving it up to him, despite his best efforts. He knew what to do when he got in bed with a woman, but he still hadn’t really figured out how to get them there. He flexed again, half laughed at himself and turned off the main light.

Steve left the small lamp on the nightstand on and began to look at the Penthouse. He reached into his pajama bottoms and began to stroke his hard cock to the busty brunette in the pictorial. He looked longingly at her full tits and brown bush and it made his cock ache. He didn’t want to come too fast, so he decided to read the old pulp fuck book for a while. It was published in 1962, before Steve was even born. He chuckled at some of the language and references, like the pilot calling women ‘dames’ and pretty much every penis was referred to as a ‘rod’. But even with the aged references, the action was getting pretty hot. When the scene in the book turned into an orgy in an airport lounge, Steve kicked off the covers, pulled his pajama bottoms down to his knees and was full on stroking his cock. The Penthouse was open to the centerfold next to him and with the pulp book in his free hand, he’d glance at the nude model and back to the book, imagining fucking the model like the stewardesses were getting fucked in the book. Soon he had dropped the book and had his eyes closed and was stroking as fast as he could, a towel draped over his legs to catch his load. He closed his eyes as he felt his orgasm was seconds away, images of full lips sucking cock and big titties and brown bushes and spread pussy lips filling his head. He clenched his teeth and held back a groan as his cock started to erupt.

It was at this exact moment that his mom’s old friend Brenda walked right in the door. She was carrying a suitcase and stopped dead in her tracks as she walked in at the perfect moment to see Steve’s ejaculate arcing in the air and his fist wrapped around his young cock. Steve and Brenda locked eyes and Brenda let out a small yelp and dropped the suitcase. Steve was scrambling, grabbing the towel, pushing the magazine and book under the covers, trying to pull up his pajamas, seemingly all at the same time and doing none of it effectively. Brenda and Steve were both apologizing rapidly and Brenda managed to pick up the suitcase she had dropped on her third attempt and managed to say “wrong room” as she closed the door. The entire incident lasted less than 60 seconds but felt like an eternity to both parties!

Steve was standing next to his bed, covers kicked to the floor, Penthouse crinkled and bent, his pajama bottoms half pulled up, a spot or two of cum on his muscled chest, his half hard cock still dripping the last of his orgasm was pinned to his stomach by the waist band and a cum covered towel in his hand. He was panting and freaking out, not knowing what the fuck to do now. “Fuck!” he thought to himself “I really thought I had locked the door.” He went to check and found out that the lock was inoperable. “Well, that sucks!” he thought.

Brenda stood in the hallway for a moment, panting as well. She was mortified. She felt horrible for busting in, but also was flushed and trying to deal with a wave of feelings that actually scared her! She went down one more room, knocked before trying the door this time, and went in and dropped herself and her suitcase on the bed. She had known the young man next door his entire life and had now seen him in a way she never would have thought she would two minutes ago, but she also knew she wouldn’t be able to unsee it. Steve had grown up into a fine looking young man, long brown hair and a very nice 6’1″ frame and an athletic body. But Brenda couldn’t get over how lustful this young man looked as Brenda walked in at that perfect moment. The sight of that muscled chest and his young hard cock, spurting hot come, had made her instantly excited and she just did not know how to deal with it. She felt horrible, like a pervert, suddenly lusting over her best friend’s son. She had known Barbara since High School and knew it was just plain wrong. But, that cock! So hard, throbbing and a very nice size! Thick, veiny, and Brenda was guessing about 8 inches. Brenda had not had a man since her husband Don passed away suddenly from a stroke two years ago, and could not deny that she had been exceedingly horny the last few months, but she just didn’t want to date again quite yet. Bursting in and seeing that hard cock coming stirred a deep desire that Brenda quickly decided she was going to have to bury and bury fast.

Brenda went back downstairs and Steve’s mom Barbara got up and gave her a hug. Barbara could tell Brenda wasn’t quite right and asked her if she was ok. Brenda quickly said “Oh, yes, I’m fine! Just pour me a drink and make it a stiff, er um, strong one. It was a long drive and a long day!”

Steve had cleaned himself up and straightened up his bed and lie bedava bahis there, wide awake and mind racing. He lied there and listened to everyone shuffle upstairs and doors close and toilets flush as soon everyone had gone to bed but Steve could not stop the stream of thoughts going around on a loop in his head. Would Brenda tell his mom? Would she say something in front of everyone? How the fuck was he going to look Brenda in the face ever again? It was this thought that brought a memory back to Steve and he was amazed he had not remembered it in so long.

Steve had been at Brenda’s house at dusk one evening his senior year of high school. His parents had brought him and his sister with them for a dinner party in honor of his graduation. Steve had walked outside to avoid the inane banter and found a baseball in the yard, likely belonging to Brenda’s dog Dakota. Steve began to toss it up in the air and off a big oak tree in the yard when it took a weird bounce and got away from him. Steve ventured around the corner of the house into some rose bushes to retrieve the baseball and found himself right outside Brenda’s bedroom. He watched through slightly opened shades as Brenda changed clothes and it was the first live not on paper or a TV screen nude woman Steve had ever seen. He watched as she took off her bra and Steve couldn’t believe how huge her boobs were. He watched, afraid to move, as she stripped off her panties to reveal a big black bush of pubic hair before slipping on a nicer, black bra and fresh, fancier panties and slipping a dark red dress over her head. Brenda’s arms were up, the dress just beginning to slip down her arms and Steve could see the black panties and the small tufts of pubes sticking out the top. Steve didn’t think his cock could ever get as hard as it was at that moment. Steve scurried out from behind the rose bushes the instant Brenda walked out of her bedroom and closed the door. He stood in the yard frozen, heart racing and feeling flushed and his erection throbbing with its own pulse in his pants.

Steve was jerked back into reality when his dad walked out of the house and hollered at Steve “Hey buddy, whatcha doing?” Steve felt so guilty and freaked out he barely managed to utter a “Nothing” in response. His dad just laughed and said “C’mon into the house kid, I think dinner is served!” Steve spent the rest of night, and a few weeks after that, barely able to look Brenda in the face.

For a time, Steve had thought quite a bit about that scene, and pleasured himself to the memory of Brenda’s big tits and bushy pussy. But soon Steve had moved on to different inspiration for his masturbation, like Madonna and Cathy Ireland and had not thought of his unintentional peeping tom moment. But now, laying in the quiet dark his mind went back to that scene less than a year ago and his cock grew hard again. Brenda wasn’t hot or petite, like most of the girls he lusted after, but Steve had seen old pictures of his mom and Brenda and knew that she was looker back in the day. And those tits, my god they were big. Brenda was in her late forties, his mom’s age for Christ sake, how could he be laying here wanting to fuck her! MMM, that pussy was nice, he thought. What the hell! Stop thinking that man!

Steve tossed and turned in his bed for hours before finally drifting to sleep sometime after 3 am. This was going to be a weird week at the summer house!

The Next Morning

Steve got up and got dressed in a pair of cut offs and a Raiders t-shirt, dreading the walk downstairs. He pictures his mom sitting at the table, face full of disdain and disgust after hearing from Brenda that her boy was jerking his dick to porn. Steve walked downstairs and was greeted by a cherry “good morning honey!” from his mom who stood making pancakes and bacon for everyone. He had beat Brenda downstairs and hoped that he would be able to wolf down his breakfast and be down by the river before Brenda walked in.

No such luck this morning as Brenda came walking in just as Steve’s breakfast was placed in front of him. Steve looked up at Brenda and Brenda froze as her eye’s locked with Steve’s for one quick moment before they both broke off their gaze. Brenda went and got some coffee and Steve’s mom Barbara started chatting with her, asking her how she slept and such. Brenda kept chatting with Barbara, making a concerted effort to NOT look at Steve directly. Steve was relieved that at least for now he wouldn’t have to make eye contact with Brenda and ate his breakfast at a record pace. Steve was putting his plate in the sink when his mom asked him if he wanted anymore. Steve gave a quick “no thanks!” as he hustled out the door.

Brenda managed to put last night’s incident to the back of her mind pretty well and just chat with her longtime friend throughout the morning. Barbara made breakfast for everyone and Brenda helped her here and there, drinking coffee and chatting and then helping Barbara clean up and wash dishes. deneme bonus It was great to catch up with her oldest friend, they had met their freshman year of high school and been partners in crime ever since, being rowdy teens and young adults until they both settled down and got married around 25. Brenda was enjoying her chat with Barbara, but occasionally would catch a glimpse of Steve out the window and would immediately have last night’s scene flash in her mind, his young nearly naked body on the bed in front of her, hard cock in his hand shooting a huge load. Brenda would push it right back to a corner of her mind, but it kept chirping at her, getting her attention every so often during the conversation. Brenda hoped the distraction wasn’t too obvious when she would struggle to bury the image back into the recesses of her brain.

Steve went fishing with his dad and Calvin. Usually, his disdain for his dad’s old work buddy would have caused him to try and duck out of being stuck in a boat with them for the bulk of the morning but Steve was desperate to put some distance between himself and Brenda, so he even did the majority of the gear loading so they could get out of there. Calvin’s wife Terri hung out in the kitchen for a while before changing into a bathing suit and going out to read on the deck out the back door. Steve’s sister Lisa was down just off the boat dock at the bottom of a long staircase that came off the deck, swimming and sunbathing. Steve snickered at his sister as they pulled away in the boat. He knew she was sunbathing down on the dock instead of the deck hoping some boys would come floating by.

Barbara and Brenda spent most of the morning in the kitchen drinking coffee and bullshitting before going and getting their suits on and walking down to the dock to sunbath as well. They both had relatively modest one pieces, but their cleavage was damn near impossible to cover up completely. Both women were quite well endowed, Barbara’s 38 C’s being attention grabbers anytime except when Brenda and her 44 D’s were around.

The men were down a river a mile or so and having a great morning as far as pulling in the fish. Calvin was going for the Steelhead trout while Steve and his dad Chuck were reeling in some Catfish, all with a high success rate. The day heated up as noon fast approached, Chuck turned the small electric motor back on they started to head back to the house. They could have some sandwiches and clean fish during the heat of the day when the fish usually quit biting anyway. They meandered back, pulling over to some shady spots on the river a few times to try their luck in a cool spot.

Calvin, as usual, ran his mouth most of the morning. Most of his stories were brags about crazy shit he did while in the Navy or sometimes old work stories that included Steve’s dad. As they headed back towards the house, Calvin started talking about women, something Steve hadn’t really heard him talk about before. Then again, Steve was an adult now, so maybe Calvin thought he could take the conversation in that direction now. Calvin started out talking about this woman he used to see when he was in the Navy who lived near the base and how much she loved dick. Chuck glanced at Steve a couple times and looked slightly uncomfortable, but didn’t tell Calvin to stop or shut up. Steve actually felt kind of cool, feeling like he was one of the guys and that his dad thought he was old enough to listen to such talk. Chuck wasn’t exactly encouraging or participating, but wasn’t discouraging Calvin either. Steve didn’t really care for Calvin or his stories of sluts, strippers and whores but nonetheless felt grown up to be allowed to a part of it.

They were just down river from the boat dock when Calvin started in on another story that Steve’s dad did not want Steve to hear.

“Hey Chuck, remember that time at that bar by the coast when Brenda and Barb lost at pool and had to flash their tits to the bar? Those fucking fishermen sure did get a show that ni-“

“Calvin! Shut the fuck up!” Chuck shouted before Calvin could get too deep into his story. Calvin looked back at Chuck and Chuck nodded towards his son.

Calvin stopped in mid-sentence and looked Steve in the front of the boat. “Oh! Shit. Yeah, never mind.”

Steve was shocked. His mom flashing a bunch of men in a bar? He couldn’t, and didn’t really want to, imagine such a thing.

They motored down the river in an awkward silence for a minute or two, although it felt like an hour to Steve before Calvin had to run his mouth again.

“That Brenda though, huh? Those are some amazing knockers that gal has. I could get lost in between those boobies and never be found!” Chuck just let out a small laugh and shook his head. “Jesus Calvin” he sighed.

This caused Steve to think about the glimpse he had caught of Brenda’s bush and over-sized rack a few months earlier and the achingly awkward moment last night. He then began to imagine a drunk Brenda pulling out her huge tits and flashing Steve and he could feel his cock begin to strain at the buttons of his cut-off jeans. Steve tried to adjust his position so it wasn’t so uncomfortable just as the boat come around the bend and the boat dock came into view.

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