Dragon’s Roar

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This story is written for a friend who put the seeds of it in my mind. Parts of this story are true but I did take a lot of liberties with it because it is really his memories and not mine.


It was the fall of 1993. Back when malls were booming. Shannon was in Salem Massachusetts, setting up a new lingerie shop at the Liberty Tree Mall. It had been a rough day for her. Corporate had sent the wrong fixtures and store layout plans. The ones she had were for a different sized store. She had far more merchandise than would fit on the shelves and racks.

By the time she closed up the shop, she had it ready for the grand opening on Monday, but there were still piles of merchandise from floor to ceiling, crammed into the small back room and a decidedly vast amount of shiny linoleum floor sitting bare, waiting for more fixtures to arrive.

She walked out of the mall with frayed nerves and a splitting headache. She heard some of the mall workers talking about a nearby bar. She was staying at a very nice hotel near the mall but she had seen the inside of that bar far more than she cared to remember. It was small and somewhat generic looking, like all hotel bars and the clients were mostly other hotel guests. In other words, boring!

She was up for a change. So she followed along in the shadows to the bar where the others were going. It wasn’t very busy when she entered so she was able to get a table to herself.

Alexander was a shy guy of 23. He worked on a farm. He was about average height but had a well muscled build from slinging bales of hay all day. He was looking forward to watching a basketball game and enjoying his favorite ice cold draft beer. That was the main reason he chose this bar. The beer was uncommon in this area but this bar served it. He chose a table with a good view of the TV and took the first sip of the heady, golden beverage.

Eventually, the bar began to fill up. Alexander kept looking at the door every so often to see if anyone he knew might come in. That’s when he saw her. Shannon. He saw her slender, pale fingers working over the stem of the glass that held her fruity drink. Up and down. Up and down, slowly and seductively. For a fleeting moment, his mind conjured up the image of her soft lips going down on his cock in such a fashion. Up and down. But then he was jarred quickly back to reality.

Seemingly out of nowhere, a thug looking guy appeared. He was large and soft in the middle despite his bulging forearms. His jeans were dirty and his white T Shirt with the pack of cigarettes that was rolled haphazardly into the sleeve was tinged with grease. His head was balding and his teeth looked like they had seen better days. The thug put his beefy hand on Shannon’s emily in paris izle slender arm, leaving finger marks on her skin. He sneered and told her she was going to be his!

Alexander felt his mouth fly open. Everyone else seemed lost in their own world. He glanced quickly around. Perhaps this guy was actually with her? He instantly determined this not to be so. The guy had friends who were egging him on. Shannon sat alone, all 5′ 7″ of her, blazing red hair splaying out around her as her head turned towards the thug, emerald green eyes flashing with anger.

Alexander was a peaceful man. Not a violent bone in his body. But this woman being tormented did something to his insides. From somewhere deep within, he felt the dragon’s roar.

He bolted quickly from his seat. Before he could even say anything, the thug released Shannon’s arm and turned his attention to poor Alexander. A quick blow to the head with a beer bottle took Alexander to the floor. It took him a minute to shake off the pain. Then he stood, grabbed a chair and hurled it at the thug.

Luckily there were cops nearby. They broke up the fight quickly and hauled the ne’er do wells away. Shannon pulled Alexander down into the seat next to her, holding him close. He felt her 36DD’s pressing against him, warm and soft. Her scent was intoxicating. Not that of perfume but a natural womanly aroma that was somehow both comforting and arousing. Despite the throbbing pain on his noggin, he felt his cock stiffening. Suddenly, he felt silly. This woman was clearly older than him. In fact she was 36. He would learn that later.

Shannon gently stroked his hair. Light brown with highlights of blond and red. And then she felt the goose egg! Alexander kept trying to look away but she finally caught his seafoam blue eyes.

“Come with me. I have a room nearby. I’ll, make you feel better!”

Alexander felt the woman take his hand and lead him out the door. He followed her as if in a dream. His head was throbbing. It was all a blur. He just gave in and followed her lead. He barely remembered going through the front door of the hotel or up the elevator to her room.

Once inside, his nostrils were assaulted with that hotel odor that was a mix of stale air and cleaning supplies. Shannon seated him gently into a swivel chair then told him she would be right back.

She returned with a bucket of ice and used the plastic bag that came with it to fashion an ice pack for the swollen lump on his head. She then fished around in the little fridge and brought back some drinks and snacks.

She fed him dark chocolate covered almonds and gave him icy sips of mineral water. The pain in his head remained but overall erşan kuneri izle he began to feel better. He felt out of place though. And he was so shy. He wasn’t sure what to do. But he need not have worried. She took the lead.

She left him sitting in the chair while she began stripping off her clothes. She stood before him naked now, save for some black, thigh high silk stockings with red trim at the top. He was amazed at how small her nipples were compared to the size of her breasts. Pendulous globes of creamy white, Irish flesh topped with pale pink, delicate looking nipples. She looked into his eyes then dropped to her knees before him, running her hands down his chest.

“I can see that your cock needs a lot of attention!”

She ran her fingers over the rapidly rising tent of his pants and he could feel the pre-cum seeping. He wasn’t sure what to do or what to say. He just sat there and felt his cock springing loose and her lips engulfing it. She began bobbing her head up and down over his cock. Soon she established a rhythm. Up and down again and again, each time taking him a little deeper until her lips touched his balls.

He was lost in a world of moaning and panting, his hands tangled in her silky red hair. And then he felt an intense heat surging through his body. The orgasm took him quite by surprise, sending 6 long, thick streams of hot cum into her mouth and throat. She couldn’t contain it all. A little trickle escaped her lips. She giggled, scooped it up with her finger and put it to her tongue to get every drop.

“Come Alexander. We both need some rest.”

He stumbled up from the chair still lost in the stupor of just having had an orgasm and left a trail of clothes on the floor to the bed. He was tired. Very weary and perhaps a little buzzed from the liquor. He collapsed in her arms and felt her put her leg up over his, tucking him in, in warmth and safety. He drifted off to sleep as she kissed his forehead.

It was still dark when he awoke. Shannon’s leg was still over his. He looked at her sleeping sweetly then tentatively ran his hand lightly over her leg through her stocking. He loved the feel of it.

He moved his hand further up her leg and felt her pubic hair tickling his fingers. He kept his fingers there for a time, working them gently through her hair, working up his courage. She let out a small moan, moved slightly but continued to sleep. He let his fingers stray, slowly and softly. He could feel the slickness of her juices between her thighs. He put his fingers to his mouth and tasted.

He woke her by kissing her on the lips. Her eyes fluttered open in surprise as she realized that she could taste her own juices on his tongue. everyone else burns izle They kissed and his hand went back between her legs, seeking out the swollen and slick flesh down there. And then that dragon’s roar took over again. No longer shy, his lips worked their way down her neck to her breasts, taking time to suck her nipples until they were hard as rocks as her crotch was pressing up against his hand.

Her moans grew louder and louder and he kissed his way down to her crotch, working his lips and tongue over her there. Sucking, licking, seeking, tongue thrusting up deep inside her until she was wracked with orgasms and his face was glistening with her juices.

His cock was hard again. It was so much harder than it had ever been before. His balls were aching to cum. He was aching to make her cum again! He straddled her, holding his cock firmly in his hand to help guide it into her.

She cried out with pleasure as the head of his cock entered her. She could feel her lips being spread wide open as the nerve endings came alive. She was still sensitive from the orgasms he had already given her. Her hips pushed up to meet his and she felt the tip of his cock almost make contact with her cervix.

He fucked her slowly at first, but quickly hastened the pace, working his cock in and out of her like a demon as she moaned and clawed at his back with her long fingernails. The two of them on those white, stiffly starched hotel sheets, taking of each other until he filled her with his hot creamy load.

They were thirsty now and hungry. She rifled through the little fridge. She grabbed some things and tossed them on the bed. She wasn’t even sure what they were eating and drinking and neither was he. Something crispy followed by something wet and sweet. Beyond that it didn’t really matter. She sat with her legs pretzeled in front of her, feeling his cum slowly dripping out of her and onto the sheet.

They talked for a while about frivolous things mostly. Many of those details would escape both of them years later. He felt his cock begin to stiffen again. He was sleepy but needy. He positioned himself next to her, pulling her down so they could do a little 69. They enjoyed each other fully, taking their time now. That initial lust had calmed down a bit and they both felt more comfortable with each other.

Alexander didn’t remember going to sleep but his full bladder woke him up. Shannon had drawn a bath and ordered room service. Once the order came, she put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door.

They bathed and ate and climbed back into bed, each of them seemingly more overcome with lust than the night before.

The whole weekend became a lust filled blur. How many times had they fucked? How many surfaces had they fucked on? Even standing naked before the window, her ass pressed against the glass. He could smell her pussy all over him. Taste her in his mouth!

Then the weekend was over. He awoke to the sun streaming through the window and a note on her pillow that said, “Thank You!”

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