Drusilla , Sean Ch. 01

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Drusilla stood at the terminal almost bouncing with excitement. She hadn’t seen Sean in almost 3 months and the prospect of not only having him back in her bed but physically back in her life in general, caused a giddy fluttering in her stomach. The arrival board showed that his plane had landed almost 20 minutes ago. Quickly she checked her make up in a chromed rail and just like last time it seemed fine. The only items of make up she wore were her favorite dark red lipstick and dark eye shadow. Her naturally black hair meant long black eyelashes that no amount of eyeliner would do anything to except clump together. Satisfied that she couldn’t do anything without making things worse she went back to waiting and bouncing slightly on the balls of her feet. It was 5 more minutes before Sean appeared dressed in a rather rumpled grey suit, loosened tie and dragging a suitcase. 6 running steps and she was flying through the air to land quite literally in Sean’s arms. The only reason they both didn’t tumble to the ground was that Sean adroitly caught her then staggered backwards into a pillar. Drusilla’s face had its trademark sun bright, almost too large for her face grin. Sean adjusted her weight balancing her legs and backside across his right arm while with his left he carefully felt around for the handle of his case.

“You know if you’re going to keep doing this every time I get off a plane I think I need to get an American air force uniform, do the whole ‘Top gun’ thing properly.” Drusilla smiled and took an imaginary uniform hat of his head and put it on her own

“I think I could like you in uniform, maybe you out of one even more.” he kissed her, smiled then said

“Your nuts you do know that?”

“Of course and you wouldn’t have me any other way.”

“I suppose your right.” Drusilla then dropped from his arms and started walking backwards to talk to him

“So do you have my present?” She smiled but this time her eyes sparkled daring him to deny her. Sean had a small quarter smile

“What present would that be then?”

“You know exactly what I want for my present, especially if that phone call was true.” he pulled her sideways out of the path of a luggage trolley. Then soberly he said, “I think I know what you mean and it isn’t a present.” her blue eyes darkened and an aggressive almost petulant sneer touched her lips. Sean smiled to show he was winding her up then told her

“I can’t give what is already yours. A present has to be something that you don’t own.” she smiled at him and stuck her hands in the back pockets of her jeans and continued walking backwards.

“That’s actually rather nice once you think about it. Anyway if you’ve kept up your end of the bargain I’m more than willing to keep up mine.” Drusilla looked at Sean inquisitively, her eyes waiting for his response

“I’ll let you judge for yourself when we get back to your flat, but yes I think I have. Also why do you keep making deals for things that you know I would gladly give you if you asked?” her smile was truly impish

“Its always more fun that way.” she reached out grabbed a quick feel of his groin then gracefully turned, fell into step, slipped his left arm over her shoulder and shoved a hand into his back pocket. He looked down at her smiling face; she gave his backside a slight squeeze and said her voice full of affection

“Its feels right like this. I really don’t like it when you leave me alone.” He kissed her on the forehead and replied

“I don’t like leaving you either. Tell you what when we get back I have something interesting to discuss with you.”

No amount of coercion could make him reveal what this was. She gave up when they arrived at her car. The Opel Kadett was beige, almost 50 years old but lovingly cared for. After throwing his suitcase into the junk filled boot with a crash that had Sean fearing for his more fragile possessions, Drusilla thumped down onto the vinyl seats and with an almost loving caress turned the key. The Opel started first time and purred when Drusilla slid it into reverse and smoothly reversed out.

Sean smirked then asked “why is it that you can’t carry a letter up the stairs without dropping it on to your toes but as soon as you put a car in front of you your Darcey Bussell?” she ignored his comment except to punch him hard on the arm. Nursing the bruise and looking out of the corner of his eye at her almost manic grin as she sped through traffic, he smiled and said

“Now I know I am back.”

With Drusilla speeding through rush hour traffic they arrived at her flat within half an hour. Sean jumped out and opened up the garage doors and stood back while Drusilla pulled up next to a BMW that was up on the stand. Sean walked over to the Opel waited till the engine had been turned off, then pulled Drusilla out of the car, closed the door and pushed her up against it to kiss her. She shivered as he ran his fingers across her flat stomach tracing the muscles gold lies videotape izle with manicured finger nails. Her hands went into his back pockets as she pulled him tight against her small form, pressing forward and back to create friction between them. Sean groaned into her mouth then ran a hand up from her stomach and gently pinched a sensitive nipple between his fingers then started to play with the ring piercing it. Drusilla hissed then letting go of his backside pulled his jacket off letting it dangle from the hand that wouldn’t stop playing with her breast. The same happened with the shirt until Sean stood topless except for a silk tie. He stopped kissing her and growled into her ear

“Your ass is mine. I’m going to make you scream as I eat you out then I’m going to fuck you till you can’t cum anymore.” her happy smile and a slight moan as he pulled her t-shirt up and pinched both of her nipples was followed by a rather throaty reply

“Sean you’re talking dirty, your making me so fucking wet.” Sean gave her a savage grin then gripping both of her nipple rings gave them a slight flick. Drusilla gasped from the combination of pleasure and sudden pain. Drusilla’s jacket started to beep as her mobile phone went off. Her intended paramour let go of her piercing and started to reach towards her leather jacket. Quickly she pulled him tight against her in an effort to stop him getting to the phone.

“Let the machine get it. That’s what its there for.” she pleaded and in an effort to divert him slipped a small, strong hand inside his trousers. The phone buzzed again as she gave a surprised grin, then wrapped her fingers around him as if assessing its size.

“Seems somebody has been doing their exercises.” Her Louisiana accent became more pronounced along with Sean’s breathing. The phone beeped again. Almost reluctantly Sean edged them both along the side of the car until he could pass her the phone. She flipped the phone open at the same time as she rubbed just under his frenum causing him to exhale violently. She gave him a sinful smile then asked

“Drusilla Gayle Auto Repair…I have the car booked in now I should have it ready for Thursday…Well I can understand your situation but that would require that I pull an all nighter to get it ready in time…How much was that?…well while that would be nice but I have something that really requires my attention.” she winked at Sean as she continued to caress his turgid member. Gently he tilted her head and started kissing up her neck towards her hair line. Careful to control her breathing she continued talking.

“Again…you serious about that?…if it’s that important that you’re throwing that much money at it then I’ll try but I make no guarantees…And you too goodbye.” she flipped the phone closed causing it to drop out of her hand and tumble onto the floor. Sean stopped kissing her neck line and leant against her.

“I take it that you’re working tonight.” she nodded at the statement.

“He’s offering six times my normal fee because he wants it ready for his wife when she gets out of hospital at 9am.” she smiled part hopefully part shyly

“It means that we’ll have enough to live on for a couple of months and maybe you wont have to keep disappearing on me.” he had a half smile as he leant down and in complete contrast to the almost rough treatment of her seconds ago tenderly brushed her lips with his.

“I can understand that. I’ll pop up to the flat and get you some supper so you can get on.” Drusilla tightened her grip on him and grinned her lustful mischievous grin through slightly smeared dark red lipstick.

“I’ve still got time to help sort your post flight tension.” he pulled her hand out of his suit trousers then kissed the back of it before saying

“Not with out you.” Sean kissed it again then started to pull his even more creased shirt back on. Drusilla pouted

“Why do you have to be such a great and considerate boyfriend, I’d be quite happy to get you off you know.” she made a gesture with her tongue in her cheek mimicking sucking him off. Sean replied

“You have just answered your own question. Why would I settle for having anything less than you being your full perverted, dirty self.” he paused for a beat

“Besides consider it an incentive. If you speed through the work I might bring you a little something extra with your supper.” Drusilla bounced off the car she had been leaning against and fell into Sean as her jeans slipped most of the way down her thighs. Sean patted her athletic bottom through her boyshorts before pulling her jeans up. She looked at him in surprise.

“When did you get around to doing that?” Sean just smiled enigmatically.”

After re dressing and starting work on the car the only time Sean interrupted her work was to bring her a late supper at 9:30. The Linguine Alle Vongole and a green salad and two bottles of Corrs helped repress grind izle her desire to go up to the flat above the garage and spend the evening molesting Sean. It took three hours of cursing and one oil leak to even get the engine to turn over and it was finally one am before the BMW purred into life. Drusilla pulled a greasy rag from her belt and wiped her face and her grimy forearms. A small familiar flicker of satisfaction sparked in the pit of her stomach as she banged down the hood and stretched upwards, her back creaking loudly. She jumped as a pair of arms wrapped around her waist and a pair of cool lips kissed just under her ear.

“I see you’ve finished” Drusilla leant back as a pair of skillful hands made their way under her t-shirt and started caressing her breasts. Realizing that he wanted an answer she gave a slight grunt and reached up to drape her arms around his neck, rubbing the short hairs there. The left hand started insistently tugging and caressing her nipple with its ring, while the other glided down her warm skin and started drawing lazy swirls and spirals on her taught stomach. The lips returned this time to nibble and suck her ear lobe. Slight motes of pleasure floated in Drusilla’s head as Sean’s hand crept down her stomach and stopped at her leather belt. Eyes slitted she could hear a slight hiss of leather as the belt was undone and pulled from the loops on her blue denim jeans. His left hand snaked down to join his right and deliberately snapped the buttons open one by one. She could feel his breath slide down her back and suddenly he seemed to slide down her as well. Hands tugged down her jean and when they were mid calf stopped, Drusilla closed her eyes again as Sean slithered back up her body, lifting her top and running what felt like an electric current up her spine, but in reality was his tongue. Her black top was pulled off and tossed away. A harsh but playful voice whispered in her ear

“I told you that your ass was mine.” it paused a beat, hot breath playing about her throat “I meant literally.” by this point Drusilla was giddy with excitement and purring with pleasure as she felt the rough fabric of Sean’s top rubbing against her pale, sensitive back. Calloused fingers flowed along her arms, pulling them out wide then loosely circling her wrists. He nipped at her swanlike neck, each bite causing her to pant. His sensual grip tightened and he pushed her down onto the hood of the ticking over BMW. She could feel every torrid millimeter of him as he pressed his groin against her cotton covered butt. Sean crossed her hands over the small of her back, leant down until he spooned her bent over form.

“The bindings on your wrists are made of the most binding of things, desire. They wont give because of your desire to have me do this, but because you might not desire what happens if you do.” he was no longer pressing against her instead she heard the snick of a knife locking open, then the body temperature touch of the blade, it sheared through her black lace boyshorts with a whisper. The same happened on the other side and then apart from the bunched up jeans she was naked as the day she was born. As the blade left her skin she shivered with pleasurable anticipation as the blunt back of the blade traced patterns along her back. Then a sharp metal ringing and hands roughly pulled her buttocks apart and a tongue swiped a broad swath across her anus. Drusilla almost yelp in surprise then settle down, purring as it then started to dance around the rim before darting in provoking a deep groan of desire. Again it danced around then stabbed into her. Light and electric motes twirled before her closed eyes.

“Yes you dirty fucker tongue my ass, you fucking love that I haven’t washed it all day, you love the sweaty taste…” she cried out as not pausing a beat Sean slapped her left buttock. Drusilla grunted with pleasure as his tongue seemingly grew and expanded into her, stretching her then it was gone. She mewled needily until a slick, lubricated finger took the tongue’s place. Sean had been careful to warm the lube up as the finger started tracing small circles around her pucker. A deep chuckle sounded when her breathing became more ragged when the finger dipped in then out, in and out. Drusilla felt herself loosen slightly and Sean’s finger slid an inch in. The finger stopped as something ran the length of her slit, circling around her clitoris. Drusilla almost moved a hand to play with herself but she stopped. Sean was right; she wasn’t worried about him doing this she was terrified that he might stop. Her bodies’ primitive desires raged against her mind causing her to thrash around slightly. In the end she resorted to the only thing she could think of that might have some success. She started pleading her accent becoming very pronounced and thick with desire

“Please Sean let me play with myself, I can’t take this anymore I’m burning up so much. My tits are about to burst unless you do something, gunthers millions izle please Sean I’m begging you touch my nipples bite them just do something. I’ll do anything…ahh…fuck my asshole, that’s it slide your fingers in and out, come on you…ah…you, you fucking bastard! Please I can’t take much more…ah!” by now the fingers on one hand were slowly gliding around and stroking Drusilla’s clitoris. It was at this point that Sean decided to add another finger, making sure it was slick he teased her with it

“So you dirty bitch you want me to pull your piercing’s, you want me to bite your nipples?” his second finger nudged gently along his index. Drusilla bit her lip at the sensation. When the note of pleasure had rung to its climax she started speaking again.

“Yes I fucking need it. I don’t care what you do, hell you could hit me with a brick and I’d come. Please baby, please pull my nipple ring or flick my clit please! I want you so much I…I…” the second finger was now lodged next to the first which caused Drusilla to cum, hard. So hard that she couldn’t speak only moan and gasp. Drusilla’s universe both contracted to the two fingers slowly lodged in her ass, and expanded to her throbbing clit, her sweat slick skin, her pounding heart and sporadic breathing. Her thigh muscles flickered and twitched as she came then with a violent exhalation, she lay panting and sweat covered on the BMW, looking just like she had sprinted a marathon. Sean chuckled quietly and without letting her get her breath back he started sliding the two fingers in and out of her, occasionally twisting them around. Drusilla’s breath kept catching each time the fingers pushed in, she was getting dizzy from lack of oxygen and pleasure. Far away from the pleasure building in her pelvis she heard a voice say

“I think we’ll move on from the fingers. Oh Drusilla! Breath. I want you to stay with me sweet thing, you wont want to miss this.” She could here the evil smirk in his voice as he removed the fingers. She felt empty and alone for seconds before something larger pressed against her opening. She could feel every partical of her anus as it stretched open, occasional jags of pain or flashes of pleasure stood as counterpoint to the deep burning lust that was being elicited by Sean rubbing along the underside of her clit. Drusilla exhaled and the head pushed in and stopped. It pulled back slightly causing her to grudgingly open then it was pushed forward again, the hand on her clit felt like it had been sent by Aphrodite. Drusilla’s head swam even more from the heady mix of pleasure, pain and lack of oxygen. Her body burned and her anus felt as if flames should be spouting from it as Sean pushed further in. Just when she felt full and stretched open she heard

“I fucking love the way your asshole looks with my dick in it all white and stretched.” Sean’s hips surged forward slightly causing her to groan with pain spiced pleasure. Sean’s mocking, taunting tones became more so

“And just think its only half in, there’s inches left.” Drusilla almost wilted at the thought. Sean just smiled and started gently thrusting the half that was inside her in and out. Every so often he would give a little surge of his hips and embed an extra half inch. Each time Drusilla gave a sound like a sexually excited buffalo then after she could breath again she felt Sean hold and pour a liquid on his shaft. Where it touched her the cold made her jump. Sean started to thrust again and soon the liquid had warmed as he glided in and out. Sean tangled his fingers in her dark lustrous hair and pulled her back against him as he sunk his full length into her. With the build up and the taboo nature of the sex, the slight pain from her scalp pushed her over the edge. Her sphincter clamped down on Sean as he kissed her ferociously still rubbing her white hot clit. Drusilla’s nerves felt as if they were trying to burn though her skin and the sensation got more intense as Sean finally came. The spatter of his warm cum inside her was enough to prolong her orgasm. It got so intense that she had to pull Sean’s hand away from her to prevent her leg’s giving completely. Holding her tightly to him Sean carefully pulled out of her and lay down with her atop the still warm BMW.

Both lay atop the BMW panting from exertion. Sean carefully extracted himself from Drusilla and lay on his back next to her. Drusilla ran her hand through her black sweat soaked hair and turned onto her left hip to look at Sean.

“You’ve never been that vocal before?” panted Sean. It took Drusilla several seconds to get enough air back to answer

“You’ve never fucked me like that before.” a sated smile danced around her lips

“Fuck me that was incredible. It was better than I thought it would be.” she nuzzled against Sean arms holding him firmly, and wrapping herself around his side, a long, athletic leg intertwined with his. She sighed then chuckled

“You can definitely tell you’ve been doing your exercises. I really noticed it when you pushed it into my ass, how much has it grown?” Sean thought for a second then said

“About three quarters of an inch around and half an inch in length.” Drusilla looked up and asked

“If I ask nicely do you think you’ll keep doing them?”

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