Dykescapes III

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Big Tits

“Everything is arranged,” Veronica says.

She sits down at our table, sips her coffee, smiles at me.

I’m uneasy. It’s a hot idea, but I’m really not that adventurous. No, this idea isn’t just hot, it’s wild. Crazy wild.

“Veronica, are you sure about this?”

“I thought we agreed. You’re not backing out, are you?”


“Good. It’s all set up. They have the room number and they said she’ll be there at nine sharp. Her name is Maria.”

Last week the idea seemed like a marvelous lark. We would have an “escort” service send a girl to us in a hotel. A few wild hours to celebrate the beginning of our third year together. Everyone says the average lesbian relationship lasts two years, but we’re starting our third. Veronica thought of a way to celebrate, and last week the idea did excite me.

But now I don’t know. Yes, I do know — I’m still excited, but I’m uncertain about it. Uncertain about what? I don’t really know. Anyway, it’s too late, the arrangements have been made. I agreed, didn’t I?

Veronica and I leave the restaurant and walk the two blocks to the hotel where we’ve reserved a room. I’m sorry about the hotel now, because I think I’d be more comfortable in our apartment. But Veronica insisted on the hotel room. She never likes strangers coming to our place. Silly, isn’t it? I wouldn’t mind it at home at all.

It’s a good hotel, not cheap. Veronica never likes anything cheap. We ride the elevator to the sixteenth floor, and once we’re inside the large luxuriously appointed room I feel much better.

Veronica kisses my lips lightly, her fingers pinching one of my nipples through my blouse. “Why don’t the two of us stay the night here afterwards? We’ll have room service bring us breakfast in bed.”

I tell her I’d love it. What a marvelous idea!

Precisely at nine o’clock, someone knocks on the door. Veronica goes to the door, opens it, and a tall brunette walks in smiling at us.

“Hi, I’m Maria. I’m not late, am I?”

She’s stunning, maybe twenty-five, long dark hair, dark eyes, a willowy figure in a tight red dress, sheer dark hose and strap sandals with stiletto heels.

Now it’s Veronica who is not so confident. Maria is more than we expected. Much more. I actually thought we might have a bubble-gum chewing bimbo on our hands, but this is something else.

Veronica introduces us. Maria smiles, looks at us warmly. “If you have something to drink, I’d love it.”

“Scotch? There should be some in that little bar.”

“That’s fine.” She puts her purse down on the dresser, and she walks to the window to look at the lights of the city. “Nice view, isn’t it?”

The view I’m looking at is nice also. What I’m looking at is her round ass. Her dress is so tight the curve of each cheek is visible. Her legs are lovely too, with full calves and slender ankles.

Veronica brings each of us a drink, and then she returns with her own.

Maria lifts her glass and says: “I can see you’re both nervous. But just relax and we’ll have a great time.”

Veronica has recovered some of her poise. “Do you often get two…?

“Two women?”


Maria laughs. “Not as often as I’d like. But it happens once in a while, and I think tonight will be one of the better times because I already like both of you. istanbul escort Really.”

I wonder if she’s merely saying that. It’s for money, isn’t it? But she seems honest; she has an open honest face and I believe she does like us. That’s crazy, isn’t it? We’ve bought her time, and yet I still want her to like us.

Maria asks permission to switch on the radio, and she finds a soft rock station that mellows the mood quickly.

Maria says: “Do you have anything particular in mind, or would you like me to start things?”

Veronica looks at me and we agree with our eyes. “There’s nothing particular,” Veronica says.

Maria gives us a pretty smile. “All right, why don’t you both sit and I’ll do a strip for you and we’ll see how it goes.”

Veronica and I sit down in the two easy chairs. The ice is shaking in my glass. I’m nervous again, but now it’s because my excitement is so intense. Yes, I want to watch her strip. I want to see what she has under that tight red dress.

The beat of the music is heavy and sexual. She’s adept, graceful, her hips swaying just enough to make her movements totally erotic. The dress has a hidden zipper that runs completely down her right side, and she pulls at it slowly, slowly, opening her covering, peeling herself open, emerging like some ripe tropical fruit from its outer skin. When the zipper is down to her thigh, she pushes the dress off each shoulder and she wiggles it down, drops it to the carpet and steps out of it.

Veronica glances at me, a smile hovering at her lips. She’s excited; I can see it in her eyes.

Maria is a hot dream. She wears a red lace bra that pushes up her full breasts, a red g-string, a thin red garter belt to hold up her dark hose. She smiles and deliberately turns to show us the rear view, and my excitement intensifies because I like asses and this one is exquisite. Her ass is totally exposed because the thong of the g-string is tight between the full round cheeks, tight in the dark deep split.

While she still has her back to us, she unhooks the bra and removes it, tosses it away, then slowly turns to face us again with her hands lifting her breasts and holding them out to us like two melons. The areolas are wide and brown, the nipples thick and mouth watering.

She moves toward us, her body swaying, moving close enough so that I can see the sheen of sweat near her dimpled navel. Veronica is on her left and I’m on her right. She comes to me first, dangling her breasts over my face, her body swaying, tantalizing me. Then she moves to Veronica and she does the same. Her body is a lovely arrangement of lush curves, her legs exquisite in the dark hose.

Stopping half way between our two chairs, supporting her breasts with her hands, she leans forward a bit. “Someone be nice to me and suck one of these.”

Again, Veronica glances at me, and I say: “Go on, Veronica.”

Maria immediately moves to Veronica to offer her breasts. Veronica lifts her face, opens her mouth, and Maria makes a sound of pleasure as she feeds one of her thick nipples to Veronica’s lips.

My body is tight with sexual tension. I want to touch myself, but I hold back. The scene amazes me: the two of us, Veronica and I, still fully dressed, while this dark-haired beauty entertains us.

Entertaining Veronica. Veronica avrupa yakası escort is holding the breast herself now, holding the breast with one hand while the other hand fondles the other breast. Veronica sucks at the nipple, pulls back, licks it, sucks it again. Then she moves her mouth to the other breast and she does the same.

Maria groans. “Oh baby, I like it.” Her nipples are swollen, puffed out, more reddish than before.

Veronica finally pulls away for good, licking her lips, Maria’s breast wet with her saliva. “Her turn now,” Veronica says, gesturing in my direction.

Maria smiles at me as she approaches my chair. She moves in close to hang her luscious breasts over my face. I can smell her perfume, her sweat, a hint of her sex. I run my hands over her hips and up to her breasts, and I gently tug at them to get one of her nipples in my mouth.

She murmurs something. I don’t hear it. All I care about is the sweet-tasting nipple in my mouth. I suck all of the areola, then just the nipple. I pull at it with my lips and teeth. Then I move to the other breast, licking and sucking the nipple, nibbling at it until it swells even further.

She pulls away when I release her. “I’m hot,” she says. “I like both of you. Both of you turn me on.”

Her body moving again to the music, she smiles at us as she slowly unties the g-string, tugs the ends, teases us by keeping it in place. Finally, she tugs it free of her body and she sends it sailing across the room to land in my lap.

I’ve lost all reserve. I lift the g-string to my nose and I sniff it. The mixture of perfume and pussy scent is heavenly.

Maria has a hand between her legs, lightly rubbing herself. All she has on now is the garter belt and hose and high heels. She’s like a Penthouse centerfold, but more exotic, and certainly more real. She has a thick dark bush trimmed into a neat triangle. Now she opens herself, her fingers peeling her labia apart, teasing us by showing her clit and then covering it again.

I want to look at it. I want to look at everything. Does she see it in my eyes?

She approaches me, her hands stroking her belly. She slides her legs apart and says: “I need a finger inside. Won’t you do it?”

Won’t I? My hand slides between her warm thighs to touch her pussy. The lips are thick, wet, easily parted. I penetrate her with only my middle finger, all the way to my knuckle, my finger wriggling in the wet, feeling the heat.

She wriggles her hips as I wriggle my finger in her pussy.

She laughs and pulls away, moves to Veronica and offers herself. “There’s lots of juice,” Maria says.

I have some of it on my finger, and as Veronica’s hand probes between Maria’s legs, I lift my finger to my mouth and taste Maria’s pussy.

Maria glances at me, catches me licking my finger, and she beams at me. “Do I taste good?”


She looks down at Veronica. “What do you think? Go on, taste me.”

Veronica pulls her finger out and licks it clean. “Sweet and hot.”

Maria laughs. “Let’s get on the bed now. Both of you can suck me off. Or I can do the two of you first. Whatever you want. I’m here to please both of you. But first both of you ought to be naked. Don’t you want to get undressed?”

Maria watches bahçelievler escort us as we undress. It seems ridiculous that we’re paying for this and taking orders from her, but she knows what she’s doing. I wouldn’t know what to say or do, and Veronica seems to have lost her usual competence. In this situation, we’re both amateurs. Hah.

When Veronica and I are naked, all three of us get on the bed. Hands are everywhere, six hands and arms moving and sliding like the tentacles of an octopus. I stroke Maria’s thighs and legs and belly. I stroke her nylon-covered calves and ankles. Her body is so firm. I get my fingers in her generous bush. Veronica’s hand meets mine, our fingers tangling in Maria’s wiry pussy hair. Maria laughs. She lifts and opens her legs to let us have a closer look at her pussy. I don’t refuse. I bend over to see the details. Her cunt is lovely, long flowery petals and a thick clitoris, the color of her sex more red than pink, except for the outer folds that are brown. The opening shows her cream, a film of white glistening wetness. Veronica’s head is near mine as she too looks at Maria.

Veronica is the first to suck Maria. She leans over with her hips near Maria’s head, her face sliding between Maria’s thighs, her mouth clamping on Maria’s pussy.

Watching Veronica suck another woman gives me a strange feeling. When she’s doing it to me, I’m usually too preoccupied to notice anything. Now I notice everything. Her blonde hair in disarray. Her flushed face. The wetness on her lips when she lifts her face to flap just the tip of her tongue against Maria’s fat clitoris. Maria is groaning. With her fingers, she pulls at the hood of her clit to get the head out. She mutters something in Spanish. She locks her thighs around Veronica’s head and they roll over to lie on their sides with Maria’s face buried between Veronica’s thighs.

What I have now facing me is Maria’s ass. I touch it. I run my hands over the contours. Stretching out behind Maria, I push my face between her thighs to get at her pussy from the rear. I meet Veronica and we kiss. I can taste Maria on Veronica’s lips. I dip down to lick only briefly at Maria’s cunt, and then I slide back to work my tongue in the groove of Maria’s ass.

Maria shudders as she feels my tongue. “Let me up, I know a better way.”

She gets Veronica on her back. Then Maria climbs over Veronica and straddles her, her pussy over Veronica’s face. As I sit at the foot of the bed, Maria looks over her shoulder at me, licking her lips, smiling in invitation. Nothing is disguised. I’m to have Maria’s ass.

For a while I watch Veronica. My lover. Maria has her knees wide apart, her pussy hunched down on Veronica’s face, her hips rolling slowly, her throat making noises of pleasure as she feels Veronica’s tongue everywhere.

Finally I move in, crouching behind Maria’s ass, bending to slide my face over it. My heart pounds as I work my tongue into the groove and around her anus. Before long I abandon myself, nuzzling between the cheeks, licking her, pushing my tongue inside, doing to her things I never dare do to Veronica.

I find my clit with my fingers and I rub it as I lose myself in Maria’s ass. I come hard. Maria seems to sense that I’m coming as she humps her ass against my face.

Later, Maria sucks each of us in turn, sucking Veronica until Veronica comes, then sucking me until I come buckets on her face.

Maria stands up. She smiles at us as Veronica and I lie side by side on the bed. Brushing her hair away from her face with her fingers, Maria says: “I told you I like you.”

– End –

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