Eating At The Park Bench

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A text comes thru,

“The park bench 1/4 mile from the boat ramp.” she added, “Fill a sandwich bag full of peanut butter, put your cock and balls in it and wear it to the meeting.”

God I have to admit it was strange, and kinky, this woman knew how to drive me crazy. As I slid the sticky mess into my shorts it felt good. It probably felt better than anything my cock had touched in awhile. This was a new experience as I drove to the location I had been summoned to.

Having been there many times I know the place. Its quiet, and a bit off the normal path. I wonder what is in store for me when I get there. Driving my car to the destination I get hard as hell, it never fails to excite me! I pull into the closest parking space, and see the van of the couple that owns me, uses me. My cock was warm in that melting bag of sloppy peanut butter..

As I round the last turn turn of the trail I see them sitting on the bench smiling. Slightly older than me, but healthy and not unattractive. Before I was even close to them I could smell the fresh sex in the air, all those musty wonderful things I live for. I walk to the bench and kneel between her legs. She lifts her dress to reveal a red shaved pussy, freshly fucked and glowingly smothered with his and her cum.

Did you do what I told you? she snapped at me.

I nodded yes and pulled canlı bahis the leg of my shorts aside so she could see the ever melting mess I was soaking in.. The two of them HOWLED in laughter, I couldn’t even understand what they were trying to say to each other. It seemed pretty obvious who was the butt of the joke though.

“You have finally found your match, someone of the same caliber as yourself” roared her husband “You truly are a glutton for punishment!”

She motions to her pussy with a finger, her hand still shaking from laughter…

I move in and press my lips on that fire hot mound and just soak my nose and mouth in her slit. There is nothing quite like a fresh set of lips pressed against your mouth, smooth and soft like nothing else really.

She pulls my head deeper between her legs making me eat her sloppy ass as well. Its been fucked good because its very loose and spongy . I bet it will be sore for a few days, but right now I work it softly with my tongue. Its amazing how receptive a tight asshole is to a tongue once its been pounded with a cock. My tongue fully extended ,my teeth bared from reaching into her.. I burrow down with my face , my lips sore from the stretching of my extended tongue.

“He is really enjoying that honey” Her husband chuckled “I imagine his tongue slides in easy with the amount of time I spent bahis siteleri in there today.”

“You hear that you little pig?” She half grunted as she spoke. “Do you realize the places you put that tongue of yours?’ then she laughed and said “I am not sure how this figures into the five second rule for dropping food.”

They both roared with laughter, I felt her ass hole push and extend towards and around my tongue as she tightened her muscle from her laughter.

She rocks back lifting her knees and spreading some for me. I lean into her and dig like a cat at a bowl of milk. My face sliding up and down her moist groin. Her husband motions for me to move back and he works a pair of her panties into her pussy ..almost hiding them completely.

Reaching down she grabs my groin and slowly squeezes, the runny mess runs down my thighs, soaks my crotch, and seeps thru my clothes… but having her touch me was worth it, it is a rarity, and usually not as gentle as this.I think I nearly exploded from her grip and the soft squishy disaster in my shorts..I must have closed my eyes to long enjoying the stimulation because Suddenly her grip grew tight and yanked at me as she withdrew her hand… Now her partner had a surprise for me..

” I brought something for you” calmly said her husband, like he was talking to an old friend, not someone whose bahis şirketleri face was fresh from being buried in his wife’s ass.

Then he pulls a butt plug from a fast food sack sitting on the bench and holds it near my mouth, I suck it in, not knowing where it has been. He twists and turns it until its covered with my spit, then withdraws it from me, and sinks it into her still loose ass. She moans from the feeling nearly as much as I did from the sight of it. Her ass gripped and contracted, squeezing that rubber plug like a dogs chew toy. After a few minutes she leaned forward, pulled the toy from her ass and wiped it across my face until it at least appeared clean.

Pulling the panties from her pussy made her gasp some,they were crumpled and soaked. They held the shape from her insides they were so wet.. Smiling at me she slowly stuffed them in my mouth,wiping her fingers off as she went.

“Their is one more surprise for you!” she giggled as she put on rubber gloves..

My heart skipped a beat..would I get more attention from her hands today than ever before?

“Close your eyes, and keep them closed.” she whispered in my ear.

Then I sensed she had bent down before me, my heart racing.. she pulled my messy cock and balls out tight from my body, and then I felt a cool slick feeling against me and a CLICK as the lock she had placed around the base of my balls clicked shut.

They both got up and walked away. Then turning before they disappeared she said….

“Don’t take my panties out of your mouth until you get home.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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