Educating Caesar Ch. 09

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Roxanna was sitting at her dressing table when she heard the heavy footfalls at the door to her chambers, followed by the sound of the bolt sliding into place across the doorway. She rose and rushed into the room. He did not speak as he stalked toward her. He did not smile as he wrapped his hands around her arms. There was no prelude at all; he grabbed her and roughly covered her mouth with his own, forcing her lips open with his tongue. He pressed his body against her and, even through his tunic and heavy toga, she felt him hardening. She had never seen his temper until now. She found it exhilarating.

“Undress,” he ordered, his voice an angry growl. She removed her tunica. “Undress me,” he said in the same tone. He sat for her to remove his shoes and then stood still as she unwrapped the toga, bowing only enough to allow her to pull the tunic over his head. She folded and set aside his clothing and then stood before him, her eyes lowered like a slave.

“On your knees; take me in your mouth.” Roxanna did not hesitate, nor did she tease him with the slow flicks of her tongue as she did normally. She did as she was told, taking his long, hard length into her mouth until he was pressed against the back of her throat. Caesar said nothing and made no noise; he grabbed two handfuls of her hair and moved her head as he liked. She wanted to look up at him, to see the lust in his eyes, but she was determined to do exactly what he said and nothing else. It had been many years since any man had treated her this way and she had always hated it. Caesar, however, was not just any man; she was already powerfully aroused at this treatment from him.

He pulled her head away and released her hair. “On your hands and knees on the edge of the bed, now!” Roxanna followed his orders without meeting his eyes. Caesar stepped close behind her and pushed two fingers inside her. She bit her lip to keep from moaning. He grabbed a fistful of her long, red hair and raised her upper body, pulling her head back so he could speak directly into her ear. “Already wet.” The words were spoken like an accusation. He curled his fingers inside her as he caught her earlobe between his teeth and bit with enough force to make her whimper before he pushed her roughly back down onto her hands. He replaced his fingers with his thick cock and began fucking her hard and fast.

Roxanna tried to remain quiet, but could not prevent an occasional soft moan from escaping her lips. She was playing the prostitute for him, but there were limits to her self-control. When she had sold her body to men, she had always pretended to enjoy their attention; now that she was no longer for sale, she found it strange that she was compelled to pretend NOT to enjoy Caesar’s attention.

She was aware of every move he made and immediately noticed when one of his hands released its tight grip on her waist. He pulled his cock out and rammed his middle finger inside her for an instant; then he plunged his shaft back inside her. She opened her mouth, but restrained the cry she longed to utter at the sensation of his slick finger pushing against her other opening.

“How many men have you accommodated here? Answer me!”


“Do not lie to me!”

“None! Never!”

“Shall I be the first to penetrate your tight little ass, then?”


“No?” He increased the pressure of his finger against her.

“Please don’t…”

“You’ll have to do better than that. Beg!”

“Oh, please, please, I beseech you, Master! Please do not penetrate me in that way!”

“Master; I like the sound of that. I will grant your request- for now,” he laughed savagely and drove his cock deeply inside her, “but only because your cunt is so perfectly made for my pleasure.” His body slapped against her ass with every deep, hard thrust.

Roxanna bit her lower lip, trying desperately to maintain control of her body.

He grabbed her hair again, but only jerked her head up. His voice was low and threatening, “I am bumping against the mouth of your womb. Does it frighten you, knowing I could fill you right now with my seed?”

His rough snowpiercer izle treatment and his threat to seed her womb were more than she could bear. Caesar was about to make her come and she was powerless to keep that from happening. All she could do was hold her breath and try to stay quiet.

She made little noise, but there was no way to prevent her body from shuddering or her muscles from squeezing him. He was not fooled, for he issued his next command at the apex of her climax.

“Roll over!”

Roxanna, still quaking in orgasm, was unable to comply.

Caesar delivered a sharp, open-handed slap to her ass. “Roll over, now!”

Roxanna felt the sting of his slap as if she had been branded; in her sensitive state, she could feel the heat left behind by all of his fingers as if they were still upon her. The effect of his retribution was amazing. She had been coming when he delivered the blow, but now the pleasure spread and soared even higher. She gasped and moaned as it seized her entire body. She would not have been able to obey his command even if her mind had processed it.

His second slap was to her other buttock; it was harder than the first. “On your back, now, whore!”

Roxanna’s upper body collapsed onto the bed. The broad boarders of her reality shrank to the stinging flesh of her ass and the explosive orgasm that now centered on his rigid manhood thrusting into her. She suddenly felt every straining vein in his cock, his retracted foreskin, and his bulbous glans. Every ripple and ridge of him stroked every pleasure-sensing nerve inside of her. Roxanna cried out as he took her even higher and she felt a great gush of her pleasure washing over his cock in the split second before he withdrew for his next thrust, which allowed it to flow from her body. She had forgotten about keeping quiet, but the only noise she was capable of was a series of near breathless grunts. The exquisite sensations consumed her, further shrinking reality until, finally, reality gave way altogether.

Caesar had been very angry when he arrived. Roxanna had nothing to do with his fury, yet he had known she would alleviate his anxiety; she would allow him to drain his anger inside her body. The anger evaporated from him as if had never existed when he realized he had never felt her come so hard, nor had he ever heard this particular noise from her. He suddenly knew he had driven her to a place she had never been before.

He turned her onto her back gently, keeping himself inside her. Roxanna’s entire body always jerked and shuddered when she came; now, she was oddly limp, though he could feel the strong paroxysms gripping his member. The position he had her in at the moment was one of her favorites. She normally stretched her legs up and across his chest, now she did not support them at all. Her eyes were not completely closed, but the crescents of white visible between her eyelids alarmed him. She had lost consciousness.

He climbed onto the bed, calling her name as he pulled her upright, against him. Her head fell like a lead weight against his chest. Caesar cradled her in his arms and continued calling her name. He stroked her face with one hand, then grasped her chin and shook her head gently. “Roxanna!” Caesar looked from her to the bolted door, knowing he would have to release her in order to call for help. He was halfway to the door when he heard her whisper.

“Caesar… Caesar?” She turned her head, looking for him.

Relief flooded him as he rushed back to her and cradled her in his arms again. “Roxanna! What is wrong? Did I hurt you? Are you…”

Roxanna whimpered in his arms, her eyes on his face.

“I shall send for my own physician,” he whispered, not knowing if she heard or understood. He gently laid her back down but, before he was able to leave the bed again, she gripped his wrist.

“I am not leaving you, my love. I must unbolt the door in order to…”

His explanation trailed into silence as Roxanna pulled his hand to her sex and ground it hard against her.

“Roxanna, you are not well, I must…”

“Do it again!” so help me todd izle Her sweet, smoky voice was strong and her eyes were wide and lucid. “Do it!”

Caesar shook his head and glanced briefly at the bolted door. She writhed and moaned as she moved herself against his hand. Her nipples were fully engorged and a deep rose color. Her tongue traced her parted lips lasciviously.

Fear had driven away passion, but now, watching her, feeling the wet heat of her beneath his hand, Caesar was torn between reason and desire. He knew he must think rationally. “Roxanna, listen to me! Have you any idea what just happened?”

She continued writhing upon the bed, though her lips curled into a suggestive smile. “I know I have never experienced anything like it before… mmm… and I know I want to experience it again.” She tugged his arm, trying to pull him on top of her.

“You fainted, Roxanna! Do you understand me? You were completely limp and unresponsive. I could not bring you out of it. I was on my way to summon help when you came to. Are you ill? Did you have too much wine or perhaps some other intoxicant before my arrival?”

Roxanna’s brow furrowed and she ceased her movements, trying to make sense of his words. “I…” she shook her head, “I am… fine.”

“You were not fine a moment ago! Tell me what you remember, from the time of my arrival to now.”

“Caesar, I…”

“Tell me!”

“I was checking my appearance in the mirror when I heard you enter and bolt the door. You did not greet me. You were…angry. Yes, you were very angry! You anger was not for me, though I knew you meant to channel it through me.” Roxanna closed her eyes and shivered; her voice dropped to a whisper, “Oh, how I wanted you to unleash that fury upon me!” She opened her eyes and smiled seductively at him. “Your anger demanded a whore, not a lover, and so I became your whore, following your brusque commands.”

Caesar’s eyes fell to her lips as she spoke, then to her nipples. Her memory was unimpaired. Her words brought back the moments of which she spoke, but these were her memories and they were infused with her own feelings. She had been aroused by his anger and eager to please him, just as he had known she would be. He looked up at her eyes. “Go on,” he said.

Roxanna caught the trace of excitement in his voice and saw it in his dark eyes before she looked back down between his legs. Most of their time together was spent naked; this was far from the first time she had seen him flaccid. What she had never seen was the transformation in progress. She licked her lips and swallowed.

“You told me to undress and so I did. You watched. Your eyes lingered on my breasts. You opened your mouth ever so slightly and I knew you wanted to feel my nipples between your teeth.” His manhood moved slightly in what appeared to be a throb, except that he maintained the slight increase in size. Roxanna looked up into his eyes again. He nodded for her to continue.

“You told me to undress you. You sat so I could remove your shoes. Your legs were spread. It seemed I fumbled with those damned shoes forever, when all I could think about was pushing aside your toga, lifting your tunic and tasting you.” He throbbed again, lengthening against his thigh. Roxanna sighed before she continued. “You stood so I could remove your clothing. I folded it and then stood before you with my eyes lowered like a slave.” She laughed softly. “How fortunate your slaves are; they have the best view in the city! You ordered me onto my knees,” Roxanna paused, and gave a small shake of her head without lifting her eyes. “I do not remember going to my knees; I don’t know if I simply fell or lowered myself gracefully. All I can remember is how badly I wanted you in my mouth.” Another throb brought him to the halfway point. Roxanna was caught off guard by the sensuality of watching his growing arousal.

Caesar did not know which was more exciting, hearing her side of their tryst or the knowledge that she was watching the effect of her words upon him. “Go on,” he urged in a whisper.

“I…” she sokağın çocukları izle swallowed again and licked her lips. ” You…” she sighed and pressed her thighs together. “I closed my mouth around you. Mmm… I love that. I love your taste and your smell and the way you feel on my tongue. I wanted to lick you, but your tension would brook no teasing. You grabbed my hair and…” She paused, closing her eyes for a moment. She absently lifted her right hand and laid it on her thigh as she opened her eyes. “You grabbed my hair and… mmm… gods… you fucked my mouth!” Roxanna’s eyes widened as the next powerful throb lifted his cock off his thigh. She moaned.

“Don’t stop now.”

“I wanted to… I wanted you to…” she shook her head and looked up into his eyes for a second before she returned them to his swelling prick. “You told me to get on the bed… on my hands and knees… I had to struggle to keep quiet when you… when you…” the hand on her thigh slid upward, but Caesar brushed it away. Roxanna gasped. “You put your fingers inside me! I thought you were going to use your fingers on me, but then you… oohhh… you pulled me up by my hair. You bit my ear. Then you finally slammed your cock inside me- hard… so hard, so fast, and so perfectly! You threatened to… you made me beg you not to penetrate my nether regions. I called you ‘Master,’ which you liked.” She closed her eyes and smiled. “You asked if I was afraid you would seed my womb.” Her eyes opened and she laughed sexily. “I tried so hard not to, but I could not help it. You made me come.” Roxanna saw the massive throb that brought his rigid member up against his belly. “Caesar…”

“Finish it!”

“You… I don’t know! You said something. You told me to do something, but I was trying to be quiet… and I was coming, coming, coming.” Roxanna gasped as the memory flashed in her mind. “You struck me! Gods! I did not know such pleasure existed,” she whispered. “It was as if…” she smiled. “It was like the first time I ever experienced the climax of sexual release- but… even that description does not do it justice.” She looked into his eyes.

“You are well, then,” Caesar asked.

Roxanna shook her head slowly, “No,” she whispered. She reached up and pulled him down against her, her eyes on his mouth. “I fear I cannot survive much longer.”

A ghost of a smile flitted across Caesar’s face; he was too highly aroused to manage a more elaborate expression. He knew this game would be brief. “Is there no cure for what ails you?” His lips brushed hers as he spoke.

“Oh, yes,” she whispered, looking into his eyes as she wriggled her legs free beneath him and then spread them wide.

“Where must I go to find this cure?” His breath was warm on her face and he nipped at her upper lip before drawing back, out of her reach.

“You carry it with you always. Please, do not keep it from me any longer,” Roxanna begged as she wrapped her legs around him.

Caesar continued tormenting her, sucking her lips into his mouth, reaching between them to fondle one of her breasts. He loved to whip her excitement into a frenzy before giving her what she wanted.

“Caesar… the delicious weight of your body on top of me… the sound of your breathing… the scent of your skin… they are driving me mad… ohh Caesar, please, please… I am so close…”

Roxanna’s voice was so soft he could barely make out her words. He lowered his head, placing his lips against her ear; his voice was as soft and low as hers had been. “How close, Roxanna?” She moaned and clutched his back. He smiled against her ear, “Ahh… you ARE close.”

“Please… ohh… gods, Caesar… don’t do this!”

“Why not? You know you love it.”

“I need you inside me!”

Caesar laughed softly, “And I need to BE inside you.”

Roxanna whimpered and shuddered.

This was the reaction he wanted. His next whisper was tinged with urgency, “Deep inside you.”

She gasped and tensed beneath him, “No more… please… I can’t… oh… too close…”

“How close, Roxanna?”

“NOW, Caesar! Right now!” Her words gave way to an anguished cry.

Caesar reached between them quickly to guide himself into her writhing and bucking body. He groaned loudly as the first gush of his seed bathed her labia, and then he buried himself inside her to the hilt in a single stroke.

Roxanna held him close as they quaked and moaned in pleasure.

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