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I had met Janice at a college party. She was topless, kneeling atop a sturdy table, with one sorority girl roughly biting and groping her luscious breasts while another was kissing her fiercely. Not surprisingly, several dozen of us drunk guys surrounded the table, cheering them on.

With such an unusual beginning to a friendship, I knew that Janice appreciated the female form. I was surprised when she actually asked me out a few weeks later, and from the way she hung onto me when perfectly sober, I was quite pleasantly surprised to see just how much she appreciated the male form as well.

Now, a year later, we are engaged and living in a small apartment just a few blocks from main campus. How strange that a topless drunk babe wildly involved with two other topless drunk babes would become my fiancée!!!

While Janice and I truly love each other, we also enjoy commenting on the many coeds on campus and in the surrounding area. When we buy or rent adult films, they are often lesbian films, or titles featuring one guy with multiple girls. Sexually, she remains exclusive to me, which I genuinely appreciate, although I do fantasize about watching her being intimately involved with one of her stunning friends.

She was never güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri a model, but could certainly be one if her forthcoming biology career does not work out for her. Janice definitely enjoys being in front of a camera: manual camera, video camera, Web camera, even pinhole camera. Somewhat often, she is in front of my digital camera – sometimes socially covered, sometimes in various states of undress. And whenever she sees a picture of a young woman which particularly appeals to her, her “competitive” nature kicks in and she wants to emulate it, trying to match it or – even better – improve upon it in some way.

Such was the situation when Janice returned home from a study group one night. Earlier in the evening, I had come across an interesting wallpaper on the Internet, featuring an image of a slickened coed, the oil making her nude body reflect the lights (positioned behind the camera) quite nicely; propped up on her elbows, she grinned as she looked at someone or something off-camera to the left, the background of the shot so dark that her near-albino skin truly stood out even without the oil. I liked the image so much that I had made it the wallpaper on our computer.

When Janice went to the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri computer to check her e-mail, she saw the desktop image, and cooed appreciatively, in that special tone which announces to my ear: “I like that image, and I want to try that!!!”

The next evening, that is exactly what we did. We darkened the apartment, so that the only available light came from the open bedroom doorway well behind me. After covering the table with an old black blanket from my Boy Scout camping days, Janice mounted the table and began to liberally apply the oil to her naked body. I watched, fascinated, as her skin began to reflect the light from the bedroom doorway. Nothing was said between us, and nothing really needed to be said: From the gleam in each eye and the upward curve of her pink-painted lips, I knew that Janice was thrilled to be doing this; from the bulge at the front of my jeans, she knew that I was thrilled to be the one capturing her emulation of the wallpaper on our computer.

Unlike the girl in the image of our computer desktop, Janice had barely any visible markings of having worn a bikini, which already made her emulation superior to the original image. Janice’s hair was longer and a natural güvenilir bahis şirketleri reddish-brown color, adding a little “spice” to the rather dark visual tone. While she did not have a navel piercing, Janice did sport a nasal piercing, which also caught the available light when she turned to just the right position. Completely devoid if pubic hair, just the very tip of her sex was visible above her left thigh as I took my position with the digital camera.

Janice assumed the pose almost perfectly. Unlike the original photo, the bottle of oil was hidden from the camera’s unblinking gaze by her well-oiled torso. I also had Janice turn her head slowly more toward the camera than in the original photo, so I could also capture how the tiny hoop piercing her left nostril also caught the light from the bedroom doorway.

I filled the digital camera’s memory card, each image essentially the same with just a slight variation in angle. I then returned to the computer in the bedroom, transferred all the images, and quickly compared the emulations to the original.

She had indeed improved upon the original.

With plenty of oil remaining, Janice suggested that I should be oiled as well. She moved the large blanket to the floor while I undressed, and we both soon knelt before each other, oiled and slippery, our bodies sliding together in wicked ways as our lips joined and our tongues and hands explored. And I had to wonder…

…did the girl in the original image enjoy such pleasant treatment after being captured in that pose?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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