English 101

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Monday is shaving day. No, not my face either. So naturally when I began my shower at 6:00 for my 6:30 college class, I knew I’d be late. I shaved my pubic hair bald as quickly as I could, still leaving the house at 6:20. Of course, traffic was slow, and I didn’t end up arriving to campus until 5 minutes after class had started.

I hustled to the evening class. It was the first day of classes, but I knew exactly where the room was. I entered the room, expecting to see some middle age man teaching my English class. However, I was quickly taken for surprise.

She was gorgeous. I was only 19 and she was only a few years older than myself, maybe 24 or 25. She didn’t have a model body, she definitely weighed more than I did, but she seemed to have her weight in all the right spots- a huge ass and nice, large breasts. She was wearing a baby blue v-neck shirt that allowed me to see ample cleavage. The room was cool, and I could just see the rings of her nipples poking through the shirt.

The class looked at me- I was late- and so I did everything I could from getting a hard-on right in front of them. I quickly found an open seat sitting carefully so as not to be seen. But I had a raging hard-on. She continued talking to something, one of my classmates hading me a syllabus, but I really wasn’t paying attention. My eyes were glued to her, her cleavage just staring back at me. Every once in a while she’d adjust her shirt, exposing more of her gorgeously tanned skin.

The next hour was hell, I couldn’t help but adjust myself in my chair and attempt to focus on the material at hand. But every time she moved, I watched as her breasts bounced slightly in her bra, or when she turned around I just had to stare at her magnificent ass. She wore a skirt, about knee length, and I was dying to see more of her legs, to see her pale thighs, to touch her magnificent skin.

Finally, though, she announced a break. I couldn’t help but to just stay in the room. I turned to the computer in front of me, but even as I did, I watched her sit at her desk through the reflection in the window. The way she played with her wavy, dirty blonde hair, the way she occasionally puckered her pink lips. I got up and walked to the bathroom, my boner leading the way as I hurried to the nearest bathroom. I had half the heart to jerk off in the bathroom, but I knew it really wouldn’t help since I still had another hour with this woman after. I sighed, and leaned against the sink in the bathroom. I sent a few text messages, mostly anything to distract myself, and once I was limp again, I quickly headed back to the room and sat down.

A few minutes later class started up again. I watched as she stood up from behind her desk and turned around to face the board. Her dress had ridden up between her round ass, and I watched as she teased me unknowingly as she she adjusted her skirt. I noticed quickly that there was no panty line- she was most definitely wearing a thong. My eyes focused as she shifted her ass back and forth as she wrote on the board. She finished, turned around and walked back to the center of the room. She was once again just a few feet in front of me, occasionally adjusting her shirt, playing with her hair, whatever it was, and it made the next hour unbearable.

Finally, though, I made it through the next hour of class. I waited until most of the class had filed out before approaching her desk where she now sat.

“Ma’am?” I asked, carefully hiding my hips behind her computer screen. From above I could see her large breasts in front of me, her cleavage playing games with my mind, her boobs crying out to be squeezed.

“Er, yes, what was your name again?”

“Erik,” I replied. It was truth, she could obviously always check her class list.

“Sure, Erik, what’s up?”

I cleared interior design masters izle my throat and looked around. Everyone had already left the room. “Um, I was a few minutes late to class, I just wanted to see if I had missed anything.”

She nodded, understanding. “Basically, I just introduced myself. I’m Brittney.” She held her hand out and I took it and shook it.

She continued, “I also handed out this-” she handed me a pink piece of paper- “paper to the class outlining the syllabus and rules.” I already had one, but I took it anyway. I shoved it into my notebook and began to start fumbling around with my backpack, as though I was packing. I watched as she stood up and began packing as well.

“I like your outfit,” I finally got up the courage to say. “You’re definitely smokin’ hot in that.” I smile warily towards her, anxious to see how she took the compliment.

She smiled and looked up at me. “Well thanks, Erik. You look, well, hot as well.” She seemed like she genuinely meant it, but I didn’t know if she’d actually go anywhere with it. I mean, I was 19 and rather lanky, but I’d had girlfriends before and wouldn’t consider myself unattractive.

“I’m sure your boyfriend would love to hear that,” I joked. It was a loaded statement, of course. Just an attempt to find out if she was single.

She took my bait. “I’m not dating anyone, hun. My ‘boyfriend’ would hardly be jealous.”

She smiled and stopped packing and looked up at me. I laughed and put my stuff down on a desk, then stepped in front of hers so that only her desk was between the two of us. “So you’re saying I can flirt with you?”

She shrugged flirtatiously. “I don’t know. I’ll let you, but I’m not sure you can.”

“So it’s an issue of ability? I’m pretty sure I’m very capable.” I shuffled along the desk, not taking my eyes off of her. I could just imagine myself unpealing her shirt from her large frame. As I circled around to the back of the desk, I noticed that my shorts were holding back my erection. There was a definite tent in the fabric, though it was too late to hide anything.

She watched my advance, unmoving. “You think so?”

I made it around the desk and pushed my body against her. I knew by now if she hadn’t noticed my erection before, she sure as hell did now.

“I know so.” I told her assertively before pushing my lips against hers. I wrapped my arms around her body; I could feel the softness of her think build against my thin frame. As soon as my lips were against hers, I could feel her mouth working against mine. I quickly pushed my tongue into her mouth and her tongue reciprocated.

I pulled one hand up and placed it against her shoulder, then pushed her gently backwards, toward the nearby wall.She moaned slightly at me taking control, I could tell she was enjoying the situation. I wasn’t sure what she found arousing from her lanky student, but I sure was enjoying the attention from my large teacher.

Deciding to take this forward before she changed her mind, I slid my hand down from her shoulder, stopping at her breast. I could barely wrap my fingers around it! Compared to my last (and first, honestly) girlfriend that was barely a ‘B’ cup, this girl was huge! I couldn’t believe my luck.

I played with her breast in my hand until she broke our kiss, gasping for air.

“Oooh, stop!” She muttered harshly after she’d caught her breath.

“What’s that?” I asked. I stopped massaging her breast with my hand, but I left it on her chest, and left my body pushed firmly against hers.

“I’m your teacher. I can’t be doing this. Someone will find out.”

I flashed my teeth at her. “Then I guess no one will find out.” Then before she could sputter a rebuttal iyi adamin 10 günü izle I quickly pushed my lips once again onto her soft lips, silencing her. She didn’t refuse, so I continued.

Her hands played eagerly with my body. At times I could feel them against my back, sometimes my butt, and often against my bony chest.Just moments after she was questioning the situation, I felt her hands drift towards the base of my shirt. She grabbed each side of it, and slid it up my body. We broke our kiss as she pulled it up over my head, revealing my flat chest. She placed her hands back on my skin, touching me softly.

Before we began kissing again, I reciprocated her actions. I placed my hands on her tshirt and lifted it up over her head, her arms rising in the air as it left, revealing her body. Her breasts lay heavy and supported in her bra, and her stomach pushed out over the skirt, though it didn’t sag. I quickly ran my hands behind her against the wall. She leaned forward and allowed me to fumble with the pin to take off her bra. It was plain white and lacy.

The bra soon fell to the floor. As it did, my eyes quickly focused on Brittney’s breasts. Her areolas were quite large- pepperoni tits as they were commonly referred to as. I took both of my hands and wrapped them around one of her large breasts and crouched down a bit to take it in my mouth. I attached my lips around her tits and circled the nipple with my tongue, playing with it gently.

I could taste the sweaty saltiness of her skin, and the faint aromas of soap hours before. I inhaled deeply as I sucked on her breasts, planting the taste and smell of her in my mind for the days until the next class.

Brittney moaned aloud after just a few minutes of me playing with her breasts. Once one of her gorgeous titties received enough attention, I switched over to the other. She began panting and moaning more frequently as pleasure began to build up through her body.

Finally, though, as much as I had dreamed about getting to tongue her large breasts, I wanted more- my crotch was still quite erect, and her constant shifting and moaning was doing nothing to relieve her situation. I pulled my mouth away from her breasts. My hands slid down the sides of her torso to her abs, feeling her thick skin under my fingers. Slowly they reached her waist. My thumbs tucked into the elastic waistline and I quickly pulled it down to the floor, leaving Brittney clad in only a lacy thong that had matched her bra. Quickly though, that was on the floor.

I was surprised when I pulled down Brittney’s panties, she was trimmed quite nicely. Most of her pubic area was shaved clean, however she had left a landing strip of pubic hair that rain from just below her belly button down to her labia.

I put my lips back on her breasts, my tongue teasing her sensually for a minute before I traced a line from her breasts down to her landing strip. My tongue carefully teased the trimmed landing strip before I dipped my tongue into the wet patch of carefully cut curls between Brittney’s legs. I tasted her sweet juices on my tongue; I could feel just how aroused and wet she actually was.

I slid my body back up to stand straight and pushed my throbbing erection right into her pussy, my clothing the only layers of separation. She quickly got the hint. I felt a push on my shoulder as she had me step backwards. I took a few steps backwards until I ran into the desk. She continued to push against my shoulder, pushing me back until I was laying down on the desk, below my knees hanging off the side. She undid the belt buckle around my pants with practiced ease, unbuttoned them, and pulled down the zipper. I adjusted my hips as she pulled my shorts down to my ankles. I kicked them jungle izle off.

My think cotton boxers were no matching against my straining erection. Despite the still layer between us, she could easily see how large I was. Now, I wouldn’t be one to brag, but I had a little over 6 inches, probably closer to 7, and most women probably wouldn’t complain. I certainly wasn’t. Once more she stuck her fingers into my waistband and I adjusted my hips until she stripped me naked. I had just shaven earlier that afternoon, my pubic area as clean as a baby’s behind.

Without missing a beat, Brittney leaned over my dick. She paused for a second, then let a thick strand of saliva fall to my dick. With her right hand she she began to stroke, using her saliva as lube.

As soon as she could feel the precum building on my dick, she bent over and licked at the tip, tasting my precum. “My God, you’re delicious,” she told me with a desire in her eyes. I groaned loudly and put one hand on the back of her head. I pushed down firmly, making her take my cock deep into her throat.She sucked hard on my dick, letting the suction and the pleasure from the pressure of her lips stimulate me. Quickly she began to bob up and down on my hard shaft. She wrapped one of her hands around my dick and began to stroke it as she did.

I reached down and brushed the hair out of her face, wanting to watch as my dick disappeared in and out of her mouth. It was so hot to watch her little pink lips swallow suck a dick.

After just a few minutes of her sucking my dick, she suddenly stopped. I looked at her, wondering what had happened.

“Erik, fuck me please! I’m so fucking horny!” She bent over the edge of the desk. I quickly hopped off, eager to please.

“I never thought you’d ask,” I muttered loudly as I aligned the head of my dick into her pussy. I thrust my hips forward slowly, allowing her to be accustomed to my size. She took me easily, but moaned loudly the entire time. I buried my entire cock deep insider her pussy, then placed each of my legs just outside of hers.

Moments later the room was full of noise. I was grunting hard as my balls slapped into her large ass. She was moaning loudly and cussing profusely. I placed my hands on her large ass to thrust and my fingers were digging into her skin. Her hips rocked back and forth to my pace, pushing our speed and making me pound into her wet pussy faster.

Brittney suddenly screamed loudly and I could feel as her muscles tightened up around my dick. It almost pushed m over the edge as she came hard, but I knew I couldn’t blow my load inside of her. I slowed my thrusting down while I waited for her to orgasm.

Another minute later, and Brittney was lying on her back on the desk. I was on top of her, my legs straddling her torso. I spit between her breasts, lubricating them. Then I stuck my dick in between them. I hadn’t dreamed she would suggest I titty fuck her until I cam all over her boobs and face, but now that she had, I couldn’t imagine a better way to finish my night than all over her huge and magnificent breasts. She pushed her breasts together as I thrust in and out from between them. They were so large and I was already so aroused that it was only moments later that I felt the orgasm coming.

“I’m cuming!” I told her moments before I thrust hard once more. I began to jizz, shooting my load, hot streams of cum, all over her large breasts, her neck, her face. She did what she could to try to catch or lick up what jizz she could it her mouth. The whole scene was so fucking hot. I couldn’t believe I had fucked my professor I had fantasized about the entire evening!

I quickly got off the desk and grabbed some nearby tissues. She cleaned herself off before we both put on our clothes. Our conversation was light, uncertain of what this meant for us.

Finally, I finished dressing before she did. “I’ll see you Wednesday?”

“Of course.” She said. She put her arms through her bra and fixed the snap in the back.

“After?” I asked once again, hopeful.

She smiled. “Sounds like a plan.”

I laughed. “Goodnight professor.”

She rolled her eyes. “Goodnight Erik.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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