Enslaved Pt. 03 – the Escape

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Tiffany was outside mowing the lawn. Tiffany felt a cool breeze on this hot day. Sweat covered Tiffany’s nude body. Tiffany felt lucky that she lives out in the country, otherwise people would see her performing this humiliating task.

However it does also work against her. Sometimes Megan would take her out to the woods to play. Tiffany hates it.

Megan was laying on a blue and white Lawn chair. She had a glass table beside her. On the table sat a pitcher of Lemonade and a drinking glass beside it. She had a umbrella blocking the sun as well as a pair of black sunglasses on. In her hands was a book.

Megan was deep into her reading when her cell phone rang. Megan looks at the number and answers it. Tiffany notice her laughing and then she hangs up. Tiffany thinks it probably just Rachel.

Megan looks at Tiffany with a big smile.

“Oh Slave girl!” Said Megan.

Tiffany stops lawn mower and crawls to Megan.

“Yes? my Goddess.” said Tiffany.

“Worship my feet.” Order Megan.

Tiffany began her work. She began to lick Megan’s feet. Megan had dirt on her soles. Tiffany lick it all away. She even got in-between the toes. Then she began to suck on her feet. She started with the heel. After a few minutes she moved up to the Arch’s. After another few minutes she then move on to sucking each toe individually. Megan was getting turned on.

Megan was wearing a black tank top and PJ pants. Megan started pulling her PJ pants down. Megan grab Tiffany by her hair and shove Tiffany’s face into her pussy.

“Worship your Goddess.” Order Megan.

Tiffany began to eat out Megan. She use her tongue and hit the pink areas. Her tongue work gracefully. Megan couldn’t believe how well she has become. Megan began to moan. Her breathing began to get hard. Her heart rate went up. Megan was so close. Her eyes getting blurry. Megan came all over Tiffany’s face. Megan laid back to recover.

After a few minutes Megan looked at Tiffany.

“Go back and finish the amsterdam shemale lawn.” Said Megan. Tiffany crawls back to the mower. Megan pulls up her PJs. She looks at Tiffany as she stands up to start the mower.

Megan gets up and walks inside.

As Tiffany begins to mow, she looks down at her Collar. The blue dot wasn’t on. Meaning it couldn’t shock her. She stops the mower. She looks around. She didn’t see Megan around anywhere.

Tiffany immediately ran for the woods. She continues to run for about two miles. Before stopping to catch her breath. Megan would surely try to hunt her down. After a minute, Tiffany began to walk north. Tiffany did her best to avoid torns and rocks. She walked the woods for at least a couple of hours.

Finally Tiffany made it to a road. A police patrol car was driving by when the officer spotted a Naked Tiffany. Tiffany ran to the car.

“Please help. I have been kidnapped!” Yelled Tiffany.

A female officer jumps out of the car. She had blond hair and blue eyes. Her face was one of shock.

“My God!” Yelled the Cop. She ran to her truck and open it. She pulled out a brown blanket and ran to Tiffany to Cover her up.

“Hang on, sweetie I am taking you down to the station.” Said the cop.

The Officer escorted Tiffany to the back of the Patrol car. The officer then jump back in the car and sped down the road with her headlights on. After a minute they arrive at the station.

The officer took Tiffany to the chief. The Chief was a young woman with brown hair. They were six officers at the station. All we’re female.

“Chief. I found her running through the woods naked. She said she was kidnap.” Said the Officer.

The Chief stood up fast.

“My God this is serious.” She said. She looked at Tiffany.

“Were you kidnapped my Megan?” Ask the Chief.

“Yes, ma’am. She is my Cousin. She kept me as her sex slave.” Said Tiffany.

“Well, Megan was right. Your are Very beautiful.” Said the Chief. rotterdam shemale

A confuse look fell on Tiffany’s face. The female officer who had brought her in began to run her hand through Tiffany’s hair. The Chief began to unbutton her top. All the other female police officers went into their desk and pulled out a bunch of sex toys and Strap on dildos. They surrounded Tiffany.

“Let’s see what Megan has been bragging about.” Said the Chief. The Chief pulled out a whip.

The female officers threw the blanket off Tiffany. They stood her up and March her against the wall. They force her against the wall.

The Chief with the whip in hand looked at Tiffany. She began to rub her ass.

“Megan always liked to brand her slaves.” Said the Chief.

The Chief pop Tiffany’s ass with her bare hand.

“I wanted you to count all ten lashings.” Said the Chief.

“Yes Ma’am” said a scared Tiffany.


“One” yelled Tiffany.


“Two” yelled Tiffany


“Three” yelled Tiffany.

The whip was hitting her back hard. Tears started to fall for Tiffany’s eyes.


“Four” yelled Tiffany.


“Five” cried Tiffany.


“Six” cried Tiffany.


“Seven” cried Tiffany.


“Eight” cried Tiffany.


“Nine” cried Tiffany.


“Ten” yelled Tiffany.

One of the officers clear off a desk. The Chief grabs Tiffany and throws her the desk with her back up. A bunch of Dildos enter her ass, pussy and mouth all at the same time. One officer was spanking her ass hard as she was getting fucked. The officers started yelling.

“What a Slut!” Laugh Officer one.

“She definitely been wear out when Megan arrives.” Said Officer two.

“God, she will so loose. We are going to wear that pussy off.” Said Officer three.

“It been a while since we this much fun.” Said Officer four.

“Yeah the last blog shemale time was when we got the Local pastor’s wife on a DUI.” Said officer Five.

The Chief laughed. “She never drunk and drive after that.”

Tiffany couldn’t help but Cummins. She was getting taken by every angle. She was having an extreme Orgasm that was never ending. The officers kept switching position every ten minutes or so. After an three hours of this the officers finally stop.

Tiffany was breathing hard. She was extremely sore. The Chief of police grabs Tiffany by her hair and forced her on knees.

“Your going to lick every Pussy here.

Starting with mine.” Said the Chief.

The Chief shove Tiffany’s head into her pussy. Tiffany began to lick. One by one she lick all the officers pussies. It took another 3 hours. She made all six Officers cum multiple times.

Megan walked into the police Station. Tiffany was laying on the floor licking the Chief’s feet. All the officers were naked and making out with each other.

“I see you guys had fun.” Said Megan.

“Of course. You got a good Slave. I am Jealous.” Said the Chief.

“Well, I do have to punish her for running away.” Said Megan.

The Chief laughed. “Oh before I forget I got a gift for you. Look in Storage Closet.”

Megan walked to the Storage Closet and open it. Laying on the ground, handcuffed was a beautiful young naked woman. Her mouth was gagged.

“I caught her Stealing from the local gas station. She a college student passing through town. I have her for 48 hours. Me and my officers already have our fun. Why don’t you get some.” Said the Chief.

Megan Smiled. She looked at Tiffany.

“I still haven’t forgotten you. Trust me. I make sure you never try to escape again.” Said Megan.

Fear fell on Tiffany’s face. Megan looks at the look girl on the Storage room floor.

Megan picks her up and forces her on a table. Megan began rubbing the young girl’s ass. She started spanking her.

Tiffany watched in horror. Suddenly Tiffany felt a Slap across her face. She looked at the Chief.

“You I ain’t done with you yet! Get back to work!” Order the Chief.

Tiffany went back to worshiping the Chief’s feet.

The end.

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