Exhausting Day Ch. 02

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It had been an exhausting day for her, this time. When last left, he had the long day and was eager to get home to relax. Even if relaxing was the last thing he did that night, what took place before that was well worth the effort!

After nine hours of waiting tables followed by an hour and a half of dance class, she was ready to kick back for the evening. Or maybe just lay back and enjoy. When she arrived home, the house was cool and quiet. “Peace at last,” she thought. Her tired muscles ached with every step she took, but somehow she made it to the bedroom. She glanced at the clock and realized that he’d be home in about fifteen minutes. “Perfect, he always knows how to make everything feel better” she smiled, “Everything!”

Digging through the dresser drawers, she searched for some clean, comfortable clothes to wear. She triumphantly pulled out a super-soft, white cotton tank top and a super short pair of pale blue shorts of the same cotton. The chosen ensemble was placed on the bed. She started the shower water and stepped out of the bathroom to let it heat up. Through the closed bedroom door she could hear the front door closing behind him. She cracked the door open ever so slightly and saw him heading for the bedroom.

She began removing her dancewear, her back facing the door. When he peered through the cracked open door, he decided not to enter yet and to watch this private little show. Down to only a sports bra and v-string, she glanced over her shoulder to make sure he was watching. He opened the door a bit more so he didn’t have to squint one eye anymore and a happy love never lies poland izle grin crept across his face. To draw out the agony, she began stretching. Bent over with a flat back and stretching her arms out in front of her, he got a full view of her tight ass with only a string to cover her pretty pink hole. She bent down further now with her hands flat on the floor. He could now see almost her entire pussy and must have let his face show his frustration at it being only an almost full view. She humored him by reaching one hand up and pretending to adjust her v-string. Instead, though, she pulled it to one side and slipped a finger inside her now warm, wet pussy. She quickly stopped and continued her faux stretch. Standing back up straight now, she stretched her arms over her head. Then she carefully lifted her sports bra up and off. She turned around slowly, giving him an eyeful of her breasts. She slipped her v-string off quickly and blew him a kiss. “I have to take a shower now. Even though it seems like too much work, I have to” she pouted and disappeared behind the bathroom door.

The entire room was full of steam and heat now. He let a minute or two pass to make sure she was in the shower. He undressed down to his boxers and joined her in the steamy washroom. She had written in the steam on the mirror, “I love you……….”. He turned to the shower door and read the rest of the message, “so please help me.” Slowly opening the door, so he didn’t let in too much cold air, he quickly slipped into the stall. This love off the grid izle was a very handy shower stall. It had a small seat on the one end to use for shaving legs and other imaginative uses. He helped her to sit down without slipping and knelt down in front of her. The warm spray covered them keeping them both warm and wet. She slid down and closed her eyes. He bent his head down and gently kissed her mound. She murmured some sort of pleasured response and he continued placing small kisses all over the area between her muscular thighs. To expand the area and give him greater mobility, he lifted her legs and placed her ankles on his shoulders. She helped him one step more by placing one leg up on the handrail, opening up her entire vaginal area to his discretion. Keeping her eyes closed, she trusted him to please her.

He carefully flicked her clit with his tongue and expertly licked the tender lips surrounding her sweet pussy. Nibbling gently on her clit, he sent shivers through her, despite the steaming water rushing over them. He continued sucking, licking and flicking her clit and lips until she was shaking. He slid two fingers into her warm pussy and licked more vigorously. She stopped him just shy of an amazing orgasm and suggested trying a new position because they were in the shower. He scooted over so he was sitting in front of the seat. He slid forward a bit and tilted his head back and rested it on her bath pillow. (She had placed it on the seat.) She stood above him, holding onto the wall rails on either side of madoff the monster of wall street izle the seat. She was facing him with one leg up on the seat beside his head. He grabbed her ass with both hands and began licking her clit again. She found his rhythm and moved her hips to the same rhythm, providing extra friction to her entire pussy. He let go of her ass with one hand to place a finger or two inside her. She was practically screaming now with pleasure as grinded against his tongue. She came quickly after that and nearly collapsed from the exhaustion.

She removed the now soaked boxers he was still wearing and pulled him up so he could sit on the seat. She sat down on his lap, placing his long, hard cock inside of her. She was facing away from him, so he could play with her nipples as she rode him. He was pinching and rolling her nipples firmly as she rode his hard dick. He began pumping with her to increase his pleasure and was soon almost there. He gently pushed her off him and, just as planned, came all over her ass. So as not to waste anything, she bent over and let him fuck her in the ass, using his cum as lubricant. She began rubbing her clit and moaning. He bent over her and grabbed her nipples as he thrusted. He wanted to touch her clit too, so she held open her lips, exposing her still tender clit and let him rub it. They came together soon after and sat letting the water wash over them for a few minutes.

He let her sit on the seat while he gently washed her body and then his own. He turned off the water and helped her out of the shower. He wrapped her in a towel and rubbed her dry. He then dried himself and wrapped a towel around his waist. Together they went into the bedroom and found their clothes. She put on the tank and shorts she had laid out and he pulled on a clean pair of boxers. They then snuggled under a blanket on the couch in their room and turned on the tv. They fell asleep in each others arms before the sitcoms opening credits were done.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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