Fantasies for My Online Lover Ch.1

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Chapter 1: A Chance Meeting

As I peered through the smokey haze of the bar, I noticed a young woman walking through the front door. She was petite, at least 3-4 inches shorter than me. I watched fascinated as she pulled off her coat and then ran her delicate hand through her short brown hair. Not buzz cut short like some girls wear these days, but a sexy length that emphasised her graceful neck and the shadowed hollows under her cheek bones. Tiny pearl studs graced her little earlobes and I felt a flicker of desire as I imagined teasing them with my tongue. Her fair skin seemed to shine like a light in the darkened room, beckoning me towards her. I began to move closer to her as she headed towards a recently vacated table.

I watched nervously as a man approached her, praying that she would turn him away, then hoping that she would ask him to sit. I’d never felt so drawn to a woman. Certainly never enough to approach one in hopes that she would look upon me with favor. Something about her gave me the courage to at least try. I only hoped she wouldn’t humiliate me when she rejected me.

The man smiled ruefully and turned away as I reached the table. I shifted nervously as I worked up the nerve to look into her eyes. When I raised my eyes I saw that she was gazing at my breasts. Her tongue darted out to wet her lips as she studied the shadow in my cleavage. I found myself echoing her motions as I lowered my gaze to the gap in her partially unbuttoned blouse. I felt my nipples harden when she shifted and I saw the lacy edge of her bra barely cupping her smooth breasts. I lifted my eyes at the same time as she did and our gazes locked. My confidence soared as I saw moon knight izle the desire in her eyes and knew that she saw the same look in mine. I slid onto the rounded bench beside her and introduced myself.

I was enchanted as I watched a blush rise across her cheeks when I told her how drawn I was to her, how intensely beautiful I found her. She smiled and told me her name was Marie, no last name, just Marie. I asked her quietly why she had turned away such a handsome young man. She laughed softly and asked if she could be honest with me. I smiled and nodded. She looked around nervously and leaned closer to me. Then she explained that she had been wondering what making love to another woman would be like. She said that it had taken her awhile to decide to make her fantasy a reality, but she was now ready to do so.

I could feel my heart pounding as I inquired if she had found someone to help her with this experience. She smiled as she looked into my eyes and said she hoped so. Her look was unmistakable. I suggested that we go somewhere quieter and finish our conversation. Taking my hand she led me out of the club and into the parking lot. Our cars were parked pretty close together and I decided to walk her to hers to make sure she was safe. I felt very protective of her, maybe because she was so delicate looking.

We decided as we walked that we would go to my house as my husband had taken the kids to visit his parents for the weekend. We reached Marie’s car and she turned after unlocking the door. She looked at me and licked her lips. Unable to resist I lowered my mouth to hers for a gentle kiss. I meant for it to be reassuring, mrs fletcher izle but we found ourselves inflamed by the taste of each other and the kiss quickly turned into an expression of lust. I slipped my hand up to cup her breast. She moaned into my mouth as I rubbed her nipple through her blouse.

I pulled away, dropping my hand regretfully and told her that if she decided to change her mind I would understand. I turned to walk to my car, crossing my fingers that she would follow my directions to my home. About halfway to my car I heard her call my name. Turning, I saw her flash me a beautiful smile as she called that she bet she could beat me to my house. Then she jumped into her car as I rushed to mine.

I pulled into my driveway and saw that she had indeed beaten me home. She was standing on the porch and I was once again struck by the creamy whiteness of her skin as it gleamed in the pale glow of the porchlight. I hurried up the steps and wrapped an arm around her waist to lead her into the house. As we moved toward the living room I asked if I could get her anything. She replied that all she wanted was for me to kiss her again.

Pulling her onto the couch I wrapped her in my arms and our lips met once again. I ran my hands up to her breasts as I began to nibble on her neck. She pressed herself into my hands and I unbuttoned her blouse, pulling it from her shoulders. I placed long slow kisses on her collarbone as I pushed the cups of her bra down to release her breasts. I reveled in her sighs and moans as I licked my way down the slope of tender skin to her hard little nipples. I flicked one hard little murder in big horn izle bud with my tongue and then gently licked the underside of her soft breast. She groaned and used one finger to lift my chin and place my lips against her nipple. Her hands rose to play with my own aroused nipples as I sucked her into my mouth. Alternating between both her breasts I licked and sucked at her until she began to press her hips against mine.

Raising my head I asked her if she would like me to remove her skirt for her. She nodded and raised her hips as I slid the soft fabric slowly down her thighs and calves to the floor. I felt my pussy contract as I saw that she wasn’t wearing panties. Her thighs parted and she exposed her tender folds to my gaze. Slowly I ran one finger across her pussy. I looked into her eyes as I raised my finger to my mouth and licked it, savoring the taste of her.

“Please,” she breathed,”please. I want to feel your mouth on me.”

I smiled and lowered my mouth to her cunt. I began to lick her, slowly, running my tongue between her outer lips and dipping it into her to tickle her inner lips. I was the one moaning as I felt the full impact of her pussy. The scent of her and the taste of her was almost overwhelming. I lost myself in the sensual haze of loving her with my mouth, sucking and licking at her. I found myself moaning her name as she moaned mine. It was a litany of our names intertwined as I pleasured her with my lips, tongue and teeth.

“Come for me, Marie. I want to feel your come on my tongue. I want to taste it. Please,” I murmured around her clit. As if my words were the last straw, her body began to shudder and a sweet sound issued from her lips as she came. I locked my mouth to her pussy and drank of her. I licked and sucked her come from her as she orgasmed again and again.

Raising my head I stroked her pussy as she began to calm. I stared into her eyes as I licked her juices from my lips. “So sweet,” I whispered as she closed her eyes and sighed.

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