Fifty-Somethings in Vegas Ch. 01

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Jean looked around the gaudy lobby of the Luxor. Bill stood in front of her and waited for the elderly couple to finish their check-in. Jean stared towards the flashing neon lights beckoning guests into the casino. She started to turn back towards her husband, when she saw her.

Oh My God. It can’t be! Jean stared for a minute, then tugged on the sleeve of Bill’s shirt.

“Honey, look over there.” She tilted her head to the right. “Isn’t that…?”

Bill recognized her immediately. “That’s Linda,” he gasped.

“We need to leave and find another hotel!” Jean said in a slightly panicked voice.

It was too late.

From across the lobby, Linda noticed the couple, raised her right arm and waived towards them. The man standing next to her looked towards Bill and Jean with a puzzled expression on his face.

Linda half-ran towards the check-in line.

“Jean! Bill! What are you doing here?”

“We needed to get out of the cold mid-west,” Bill answered. “What about you?”

“Our annual trip,” replied Linda.

Her companion walked up to the threesome.

“Let me introduce my husband. Jean, Bill, this is Jim”

The tall thin man held out his hand to Bill. Bill grasped his hand and gave him an apprehensive shake. Does he know?

Linda held out her arms. Jean looked momentarily at her husband before hugging Linda.

Linda turned towards her husband, her arm wrapped around Jean’s waist.

“These are the people from Cincinnati that I told you about. Jean was so nice. She opened the UPS office to let me mail my package then gave me a ride back to my hotel. It was so nice to meet some friendly people on that damned trip.”

Jean realized immediately from the expression on Jim’s face. Linda had told her husband what really happened. How they ended up in Linda’s hotel room. The fact that his wife had performed oral sex on both Bill and Jean, and that Bill had fucked his wife while Jean used her index finger to bring herself to a powerful orgasm. And the photos. Thank God she deleted the pictures from Linda’s digital memory card!

“I never thought we would meet again,” Linda said. “It looks like we are staying in the same hotel! You have to join Jim and me for dinner.

Jean hesitated, but before she could speak, Bill excitedly accepted the offer.

“We need to check-in and freshen up. How about 7:00?”

Jim nodded his approval. Any friends of Linda’s are friends of mine. He smiled towards Jean. We’ll meet you at the Isis restaurant at 7:00. Dinner is on me.”

Linda winked at Bill. “See you then.”

Linda’s heart raced as she dressed for dinner. She normally did not dress up to go to dinner in Las Vegas, but the Isis was one of the top restaurants in the city. Besides she wanted to make an impression on her old friends. Linda had blown her entire month’s ‘fun money’ on the red sequined dress at Saks shortly after leaving Jean and Bill. The dress was snug, but she felt she still had the body to wear it. The dress’ hem was near her ankles, and a long slit ran up the left side to Linda’s mid-thigh. She had brought her diamond necklace from home that dangled down to the top of her cleavage. Her black brassiere pushed her breasts up and out, to the point Jim had jokingly called her ‘Boobs Galore’ when he first saw his wife’s ample cleavage about to spill out of the dress. Linda pulled on her black panties, then slipped on red heels. She grabbed a small red purse and the couple headed out of their room.

A quick 30-second ride down the ‘inclinator’ at the Luxor brought them to the ground floor.

Bill and Jean were already at the restaurant. Bill whistled softly when he saw Linda walk towards them. Bill noticed a smug look on Jim’s face as Bill pulled the chair out for Linda.

Jean was wearing a conservative black dress with matching black hosiery and shoes. A string of white pearls hung from her neck. She smiled uneasily at the newcomers.

During dinner, the foursome chatted about hotel, the casino, and Sin City. As they were finishing their second bottle of Chardonnay, Jim looked at Jean and said “so, tell poker oyna me about Cincinnati.

Jim could see the apprehension written on Jean’s face. “It’s quite alright. Linda has told me what happened. I must admit, when I first heard about it, I was upset and a bit hurt. But now that we’ve had the chance to get to know one another, well, I find it exciting.” He gave Jean a reassuring smile.

Bill’s pulse quickened as he flashed back to the hotel in Cincinnati. He looked into Linda’s gleaming eyes and knew that she was having similar thoughts.

The dinner bill was brought to the table and Jim paid with his Gold American Express. “What do you say we go up to our room. We know a few people in Vegas, and were able to get a room with a great view. Fortunately, there are no big conventions or high rollers in town this week, so we got lucky.”

We certainly did, Linda thought to herself.

The room was actually a two-room suite with a few towards the north, overlooking the famous ‘strip’. Jim poured Bill a drink as Linda and Jean stood at the angled window and peered out at Sin City. Jean’s heart jumped as she felt Linda’s arm wrap around her waist.

“You seem nervous,” Linda purred into Jean’s ear. “There is no need to be. Nothing will happen unless you want it to.”

Jean looked back over her shoulder towards her husband. Memories of their last meeting flooded Jean’s mind. She felt her nipples start to respond from Linda’s touch. Bill and Jim and taken a seat in an oversized white couch and were watching the two women. Bill raised his glass in the air towards Jean in a silent gesture of approval.

Linda saw the gesture also, and moved behind Jean. The women’s backs were to their husbands. The older woman stared out towards the thousands of lights as Linda’s right hand found the zipper on the back of Jean’s dress. The brunette slowly pulled the metal rectangle down her friend’s back. When the black bra-strap appeared Linda bent down and kissed the woman just below her shoulders. Jean shuddered momentarily. The zipper then continued its downward journey until in came to the end of its track just below Jean’s waist. Complete silence filled the room as Linda slipped the black dress off of Jean’s shoulders and down to her waist. The older woman’s eyes closed as she felt Linda’s fingers pull apart the hooks on the bra strap running across her back. Jean’s breathing was becoming faster as she felt the thin black straps over her shoulders being pulled off, and then a sudden gush of cool air as the brasserie fell to the floor in front of her.

Linda dropped to her knees behind Jean. Linda’s hands began to shake as she tugged downwards on the dress. Once the material had cleared Jean’s hips, the dress dropped to her ankles, leaving Jean facing Las Vegas wearing only black pantyhose and heels.

Jean lifted each foot in turn as Linda slipped the dress completely off. .

Jean turned around to face the others. Bill had a huge grin on his face. He loved to see his wife topless with her full hips accented by the nylon from the pantyhose. Jim’s eyes were moving up and down Bill’s wife’s nearly nude figure.

Linda walked over to her purse and took out a pair of manicure scissors, then walked back to Jean.

“Don’t worry. I will buy you a new pair,” Linda said as she slipped the blades of the scissors over the hem of Jean’s pantyhose.

Jean felt the nylon material beginning to separate. Linda moved the blades down through the hose a couple of inches, stopped, and placed the scissors and the heavily carpeted floor.

“I have always wanted to do this,” she said looking up Jean, as she took her hands and grasped the neatly cut sides of the pantyhose.


Linda’s hands pulled outwards, tearing the nylon apart and exposing Jean’s stomach.


The material continued to give way as a sparse, slightly trimmed triangle of black pubic hair appeared. Linda grinned as she tore the hosiery off Jean’s hips and pulled the ruined nylon down past the ‘u’ where Jean’s legs came together. Jean’s pulse raced as Linda rolled the material over canlı poker oyna Jean’s knees, down her calves, and to her ankles.

A gasp came simultaneously from their husbands as they witnessed the woman being stripped of her clothing.

Jean kicked off her shoes and lifted each leg slightly, allowing Linda to pull the useless hose off her legs. Jean stood completely naked, wearing only her pearl necklace and wedding ring, and to Bill’s surprise and delight, made no effort to cover herself.

Bill looked over at Jim. “What do you think?”

“I think it is going to be a very interesting evening,” came the excited reply.

Linda remained on the floor in front of the nude woman. Her eyes followed Jean’s ‘full figure’ from her head down to her feet. Jean felt somewhat self- conscious as she watched three sets of eyes examine her body. Linda had been the only other person to see her nude in years, now she was exposed to Jim. He was first man to see her other than her husband, since she had married Bill.

Linda looked up. “Turn around,” she half-demanded.

Jean took a deep breath, knowing that once she did, she was on full display to anyone in Las Vegas who had either binoculars or strong enough eyes to look up into their room. Although they were on the 17th floor, the lights in the room backlit her and put her on exhibit to the outside world.

This is so unlike Jean! Bill thought as he stared at his wife in near disbelief.

Jean felt a tap on her left leg. “Get on the floor with me,” Linda said softly. “And don’t turn around.”

The nude woman dropped to her knees. She was still facing the window and away from the three others in the room. In a way, she felt relieved that she could not see them. Just knowing that two men and another woman were watching her was almost more than she could take.

Linda moved forward on her knees until she was directly behind Jean. A soft moan came from the naked woman as Linda kissed the back of her left shoulder. Jean then felt her body being pushed forward. Her hands extended and touched the carpet.

“Get on your hands and knees,” directed Linda.

Jean took another deep breath and lifted herself up until she was on all fours. Her size 40 breasts hung straight down, nearly touching the deep carpet. The woman was trembling.

Linda was on her knees behind Jean. Jean bit her lower lip as she felt Linda’s hands on her hips. She stared out towards Las Vegas as Linda dropped onto all fours and placed her mouth against Jean’s pussy.

Bill and Jim watched intently as the scene unfolded in front of them.

“Ooohhhh! Jean cried out as she felt Linda’s tongue pushing against her opening. Jean closed her eyes as Linda’s tongue pushed into the vertical slot and entered Jean’s vagina.

Jean could feel her areolas constricting and nipples hardening until the small batons at the tips of her breasts ached. The moaning turned from soft to near screams as Linda continued to work her tongue in and out of Jean’s quickly moistening pussy.

“I can’t take this anymore!” Jim exclaimed as he stood up and began unbuckling his belt. Bill sat in silence as he watched Linda’s husband walk over behind the two women and lower his slacks and briefs.

Linda continued working her tongue inside Jean’s pussy as Jim dropped his briefs to his ankles and kneeled down behind his wife.

“Lift your knees up for a minute,” commanded Jim to his wife.

Linda lifted her knees off the carpeting long enough for Jim to slide the red-sequined dress over her calves and knees and up to Linda’s waist. Jean’s moaning continued as Linda felt her black satin panties being lowered off her hips and down to her knees.

Jim moved forward until his seven-inch erection stood poised at the entrance to his wife’s slot. A muffled cry came from Linda’s mouth as she felt her husband penetrate her.

Jean’s breasts began to sway back and forth as the motion of Jim thrusting back and forth into his wife caused Linda’s mouth to be pushed against Jean’s pussy.

I cannot believe what I am seeing! Bill thought as he watched internet casino the threesome begin to move together. He felt his own penis throbbing beneath his boxers. Despite his excitement, Bill remained on the sofa, content, as least for the moment, at being a voyeur to the show, only feet away.

Linda lifted her head away from the moist opening in front of her. As she did, Jean fell forward onto her forearms.

“Oh God!” Linda screamed as Jim worked his shaft back and forth into her like a piston.

Jean rolled over onto back and looked up at her friend being fucked by Jim. This is not really happening. It must be dream!

Linda dropped down onto her forearms and planted her mouth against Jean’s waiting pussy. Linda’s tongue was met with a loud “YES” as it pushed between the folds of Jean’s slit. Jean closed her eyes, then reached up towards the brunette and grabbed the sides of Linda’s head.

Jim stopped his thrusting. “Fuck. If I keep going, I won’t be able to hold back!” he exclaimed, looking back over his shoulder towards Bill. “Take over for me!”

Bill needed no further encouragement. He jumped to his feet and rushed forward, nearly tripping and falling as he pulled his slacks and boxers off.

“You sure this is okay? Bill asked Jim as he stood behind Linda with his penis horizontal to the floor.

“Go for it!” was Jim’s quick response.

Bill’s heart raced as he dropped to his knees behind Linda. Linda had her face buried in Jean’s pussy as she felt Bill’s penis push forward, splitting apart her opening and entering her.

Jean opened her eyes just as her husband’s penis was moving forward into Linda. She felt her skin break out into thousands of tiny bumps at the sight of Bill fucking another woman. Jean slid backwards, causing Linda to let out a large gasp as Linda’s mouth separated from the now swamp-like opening between Jean’s legs.

Linda raised herself up on her hands. Bill began to thrust back and forth against the buttocks and thighs of the woman still dressed in her expensive red gown.

Jim grabbed Jean’s right wrist and pulled her up to her knees. His cock was wet and throbbing as he offered it to the naked woman. Jean took the queue and immediately moved her lips over the swollen head of Jim’s shaft. Linda’s husband let out a loud groan as Jean moved forward and the shaft disappeared inside her mouth.

Holy fuck! Bill thought to himself, as he watched his wife devour Jim’s erection. She will hardly ever suck me. Look at her swallow that cock!

Jim’s hands grabbed the sides of Jean’s head. Jean stopped, knowing what was about to. Jim’s penis was buried inside her mouth as Jim screamed out “FUCK” and began spilling his semen into Jean’s mouth. Jean gagged slightly as a torrent of hot pasty goo shot from Jim’s erection down her throat. She felt Jim’s hands squeeze the sides of her head as he emptied into her mouth. She had never swallowed Bill’s seed, but this just seemed so natural.

The sight of what his wife was doing was too much for Bill. With a loud groan, his cock exploded into Linda’s sopping pussy. Bill grunted like a madman as his semen shot in spurts into Linda’s throbbing opening.

“Oh God! Oh God!” Linda screamed as she shook her head wildly back and forth.

The woman in the red dress fell forward, causing Bill’s cock to pop out. Bill looked over towards his wife. Jim had just released his grip on her head and was staggering over to the bed. A streak of white dribbled from the right side of Jean’s mouth.

Bill smiled at his wife .I need to get some rest. This is only the first day of our vacation!

“Get dressed honey,” he advised his wife. Jean smiled back at him as she reached for her black dress. She pulled it over her head and let if fall down her sweaty body. “It will dry clean,” she said with a grin. She picked up her purse and stuffed her bra inside. She grabbed her shoes with her other hand.

“What about those?” inquired Bill, pointing towards her sliced pantyhose.

Jean laughed. “I will get another pair!”

Jim grinned and nodded as his two new friends. Linda turned over and sat up.

“See you in the morning,” Jim said as Linda smiled at the couple getting ready to leave.

“The safest bet in Vegas!” replied Bill as he opened the door and the two Midwesterners walked out.

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