Finding Heaven in Ruby Tuesday

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Don’t get me wrong; I’d love to visit the States on a holiday, but to have to do it on business is a real chore. I’d been over to Boston once before, about six years ago. Technology meant that it wasn’t really necessary anymore, but for some reason the Company Directors decided that I should be out there in person when the new Server went on-line.

I travelled over on Sunday so that I could be in the office first thing on Monday morning. It was a relatively relaxed journey – I didn’t have to check in until after lunchtime.

Although it was a flight of over seven and a half hours, the time went fairly quickly. They were showing a couple of films I hadn’t seen yet and I had also taken a book with me to read. And when I got bored with both of those, I watched the display of the flight path. The gradual curve that we had taken over the Atlantic suddenly changed as we were put into a holding pattern and made a full 360 degrees turn before continuing on down to the runway. From the angle of approach I could just about make out the hotel that I was supposed to be staying at.

The last time I went through Boston Logan was not long after 9/11 and the security personnel were very jumpy. They were still very careful this time, but more relaxed and as a result within half an hour of landing I was out on the street and getting into a taxi. It was a 50:50 chance that I would get a Bostonian of Irish or Italian descent, this time the badge declared him to be Michael Flaherty. It was a short, but pleasant ride as the driver was one of those who like to chat to his customers.

The Marriott Long Wharf looked just the same as I remembered it. I paid the driver and walked in carrying my own bag (a small one). Although it was only about 6pm, my body clock was still thinking it was five hours later, so I was glad to get into my room and sit down. I really didn’t feel like going out, but I knew that I needed to eat, so I ordered up a pizza from Room Service. They’re so much more prompt in the US. I had hardly got to grips with the TV and its choice of channels when there was a knock on the door. I signed for the food and iced beer and sat down to eat.

I managed to keep myself awake until about 9pm, before getting into bed. Amazingly, I slept until exactly 7am the next morning, just as my alarm was about to go off. This basically allowed me a nice leisurely shower, breakfast and then walk to the Boston office.

The restaurant looks out over the harbour and on a glorious day such as this it looked truly beautiful. As I said, I’d love to go there as a tourist, but this was a business trip.

As it turned out, my work was almost completed in two days, but because of the time difference with the UK, I was going to have to go in again first thing in the morning to make one last test. I went out in the evening to Quincy Market, where I knew that I could get seemingly any nationality of food under the sun. For some reason I fancied the idea of Thai cooking and made for Bangkok Express where I ordered up Satay Kai Chicken. It wasn’t a disappointment. After allowing the meal to digest, I still felt I had a little room and indulged my sweet tooth at Joeys Gelateria.

I stayed out walking around for the rest of the evening before making my way back to the hotel. I had a beer in the bar, but was by now feeling a little tired so made my way to bed.

So, once again I arose at 7am, showered, dressed and then headed downstairs for breakfast.

Having eaten well the night before, I wasn’t particularly hungry – certainly not enough to need a cooked breakfast. So, I decided upon toast, juice and coffee.

They have a toast making machine in the restaurant. You choose your slice of bread and place it on the metal conveyor belt. The bread moves into the works, being heated rapidly, turns and comes back out underneath. I have to be honest; the first time I came across it, I hadn’t got a clue how it worked – but I was fortunate enough to see somebody else using it and simply copied them. The woman who was standing in front of the apparatus looking bemused was older than me, but I couldn’t really be certain by how much. She was dressed in dark grey trousers and matching jacket and she wore her hair fairly short. In her three inch high heeled shoes I would guess that she was around 5′ 10″, or about three inches shorter than I am.

I walked up and said, “Can I help? I know it can be a bit difficult to get the hang of it.”

“Thank goodness! Another English voice! I was dreading having to ask somebody and look daft.”

Face to face I realised that she was probably in her mid-fifties, but that she was still very attractive. I couldn’t help noticing the impressive cleavage that she was displaying in the “V” of her blouse. The suit she was wearing was snug fitting and it looked as though she had very nice curves, but little excess. All this I took in, in a matter of seconds. I got myself back on track as I explained how she could make her toast. I placed my own bread in behind hers and waited for silivri escort it to arrive.

“Are you with someone,” she asked. “Or shall we sit together and form our own little British enclave?”

“Why not? It would be nice to have company for once.”

We moved to the far side of the restaurant area, next to a window and overlooking the harbour. On a blue-sky day such as this the view was magnificent.

“I’m Janie, by the way,” she said.

“Alex,” I replied. “I’m over here for a few days on business, how about you?”

“I’m on the last leg of a tour of the Company’s offices. I just got in from Dallas late last night. I’ve got a meeting at 11am followed by a lunch. After that I’m supposed to be taken out to the warehouse to be given a guided tour.” She raised her eyebrows to emphasise her lack of interest in the prospect. “Then I’m supposed to have another two meetings tomorrow – morning and afternoon.

“So, what about you? How long are you over here for?” she asked.

“Me? Three days, more or less. I work in IT. I really didn’t need to be here as we can do most things remotely nowadays, but somebody got in a panic and insisted that I came over. To be on the safe side, I’ve got three and a half days to get things right and smooth a few people’s wrinkles.”

We chatted amiably while we ate our breakfasts. Eventually though, I decided that I needed to return to my room to get ready to leave. It was a pleasant interlude and at the time I thought that this was all it was.

The Boston office was a half hour walk from the hotel. I spent the day overseeing the network, tidying up and doing a few favours.

I strolled back to Long Wharf and made my way up to my room on the sixth floor. The television held my interest for no more than thirty minutes and pretty soon I remembered breakfast – and Janie. I wondered if she had returned to the hotel yet and decided to stroll downstairs and see if I could spot her. I wandered around, made a single drink last an eternity in the bar, but by 7pm I was both hungry and convinced that she wasn’t around.

I left the hotel and headed for Quincy Market again. I didn’t really know what I wanted to eat, but in the end walked into the Durgin Park restaurant. I was glad I did; the food was classic American – the portions likewise. I sat at the bar and ordered a drink before deciding on my meal and then ate it where I sat. I had no interest in moving away as the bartender was an absolute riot. He seemed to be able to make almost anybody laugh and keep them amused for hours.

After a few more beers I eventually settled my bill made my way outside. I would have stayed longer, but my body still hadn’t quite adjusted to US time and I had to be up early in the morning again.

I slept soundly and was only awoken by my alarm going off. I got up showered, shaved and got dressed. I was dressed casually again, wearing jeans and an open-necked shirt.

It was another nice day outside, so having loaded my breakfast tray I headed over to the same table that I had been at the previous morning. I’d only been there for five minutes, totally absorbed in the view, when I heard a voice behind me.

“Good morning handsome. I hoped I might see you again.”

I looked round to find Janie standing holding a tray. “Hi,” I said. “Take a seat.”

I was slightly taken aback by the apparent familiarity. It wasn’t something that I’d expect from somebody of only thirty minutes acquaintance. Besides, I’d never considered myself anything more than ordinary.

Before I could stop myself, I said what I was thinking, “I looked around for you yesterday evening, but I didn’t see you.”

I saw that raise of the eyebrows again, indicating her exasperation. “I got caught out. Somebody was holding a dinner party and I was invited. I didn’t know anything about it and everybody assumed that I had been told. I tried to get out of it, but they wouldn’t take no for an answer. I was told that I had no choice as it would leave the party with thirteen people at the table!

“When I got there, I realised that most people were couples, but that there were three unattached men. Actually, two of them were quite dishy, but alas, they weren’t my type. They were each others type, if you get my drift.” A single eyebrow was raised after that comment.

“So, it seemed that I had been paired off with the one remaining single man. Well, I know that I’m no spring chicken at fifty nine, but he must have been seventy and had a Zimmer frame! Well, OK, walking sticks at any rate.”

I was surprised; I really hadn’t figured that Janie was that old. Her face and figure belied her age. I would imagine that most women would sell their souls to look that good at her age. So there was a fourteen year gap between us, but frankly it never even occurred to me. She was somebody that I genuinely enjoyed talking to and being with.

“Worse still,” she continued. “He was so boring! He’d been an accountant all of his life and it was the bakırköy escort only thing he could talk about. I don’t think that he’d ever done anything exciting or risky – or even considered it!

“Anyway, I only got back late. I took my make-up off, cleaned my teeth and climbed into bed. I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.”

I hadn’t got a word in for a while, but I was happy to listen to her cheerful voice. I couldn’t help but smile.

“Anyway, enough about my day; how was yours?”

“Oh, not too bad, I guess. I almost finished everything, but I’ve got to go back in first thing to finish off. Then I’ll have the rest of the day to myself. I thought I’d do a bit of tourism; perhaps take one of the boat trips around the harbour. I have to go back tomorrow evening on the 7.45 flight, so I’ll have most of the day to enjoy myself.”

“7.45,” she said. “Not the Virgin Atlantic flight?”

“That’s right,” I answered.

“Fantastic! That’s the flight I’m booked on! We can travel together.”

Rather than being surprised by her forwardness, I actually found myself thinking eagerly of the prospect and agreed that we should stick together.

“So, what are you planning to do once you finish work today?” she asked.

“I thought I might do the tourist bit and take a trip on one of the harbour boat tours.”

“I’m envious. I’ve got a long boring day ahead and I’m dreading the possibility of being invited to yet another humdrum dinner party.”

“Why don’t you just turn them down?”

“I tried before, remember? It didn’t work.”

“Well, why don’t you simply tell them that you already have a dinner date?”

Janie’s mouth dropped open and she looked straight at me. “Now there’s an idea – and it would be even better if I was actually telling the truth.” Once again an eyebrow arched. It took me a few seconds to catch on. “That’s if you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen with a woman of my age?”

“No!” I said. “I mean… no I wouldn’t… mind I mean. Hold on…”

I took a deep breath and started again, “Janie, can I invite you out for a meal this evening? I would really like to spend some more time with you.”

At first she smiled at my being flustered, but then her face looked… almost sad? “Oh Alex, thank you. I was teasing a little bit there, because I didn’t think that you would be interested. But you’re serious aren’t you?”

“Of course Janie, nothing would give me greater pleasure. Would 7pm be OK? Shall we meet in the bar?”

I walked away from the restaurant wondering if I was being stupid. Maybe she was simply winding me up? Maybe she wouldn’t bother turning up this evening? After all, she looked a classy woman and I was just a computer geek.

I went off to the office and finished the outstanding work, but then they found a few other tasks for me to complete. So, eventually, I left there later than I had intended – and too late to take the boat trip I had planned. Still, it proved a blessing in disguise as I had the opportunity to do a little shopping. I’d travelled over to the States with enough shirts, underwear and socks for the length of trip (plus an extra day for safety), but I’d only brought two pairs of jeans with me and my jacket was far from suitable for a decent restaurant.

Rather oddly, the first thing that I purchased was a pair of shoes. It’s very unusual for me to find a pair that fit in length and width and still feel comfortable – let alone look smart and fashionable! And the price was pleasantly low as well.

I looked around for trousers and jackets, but walking through one store I came across a Neru suit. I’d often fancied the idea of buying one, but had never gotten around to it. Once again, I was able to find the exact sizes that I wanted and even bought a shirt to match the style.

Back at the hotel, I still had a couple of hours to kill, so I lay down on the bed and switched on the TV. Daytime television in the US is just as bad as in the UK, possibly worse. It wasn’t surprising that I dozed off. Fortunately, I awoke in plenty of time, had a shower and got dressed. I made my way down in the lift at about ten minutes before we were due to meet. Walking through the lobby and into the bar, I started to notice some admiring glances. I have to admit; my reflection in the mirror did look quite good.

I bought a drink at the bar and then walked across to a sofa in a quiet corner. Twenty minutes later, I began to worry that Janie wasn’t coming, but then she strolled in through the doors. She took my breath away; wearing a snug, but not-too-tight black skirt and matching jacket. She walked with confidence on impossibly-high heels and headed straight for me. I stood to greet her and leant forward to kiss her cheek.

Up close, I noticed that Janie wasn’t wearing much make-up, but what she had on was used to great effect.

“I’m so sorry Alex. Like a typical woman, I allowed myself a couple of hours to get ready and still I’m late.”

“Don’t worry. halkalı escort If you start with perfection, it must take time to improve.” I couldn’t believe I’d just said that!

Her mouth opened in surprise. “Oh, you silver-tongued smoothy! I’ll begin to think that you’re chatting me up if you carry on like that!” she laughed.

I asked Janie what she would like to drink and then strolled across to the bar to get it. Upon my return, I was able to pay more attention to the way she was dressed. For a start; as she leaned forwards to place her drink on the nearby table, her jacket opened a little revealing that she was only wearing an attractive lace bra beneath. I couldn’t help wondering if the rest of her underwear matched. When she had walked towards me I hadn’t been able to see the back of her legs, but now sitting next to her I could see she was wearing very fine black RHT stockings. Oh, and there was no doubt that they weren’t tights – the telltale signs of suspender straps and clasps were just visible beneath the dark material of her skirt.

To say that I found her incredibly sexy and attractive would have been an understatement. I was glad that the new suit covered the obvious evidence.

“I have to say Alex, you look incredible. You were already good-looking, but when you dress like this you must have women slobbering at your feet.”

I laughed, assuming that she was being her usual amusing self and just harmlessly flirting. We moved into the restaurant and sat down to eat. I honestly can’t remember much about the meal; the time flew by as we talked, both of us flirted outrageously.

Eventually we returned to the bar. After a bottle of wine between us I expected Janie to be a little less steady on those heels, but she was as steady as a rock. But that didn’t stop her taking hold of my arm and squeezing close. We sat down on the sofa again and continued our conversation. My tongue had been loosened and I started saying things that I would never normally do when sober.

“Frankly, I find it hard to believe that any man would prefer a woman in tights rather than stockings.” We had been talking about what attracted men.

“So you prefer stockings then do you?”

“Sure. Especially if they’re as expensive as the ones you’re wearing. I mean, they’re so sheer – they must have cost the earth!”

“Actually they did. I bought them at lunchtime today.” She reddened slightly when she realised that she was admitting that she had bought expensive hosiery for a date with me.

I thought I’d better ease her embarrassment, but my sense of humour went a little further than I had meant it to. I said, “You know what I like most about stockings?”

She shook her head vaguely.

“It’s the Giggle Band.”

“The what?”

“The Giggle Band.”

“What’s that?”

“You know; the dark band at the top.” As I said this I momentarily stroked two fingers on her leg at the place where the stocking top would be, feeling the clasp as I did so.

Janie almost lost the track of the conversation; my hand had clearly had an effect upon her. She licked her lips and said, “So why is it called the Giggle Band?”

“Because once you’re past there, you’re laughing!” I smiled, awaiting her reaction.

She giggled. “You naughty man! You used that joke just so that you could get a feel of my leg.”

It was my turn to go slightly pink, but then she said, “It’s all right. I’m not really cross with you. I quite enjoyed it really. But you’ll have to behave yourself from now on.”

That was going to be very difficult indeed, when all I really wanted to do was take her in my arms and make love to her. We talked and laughed for the rest of the evening, before we decided it was time for bed – our own beds alas.

Janie’s room was on the floor below mine, so I played the gallant gentleman and walked her to her door. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I had been hoping that she would allow me to kiss her. It seemed that she was amenable to the idea, as she turned full on to me and raised he face to look at mine. I leaned in slowly and she didn’t move away, so I gently touched her lips with mine. When I looked, I saw that her eyes were closed and her lips were slightly parted. I made contact with the soft, warm, sensuous flesh once again and this time added a little pressure. Her mouth opened in response and my tongue slipped in and searched for of hers. My arms enveloped her and pulled her in to my body. My hands roamed up and down her back of their own accord. I couldn’t help myself when they moved further down onto her buttocks. She didn’t object as I kneaded the surprisingly firm flesh through the thin material of her skirt and panties.

The kiss seemed set to last for a long, long time, but then I felt a gentle pushing on my chest and I broke away. We both stood looking at each other, trying to regain our breath and senses.

“Oh Alex,” she said. “I’d really like to invite you in, but I can’t.”

I must have had a slightly hurt look on my face, for she said, “Honestly. I really would like to, but I’ve always lived by rules. I’ve hardly ever kissed on a first date other than a peck on the cheek and what we just did was a lot more than that. I can’t go to bed with a man who I’ve only just met; I’ve been hurt too many times.”

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