Finding Mr. Right Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Early October

“Mary, seriously I can’t find anyone. It’s like every guy we know is in class or not answering their cell phone. You would think by offering guys some beer and a place to watch the playoffs, they would be willing to sit there with their shirt off and let me draw them.”

“Did you call Johnnie?”

“Yeah, he’s in class but he said he’d put out the word at TKE’s. If I don’t find someone soon I’m totally screwed.”

“I’ll see if I can find someone. I have to go to class now, but I’ll see you at TKE’s later for the party.”

“Thanks. I’ll see you.”

I hung up with Mary and waited for my coffee order to be up.

It was starting to get cold out now that it was early October. I was dressed in slouchy black wedge boots that came below my knees, jeans, a fitted white tank, and a black leather jacket in kind of a funky bicker style. A blue European style scarf was tied loose around my neck and my hair fell flowing around my shoulders, a few strands pinned back off my face.

“Non-fat latte, two sugars.”

Finally, I needed this if I was gonna get through the rest of my day. I turned around to find a seat. Instead I found someone smiling at me. Surprisingly it was Dean. He was standing before me with a wickedly sexy grin on his face that had made many girls melt before, and he knew it. I had known him since kindergarden. We had never really been friends, not running in the same crowd, but after thirteen years of school together, you get to know someone.

“Dean, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be in Arizona?” from the tone in my voice I was sure he could tell I was shocked to see him.

Dean continued to smile, “Good memory. I’m here for the game tomorrow.”

“Oh, right that makes sense.”

“You wanna sit for a bit? Catch up.”

I wasn’t sure what we were gonna say to each other, having never really had much of a serious conversation before, but I agreed anyway and we sat down.

“I over heard you on the phone. Sounds like you’re in a bind.”

“Ugh, yeah. I had an appointment and missed a class. The professor said I could make it up by drawing a friend, but I can’t get ahold of anyone.”

“Well I’m not doing anything until tonight. Johnnie’s in class, so I’m just chilling till later. I’m all yours as long as I get that beer and a chance to watch the game.”

“Are you serious? You would be saving my life. I have class for an hour, but we could do it right after.”

The sexy smile was back, “That works.”

Not wanting to blow my chance, I ignored Dean’s face and any intent that might be behind it. I took out a piece of paper and began to write. “Here’s my address and phone number if you get lost. See you at like 2:30?”

“Okay.” Dean was still smiling dangerously.

I stood up to and turned to leave. “Oh, I almost forgot, if you could wear some shorts that’d be great.”


I rushed home after class to change before Dean got there. Mary and I shared a house with some of her sorority sisters not far from greek row. It was convenient for getting to class and coming home from a long night of partying.

I pulled off my jacket, boots and skinny jeans and put on my ripped, worn, paint smeared, artist’s jeans. Next I put on a little Ice Cube to put me in the right frame of mind.

It was too weird to me that Dean was doing me a favor and that we were going to be alone together. Though I had known him forever, we had spent almost zero time outside of school together. I had been a studious, kinda shy, good girl and he was the bad boy. He always got himself into trouble. As we got older that meant drinking, drugs and cheating on whatever girlfriend he had at the time. It was a rebellion thing, Dean had always been nice and he was really smart, he just didn’t put much effort into school work. I always thought he had potential though.

As I got my sketching stuff together, there was a knock on the door. I opened it and found Dean standing there. He was wearing basketball shorts, as requested, and a sweatshirt. The look on his face had me puzzled though, it wasn’t his smart ass grin, more like something of question.

“Hey, did you find it okay?”


Still having the funny look, I had to ask. “What’s with the look?”

“You surprised me. I didn’t take you as a rap fan, I’m impressed with your taste.”

It made sense, why would the quite good girl like old school rap? “Well it’s not like you really know me.”

“True.” The grin was back, I wasn’t sure if I was more comfortable now because it was what I expected or less because I wasn’t sure what it meant.

I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. “So, you want that beer?”

“That’s why I’m here.”

I smiled at him and handed him a cold one.

“You’re not having one?”

“Not why I work, maybe after.” Walking into the living area I flipped on the TV. “So there’s Phillys, Mets or Boston, Cleveland. I’m really more of an American league fan, but whatever you want to watch is fine.” Dean looked at me mystified. oni thunder gods tale izle “What?”

“You just surprised me again; your a girl who not only watches baseball but actually cares what game she’s watching. It’s a rarity”

“Ah, well between getting on the Mariner’s bandwagon during the Griffey, Johnson ear and watching Zach play baseball for the last twelve years, it kinda gets ingrained in you. There is nothing like a good baseball game on a warm spring day, it’ll fix anything. Plus the guys are hot.”

Dean laughed, his smile rightly in its place.

I asked again, “So, which game?”

“I’m good with Boston, Cleveland. Who are you rooting for?”

“Well I really hate Cleveland, they’ve killed too many Mariners’ playoff dreams. And not being a Yankee fan, I always love seeing Boston win. You?”

“I’m feeling Boston too.”

I pulled out a folding chair for Dean and placed it in front of the TV. “If you could sit backwards on the chair, arms rested over the back. Try not to move too much. If you need to get up or something just let me know. And if it’s not too much to ask, if you could loose your shirt and shoes that’d be great.”

Dean pulled of his shoes and then slipped off his shirt. While he was getting situated so was I. I unwrapped my scarf and bent over to flip my hair back and pull it into a ponytail. I sat down with my sketch pad, grabbed my charcoal and looked up at Dean. I found him staring at me. At that moment I regretted the fact that I wasn’t wearing a bra. My breasts are small and perky enough that I tended not to wear a bra unless absolutely necessary. The look Dean was giving me sent heat through my body and I instantly felt my nipples perk up. I knew he could see them through my white wife beater.

I cleared my throat, trying to break the awkwardness. “Um, if you could look forward that’d be great, so I can get your profile.” Dean turned and I felt a sense of relief. It was weird having him watch me, watch him. “Let me know if anything exciting happens so I can watch the replay.” Dean nodded in acknowledgement.

I thought I would feel more comfortable when I started to draw, but the more I stared at his body the more nervous I got. I’d never taken much notice of Dean, he was trouble so why even look right? But I had to look now. He had a nice lean, toned body that came with years of playing soccer. I tried to keep my stares to the artist’s perspective, but was failing miserably. There were several times that I felt he was watching my while my eyes were on my paper. He would move right back into position when I brought my head back up.

After a few poses I was done. Thank God. “You can move know, I’m done. I’m just gonna wash the charcoal off my hands.”

All cleaned up I stood next to Dean to watch the end of the game. Dean handed me his beer. I took a few sips and reached down to hand it back. At the same time Dean’s hand came up to my cheek and his thumb brushed across it. I jumped at his touch, surprised at how he burned my flesh.

“You have charcoal,” Dean said reassuringly.

All I could manage in return was a small, “Oh.”

Dean’s right hand came up to join the left and pulled me down to him. Our lips met in what was a surprisingly gentle kiss. Dean pulled away after a moment to look into my face, making sure it was okay. When I didn’t protest, he started kissing me again.

My mind swam with protest as the kiss deepened. Why aren’t I stopping this? What am I doing? This is such a bad idea. He is such a player. I’m gonna get totally used. Why aren’t I stopping? Ugh, cuz it feels so good and wrong. I haven’t looked at another man since Cam, let alone kiss one. I can do this, just let go and do this, just this once. It’s the perfect rebound.

The kiss turned forceful, Dean’s tongue pushing between my lips to get deeper. At the same time he brought his hands down to my waist, guiding me down to sit in his lap. I sat there, staddling him, hands exploring, lips and tongues entangled. Dean’s hands still rested on my waist, he pulled off my tank top and brought his hands down to cup my breasts. I moaned into Dean’s mouth as he stated to tweak and massage my nipples.

Slowly Dean’s hand’s moved down my stomach and unzipped my jeans. Reaching inside he began to stroke me. My head arched back in satisfaction. Dean continued to stroke, while I nipped and sucked at his ear.

Soon Dean didn’t have enough room to maneuver and I got up to strip out of my jeans and panties. Having full access now, Dean dove two fingers into my hot, soaking pussy. Dean’s fingers stroked in and out of me while his thumb worked my clit.

“Come for me. That’s it.” Dean continued to whisper encouragements, as I started to tense. His words made everything seem more wrong and only got me more excited.

Quivering and moaning I came hard all over Dean’s hand. Exhausted, I collapsed on Dean’s shoulder.

After a moment, we began to kiss again. I moved my way down his chest, kissing oussekine izle and biting. I had to have him, taste him. Now kneeled in front of him, I pulled down Dean’s shorts. I ran my hands up and over his legs, taking in the sight of his long erect cock. I licked my lips and dove my head down, taking him in between my lips. Sucking and licking, my hand played with his balls. I popped him out of my mouth and grabbed him in my hand, rubbing faster and faster. Finally I took him deep in my mouth and sucked.

Sure that Dean was close to coming, I removed him from my mouth and stood up. The longing to have him inside me couldn’t wait any more. I climbed back into his lap and positioned my pussy over his waiting cock. As I slammed down on him, Dean pushed up into me, making me let out a slow, “F-U-C-K.”

I moved up and down stroking Dean, his hands were on my hips helping me. My pussy was tight around him, pulling him into me deeper and deeper. I could feel Dean getting larger inside of me the closer he came to coming.

As I started to orgasm I felt myself clamp down on him and spasm. This set off Dean and he released inside of me.


So much for just once, I thought to myself. We had done it once more in my room. After a quick nap I had snuck out of my bed for a shower and was now drying my hair. Dean was still pasted out in my bed.

This whole thing is totally ridiculous. I mean what was I thinking. I guess I was thinking the whole thing felt fucking fantastic. But I was being totally stupid, it’s obviously going nowhere. It’s just a fling. I can do a fling.

I came back into my bedroom to get dressed. Okay, TEK’s tonight, party, what to wear, what to wear. I finally donned my skinny jeans, and black ankle boots. Still trying to decide on a top, I stood in front of my closet in my black bra, perusing my options.

“Hey, sexy.”

I turned around to look at Dean. He was laying in my bed, naked and looking good enough to eat. Just a fling, just a fling.

“Hey, if you wanna hop in the shower before we head over to TEK’s, I’ll go grab you a towel.”

“Soon. Come back over here.” The look on Dean’s face told me he had other ideas.

Resilient, be resilient. I turned back to the closet. I wanted to get a shirt on now more than ever. “I’m all dressed and you really should get cleaned up soon.”

Within seconds I felt strong, warm arms wrap around me. Dean pulled me into his chest and began to nibble my ear. His cock was hard against my back.

“You can not possibly be hard again.”

Dean chuckled lowly into my ear, “What can I say, you turn me on.”

Giving in I turned around and began to kiss him. After a moment I paused. “Go get your ass in the shower.”

I pulled away and walked past him, slapping him on the ass as I went.

“Yes Ma’am.”


In an effort not to hook up with Dean again, I left him as soon as we got to TEK’s and went to look for Mary.

“I need a drink now.”

“What, things didn’t go well this afternoon?” asked Mary, handing me her drink.

“No, no. Things went too well.” I quickly drained her drink and handed it back to the bartender for a refill.

“What the hell does that mean?” Mary studied my face. “Oh my God you hooked up.”

“How do you do that?”

“It’s a gift,” Mary said shrugging her shoulders. “I’m seriously shocked. It’s great you’re moving on, but really Dean? He’s hot, but well you know…” Mary trailed off, there was no need to finish her statement.

“I know. It was just a fling. Do me a favor, keep me away from him?”

“Sure, but we better hit the dance floor now cuz he’s headed this way.”

We moved onto the dance floor, grabbing the two guys standing next to us. I could see Dean watching me, smiling. Smiling, what the hell is he smiling for? It doesn’t matter because I’m not sleeping with him again.

Throughout the night I continued to stay away from, but would still see him smiling devilishly at me.

Finally he caught up to me. I was in the hall, coming back from the bathroom, when I felt someone grab me by the wrist and pull me into the nearest bedroom. I knew it had to be Dean.

“You’ve been avoiding me.” A predatory gleam flashed through Dean’s eyes.

“Yeah, well today was a mistake and I was just trying to keep it form happening again.” I tried to break Dean’s hold on my wrist, but was only met by more resistance.

“A mistake you made twice?” Dean chuckled deep in his throat.

“Ummm.” I knew I had uncertainty written all over my face.

“That’s what I thought,” he was laughing blatantly now.

I was pissed, him laughing at me like that, he knew what he was doing to me and liked it. “Well just because it was fantastic doesn’t mean it wasn’t a mistake. I’m not good with casual and you’re leaving. But more importantly you’re trouble.”

A little more serious, Dean retorted, “I’m not as much trouble as you think I am. Plus I think you kinda like it.” He was whispering in my ear now. “You like paper girls izle being with the bad boy.”

He was right. It did turn me on. Dean had slowly backed me up against a wall, his hands running along my stomach. Then he grabbed me firm behind the neck and crashed his lips on to mine, tongue thrusting into my mouth. He moved his way down my neck, finding the spot that made my knees give out and my mind go blank.

I struggled to make my head focus, becoming consumed by feeling. Eventually my brain was able to form words, “W-we shouldn’t be doing this here. Who’s room are we in?”

“Johnnie’s, we’re cool.” Dean’s breath was hot on my neck, causing me to sink into him.

“What if someone comes in?”

Dean looked at me with a familiar wicked smile and said, “That’s what makes it exciting.”

We can’t do this here. We shouldn’t be doing this at all. Before I could voice my concerns and stop the encounter all my thoughts were out of my head again as Dean started kissing my neck.

Soon Dean had taken my jeans and panties off and I had my legs wrapped around him, back still against the wall. I needed him inside me fast. The idea of someone walking in made the need increase tenfold. Dean’s lips were expertly exploring my nipples. He’d suck, lick and flick them into oblivion and then move on to the next and back again. He had me pulling at his hair and gasping.

Wanting more, I reached down and released Dean from his jeans.

Teasingly, Dean placed his penis at my entrance and rubbed. He was so smooth running over my lips and clit. I began to shudder before he even entered me. Taking me totally by surprise, Dean thrust into me in one fluid stoke. I shouted.

Not trying to be subtle at all, Dean fucked me hard. Each time we slammed into the wall making me moan and scream. His grunts were equally as loud.

“Oh god, someone’s gonna hear us.”

Dean chuckled into my ear, “That’s the point.”

The thought made me gush. Someone walking in and seeing him fucking me hard against the wall, it was so dirty and so hot.

I started to hear people in the hall, making me tense and come closer to orgasm. Dean sensed this and started banging me harder into the wall, drawing more attention to us.

Then we heard voices right outside the door. “Someone’s coming and they’re gonna see me fucking you.” Just then the door knob turned and in walked Johnnie. He stood there, shocked, watching Dean fuck me.

Between Dean fucking me and Johnnie watching us I couldn’t hold on any longer.

Realizing what he was seeing, Johnnie said something like damn and walked out, but not before Dean said, “That’s right, come for me.” As he did, I exploded, clamping down hard around Dean and pulled him into me. My fingers raked along Dean’s back in agony.

My spasms set Dean off and he shot inside of me.

Not able to stand any more, Dean brought me down to the floor. We sat there totally wiped, half naked and panting. Dean brushed away the hair stuck to my sweat covered face and grinned at me. “Who knew you were such an exhibitionist.”

Shocked at his remark, I quickly got defensive, “I am not.”

Dean chuckled, “Are you kidding? It totally turned you on.”

I had the intense urge to hit him, instead I buried my furry and gathered myself off the floor and began redressing, I was totally mortified. “So, thanks for the sex, but it’s not happening again.”

“Sure, sure. Whatever you say.”

Dean was laughing as I walked out of the room to go find Mary. I needed to go home now.


“Seriously Mary, he’s the guy that would show up to all school events drunk or high. He’s the guy that cheated on that really sweet Mormon cheerleader girlfriend of his. I mean I don’t even remember seeing him in school half the time. He goes to the University of Arizona for God sakes.”

“You don’t have to tell me,” she muttered, more to herself than me. “Then what’s the problem?”

I groaned, “The sex is the problem. He’s totally gotten under my skin. It’s like he knows what I want even when I don’t.”

Mary laughed at my predicament, “So I guess that means you’re not coming to the party, because you’re afraid you’ll see him and sleep with him again.”


“Suit yourself, I on the other hand am gonna go get drunk.” Mary smiled at me, jokingly as she walked out the door.

I grabbed a beer from the kitchen and walked into the living room, turning on the stereo on the way to the couch. I let the beer wash over me, mellowing me out, the angry rap saying what I couldn’t. I was starting to relax when there was a furious knock at the door.

Realizing the noise wasn’t coming from the music, I went to answer it. Dean stood there, grinning at me, heat in his eyes. I didn’t say hello, instead I rolled my eyes at him, took a long swig from my beer and headed back into the living room. “I’m not fucking you again,” I called back to him.

Dean roared with laughter, “Why not?”

I turned to look at him, dead serious, hoping he’d get the message, “Because if we do this much more I’m going to get attached and getting attached to trouble isn’t a good idea.”

Dean sat in the chair next to me, but leaned in towards me, obviously set on changing my mind. “I told you, I’m not trouble. And what if I want you to get attached? What if I’m attached?”

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