Finding Serenity

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Her father had just waltzed out the front door leaving nineteen year old Serenity home alone on a Friday night. She was back from college for the summer and had nothing planned. It was just her and the television for the rest of the night until her father decided to show up from his date. Locking the front door and grabbing the remote, she flicked on the television before walking to the kitchen for some snacks and a drink. Taking her drink and chips back to the living room she took her spot back in the middle of the couch reaching for the control to change the channels. Skimming through all the channels she huffed in boredom she gave up stopping on a random channel which she assumed a movie was on.

Reaching for her phone she tuned out the sound from the television paying more interest on the tiny screen rather than the large one. Her ears became perked when she began to hear light moaning, glancing up from her cell phone she noticed the large breasted brunette laying on her back as a muscular male spread her legs revealing her hair less mound. Serenity set her phone on the table and now sat fixated on the 55 inch television screen before her. Of course Serenity knew what porn was but she had never actually watched it that was until now. Her eyes focused on the intensity in which the man licked up and down her labia, spreading them apart showing of the pretty pink her pussy had to offer.

Serenity could feel her lower half begin to tingle, she glanced down güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri at the crotch of her shorts. She had never actually touched herself down there in a sexual manner but there was always a first time for everything. Stripping out of her large t-shirt, she engulfed her C cup breast. The cold temperature of the room made her nipples go erect, pulling on them she lightly moaned. Looking at the screen she did as the brunette did, massaging and groping at her breast, Serenity was most definitely enjoying the pleasure that was coming from this. She watched the screen some more, now seeing the brunette get on knees before his hard cock. Serenity watched intensely as the brunette stroked his cock up and down with her hand bringing the tip to her mouth. Her pussy now throbbing, she couldn’t handle it. Stripping from her little shorts and lace thong Serenity sat back on the couch, her fingers now grazing her wet slit.

A little moan escaped her lips as she slid her fingers back and forth, this new feeling had her in a different world and she was enjoying every bit and piece of it. Lightly playing with her wet lips, she watched the woman on the screen take all of his hard cock in her mouth. He fucked her mouth hard as she made gagging noises over and over. Pulling out of her mouth, she resumed her position on the bed but this time near the edge. Pulling her legs closer to him, he held his hard dick in his hand tapping it against her mound güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri making her moan. Serenity moaned along side her; she now wanted what the woman was receiving. Taking his hard cock he slid it in her, pumping in and out of her as she moaned in pleasure. Turning off the screen, Serenity huffed in defeat; she didn’t want to watch something that she couldn’t have.

Although the screen was off she couldn’t fight the urge to continue touching herself, but before she continued on she needed to find something that would be able to please her as much as that mans cock was pleasing the brunette. Removing herself from her spot on the couch, she waltzed to her bedroom down the hall. There had to be something in there that resembled a nice hard cock. Her eyes scanned the room stopping on her vanity; she smirked grabbing her hair brush. Making her way back to the living room she took her position.

“Alright, mommy’s going to see what it feels like to be pleased.” She said to herself as she slid her fingers through her wet lips once more.

She moaned out loud spreading her lips with her left hand as her right hand explored what her little pink pussy had to offer. She rubbed and massaged until she found a spot that made her wiggle and moan louder than before.

“That must be my clit.” She smiled and continued to move her finger in a circular motion in that same exact spot.

Closing her eyes momentarily she imagined güvenilir bahis şirketleri her neighbor feeling all over her body. He was a stud, standing 5 foot 11, his athletic build would engulf Serenity’s petite frame. She imagined his green eyes wandering all over her body as his large gentle hands please her pearl. He was it; he would be the one she would be fucking in her mind. Grabbing her hair brush, she took the handle and ran it along her slit the same way her finger had done before. Finding her opening she moaned, lightly pushing it further in.

Getting it all the way in, she stroked it in and out, in and out. “Ahh, that feels nice.”

She could hear his voice in her head, “do you like that Serenity?”

Biting her lip, she nodded. “I love that baby, keep doing what you’re doing and go faster.”

Picking up her pace, she shoved her hair brush in and out, pounding it against her wet pussy. Her moans now filled the room as she continued to thrust the brush in and out of her dripping hole. Bringing herself to her first orgasm, her legs shook violently as her chest heaved up and down. Yelling out in pleasure, she had her first orgasm. Catching her breath she stared at the brush now covered in her sweet juice, bringing it close to her lips, she popped it into her mouth and began sucking as if it was a cock. She was enjoying the taste of herself, nice and sweet.

Serenity wanted more and she was going to get it, getting on all floors she crawled to the arm rest of the couch, straddling it between her legs. She didn’t have a real dick to ride but this would definitely be her best bet. Moving her hips in a circular motion, she rode the arm rest until she came over and over again. Serenity was beginning to discover that what she like was coming.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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