Finishing School Ch. 04

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Sunday Night

The observers were in a hurry tonight, they had a lot to do, and Mara had taken her time before eating her drugged food. It was a good thing they were completing her transition tonight. If she spent every evening pleasuring herself in the shower, she would never be properly transitioned.

All of the instructors were present this time. It was a tradition to make sure everything went smoothly. They watched as Mara’s robe was removed and set aside. Tonight Mara would be receiving her Chastity devices. The doctor had recommended her breasts be confined as well since she had been unusually responsive during her breast stimulation exam. The observers put on the chastity band first, taking care to make sure her breasts were fully enclosed before locking it in place. They ran a few tests to make sure all of the sensors were working, and to make sure the separate parts were in working order as well.

While a few of the observers were testing the chastity band, a pair of them got ready to install her chastity belt. It would take longer, and they had to be sure to get everything in properly. When the band was determined to be in working order, the belt was carefully positioned, the attachment that would go in her vagina was relatively small, and would not cause too much stimulation until the supplements she would receive did their work. Her breasts and hips had already started growing, and her uniform had needed to be altered to allow for the few centimeters they had developed.

Once the belt was in place, they locked it and started to run a few more tests. The sensors were all in working order, and they checked to make sure the openings in the belt were aligned with her properly so she could use the bathroom without any complications. The vibrators were checked one by one, and even sleeping Mara’s body responded to the stimulation. They cleaned her up and put her into another robe, then they sent the bed back into her room above.

Each instructor was given the code that worked for Mara’s devices. Every authority figure at the Academy had an encrypted app on their phone that could control the devices all of the students wore. Each female student had a unique code, which was programmed into the app so all the instructors had to do was click the student’s name and they would be able to have access to the sensor information, and control over the punishment and reward functions that the devices all came with. Only the most sensitive girls got a band to go with the belt, and Mara was definitely sensitive.


A gentle buzzing noise woke me the next morning. I reached to turn off the alarm, but there was no clock on the nightstand. I sat up to look for whatever was making the sound, and with the change casino siteleri in my position, I felt something shifting in my most intimate place. I ripped open my robe to see what it could possibly be, and I discovered that I was now wearing a weird pair of metallic-looking underwear, I also had a peculiar bra on. Both were made of the same strange metallic material it moved with my body like normal clothing, but when I tried to touch myself through it, I couldn’t feel a thing. After pausing to listen a bit more, I figured out that there was something vibrating in my vagina. I was already aroused, but the vibrations were gentle enough that I wouldn’t be climaxing anytime soon. I climbed out of bed and walked into the closet, there was a note hanging from a garment bag it said,

Your uniform is complete, can’t wait to see how it fits!


I opened the zipper and pulled out the uniform. There was a white collared shirt with short sleeves and a blue pullover vest with a matching checked skirt with neat pleats. I felt weird not wearing any real undergarments, so I put on a bra and a pair of black underwear from the dresser. Then I got dressed in the uniform. It was made out of a soft material. The skirt barely reached mid-thigh, and the neckline on the shirt brushed the top of my cleavage, which was pushed up and together by the strange bra. The shirt was very tight and almost felt like a second skin.

Suddenly, the vibrations in my vagina stopped, and I heard the doors opening in my room. I walked out of the closet to see who it was. There was a girl who looked to be around my age, she was dressed in an identically styled uniform but with a red vest and skirt. Her blonde hair was in two high pigtails, and her green eyes were sparkling.

She stuck out her hand, “Welcome to the Academy, I’m Natali, you must be Mara.” I shook her hand and she turned, beckoning to me, “I’m excused from all classes today while I show you around, if you have any questions, feel free to ask and I’ll answer as best as I can.”

Natali showed me around the school, starting with the rooms, and ending in the Dining Hall. She showed me where to get my food, and then we sat down at one of the empty tables.

“So do you have any questions? You must be curious about something.”

I had a million questions, but I didn’t want to bombard her, so I started simple, “Does everyone have their own room?”

“Yep and every room has a color theme selected specifically for each girl. Mine is red, all of my clothes are red,” she leaned in closer and whispered, “even my bra and panties.” My eyes widened, and she laughed, “Everyone knows your color is for everything, no need to be ashamed. We’re all super close here, kind of like sisters. canlı casino In fact, some of the girls you meet here might be your life long friends. My older sister graduated from here and she still talks to her closest friends from her graduating class every week.”

That was another thing I wanted to know, so I asked, “How do you even graduate from this place, I already have my high school diploma, and it’s supposed to be a finishing school, not college.”

“The skills we learn here are more about how to be a lady, not so much math and science. And the biggest rule of this place is that we don’t talk about our lessons around outsiders. I’ve never been to any other school that takes being a lady so seriously. All of the instructors are super dedicated, and they have to go through all sorts of screening before they get hired. Most of them are graduates of Monsieur Carden’s Gentlemen Academy.” She paused for a quick breath and then continued, “That’s another finishing school, but it’s only for boys. Sometimes we have special lessons with the boys from Carden’s, but only the top students get to participate. I’ve been here for 2 months, so I haven’t had the chance yet, but Viktoria, she’s in the purple room, she says that the boys are all super charming and polite and the instructors at Carden’s are all women. It’s like the opposite of here, the only woman is Ms. Verian, and she’s only the assistant director. But enough about the school, What’s your story? How did you end up here?”

I usually didn’t talk about myself, and she caught me off guard, “Uh, my parents got sick of me I guess. I never last longer than a week at home with them. I spend most of my time at our Paris house, but whenever they want to stay in France, they ship me off to a different boarding school, up until I graduated, now they send me to finishing schools or anywhere that will keep me away for a while. This is the 3rd one in the last few months.”

Natali grinned at me, “I’m glad they finally sent you here, this is the best finishing school ever, and they are great for young women like yourself who are still discovering themselves. I got in trouble with my parents all the time, and when my sister suggested sending me here, they jumped on it. Mostly because they idolize her, she’s the “angel child” and I’m just a cast-off.” She paused for a bite of her food, “For the most part, life here is pretty easy, and as long as you follow the rules, you get whatever you want. But if you break even one of the rules, they can be pretty strict. I heard that one girl got in huge trouble just for wearing pink when she was in the yellow room. They say that the color scheme you get is supposed to be the one that compliments your beauty the best, but I still wouldn’t want to kaçak casino be stuck with an ugly color like orange. I hardly ever wore red before I came here, but I look totally killer in all of the outfits they provided for me. And I have to say you look pretty great too.”

Natali talked non stop as she showed me around, we walked to where each of my classes would be, and she told me what order they would be in. Apparently, they didn’t make formal schedules for the students, since it changed depending on the day and which instructors were available.

By the time we got back to my room, I had the different classrooms memorized, and I knew where I would need to go for each class. Natali left me in my room with instructions to report to the Cafeteria at 8:30 sharp. I collapsed on my bed and fell asleep almost immediately. I woke to the smell of good food as dinner was brought to my rooms. The cart was moving on its own, and it seemed like a pretty high tech robot. My attention quickly turned to the delicious food, and I was soon enjoying another delectable meal. Once I was finished, I quickly showered and climbed in to be wearing nothing but the strange metal underclothes.

I was just starting to fall asleep when something started pulling on my nipples. It felt like tiny suction cups, suctioning first one, then the other and releasing before starting again. I could hear a quiet humming that must have been whatever was powering it, and I tried to find where on the metal bra it was coming from. When that failed, I tried to find a latch or hook of some kind to remove it and using the mirror in the bathroom, I discovered that both the bra and the bottoms, were both completely seamless. I sat on my bed in a huff, I was starting to get extremely horny.

The suction on my nipples stopped, and I groaned in frustration. I tried desperately to touch my swollen clitoris or any part of my lower anatomy, but the metal was unyielding. I gave up and crawled back into bed to try and get to sleep. I was tossing and turning when something inside my vagina started to vibrate softly. I gasped, and stopped moving, the vibrations grew stronger, and I was soon panting and writhing in pleasure. The cups of the bra started to vibrate steadily, and the vibrator in my center started pulsing, vibrating stronger for a moment before fading softly.

I was getting more aroused by the second, but I was still far from orgasm. The vibrations were starting to get annoying when something else happened, a sucking sensation started on my clitoris, It felt just like the suction on my nipples from earlier, and I noticed that the suction on my nipples was once again happening, and it was in time with the suction of my clitoris. The vibrations were still pulsing, and the suction grew stronger, taking longer each time before releasing. I could barely think straight, and I cried out as my orgasm washed over me. I felt a tiny prick under my left breast, and then I was falling asleep.

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