Fire Emblem (Fat)es Pt. 03

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With the bordering walls of Norh and Hoshido at arms, news eventually reached the capital of both lands. Tension rose on both sides, all looking towards the leaders of their countries as to how they were moving forward. But the inner circle of the royal families was far more concerned over more personal matters at hand.

[Castle Shirasagi, Hoshido, 8 days after 1st curse]

“No curse will stop me from seeing my sister!” The red Hoshido leader leered and stated to the poor scout, looming over the small vassal with his mere presence.

The soldier falls backwards by the stout approach of the king of Hoshido. The very presence overwhelms, even the tense energy sparking from the sheathed blade of the famous Raijinto is too much for one to focus on, let alone the crimson glow of his armor and eyes looming down upon who now bears the guilt of delivering terrible news. Breaking the tension, a soft pink hand gently glides and grips one of the armored fingers, as a voice as welcoming and soft as spring putters forth,

“B-Brother, please, you’re scaring him! It is not at the fault of this poor person that caused Corrin harm~!”

Silence of voices is only contained, as the clanking of the regal plate armor shuffles as the lord sits down, legs crossed wide atop of a large, flat cushioned throne. Elevated atop a strong polished wood and stone platform, the lord sits center, with a small, pink haired girl tends to the lords’ frustrations, holding his hand with all the might of a daisy.

“I understand Sakura, you’re right,” the lord waves the scout away to discuss matters in more detail alone, “but I cannot sit idly by and do nothing.”

“And we would never ask that of you brother!” A red headed noble to his left pipes up, his sister Hinoka,

“Agreed,” A cool agreement by the white-haired younger brother Takumi accompanies Hinoka’s sentiments, “To leave our sister in such a dire state would make us worse than the Norhian lords who even sent direct aid to the front to assist in the border patrol.”

“Nevertheless,” Ryoma scratches his head in the large brown mane of hair, “The ones they did send are no slouches in magical arts, let alone Corrin’s knowledge of the dragon magic. To think one like the witch Nyx would succumb to this…” He trials off, as his thoughts start to wonder in many directions. “First the counsel, the economists, and now unknown magic! What a day to rain down dread. Already the fields are not yielding what they did last harvest, but now I have vassals starting trouble over resources.”

Noting the frustration in his eyes has their eldest brother begins to analyze the situation, his grip begins to tighten around the poor flesh of Sakura, the youngest, causing her to squeak in,

“Please Ryoma, let us help you!” despite the pain, the little flower child had a determination of a soft brook; though soft and peaceful, will keep going no matter the obstacle. Looking over the sister, Ryoma is taken aback from the interruption of his thoughts, as he releases his poor sister’s small fingers,

“Of course, Sakura. You both as well, Hinoka and Takumi. You are my sibling and my trusted counsel. I need to emphasize that trust…”

“That’s right! How dare you forget, we are not just the strongest of your warriors, but we care too damnit!” Hinoka states aloud, holding her head and small chest aloft in a huff at the idea of not utilizing her expertise,

“Then I propose we split our attention to where we need it,” Takumi says in a cool demeanor, “Brother, there is matters only you can address. Allow us to investigate the border problem; I will look into the agricultural center to see why the crops are not being delivered. I think it might have something to do with the border issue. Sakura can field some of our vassal’s assistance in studying a reversal of this curse while Hinoka takes our flying forces to the wall to support the camp on hiatus.”

The siblings stop and stare at their brother in astonishment. Flustered, the youngest brother raises an angry eyebrow, “What, is my plan not sound?”

Hinoka beings to güvenilir bahis laugh from her core, as she barely lets out, “no, I’m just not used to you having such good ideas,” before defaulting into a rhythm of short breaths,

“How DARE you, I have PLENTY of great ideas if you’d bother listening for once!” The two siblings begin to bicker, while Ryoma and Sakura begin to laugh. Ryoma takes a moment and enjoys the siblings forgetting for a minute of being politicians and just being a family again. His heart sank in this thought, missing Corrin

“Corrin, what is happening to you…”

[Castle Krakenburg, Norh, Present]

In a dimly lit library, the royal siblings Leo and Elise scour through ancient tomes. Large piles swarm around both leaders, one in deep interpretations of ancient spells, the other…

“UGH, Leo, this is soooooo BOOOOOORRRRRIIIING!” The youngest noble of the Norian royal family complains, tossing a book behind her after breezing through the text she could read. She is not one to mind assisting in such a situation. After all, Corrin and Camilla mean the world to her! But at the same time, being pulled away from performing on her violin at Windmire has left her heart heavy. After all the practice she has been playing into her craft, she didn’t think a last-in-line sibling would be called away on such business. But the fact remains, she knows Leo would rather not have her there to help study. Nay, the last thing Leo would want is her company after last months… Falling out over dinner.

“Maybe that’s why Xander ordered us here together…” Shortly, the silence is broken by Leo exclaiming, “Aha! Elise, look wha-“

Looking around expecting to note the reaction of a bored sibling, the young man swivels around and notes he is, in fact, alone in the musty library,

“Typical, even under orders she can’t sit still.” He says to himself in a huff, anger building as his assumptions of workload, “No, I can more than handle this, but I must her here. Ugh, why did he even summon her, I would be just fine without-“

His personal tirade over Elise is interrupted with a heavenly slice of cake; a dark chocolate and vanilla two-layered cake with cherry filling, atop a purple-with-gold-embroidered plate and fork placed next to him by his little sister. All of the anger Leo just felt immediately melted away when seeing that brightly, smiling face of her beaming over him. Indeed, the few years after the war has hit Elise the most, growing into an adult at this point,

She stands now a whole 20cm taller than the start of the war, from under 5 feet to almost half over. Though the aesthetic would be of soft and rounded for before and now, the prior would be more child-like associations of not hitting puberty, into fully developing into a female, albeit more grounded than the proportions of his older sister. The side, spiraled pigtails now a long, combed main of platinum-blond hair with a black streak through it to accompany a long, gothic-aesthetic black and purple dress, with a slit from her right thigh to allow her legs to breath. Steady shoulders for her violin to rest atop, with long arms toned to hold many a stringed instrument on stage. Though not in war shape, she has maintained a thin torso, though wether the work of a corset or diet is unknown to those who know little of the royal princess. The penchant of snacks has followed her to this day, but the strict regimen of royal duties and traveling for performances has left her little time to have the sweet tooth become a problem. But how could it, when used in a situation to diffuse the tension between siblings? Nay, Leo may put up a cold exterior, but he loves his sister too much to allow anger to hold, albeit has lasted as long as it has thanks to Leo’s pride. But the sweet confections of cake from her uplifting demeanor leave Leo in no position to oppose her sweet sorrows.

“I knoooow I should be here helping Leo, but I can’t make heads or tails out of many of these scrolls, tomes, or novellas. Seriously, how is the account of Elebanta Regalio the 8th’s requiem of… güvenilir bahis siteleri whatever happened during the famine of a year no one cares about?!”

“Didn’t even make it past the title? For shame Elise,” A smirk breaks his stalwart face as he teases his sister, as he lifts a small cut of cake to meet his lips, delight swerves through him as the raspberry plays with the sweet vanilla and dark chocolates in a cornucopia of complex merriments of bitter and sweet.

“I would if it was in a language I understood,” has a shade of red breaks her porcelain complexion, a huff overwhelming her already round faces to a rounder shape, almost akin to the cherries used in the treat they are breaking into. Elise stomps over with all the ferocity of a new-born puppy, sitting in a huff as she indulges in a rather large slice of cake, the rest of which is placed next to her ‘work’ station.

“Careful of the sweets Elise, care to not imbibe too much if we are to venture to the border and see for ourselves the conditions of Corrin and Camella,”

“Pfft, you worry too much! As long as we don’t touch them, I should be fine! Besides, I can’t let all of this hard work go to waste!” Elise rebuttals between mouthfuls of cake, the puffy face from frustration loosening its reigns to the welcoming of such a dessert. Leo sighs, knowing nothing can get through the thick head of that sister of his! Nothing to do but to return to notes he found from an old advisor of the late King Garon.

“Maybe Iago knows something about this…”

All are in the mind space of Leo, not letting any other external stimuli interrupt his work. Not even the loosening of a dress knot or corset of an overly ambitious sister who stuffed her face with a cake and fell asleep. The sound of a gurgling digestion and almost-comical snores are all that can be heard in the still library. Not another sound is made with the two in the library, nor the unexpected observer from the hallway, peaking out of the corner of the door inside.

[Bordercamp of Corrin]

Nyx awakens atop of a large bed, noting the inside of the camp has been shifted around. The 30 ft. space is now made to be more accessible. While still adorn with the needs of a general’s tent; a large battle map and table to stand over, along with a chalkboard adjacent to come up with ideas, scrolls, parchment, and a writing section. But was shifted from the center to the far back, making room for the now three large beds and infirmary tables, all of which are holding those contaminated with magic. A hefty soldier sits next to Nyx’s table, dressed down into loose burlap and tunics that can be found to accommodate the soldier’s new proportions, sleeping away.

“Must have been watching over me,” Nyx thinks to herself as she reflects her current situation. Energy converted through them is intensified. The obvious effect has been the multitude that magic has expanded inside of them. But housing the amplification of energy has had damage on everyone’s physical form. But rather than just magic, any energy entering and expelling from them has have consequences on their bodies.

Meal restrictions has been a must, according to Nyx, but the vessels of their body’s yearn for more. To do more, to show more, to eat more, to be more. These intensified impulses have been difficult to control, especially on Nyx, as she has the most control over her magic, and is needed to keep the non-magical soldiers from expanding to the point of dying or worse. But seeing the brief exposure to Corrin or Camilla was dire enough that Nyx has encouraged to rest and sleep the time away while she researches what she can. She believed this is onto her to carry alone, the consequences of those curses she did all those years ago and that she needs to pay for now. Once more the flashback of conversations with Xander intrude her mind. What was just reaching out to warn another of the impending plight of carrying sins of death has stirred her mind in a frenzy. Prior to the current events, she could just focus on the tasks at hand, making new spells, and hunting down iddaa siteleri other witch hunters who bring harm to those who do not know the powers they wield. The impulse to dwell on them would pass quickly. But the curse has resurfaced something she tried to keep down, quiet and alone. An emotion, a feeling of warmth when she thinks of him and that damn smile…

She shakes her quaking head, “Your king has no need of you to waste time with these thoughts Nyx, now get back to work!” She exclaims to herself mentally has she hefts herself out of bed in a rush. The proportions while her mind is battling elsewhere, unfortunately, caused her top-heavy status to fall forward to the ground,


What used to be a solid thud has now softened with the newly found pounds that have enveloped her form. Her breasts once formed into a pair of loose one-inch bean sacks from her chest prior to this curse, barely pressing forward the silken cloth that held them in comfort. Now, the hulking sags of flesh brace her fall with room for more, now has skyrocketed to nearly four inches from her torso, reaching the size of a 44C from 26AA in our modern terms. Her thick double chin absorbs the shock of the fall what the rest of her hulking body did not, as well as makes the once sharp, angular face she had. Though absorbed the feeling lingers, a slight sting on the breadth of exposed flesh that her attire left little to the imagination. The breasts now sit atop of a large stomach, of which descends from her and covers her crotch and almost a third of her thickened thighs when sitting, noted when sitting up from the accidentally forgetting gravitational forces that act upon her in these new ways. Sitting herself upon her large butt from the ground, easily 60 inches wide, she moved with effort to get her wide legs beneath her. With effort and help from the now-awakened soldier, she heaves herself upward,

“Captain Nyx, are you alright?”

“Apart from a bruised pride (and chest), I should be just fine. Our bodies changing in such an accelerated way has taken… time to adjust.”

“Can I help you in anyway?”

“Unless you can translate ancient scripts of Hosidan or Norhian decent, I will have to do just fine.”

“Maybe a snack? To get your brain going and all…”

*sigh* “Sophie, is it? I understand you mean well, but remember, we have to be in control, not relinquish control.”

“Yes, but,” she pressed her fingers together while looking down at them, nervously, “you were also the one who said we need to be ready…”

Coldly, Nyx remarks, “A single jellyroll you had yesterday sent me passed out to make sure you wouldn’t break your spine.” Though harsh, the poor soldier stands five-feet and seven-inches and three-hundred pounds now, fifty of which was added to make that just before Nyx counter-cursed and stopped the growth. It has put the dark haired solider, (not ugly, but plain and ill stands out), in an extreme apple shape, with a large stomach hitting her cellulite-ridden knees and legs. Nyx cannot risk another surge, she’s not sure how she will survive it. But the pleading, pathetic look of Sophie’s puppy-dog eyes gets to her. Must be the effects of the curse, crumbling her emotional fortitude against such matters, (or Sophie is more of an expert on pleading that Nyx expects from a soldier).

“Look, see if you can get some cram or wheat bread, something plain and simple!” Nyx explains as the hefty soldier puts peddle to the mettle, shuffling over to the edge of the tent in lightning speed. The hefty mage sighs and makes her way slowly to the stack of book and scrolls deposited by the candle-light corner she has made into her study corner but moved by the rest of the war time implements.

A belch breaks Nyx concentration over a scroll she was deciphering for the past hour. She leers over the top of the scroll, slowly pulling it down to find a embarrassed solider covering her face with both hands, noting the solider has listened to her commander and indeed brought in wheat bread… Albeit enough to fill the front rack of a bakery and ready to open on market day.

Nyx sighs, “Fine, hand me a slice, ONE slice!… *with butter*”

“Oooooh, that would be lovely, had me a slice as well~!” Both turn to an awakening Camilla in all of her morning glory… and then some.

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