First Christmas Ch. 01

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On Christmas Eve, I should have been out spending time with family or friends, but instead I was in my empty apartment with a glass in my hand all dressed up but nowhere to go. I put on my gold sequin mini dress thinking that I could maybe go out to a club, but when the time came I wasn’t really feeling it. I just moved to a new city far from my family and friends and although I had enjoyed the freedom of walking around in the nude whenever I wanted, it was getting a bit lonely. I never pictured myself in my early twenties and still single. All of my friends were either married, engaged, or dating and I was totally lagging behind. I was hornier then I had ever been in my life. In college I could barely concentrate on class and I never took notes because I was always thinking and developing some sexual fantasy in my head that took my full attention. At work in the library, I would have to take frequent breaks to my office where I would unwind to a few dirty pages in a dirty novel. Sex was on my mind way too much. Every man that I would see throughout my day became the leading male in my latest fantasy. I must have been the horniest virgin who ever lived!

I could have spent another night with my hand or the new vibrator that I ordered online. Or I could have been a little kinkier and did some anal play with my hand dandy pink highlighter but I wanted the real thing. The holiday season really heightened my horniness but it also heightened my loneliness. I wanted a man so bad. I wanted to hear a knock at my door and see a naked male on the other side tied up with a big red bow sporting an 8 inch hard on just for me. But I guess that was all just fantasy. When would my fantasies come to pass? Aren’t I allowed to get at least one of them? No matter how hard I wished and wanted something, it would never come to pass, so I decided to get up and go to a bar or a club downtown. Nothing ever came out of these things, but maybe there would be some holiday magic working in my favor. When I opened the door to leave, my neighbor was just coming home.

“Hey, how are you?” he asked. His name was John. He was older than me by some years and he was way out of my league. He was always very cordial to me, but it always seemed out of pity. I bet tonight his beautiful girlfriend would be coming over in sexy lingerie and they would spend the evening making love, talking, and drinking wine.

“Good and you?” I asked back. He looked so handsome with his all back ensemble and red tie. I couldn’t help but smile goofily in the face of this great looking man. I didn’t know what he did for a living but every night I could hear him playing his acoustic guitar as I laid in bed with my hands in my panties. But of course he would never know that.

“Fine, where are you heading out to?” I could feel his stare on me and it was making me quite bashful and self conscious although I knew I looked great in that form fitting dress that highlighted my warm honey brown skin, long slim legs, deep red full lips, and dark wavy hair.

“Oh I think I’ll get go to a bar or something. I am spending the holidays alone.”

“Me too.” He started. I was surprised at his answer and I almost didn’t believe him. How could someone that handsome be alone? “Do you maybe want to spend it alone together? I just stole some wine from my company holiday party and I was going to come home and drink alone, but you know it’s not good to drink alone. Skip the bar tonight and come in.” I followed him in without a word. I had only dreamed about going in there. I was better than I had imaged. There was lots of navy, grey, and other neutral tones, his home kinda smelled of leather and a subtle hint of vanilla. He first started out apologizing to me for being such an aloof neighbor but I forgave him as long as he promised never to stop being friendly again. We sat on his couch drinking sweet white wine where he interviewed in the matters of my life, job, and interests. I told him that I was a nerd and into comic book superheroes, collection replica Lightsabers, reading classic novels, watching way too much PBS, and never missing a week of This Week in Pictures on MSNBC. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I seemed very lame to myself saying those things out loud.

“What type of things are you into?”

“Lots of things, gourmet cooking, chess, running, watching way too much C-SPAN, playing the guitar, sketching, and tying up sexy women to play with their nipples and tease their clits—” I nearly choked on the wine that was almost down my throat. Suddenly my body temperature rose at least 10 degrees and my hands began to tremble. He looked at me straight into my big doe-like brown eyes. “Do you want to know what else I am into?”

I nodded my head as if I were under a spell.

“Beautiful, shy women like you who don’t know how sexy they are. Who gets wet when a man who looks them deep in the eyes and tells them that I want to fuck every hole you have and make you cum again and again. So I ask again my dear, what are you into?” He took the glass from my trembling hand and took my hand into his and laid a sweet kiss on it. With a trembling voice I began:

“I really like to write erotica especially at night with I am listening to you play your guitar. I like to close my eyes and wish that someone was touching me whispering how much they wanted to make love to me…” I closed my eyes and took myself to my inner thoughts. I could feel him getting closer to me, his lip brushed against my ear. “I really like it—”

“You are your own kind of beautiful.” He told me. I opened my eyes hoping that this wasn’t just another dream. In the back of my mind I already started to ask myself the ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions, but why ruin a sexy moment? I was completely flattered and could not hide my obvious turn on, already I could feel the wetness between my legs. “Am I making you uncomfortable?”

My smile widened. “You are making me wet,” I laughed. I was never that frank about sex, but then again I never really had a chance to be. “Do you always do this to women you invite inside.”

“No, I am just in the Christmas spirit I guess. It’s the season for giving and I want to give you something. Something even your wildest virgin fantasies can’t imagine.”

“How did you know I was a virgin?”

“I didn’t but, now I know for sure,” he laughed. Oh he was even sexier when he laughed. “I know you probably think that no one notices you, but I notice you. I see you coming home and you nearly always pull out the wrong key first, you are always singing the same song to yourself, and you are always dressed so sexily. I especially like that purple dress; it makes your breasts look great.” My cheeks were so bright red I didn’t even know what else to say back to him. “And I must say, I love this dress on you, but for me to give you a proper gift you will have to lose it.”

“You want me to strip?” I smiled. I was hoping he was serious, because my clothes were begging to come off. Thank you God for sending me this sexy horny man!

“Yes, have another glass if you’d like. But I want you to strip and then walk right into my bedroom over there.” I was nervous, but even more so I was terribly craving cock, his cock. With alcohol running through my veins and ‘bold’ becoming my new middle name I stood on his wooden coffee table and stripped out of my gold cocktail dress, my black strapless bra, my black lacy thong, and my heels. In front of him I stood completely naked like I did almost every night on the other side of that wall.

“Fucking hell…Come here, my pretty little virgin. I want to show you something.” I followed him into his bedroom where it was dark and mysterious. I watched him as he pulled a big black box with a combo lock from underneath his bed. He pulled out some candles and set them around the room and lit them. Also in the box he pulled out an interesting looking contraption that he fastened to the bed. “Laid down, dirty girl. I want to show you things that will blow your mind.” I went down to the silk of his bed and laid down as he bound my ankles and wrist to the bed. I was exposed for him and vulnerable with nowhere to go and no idea about what would happen next. For all I know güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri he could chop me up to a million pieces but I had a feeling that he was being as bold as I was being tonight. It turned me on to be this way with a stranger.

My naked body looked wonderful stretched out in the candlelight. My nipples peaked upward begging to be touched on my 34D breasts. Each curve of my classically soft and feminine figure was highlighted and exposed. I could see little goosebumps rising up all over. John disappeared for a while but returned with the bottle of wine in his hand and with no clothes on, but now he had a red bow tied around his hard cock. I wanted to flip but I was tied up. Seeing his beautiful cock alive and ready sent jolts of sexual energy down my body. I wanted to jump off of that bed and go for his cock right way, but no matter what I did I could not free myself. With the wine in hand he crawled onto the bed next to me. “You are such a beautiful girl. Damn, I think you are meant to be tied up on my bed forever so I can just look at you and admire you.” He looked down at me with a look that I had never seen before. I was ready to have fun with him, out little sexy holiday secret.

He tilted the bottle of sweet white wine right over my lips for me to taste. The small stream splashed over my lips and I opened my mouth to let some in. The wine tasted too good, I had to lick my lips to get every bit of it. Next he poured some onto my nipples and we watched the wine roll down over my swollen breasts and pool at the side of my body. The chilled wine looked so good rolling around on my smooth dark skin. If I could I would have licked it from myself, but I really wanted him to lick me. Down my belly and into my belly button the wine rolled. “Do you like that?”

“Yes,” I said trying to raise my body up to touch his. I wanted our skins to make contact but he was teasing me and making me wet in more than one way. He put the bottle between my legs and rubbed the cold glass container against my moist pussy. I grinded my pussy lips against the wine enjoying contact while I had it. When he was done teasing me like that he poured wine down my sweet slit and all over my pussy lips. Soon the bottle was empty and all that was left to taste was me. “Taste me—” I was on the verge of begging for his touch, but I didn’t have to beg because his lips met my nipple. He didn’t play around—he went straight for the hard suck, like he was reading my horny mind. I moaned loudly pushing my nipple toward his face. When he released my nipple from his hard suck I could see the trail of saliva from his lips to the tip of my nipple. I treated my other nipple just the same sucking harder and harder encouraged by my positive reaction. My tits wanted more of him but he pulled away and to my surprise started to slap my tits one after the other.

To watch them jiggle and jerk was fascinating. My nipples seemed to be growing even bigger and more sensitive to his tongue and hard suction. I wondered if they tasted like the sweet white wine. “Are you ready for your present?”he asked. I looked down at his cock as he unwrapped the big red ribbon and let it fall on the ground. My mouth was wide open already anticipating being orally filled by his thick and long cock. It was the most beautiful cock that I had ever seen. He gave me a closer look at his cock as he got on top of me. With his dick centimeters away from my lips he stroked himself and showed me the precum already seeping from his delicious head. John rubbed his cock all over my face making it wet with his precum. I reached out my tongue to lick him but he withdrew teasingly. “Have you been a good girl?”

“A very good girl,” I replied. He let his cock slap my face getting closer and closer to my mouth. Once he was close enough I grabbed his cock with my lips and held onto him. He let out an initial moan as I welcomed in his fullness into my hungry mouth. His cock was getting more slippery by the second, tantalizingly sliding in and out of my wet oral hole. It had been too long since I sucked cock. I was a virgin, but I had the pleasure of sucking güvenilir bahis şirketleri cock a couple of times before. John’s cock was much better than any cock I have ever played with. And if tonight he wanted to go all the way I would let him.

His cock filled my mouth with sticky goodness after a series of grunts and aggressive sucks. I was surprised at first at the amount of cum that sprouted from his dripping wet head but after I got my first taste of the salty substance I was glad that it was all over me, coating my face and lips. I watched his cock after he caught his breath and calmed down a bit. It was still very hard despite the explosion that just took place. He let his cock rest in between my breasts and said, “Damn girl, you suck like a champ.” I smiled broadly at my accomplishment. “Have you ever been finger fucked?”

“No I haven’t, a man has never made me cum before,” I admitted to him. The guys who I had played around with in the past were more of the ‘taking’ sort than ‘giving’. Once I got them off with a blow job, it was all over—tragic story of my life.


“But you can do whatever you want to me John.”

“Under one condition,” he started.

“And what’s that?” He got off the top of me and laid beside me, very closely. I took a deep breath to inhale the intoxicating scent of him. Being tied up was fun, but having him this close and not being able to touch him was torture.

“We can’t just stop after tonight. I want to see you every night. I want to have dinner with you in that purple dress and dance with you in that gold dress and bring you back here in no dress to treat you right. I am not untying you until you agree to that condition.” As he talked his hand traveled down my heaving chest, past my soft stomach, and over my mound to my cunt that was now soaked. “Say you want to see me again.”

“I want—I want to…” I could barely talk as his hand began to rub my swollen and exposed clit.

“Tell me.”

I tried to agree again but he pushed a finger into my pussy and I cried out in a soft moan. My eyes closed as I slipped into the world of ecstasy…

“Yes John!” I cried out as a second finger slipped into my wet hole, he was now vigorously fingering me making my body twist, rise, and bend in ways I never thought it could. Just as I thought it couldn’t get better he went down there to treat my pussy to his sweet lips and tongue. As his thick fingers slid deeper and deeper he flicked my clit with his tongue driving me crazy. My hands and feet pulled at the binds holding me, desperate to be released. Just as I felt a finger creeping and peeping toward my asshole I came on John’s face, thigh shakings, hips jumping, and pussy juice seeping. It was fan-fucking-tastic!

“I am not going to fuck you tonight.” He told me after my eyes opened back up. I wasn’t sure if I had heard him right. “I’m sorry darling.”

“Please John, I need your cock right now, please unite me and fuck me,” I begged.

“This is what I want you to do. I am going to unite you and then I want you to go home, take a nice long shower. And tomorrow I will take you out for Christmas breakfast and we will see what happens next.”

“If you untie me I am going to jump on you and rape your cock!” That’s just how badly I wanted him. I didn’t want to leave without having that glorious cock deep inside of my very tight, very wet, and very warm pussy. He laughed deeply at my comment and gave me a kiss on my forehead.

“You have one very healthy sexual appetite for a virgin.”

“So no matter how much I beg you aren’t going to fuck me?”

“Nope, because one of these days I am going to make love to you. Just wanted to tease you a bit tonight, get you interested.”

“Oh I am more than interested.” He untied me and I resisted with all of my might not to reach out and grab him. We both put our clothes back on and he even helped me zip my dress back up very kindly and sweetly. “Goodnight beautiful,” he said as he gave me a kiss as if this was the end of a great date.

“Goodnight.” My knees went weak at his kiss and I felt myself grow warm again as I began to fully wrap my head around what just happened. When I got back to my apartment, I wasn’t upset any more at the fact that I was still a virgin, because now I still had a lot more to look forward too. Maybe this would not be my first Christmas alone, but my first Christmas with a chance of cock.

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