First Day at School Ch. 01

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Deep breaths. She was in a hurry. She couldn’t afford to be late again. Yesterday was so tiring and frustrating. She had stood in the queue from dawn to dusk but did not manage to even reach half way. THE COPPERBELT UNIVERSITY she imagined was an organized place where registration was done online and not on-line. She had imagined she would be received by smiling faces, directing her where to go and helping her with the entire process. She was wrong. At 06:30 hours in the morning, she was number 147 on the queue which would drain her and prove her fantasies wrong. CBU was more like a white elephant, an old and still aging lady past her prime. This was depressing. Everyone was busy minding their own business, pushing and pulling one another in an attempt to enter the clinic first. This was hell. This was yesterday. She hated this place already.

“Arrrgh!!” She looked at her watch as she reached the main gate; 05:30 was the time. She smiled. Atleast she wouldn’t be number 147 today. She hurried even more, nearly running. The security guards couldnt help but admire how her nicely shaped body swerved from side to side as she sped past them. She was beautiful. One of them whistled and she pretended not to hear a thing though the thought of being admired made her even more comfortable. So she intentionally walked in a manner her body figure came out (alikafumya umwaiche). She reached the clinic at exactly 5:45. Her steps came bahis firmaları to a halt. The queue today was even longer than that of yesterday. “where do these people sleep?” She wondered.

Rosetta wanted to cry. She felt so discouraged and sad. It was going to be another long day on the queue. She lazily walked to the back with white Samsung earsets plugged in her ears though nothing was playing. She pretended to be busy on her phone as she noticed some fairly handsome guy steal glances at her. Each time she looked in his direction, she found him looking at her and smiling at her then he would look away like he wasn’t looking at her. She always liked the feeling of being admired. It warmed her heart that someone would really appreciate the way she was made. She found it flattering. The clinic opened at 08:03. By then she was near the copy centre. The pushing and the pulling started. She hated this.

At 10:00 hours, she was still near the copy centre. She noticed girls that found her on the queue were not spending more than 10 minutes on the queue. They were just going direct with some COBUSU OFFICIALS. How she wished she knew one of these kind and generous guys. The only thing she liked about today was that it wasn’t as hot as yesterday. A cool breeze passed. She deeply breezed with her eyes slightly closed. When she exhaled, the guy that was staring at her earlier was standing next to her. He wasn’t bad. Actually, kaçak iddaa she thought he was kind of handsome but still she feigned to be busy on her phone. He had cologne so nice; she stole a glance at him; white vee neck tee shirt, neat blue jeans and some nice black canvas. He waved at her but she ignored, still pretending to be typing on her phone and listening to silent music.

“Hi!” he said not wanting everyone to know he was forcing a conversation. She did not respond so he instinctively tapped her shoulder. Electricity surged through her. She could not understand what she felt at that moment. She wanted to make a scene but again, she did not want to make a scene. She took her earsets off and looked at him with a questioning face. Gosh!! He was nice. He smiled.

“Oh!!” he started. “Hi. Uhm… am Stephen. But you can call me Steve”. He extended a hand. She hesitated.

“Hi.” Her voice sounded sweet to his ears. “am Rosetta but you can call me Rose”

“I already know your name” he joked.

“really?” she was shocked. “how? I mean from where?”

“I called airtel and asked if they had any beautiful customers but was told they only had one Rosetta so they gave me your line and I must admit, they weren’t lying.”

She knew he was lying. Ofcourse that was a lie but it was sweet. She blushed and smiled.

“Well, am on MTN so maybe try the next girl”

They both laughed.

“Ok you kaçak bahis got me” he chuckled. “I saw you here even yesterday. I thought you had managed to enter.” This was a purified lie.

“I wish I did.” Irritation settling in. “CBU isn’t fair. Those girls just keep entering but they already found us here. I wish I knew some people aswell coz am tired.”

“a beautiful girl like you shouldn’t be standing too long on a queue of ugly girls…hehehe…I’ll be back in a bit.”

He left her smiling and atleast feeling much better. Finally she found some charming guy she could talk to. Within five minutes he was back with a buff man wearing an apron.

“Ela!” started Monk Chipo. “Rosetta Lipenga, Follow me.” She wasted no time as envious eyes from her fellow girls followed her. She entered and within a few minutes she was out, smiling, flattered and happy. Stephen was unbelievable. She walked towards one of the tables to buy a COBUSU receipt. STEPHEN sneaked behind her and stopped her.

“I have a surprise for you. Here is a COBUSU receipt for you. Just to appreciate such a beautiful girl even saying hi to me.” Her mind said no to the receipt but her body already got it. It was already written R. LIPENGA on it.

“well, Steve,” she was short of words. “why are you doing this?”

“What am I doing?” he teased. “I have never seen such beauty in my life and I couldn’t bear seeing you standing in that queue.” Every word he said was sweet.

“Please stop flattering me. Am not even that beautiful”. The entire time, that was the statement he was waiting for. His plan was officially underway. “Let me take you upstairs”

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