Florida Cougar Ch. 01

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Big Dick

Sweat trickling down the small of his back was the familiar reminder that the heat had overcome his best abilities to work on the highly pitched ladder with any sense of comfort. Connor’s gloved hands were slick with perspiration as his arm moved laconically and with overwhelming soreness to pull more fallen palm fronds from yet another useless gutter of faux-Spanish terracotta design. He loathed the way in which these older, wealthy Floridians held style above utility and expected guys like him to make up the difference.

As a struggling session musician just out of college, he’d been forced to take an extra job with his distant cousin’s landscaping company where he worked alongside a number of immigrant guys with families trying to make ends meet. Connor had become quickly and disgustedly aware with the way in which the “well-to-do” retired set of Miami saw a guy who did his type of work as invisible. Despite his vitriol for the people he mowed and planted for, he’d discovered a lucrative side business in clearing gutters on his own for cash up front. Bypassing the need for a crew, he saved himself fees and pocketed a nice chunk of change on weekends by pulling soaking wet, moldy fronds and other tropical storm detritus from pathetically designed gutters.

The only drawback was the need to work up high in such heat. Connor moaned as he reached out to grab a particularly troublesome clump and suddenly felt the ladder shift sickeningly underneath him. He managed quickly to grab hold of a cornice on the second floor of the house and stepped gingerly onto a ledge. The ladder swayed momentarily and then fell into the bushes 15 feet below him.

“Fuck,” he mumbled under his breath looking down before he turned his attention back to his predicament.

He turned carefully to find he faced a window. He crouched down to open it and found it stuck completely shut. Probably locked. The house was a “McMansion” and Connor had a nice view of expensive looking art and vases on the landing through the window. He thought momentarily to call for help but the guy who hired him had left for the airport an hour ago for a “gentleman’s golfing weekend” and paid up front with the understanding Connor not go in the house even to use the bathroom. Connor regained his footing and turned to face the backyard again.

The pool glistened in the noon light and he knew that yelling would be barely heard in the front. He needed to keep moving and find a way down.

He shimmied to his right where he saw the indentation of another window ledge and slipped upon reaching it. He managed to catch himself and sit down squarely on the ledge near the window itself. He turned to try the window but was immediately stopped dead by what he saw inside:

The lovely bedroom was decorated quite tastefully in old rugs, fine modern art and was dominated by a king size brass bed. An enormous flat panel television against the far wall was placed in the viewing line of a modern divan covered with a throw blanket. While the room alone was a sight to behold, Connor was left agog by what was happening inside of it.

The TV was showing a scene from a porn film in which a woman was performing fellatio on the biggest dick Connor had ever scene. It was staggering to see porn on such a large screen but his eye was drawn inexorably away from the TV to the woman on the divan that seemed to be watching the TV very intently.

Her back was to him and from his vantage she appeared to be nude. He could see the muscles on her shoulder and back rippling slowly along with her unseen movements. As he watched her, it slowly dawned on him that she was moving her hands quickly. Her auburn hair seemed to bounce in some shared motion. He realized suddenly that she was masturbating and in a fit of eroticized curiosity his head moved forward where it met forcefully with the metal pane of the window and made a cracking sound.

Connor saw only the woman’s head thrash around instantly and the burn of her blue eyes before he lost balance and fell plummeting backwards of the ledge.

He awoke on a couch in a bright room. Two French doors allowed light to stream through unobstructed and caused him to shield his eyes and then groan in pain. The throb in the back of his head couldn’t abide the glare and he rolled away from it.

Upon rolling over Connor came face to face with a plastic bag filled with ice and a glass of water. He reached for the water and sipped it. In his hasty thirst he drank too deeply and felt the cold water spill down his chin, onto his neck and chest. His bare chest, he realized foggily as he gasped at the intake of water and suddenly cold trickle on his skin. Why was his shirt off? He wondered

“You’re awake,” he heard a light, feminine voice say softly and suddenly. “I was afraid you’d cracked your skull.”

A shadow stepped in front of the French doors and Connor had to shield his eyes to make out its slender form as it stood out in relief to the glare behind it.

She güvenilir bahis was about five and a half feet tall and possessed the voluptuously athletic carriage of a woman who spent an inordinate amount of time on her physical upkeep. Her long legs were sinewy and tapered up to a white mini skirt with a very liberal hem length that showed off her luscious, powerful thighs. Her torso and arms were similarly well toned but her chest and stomach were covered by a blue baggy men’s suit shirt with the cuffs rolled up to her upper arm. Despite the bagginess that hid her breasts, Connor could discern that she was amply endowed. She was clearly braless but her breasts were high and firm without aid. Her red hair was pulled back to show of her porcelain skin and the blazing blue eyes set into a face of delicate and beautiful features.

Connor immediately recognized the woman who had been masturbating in the bedroom before he’d fallen but was struck by one amazing fact; despite her amazing fitness, the woman had to be in her late fifties at the youngest. And she was stunningly sexy.

“Can you speak?” she asked with a cautious smile. “Habla ingles?”

“Yes,” he replied warily. “I’m from New Jersey.” He tried to smile but felt a bit of a twinge when his lips spread too wide.

She smiled widely at his crack for both of them. “I’m relieved to hear both,” she said, her voice relaxing enough to back up her words. “You gave me a scare, falling that far and finding you in the bushes.”

“My ladder fell,” he stammered, remembering the circumstances. “I was trying to find a safe way into the house so I could get down. I meant no harm, I thought no one was home.”

“If you don’t try to go get worker’s comp for doing this silly illegal work, I’ll agree to believe you and I won’t press charges. My husband wouldn’t be so kind, you’re a lucky young man.” She smiled more openly and Connor felt himself blushing.

“I’m sorry to have scared you ma’am, that’s never happened to me before and I panicked.” He blushed.

“My name is Debra and I’m sorry that happened to you. Do you feel well enough to stand?”

Connor noticed she was keeping a safe distance from him and he realized how wary she must be of this stranger in her house. He decided to get up quickly and try to get out of there before she got less comfortable or saw the incongruous erection that she had caused in his jeans.

“Yes,” he said hurriedly as he stood up quickly. “I’m so sorry, I’ll be out of your…”

He felt the room spin on its axis as he stopped talking and lurched backwards. He felt her hands on his torso before he saw her move towards him and she helped ease him back to a sitting position on the couch as he looked into her eyes.

“Oh-kaaay,” she said calmingly. “It seems that bump did a little more than we thought huh? Take this icepack and hold it on there for a second and I’ll grab some Aspirin from the bathroom.” She stepped away as he took the ice bag and applied it to the knot on his head.

He looked around some more and saw that he was in the pool house. The couch sat facing out towards the pool itself with a small kitchenette behind it and a little corridor to the left that Debra disappeared into as he watched.

He tried immediately to drive his new, sexual thoughts from his mind as he felt the dizziness and pain ebb from his skull. If his hard dick caught her eye, the cops might be on the way and he was in no position to run or drive away.

“Here we are,” he heard her say from behind him. “Two of these should help a little.”

He took the pills hungrily and tossed them back without looking.

“Thank you,” Connor said softly with an open and consciously innocent smile. “You’ve been much nicer than you need to be. Considering the circumstances.” He extended his hand for her to shake. “I’m Connor by the way ma’am.”

She took his hand and allowed him to shake it gently before she sat down in the armchair opposite him. “Well Connor,” she said softly with a sly grin spreading across her face. “It’s Debra, not ‘ma’am,’ and under the circumstances, I’d say we both need to be nice and cordial to each other. Especially after what you saw and how you managed to see it.” Her grin turned coy as her blue eyes burned familiarly at him and he felt his face go hot and flushed.

“But I didn’t see anything.” He stammered.

She laughed suddenly and softly.

“Maybe that topic is better discussed after you get your composure back. Why don’t you get some more sleep then wake up fresh and ready to drive home? I’ve moved your truck into the garage so no one wonders why our ‘landscaper’ is still here.” She winked and got up as he lay back on the couch.

She laughed again. “No need to sleep out here Connor. Follow me.” She cocked her index finger towards him and he got up and followed her down the corridor to a small, well appointed guest room at the back of the pool house. A fully made up queen size bed sat under a row of high set windows. türkçe bahis Debra patted the foot of the bed and smiled again.

“Just hop in and get right to sleep to get that head back to sorts. You can knock on the back door when you wake up.”

“Thanks so much ma’…, Mrs. Debra, It’s really too nice of you.” Connor needed to fall back asleep more than he’d ever known and he was acutely aware that if he didn’t get his body covered quickly, the throbbing erection in his jeans would become readily apparent.

“It’s really no problem Young Master Connor,” she said with her now familiar smile. “Just let me know when you’re mended and ready to go.”

She waved with her fingers and sauntered away. As soon as he heard the pool house door close, Connor freed himself from his jeans and slid into the bed, his raging hard-on forcing him onto his back. He was asleep in seconds.

Her naked body wove before him in the pool.

The porcelain skin of her chest and torso were so clear and lovely when not playfully complimented by the freckles dotting the skin above her firm and ample breasts that looked so full and soft in the blue water.

Debra swam towards him.

He saw her matured, taut, sinewy body undulate through the water. Her firm but age-dimpled ass cheeks rippled as she swam inexorably closer and her face came up to greet him as she pulled herself up over the edge of the pool.

He saw her bare, firm creamy-white breasts come free from the water’s surface where they bounced dripping wet, nipples hardened and pouting, into his suddenly crazed vision. Her azure eyes found his and her lips parted into something like a smile but sodden with a somewhat filthier meaning.

He stared on as her upper lip curled suggestively before it was restrained suddenly by her shining white teeth and nibbled as her eyes lit up even brighter making her eyes wrinkle playfully at their corners. Her glistening shoulders waved bouncingly back and forth slowly as she began to move languidly towards him.

He watched her hands move down her sides towards her hips where her fingers began to toy leisurely with the indentation between her hip and pelvis. The wet hairs of her neatly trimmed yet verdant red bush seemed to sparkle in the sunlight.

He was transfixed as she came even closer and felt his cock harden like marble as she bent over in front of her. Her breasts passed by his hungry eyes and mouth and her face came beautifully into view as she inclined more, offering her full lips to his…

And then he woke up.

He was still in the large bed in the back room of the pool house but the sun had gone down and the dusky light left the room less visible. The light was not the only difference. The TV on the far side of the wall was on and he could make out its faint hum. Connor did not remember it having been on. In a state of foggy confusion he sat up on the edge of the bed wearing only his boxer briefs.

As his mind swam back into sharper focus, he understood that it was time to get out of this house. Despite the strange encounter with the stunning ‘Lady of The House,’ and the dream that was replaying in his brain and crotch, Connor had no place being there at this time of day and he’d heard horror stories about being pulled over in this part of town in a “beater” truck by private security guards.

He gathered his jeans, shirt and boots that had been somehow neatly folded in the chair next to the bed and began his hasty exit. As he moved down the corridor, the TV’s sound became clearer and Connor felt his head for more lumps as he was sure he was imagining the moaning and yelling coming from the speakers. The sound seemed familiar in a way. And when he rounded the corner into the pool house living room, he realized why.

The TV was playing the same porn movie from before. This time though the action had moved on to the woman being fucked hard by the guy with the huge dick. Her moans were crazed with lust and ecstasy and the sound of them filled the small room.

Connor’s eyes barely rested on the TV though as he was aware immediately of the lamp casting a faint but illuminating glow on the armchair where Debra reclined bathed in its soft light. His jaw dropped as he saw her.

Her red hair seemed to glow in the dusk and it cascaded free and wild down her shoulders. A rebel group of strands was matted to her slightly sweaty forehead.

Her blue eyes were only half open but the burn from them was more incendiary than ever. Connor felt himself caught immediately by their magnetism.

Her mouth was parted in a way that made her lips look swollen and pinker than before. The upper lip seemed to curl in a pout from the left corner of her mouth where the faintest crinkled trace of her refined age was visible on her milky, porcelain skin.

Her neck was tense and showed off the muscles against her tanned, lined flesh. It strained as it held her head aloft but to the side. The perspiration on her neck had pooled güvenilir bahis siteleri slightly between two of her firm, long muscles before it ran down on to her freckled chest.

Her oversized blue shirt had been unbuttoned all the way and her right breast rested exposed on her heaving, lightly freckled chest. The nipple of her exposed breast was rigid with excitement and the surrounding creamy flesh of her gorgeous bosom was slick with perspiration.

Her left hand was plunged firmly into her white cotton panties and her lovely legs were spread wide with her feet planted firmly on the ground before her. Through the moist scrim of white cotton, Connor could discern the outline of her moving fingers inside the bikini cut panties.

The feminine sinew of her arm tensed and released as he watched her fingering her pussy. Her tongue caressed her already slick lips as she rubbed and probed herself while her eyes smoldered at him and took in his amazement.

It was only as he saw her watching him that he realized the bizarre reality of the situation. This gorgeous older woman was masturbating in front of him and letting him watch as he just stood there in only his boxer briefs with all his other clothes in his suddenly shaking hands. As he looked down at his balled up pants, shirt and boots, he saw for the first time how hard his erection had become and he swallowed hard as he looked up to see Debra smiling directly at him in acknowledgment of his discovery.

“Is this a better view than last time?” she purred from her chair, her fingers never stopping their movement. “At least you’re in a safer place to watch.”

“Yes ma’am…” he stammered back and then added stupidly, “safer.”

She giggled and threw her head back. “Don’t be so shy Connor. Come get a better look.” She nodded at the couch facing her.

He felt himself move without knowing and almost float to the couch he’d woken up on only hours earlier. As he sat down to face her she tugged gently but quickly at the band of her panties and they fell down her legs to her ankles where she stepped out with her right leg. She gathered them around her left ankle and with a pert smile flipped them at him with a languid kick of her long, lovely leg.

“Your tip,” she giggled as he caught the panties in his hand. He could feel the dampness on them that her excitement had left behind on the soft cotton. The mixed aroma of her perfumes, both natural and worn, reached his nose and he found himself intoxicated.

She brought her left foot up to the armchair and spread her legs even a little wider. The index finger of her left hand went to her lips and teeth where it was toyed with in a manner of lusty suggestion. Her right hand ran down simultaneously across her exposed breast, soft, lightly wrinkled stomach and glistening pelvis before it came to rest in the hirsute bramble of her flame red bush. Once there, her index and middle fingers danced free of the luscious hair and toyed coyly with the pink, swollen, gleaming lips of her pussy.

Connor sat bewitched by her gaze as he peripherally saw her open herself up to him with her long, elegant fingers. Her eyes lost focus momentarily as she parted them wide and she bit softly on the finger between her teeth. Even when her eyes rolled in pleasure, Debra never once took them off of him. He felt himself breathing shallowly and his skull and arms go tingly. His erection however became more rigid and achy. It’s yearning to free itself from his boxers was almost agonizing.

“Show me,” she whispered as her eyes seemed to read his thoughts. “Show me what watching me does to you.”

He reached slowly under his elastic waistband and felt himself shudder as his fingers grazed the rippling veins on his marbled shaft. His head threw back involuntarily as he felt the current of pleasure and he heard Brenda moan from behind his closed eyes. He opened them and saw her standing up in front of him now. Her shirt had opened wider by standing and her right breast, as stunning as its twin, was exposed to him. Debra’s hands went to her breasts and she tugged gently on them both as she looked down at him.

“So sensitive. Take it out Connor. Let me see.” Her teeth bit her lower lip and her eyes went wide as he pulled the boxers down to his knees. His erect dick seemed to shoot up, ramrod straight and rock hard towards her blazing stare. He took it instinctively in his hand as she knelt before him on the carpeting.

“Fuck. You are a beautiful boy Connor,” she whispered breathlessly as her hands touched his naked thighs and her face came level with his throbbing cock. Her left hand reached out and her fingertips grazed the head of his shaft. “You are just so young and so lovely.” Her eyes were wide and bright as she smiled and ran her index finger to the base of his shaft above his balls.

The sensation of her expert touch on that spot sent what felt like a current of lightning from his groin up his spine to his brain. His eyes rolled back in his head as it tossed back again. He heard his mouth emit a primal moan of longing passion. It was as if he had been waiting in anguish for this touch his entire life and her knowing had released him from a bondage he had never recognized.

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