Forgotten Key, Surprising Discovery

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It all started because of me. You see, I’m quite forgetful sometimes. I was always forgetting little things I had to do, or places I had to be. And this time, I’d forgotten my keys and wallet at work. Locked out of my apartment, with no intention of going all the way back to grab them, I slumped to the floor in front of my door in defeat. Glumly, I pulled out my phone to ring my girlfriend, Amy, to reveal the depths of my stupidity.

She picked up, and I told her of my mistake. “Oh Dan, and tonight after work I’m going to visit my parents! I’m just about to set off from work, and you know it would take me twice as long to make it over there before I go. I won’t be back for two or three hours!”

Yet another thing I forgot.

“It’s alright though, you can get a key from Mrs. Jones in the apartment next door. I left one with her when we went away last summer, so she should still have it. And she’s home all day, so you shouldn’t have any problem getting hold of her.”

Things were looking up. I might be able to get through the door of my flat at last. And whilst I barely knew my next door neighbour, I knew from passing her on the stairs that she was at least polite and friendly.

I picked myself off and dusted myself off, and moved down the hallway to her door. I knocked loudly, and waited for what seemed an eternity. With no answer, and my hopes of salvation seemingly dashed, I knocked again. After another interminable wait, I decided that she must not be home. I turned to leave and had made it three steps back towards my door when I heard the locks turning, and her door open. A head popped around the frame, looked up the other end of the hallway, and then finding no-one there, turned back in my direction. Her eyes found me, and she smiled, a sea of white on her flushed face.

“Dan, hello! Sorry, I didn’t hear you – I was watching a film. What’s up?”

I explained my predicament to her head as it poked around the door and she giggled. “Well, you’d better come in whilst I find them then.” I headed back to her door, and followed her into apartment. As I rounded the corner I realised she was only wearing a dark satin robe that was cinched around her waist and came down to just above her knees. The effect of the belt made the robe hug her curves as she sashayed in front of me, hips swinging ever so slightly.

I’d never really paid much attention to my neighbour before, having only passed her saying hello. What I did remember was that she was in her early forties, about 5’5″ with short dark hair, and always seemed to have a smile on her face. What the baggy sweatshirts and leggings I’d always seen her in had failed to disclose was that she had a beautiful figure. And that figure was now tightly ensconced in a robe and wiggling its way in front of me. I shook my head, trying to quell the rising thoughts about what might be under it. She turned and noticed me behind her, and smiled. She turned away again quickly and I could feel the heat rising to my face and a full blush coming on.

“Have a seat Dan, please, whilst I go get the key.” I sat, as invited, on the sofa in her open plan lounge, in front of the blank widescreen TV. She returned a few seconds later with the key, dangling from her finger.

“Thanks Mrs. Jones, I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t have had a spare. My girlfriend Amy is away until later tonight, casino siteleri so I would have been outside that door with nothing to do but twiddle my thumbs all evening.”

“Call me Sally, please! Mrs. Jones makes me sound so old, and I’m only 42!”

I blurted out that she didn’t look it, and that she looked amazing. She smiled at my blushing face, and laughed. “Well, flattery will get you everywhere Dan. Why don’t you stay a while, seeing as your girlfriend will be out for so long. I could do with the company, as I don’t get many visitors as young and handsome as you.” She had a point on the young side, whilst I wasn’t too sure about the handsome. At 23, 6’0″ and pretty toned, I was sure youthful and pretty trim, but as for handsome? Well I’d been attractive enough to snare Amy, hand’t I?

“As it’s after six, would you care to join me in a drink?” I nodded my assent and she wandered off to her kitchen, where I could see her mixing what looked like two strong drinks.

She returned and handed me my glass, and sat down on the opposite end of the sofa and curled her smooth, shapely legs up under her.

“So, tell me a little about yourself.”

We started to chat about things, and as we continued I felt myself opening up and warming to her more and more. Maybe it was the loosening effect of the drink, but occasionally she’d giggle, and push a bang of brown hair out of her face. After telling her a story showing yet another example of my forgetfulness she laughed heartily and leaned forward. The movement caused her robe to sway open at the top, and I caught a fleeting sight of a luscious, full, shapely breast and a small, hardened nipple, hanging forwards. Yet again, I felt the colour rising to my cheeks.

She pulled herself upright again, and noticing my blushes again drew her robe around her with a wan smile. “Wow, you look as if you’re quite hot. Maybe I should get you another drink.” I agreed, and she stood again from the sofa and headed off to the kitchen. This time I turned in my seat and my eyes followed her as she mixed the drinks. I watched as she reached up to the top shelf of her cupboards, trying to pick two more long stemmed glasses down. As she reached, her robe began to ride up on her thighs, exposing more and more creamy flesh, until the round mounds of her bottom began to peek from the hem of the garment. I felt conflicting emotions – knowledge that what I was thinking and seeing was wrong and unfair on Amy, who I dearly loved. But the effect of a drink, plus the sight of such a beautiful ass, fought its way to prominence as my cock began to harden.

Next she moved to the freezer, at which she had to bend down to get some ice cubes. Without bending her knees, and with her ass in the air, she reached for the lowest tray, causing her robe to rise again. This time, not only was that peach of a behind revealed in fuller glory, but I could see the thin line of a black thong running between her cheeks and towards her pussy. I held my breath, entranced, as my cock felt like bursting through its seams.

Without looking up she shouted back towards me. “I just need to powder my nose, I’m gonna leave your drink on the side for you – I’ll be back in a moment. Make yourself at home, pop on the TV or something. The remote’s on the coffee table.”

I looked back towards the TV. Anything to get me from concentrating on canlı casino the MILF in the apartment with me. A quiz show, a news report. Something to stop me from doing something I knew I shouldn’t, or from embarrassing myself. So I grabbed the remote as she retreated to her bathroom, and tried to figure out what to do.

I powered up the TV with the remote, only to find that the DVD player switched on too. I fumbled with the remote, trying to prevent it from resuming the film and spoiling whatever Sally had been watching. Too late, the screen began to come to life, bringing with it a huge shock to my system. There in front of me, on the gigantic TV, was a young guy on all fours, with an older woman with short dark hair behind him, wearing nothing but lingerie. And what looked like a large rubber dong protruding from her black panties.

I should have switched it off, I know. But I couldn’t. I was transfixed, watching the MILF rubbing the lubricated strap-on cock up and down her partners tight crack. The moans of the receiver showed that he was willing and enjoying it. She pressed the bulbous tip into his asshole slowly, until the head was past the ring of muscle and the lubricated shaft began to slowly pass into him. As he became accustomed to its girth, she slowly began to rock back and forth, fucking him sweetly and gently, probing his inner depths with her member. My cock couldn’t have been any harder – it was flooding my boxers with precum and was beginning to stain the front of my jeans. I knew that I’d have to stop the excitement, but I couldn’t help it.

“I know it’s so crass, but I just love to watch my work all over again – it makes me remember what it was like fucking that young stud in the ass.”

I nearly jumped out of my skin! Whilst I was entranced in the pictures on the screen, I hadn’t noticed that Sally had returned and was standing behind me at the sofa, with her eyes on the screen too. I pawed for the remote, trying to stop it.

“No, don’t feel you should stop it on my behalf. If you’re enjoying what you’re watching you should carry on. From the looks of your jeans it seems as if you’ve got no problem with it so far!”

I was enjoying it, to be sure. And after her initial comment about her work, it only began to dawn on me that the woman who was making love to the young guy’s hungry ass was indeed the same woman who was in the apartment with me. She rounded the sofa and sat next to me, closer to me than before. I dragged my eyes off the screen long enough to see that her robe had slid open and her hand had gone to between her legs, caressing herself inside her thong. She turned to me with a look of lust and excitement in her brown eyes, and whispered “I guess you know now why I didn’t come straight to the door” and smiled at me.

“Uh, that’s, uh, that’s ok.” I stammered. “Is that really you up there?” She moved closer to me, and began to trace her spare hand up and down my knee.

“Yes, it is…I make adult movies, mostly involving my personal fetishes. This is my favourite series. I find attractive, fit young guys, bring them back to my apartment and then fuck them silly with my strapon. Mmm, I remember this scene, I came so hard that I think I almost fucked his brains out.”

As if on cue, the woman on the film, my neighbour, began bucking and writhing with a look of sheer ecstasy on her face, pumping the kaçak casino strapon cock further and further into her stud that his eyes seemed as if they would pop out, before the repeated pressure on his prostate became so much that he flooded the bed below him with jets and jets of cum. The screen faded to black with her slumped over his prostrate form.

“I can tell you enjoyed that as much as I did” she whispered, running her hand over the bulge in my jeans. With my groans for encouragement, she undid my belt and slowly eased my trousers and boxers down in one smooth movement. My 7″ cock sprang upwards, pointing directly at my chin. With a groan of pleasure she lowered her head to my throbbing cock and began to nibble at the skin below the end. Slowly she worked her way down, and then back up, from the bottom of my balls to the underside of the head. I writhed under her touch, trying to buck my member so that it would reach her mouth. Eventually she relented with her torture, and brought her lips to it, taking me slowly into her mouth and then pumping me up and down with her hand.

Further and further she took me in, until her nose was nestling at the base of my rod and resting on my shaven testicles. Whilst rocking her head up and down, she brought her other hand up and began to fondle my balls, running her nail down towards the skin between them and my anus. I shivered in delight at the treatment I was receiving.

But then my phone rang. She lifted her head up, and whispered to me “Answer it”. So I grabbed the phone, and seeing the display said Amy, groaned. Sally, with a twinkle in her eye, whispered again, more forcefully. “Answer it!” So I pressed answer and put the phone to my ear.

“Hey baby, it’s only me. I’m on my way back now so I should be home in about twenty minutes.”

Sally could hear the conversation too, and, smiling, moved her head to my cock again.

“Uhh, cool babe, can’t wait till you get home!”

“Did you get the key from Mrs. Jones next door?”

She began to pump my cock rapidly, whilst licking and sucking on my balls. Her tongue darted downwards, moistening my tender opening. The shivers went through me right to the core. She plunged her fingers into her pussy and slicked them with her essence.

“Uhh, yes I did sweetheart.”

“Cool, was she nice?”

Her fingers returned to my ass, circling my asshole, probing gently, as she pumped my throbbing member with her other hand.

“Oh baby, she’s wonderful, really friendly and helpful.”

I could feel my orgasm approaching, building and ready to explode. She plunged her soaking finger into my asshole, gently pushing forward and letting me accept her.

“Well, I will have to meet properly sometime soon, and get to know all about her. I love you baby”

“I love you too” I managed, just as she hung up. Sally took me into her mouth and finished me off, as I spurted wad after wad of thick creamy cum into her warm, willing mouth. The feeling of her finger gently stretching my ass was divine, making me cum like I had never cum before. She caught every last drop in her mouth, milking me slowly with her hand until I was done.

She brought her head up from my lap, and raised her lips to mine, kissing me with her tongue, coated in my manly juices. She pulled away again, leaving the surprisingly sweet and heady taste of myself in my mouth.

“I guess you’d better go home now, and clean yourself up. But just remember, if you forget your key again, you know where I live. And maybe next time I can tell you more about my work…”

And with that, I left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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