Fortunate Confluence of Events Ch. 05

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Fortunate Confluence of Events Ch.5

This story is work of complete fiction. Any resemblance to real characters or actual events is purely coincidental and unintended. All characters are mature and over 50, so this story series will likely appeal more to the older crowd here.

This chapter briefly turns away from the fetish theme, and strays into group sex territory; however for continuity I am placing it in Fetish with the others. There are bisexual male and female situations described herein, so for those who find such activities offensive, please take a detour now.

Tags for this segment: nudity, group sex, blowjob, cum eating, cum swapping, sexy spit play, bisexual female, bisexual male.

Approx. 4500 words.

~ . ~

I think we all turned a few shades of red, and for a few seconds, you could hear a pin drop.

Ruben spoke up to break the silence.

“Well,” he said, looking toward his wife, “I think they’re onto something. We’re here for a week..”

“But,” he added, turning to us, “I’m not sure we’d get away with that here.”

I thought I detected a wink from Ruth, at the edge of my peripheral vision. She was aiming it directly at Ingrid.

“Yeah, I’m not sure either,” I agreed. “Wouldn’t want to get evicted for lewd behaviour – I really like this place.”

From the corner of my eye, I watched the girls cracking smiles across the table back and forth, as though they could read each other’s thoughts.

“But speaking of fun, tomorrow I would really like to go for a drive and see those ruins. Are you folks game?” He asked.

“I certainly am!” I exclaimed, followed by a thumbs-up from Ingrid.

“I went there a long time ago, when I was in college, and never made it back. I’m pretty sure I know where they are, but I haven’t been able to find anything on the map. Seems to me that’s the way it was back then, too. Our prof took us there, and he was the only one who knew anything about them, and where they were.”

“How far away are they?” I asked.

“About an hour and a half from here, as I reckon. Pack lots of water and a hat to keep the sun off you. If we go early, before it heats up, it shouldn’t be too bad. It’s not far off the road either, maybe a 15 minute climb. It’s supposed to be nice tomorrow, so it would be good to get back by lunch and have a swim.”

We finished dining and all pitched in to help clean up, then we took a nightcap down to our beach chairs, and sat quietly, inhaling the awesome beauty of the Caribbean sunset.

Ruth and Ruben excused themselves early, explaining that they still hadn’t completely unpacked yet. We agreed to congregate at 8 AM, eat breakfast at the restaurant, then hit the road.

As the sun gently settled at the edge of the horizon, Ingrid and I snuggled in close together and held hands. It was not long before the topic at the back of our minds drifted back to the front and centre.

“So, tell me Max, were you being serious back there? Or just watching my back?”

I knew exactly what she was referring to.

“Well, both I guess. It was a bit of an awkward moment, I’ll give you that, but I was being genuine. Of course I think it would be fun to watch them making out. They’re both very attractive, self-confident and emotionally mature. And besides – I can’t wait to see how big Rube’s dick is when it is erect – it looks massive.”

Ingrid laughed out loud.

“You and me both!”

“I think it would great fun to display our love and affection for them too, if we’re all of like mind. Too bad there weren’t two big Desire beach beds here by the water. We could have some real fun.”

“Just how far would you be willing to go, Max?”

“As far as you, and probably beyond,” I answered. “I think it would be great fun to watch you with Ruben. I can just see the expression on his face when you swallow him all the way down.”

“Really??” She asked.

“Definitely. I doubt he’s ever had a cocksucker as good as you.”

“You might be surprised. What makes you think that Ruthie can’t do the same?”

“Well, that would be something else .. and you know me – I love surprises!”

“It’s getting dark, and we have to be up pretty early,” Ingrid said. “I should head back and get ready for bed.”

“Do you realize, we still haven’t spent a night together yet?”

“I know Max. But to be honest, I don’t know if I’d be comfortable with both of us in that queen bed. If it were a king, you wouldn’t be able to keep me away from you.”

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right. But one of these nights, we gotta give it a try. Maybe after company leaves.”

“It’s a date. Good night, Max.”

“Good night love. I’m heading in too.”

We kissed and went our separate ways, back to the comfort of our casitas. I sat for a while on my screened in porch, as darkness fully engulfed our ocean paradise. It was pitch black, and I had almost fallen asleep right there in the chair.

But I was nudged back to awareness when I saw the porch light come on at casino siteleri Ingrid’s; then, a figure quietly slip by my place and toward Ingrid’s. It was Ruth, and I was sure that she wouldn’t have seen me there, through the screen, watching. She went up Ingrid’s steps and inside, then the light went out.

I wondered what sort of monkey business they were up to at this hour, but was too tired to care, and within minutes, I was in bed and out like a light.

~ . ~

The next morning, I was up and showered, and on my way to Ingrid’s for our morning coffee ritual at 7:30. She was waiting for me, all decked out in her hiking gear. I had packed a backpack with camera, binoculars and plenty of water, with visions of Chichen Itza and Indiana Jones swirling in my head. We agreed that this was going to be an awesome adventure.

Once charged up with caffeine, we joined our tour guides who were just throwing some of their gear in the hatchback. The other two couples at our resort appeared to be gearing up for a road trip of their own; I went over to greet them and they confirmed my suspicions.

“We’ll be back tomorrow,” the one fellow told me jokingly, “So make sure nobody moves in while we’re gone!”

I bid them good luck and rejoined my group of intrepid explorers; we all crammed in, headed off to breakfast, then hit the road on our little archaeological expedition.

~ . ~

Well, as it turned out, after a lot of frustration on his part, Ruben could find neither hide nor hair of the place. Finally admitting defeat, he reluctantly turned the car around and we headed back for home base.

We all teased him and had a good natured laugh over the whole episode, and in spite of it all, our little road trip was great fun for all of us.

“I do know a good restaurant for lunch though, it is just slightly out of the way, if you’re interested. Nice selection of cold beer too.”

“They must have something in black,” Ruth commented sarcastically.

“That works for me!” I retorted, trying to give our poor beaten up tour guide some moral support.

It was well after 11 now, and our stomachs were beginning to feel empty.

“And lunch is on me too. I owe it to you guys!”

We of course argued about that, especially with him supposedly treating us for dinner that evening, but eventually gave in to Ruben’s professed need for absolution.

Sure enough, about an hour along, we pulled into a bustling little town and up to what appeared to be an old 19th century saloon. We wandered in, and stood out like sore thumbs – the only gringo’s in the place. There couldn’t have been more than a dozen people in there, most of whom occupied the barstools for their pre-siesta libations.

Good thing Ruben spoke Spanish, and could translate for us. This obviously wasn’t a tourist trap. The patrons regarded us with a mild curiosity, then got back to their animated discussions. There was an old black-and-white Electrohome television suspended above the bar, with a soccer match playing.

And, there was no Guinness.

But they did have a nice red ale on tap they let us sample, and Rube ordered a pitcher from the bartender. Even Ruthie tried some, and actually enjoyed it.

Lunch was excellent, in spite of my worries to the contrary. An older Mexican women – quite probably the owner’s wife – filled both the waitress and cook roles, and strongly suggesting ‘the special’. We never did see a menu. In hindsight, it was probably all that she had to offer, and we unanimously accepted.

The chicken burritos with guacamole, rice and beans she delivered with a smile to our table were fabulous, and we all raved about the taste. When we were finished, she came to gather our plates – nary a scrap was left anywhere.

Ruben paid the cheque, but I insisted on leaving the tip – a generous one at that, much to the joy of our doting chef.

“You come back here again?” She asked me, in broken English.

“Ci Seniorita!” I replied, as we made our way out.

~ . ~

It was a short drive back, and thank goodness – our bladders were all about to burst by the time we pulled in.

“Beach Party!” The girls chimed out, as we threw off our clothes and grabbed the big beach towels, fresh from the laundry. Mimi had obviously been through and more than competently done her thing – our casitas were spotless, and graced with fresh linens. She was just pulling out as we arrived.

There was no activity at any of the other casitas, so it appeared we had the entire place to ourselves. And there was not a cloud in the sky.

“Anyone for a margarita?” I asked, to which came a resounding and unanimous ‘YES!’. I made two 24 ounce bubba’s, one for each couple to share, and went down to join the others.

Ruben had grabbed the large beach umbrellas from his and Ingrid’s porches, and had laid them behind a large beach blanket, sheltering us and especially Ingrid from the sun, and from any prying eyes that might happen by. They’d also brought four large pillows canlı casino on which to prop up our heads; it looked cozy indeed.

The girls huddled in the middle, with us guys on either side, and all of us snuggled right up tight against each other. We passed the drinks back and forth, and watched the waves lap gently on the shore, just 50 feet away.

It was so comfortable, and I felt so welcomed into their little group, that I almost drifted off, the girls’ chattering becoming all but inaudible to me. But I was lulled back to the present by a large wave crashing on the shore, and looked up to see if we were going to get wet.

We weren’t, but as I turned to see what everyone else was up to, the spectacle before me took me by surprise.

The girls were facing each other and actually kissing, affectionately running their hands over each other. Rube was on his side facing the action, and winked at me as my eyes bulged out of my head. His hand was stroking his wife’s tush, so I responded in kind with my Ingrid, letting her know that I too had now joined the party.

Another thing I noticed was that both girls now had their hair tied back. The reason for that would soon become obvious.

Ruthie suddenly took a more aggressive posture, climbing right on top of Ingrid. The two regarded each other in a most loving way, and from there things progressed rather quickly. Before I knew it, Ruth had worked her way down, stopping at all the hot spots along the way, eventually landing at her sex. She was now actually going down on her friend!

Rube and I both had our now hard cocks in hand, and stroked as we watched the erotic spectacle develop before our very eyes. Ruben had me beaten in length, but I was the clear winner in girth. And both of us unabashedly regarded each other, as well as the girls, eyes darting back and forth in the sexually charged atmosphere.

I pinched myself, wondering if all of this was just a dream.

Ruthie must have pleasured Ingrid for a good ten minutes, before she finally succumbed to the feeling and came in waves; her lover staying firmly latched on right through the process. The two then embraced, sharing a kiss – and the taste of Ingrid’s pleasantly aromatic puss – before they changed positions, with Ingrid now taking the dominant position on top.

Rube leaned into his wife and they too shared a kiss, with Ingrid and I following suit, before she made her way down, her intentions to reciprocate in kind with her lifelong friend very clear.

I moved down to watch the action, never having witnessed such a sight so up-close-and-personal before in my life, as Ruben kept Ruth occupied. I held Ruth’s right leg up to help expose her, as Ingrid lapped away at her succulent snatch, not two feet away from me.

I actually started to drool, watching her tongue swipe through the hairy folds of Ruth’s vagina. Ingrid glanced my way and smiled, as much as you can with a mouth full of muff, every few seconds, then turned her eyes back to Ruth. We were all truly spellbound.

She stopped only once, and that was to offer me a kiss; she must have seen the envy written all over my face. The taste of Ruth’s pussy in her mouth was delicious, and reminded me of our prior sessions, where we’d smooched after she’d masturbated for me and gleefully licked her own juices off her fingers. But after a few seconds, she broke away from me and got right back to business on Ruth with her mouth and fingers, imploring her friend to cum in her mouth.

It took probably a good fifteen minutes, but Ruthie finally did climax, her hips thrusting up and down off the blanket while Ingrid held on for dear life.

When she had finally come down, Ingrid moved back up between Ruth and I, and they continued French kissing for a few minutes while each of us guys spooned behind them. Both of our hard cocks were poking through their thigh gaps, and I watched as Ruben’s went back and forth, exposing and hiding the slick head in repeating cycles.

Once they started giggling and whispering to each other again, I finally spoke.

“I think that was the most beautiful and erotic spectacle I’ve ever witnessed.”

“Hear hear,” echoed Ruben. “You girls are amazing. I had no idea you’d ever go that far though,” he added, addressing Ruth.

“Well sister, it looks like our poor boys got left out of the action,” Ingrid remarked, grasping my cock with her right hand. “Look how hard and horny they are. Should we relieve some of their anxiety?”

Ruth smiled at her, saying “I think that’s a wonderful idea,” and together they moved between our legs and started stroking us.

“Scootch up close together, boys, so we can stay behind the umbrellas,” Ruth instructed. Rube and I looked at each other as if we’d won the lottery, and didn’t need to be asked twice. Ruth moved his right leg up and over my left as we laid back and spread them wide to make it easier for our girls to access us.

Never in my life, had I imagined myself to be in a position like this.

Our kaçak casino eyes flashed back and forth between our two fellatrixes, as they took us in their mouths, glancing at each other periodically as if to compare strategies.

Ruth’s mouth opened wider than I thought possible, as she slowly descended down Ruben’s shaft, and stroked him with her hand while she sucked loudly and moaned.

Ingrid just held my balls tight in her hand, and bobbed her head up and down the length of me, drooling profusely.

Both girls were impressive in how much of our cocks they could swallow, but neither of them quite got us all down the hatch. Ruben had to be a good inch longer than me, too. I remembered the numbing lozenges Ingrid had used a couple of days prior, enabling her to take me all the way down into her throat. I guess they hadn’t thought to bring those along; but I certainly wasn’t complaining!

They stopped briefly about the same time, and started kissing each other while still stroking us with their hands, then whispering in each other’s ears. What they did next, took both of us by surprise.

They switched places!

Ingrid moved back, and over toward Ruben, while Ruthie slid over in front of me, both of them taking our dripping cocks in their hands and closely examining us.

“Vive la difference!” She blurted out, likely referring to the fact that I was circumcised and he was not.

Ruth then looked up at me, and asked if she could put it in her mouth.

I was speechless and just nodded my approval in stunned silence. I daren’t look over at Ruben, hoping that the sight of his wife sucking my cock wouldn’t be going too far over any lines they may have drawn. But she did glance toward him, before engulfing my throbbing head into her mouth, so I assumed he’d signalled some sign of approval her way.

“I bet I don’t even have to ask, do I?” Ingrid said, looking up into Ruben’s eyes, before plunging down upon him. I silently wondered if maybe this hadn’t been the first time she’d been in that position with Rube. I just smiled at her and winked.

“You taste good, Max!” Ruth commented, taking her time to explore the entirety of my manhood. “Your pre-cum is nice and sweet, just like Rube’s.”

Ingrid briefly broke off and complimented Ruben on the taste of his too. He was starting to sweat and breathe heavily, appearing as if the ultimate explosive ending might come sooner, rather than later, for him.

After a couple of minutes of demonstrating their cock-sucking skills to us, the girls French-kissed, then switched back. I was somewhat relieved; I didn’t know if I could let myself go and finish in Ruth’s mouth, what with her husband laying right next to me. The whole scene was so surreal, and had gone in a direction that I never would have predicted.

Once Ingrid was latched onto me again, I took her head in my hands, and started fucking her mouth. That got Rube pumped, and he did the same with Ruth.

“I’m going to cum in that sweet mouth of yours any minute,” I warned Ingrid. “Do you want to taste it, baby?”

She mumbled “Mm-hmm!” As I continued thrusting, her spit flying every which way.

“Oh FUCK..” Ruben shuddered, and almost in unison, we came, our girls yipping and mewing as we filled their hungry mouths.

Both girls stayed clamped on for a good two minutes after we’d finished, then pulled off us, keeping their lips sealed and winking at each other before embracing each other in a cummy kiss. It appeared as if they were exchanging our cum in their mouths, and Ruben and I sat silently spellbound.

Then, without uttering a word, Ingrid turned to me and Ruth to her husband, and fell into our arms, their intentions crystal clear.

Ruben and I were about to get a share in the spoils.

Ingrid offered, and I accepted a long and very wet French kiss, allowing a higher-than-expected volume of the fruits of their combined efforts to gently roll onto my palate. It was the first time (that I knew of, anyway) that I had tasted another man’s cum – albeit mixed with my own – and there was nothing about it that seemed un-natural, or off-putting in the least.

In fact, I liked it. A lot. And I eagerly savoured and swallowed the delectable gift provided to me, after swirling it around with Ingrid’s saliva in my mouth. I hadn’t even seen Ruben’s reaction, but something inside me told me he enjoyed his half every bit as much as I did.

We mingled together like this for several minutes, petting with our girls, before hearing a car door slam in the distance. The girls peeked up over the edge of the umbrellas, giggling to themselves like teenagers, but could see nothing.

“So how was that, boys? Did you enjoy our little performance for you today?” Ruth asked.

“That was awesome!” Rube exclaimed. “I never expected you girls to go that far, that’s for sure.”

“I’m getting accustomed to being shocked with you Ingrid, but in a most delightful way I should add.”

“Well, maybe later, we can take it one step further,” Ingrid suggested, looking at Ruth and just winking.

“Whatever it is, I’m game,” I stated boldly, not really knowing what she might have in mind, but at this point, not the slightest bit concerned over it either.

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