Fourteen Years Ago

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Rachel Laban.

Genesis 29:27,8 Fulfil her week, and we will give you this one also for the service, which you will serve with me still another seven years. Then Jacob did so and fulfilled her week.

“May I speak to Rachel please?” the visitor asked of the receptionist.

“Let me call the computer room to see if she is there. Please have a seat.”

Robert sat in the visitors chairs and pulled out his phone to finish off a story he had been reading on the way to Upper Hill. He had learnt Rachel had been transferred back to Nairobi. This was what he had waited for all these years, and he was not going to waste another moment.


He was shocked to hear her familiar voice after these many years, still carrying the same quality that he loved so much. He had had countless fantasies of this very moment during his tenure as IT Manager of a large school in Kigali, Rwanda. All that while he did not have her number because in the days when they had worked in Mombasa, for different companies, mobile phones did not yet exist.

He stood up quickly, looking into her eyes. He involuntarily stepped back, seeing the anger there.

“Why have you come here?” she asked in a belligerent tone.

“It is fourteen years since we parted ways. I promised I would wait for you like Jacob of old. I have come.”

She continued to stare at him, holding her body in a decidedly unfriendly stance.

She tried to put some steel into her tone. “I moved on a long time ago. I have a man in my life, who can be said to be quite a bit wealthier than most people around here.”

“That is no more than I expected,” he replied easily. “But his time is now over; I have come to claim you for my own. There are no two ways about it!” The look of sheer determination he wore caused confusion to register on her face.

“Either you are stupid, or there is something you have not told me. Rachel said,” with arms now crossed.

“Oh, of that you have no idea!” He chuckled softly.

She felt a tremor at his seeming confidence that she would simply take him back into her life. Her mind floated back to that day of their parting fourteen years before.


When they had first met, they were both single, working in the same bank that she was still working for. He had left to work with a small Indian company that dealt with computers. People in their circle could not comprehend how he could leave the security of the bank, with its easy access to credit that one could use to advance themselves in the world, to go and work in such a small company. Where was the security in that? He replied it was canlı bahis şirketleri not so much the employer but the job. He wanted to immerse himself in the world of computers.

So much later he had appeared in Mombasa, as the Manager of the company’s branch at the coast, and he seemed to be doing very well. They were in the same town again. She learnt that the company had booked him into a hotel when he had first reported to Mombasa, then had rented a five-bedroomed flat for him on the main thoroughfare of this island town. She visited him there severally and was highly impressed with the size of the house, the furnishings and that he had a houseboy to look after his creature comforts. She learnt that he travelled home on the first-class deluxe train every fortnight to see his family at the expense of the company. Sometimes he flew back from Nairobi as well.

He told her how he had fallen in love with her back then before she had been transferred here, and he moved to work with the Indians. He was very attentive to her and her needs so that she soon found herself head over heels in love with him. Sometimes he would come to the bank and take her to his flat for lunch. He had slept at her humble flat in Kiembeni a number of times as well, and had helped her rewire her socket circuit with his own hands, sparing her the expense of hiring an electrician which she could barely afford and had been putting off for some months. She could not help admiring the versatility of his skills, and his readiness to work with his hands despite the exalted position he occupied.

She soon had other reasons to admire his expertise. He made love to her in ways she had never before experienced, or even dreamt about. It felt like he had rewired her body as well. At lunch in his house he would take her into his air-conditioned bedroom after they had eaten and kiss her till her whole body tingled. He lifted her dress and found her cunt, by now dripping with desire. He sucked her lips, running his tongue along her slit, causing electric jolts to zip through her spine. Pushing her lips harder he sank into her wetness, licking there like it was an ice-cream cone.

“Oh, Darling you taste so good!” he murmured. She would never have believed that anything down there would be any good other than for the toilet! Yet he spent so much time there that she began to believe he actually enjoyed it. Then his tongue flicked her clit. She had to scream, although the houseboy was in the house. He sucked it into his mouth filling her with an alien heat all over. She came so unexpectedly, and powerfully, that she thought she might die. All thought of going back to work in canlı kaçak iddaa the afternoon had fled her mind, until she climbed back down to earth, to find him stroking her lips gently with his tongue.

Then he slid his body along hers until he came face to face with her. Oh, wow! You are such a passionate lover! I will enjoy taking you all the way to Canaan, my sweet!

“Who is the lover? Wasn’t it you who took me away from my duties to bring me here?”

“Yes, and I will certainly escort you right back there. Let us go wipe ourselves down.” Sweat was pouring down their bodies despite the A/C.

When he visited her at her Kiembeni house, either they left town together, or he followed later. They all, including her little daughter who seemed to like him a lot, shared a meal. She was so deliriously happy to have found him, for she had been rather lonely in this strange place, though she had already been there for nearly three years. When he had not travelled home they would all three go to the beach, or shopping and a meal in a nice restaurant, which her daughter enjoyed greatly. He was married, with a family back in Nairobi and he had told her they had three kids already. These trips upcountry caused her some discomfort, reminding her that she did not have him totally. She did not like to bring it up since she really enjoyed her time with him. He was a truly masterful lover.

One weekend when he had travelled, she was hit by a violent bout of loneliness. She so longed for him, yet could not get her mind away from the fact that he was with his wife. Something she refused to call jealousy assailed her forcefully. Maybe she had kept it bottled up for too long and now it came frothing up to the surface like lava. Her pussy ached for his cock, her boobs ached for his fingers and mouth, and her arms longed to encircle him as he made sweet love to her.

“Mummy, what was that?” Her daughter, in her room, had obviously heard her mother whimpering in her despair.

“I remembered a song. That’s all. Go back to sleep.” But this brought it more clearly to her mind that she had a problem on her hands.

She tried to get it out of him whether he really loved his wife that much, if he was sleeping with Rachel. He professed to love his kids to distraction. She could believe this because he saw how he related with her daughter. If he could love a child who was not his own, how much more those of his flesh and blood? She still sought to bring him to the realisation that theirs was a not a permanent liaison.

“My darling Rachel, I have found true love in you. I want to love you, and only you!”

“But Rob, for how long?” She canlı kaçak bahis felt ill-used, expecting that one day he would leave her and run back to the bosom of his wife. She did not see any assurance of a future with him.

“I know how much you love me too, Rach. If I could arrange matters to suit me, I would bring my children here to live with you and I.”

“Yeah, but it is not going to happen this lifetime, is it?”

He was honest enough to admit it.

“I see no other way than to stop this liaison, cos it will hurt us both in the final analysis,” she concluded. He, wisely, did not argue very hard about that.

Too soon he was recalled to Nairobi on a new assignment. He seemed to be the one to be given the company’s new projects. As they bade farewell to each other she begged him please not to come back to visit her.

He smiled wanly. Did you read my mind? “But why darling?” He began to suspect she had eyes on another boyfriend.

“I will explain to my daughter that you have gone away to Nairobi when she asks me about our shopping trips. But I want nothing more with any man, for I am sure it would spoil my memories of what you gave me.”

Again he felt as if she could read his mind. “I will never forget you. Never!” He held her tightly. She clung to him almost desperately. He kissed her, arousing her fires yet again.

“I do not want to have you again, in case I cry.”

Still, he took her all the way to Canaan. When they had cooled down from their joint climaxes, he found her eyes wet with tears. He held her, rubbing her head gently.

He looked deep into her eyes and told her with such confidence it shook her, “I will wait for you, my Rachel, for seven years nay, for fourteen if need be!”

Though she had no clear idea how that was going to be accomplished, she was moved to tears anew by his loyalty.


Now here he was proclaiming that his waiting was over, and that it mattered not a jot that she had a steady boyfriend. Deep inside her, knowing Rob, she knew he was going to do exactly as he said.

To buy time, she asked, “Where is your wife?”

“Come and find me at Mara Place and lets have lunch while I tell you of the hills and valleys I have passed through.” With a calm look into her eyes, he smiled. Then he turned on his heel and strode out.

Rachel felt a power willing her to do as he had said. She went back to pick up her purse with her passkey to the computer room, and followed in his tracks.

Gentle reader, I have no power to point out who was the Laban who had kept these two kindred souls apart for those fourteen years, but they charted their new life together at Mara Place over some morsels of meat and a mound of ugali. If we had the power to go and observe them now we may find a couple with greying hair, with sundry grandchildren playing happily around their grandparents.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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