Freeing Writer’s Block

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Big Tits

PERHAPS YOU WONDER why some people came to marry a noticeably older partner and suspect there could be quite a story behind that lopsided union. Well here’s one such story…

– – – – – – – – –


Yawning and pulling her wrap over her nude body before going into her adult son’s room, Amelia Grant burst in without knocking and gasped. She’d expected Kelvin to be working on his second big-selling novel but instead he was stretched back on his swivel chair, PJ pants around his ankles, masturbating.


“Oh hi mom. I’m still suffering writer’s block so decided to amuse myself while in depression.”

His mom hesitated and then offered, “Here let me finished you off darling.”

Kelvin sighed as his mom rushed forward and moaned, “It’s no use mom. I’ve even lost my ability to ejaculate.”

A sexually under-performing husband had empowered Amelia to ignore submissive confessions of failure like that and that experience now crossed a generation. She bent over and licked the seven-inch length just the once, but dribbling copiously. She jerked her fist along the length once to collide brutally with the collar of the swollen purple helmet.

Reloading by sliding her hand back to hit the shaved area where most men have bushy hair, Amelia shot her hand forward with a tightening grip and almost decapitated his cock.

Magnificent success.

Kelvin’s entire body jerked and his cock fired, sending a plume of semen into a high arc to splat against the computer screen. The other three diminutive shots did their best to ruin his keyboard.

In dual triumph, mother and son watched open-mouthed as the fluid slid grotesquely down the 22-inch screen but missed completely the wide-open slit of the huge image of a hairy vulva Kelvin had on-screen to give him ejaculating incentive.

In the way in which mothers support their offspring, his mom tousled his brown curly hair and said, “If you can shoot cum that far you can write novels. Go clean up in the shower and I’ll clean up here.”

“Don’t lick the screen or keyboard mom. The screen could give you a static electricity shock and you might short-circuit the keyboard.”

“Don’t be so foul but thanks for the warming,” his mom said, shooing him off.

An assistant professor of English in Chicago, Kelvin (36) had taken a year’s sabbatical from his university to write two novels. ‘Same-sex Bedroom Affairs’ had been loosely based on Kelvin’s knowledge of female tutors throughout his student and academic career. The heroine was cast as the principal of an exclusive girls’ boarding school.

Completing the manuscript in eleven weeks and sending it to a publisher he knew, Kelvin received an acceptance within the week plus an advance of $15,000 to complete a second. His working title for that one was ‘Life and Death of a Whore’ and he sailed through the first three chapters… and then hit the wall. As he was writing the next chapter he realized he was tapping out crap.

Kelvin’s parents tried to encourage him, without success, and his married sister Claire came home to do her bit and actually she was quite useful. She came up with the idea that Kelvin should walk away from his novel for a while and suggested he go on vacation to Aunt Jo in New Zealand.

A week later Kelvin’s parents waved him off at O’Hare on his long journey deep into the South Pacific via LA. None of them had much idea about New Zealand and before she returned home Claire recalled someone once saying that country was twenty-five years behind America.

“Not all of America surely,” his mom had said, thinking about some of the states she’d visited.

Kelvin was surprised when arriving in Auckland to see a very modern terminal with aircraft of Australia (Qantas) and Argentina, Emirates, Korean, Thai and Air Tahiti Nui hooked up to the terminal.

Aunt Jo came hurling at him. Kelvin had not seen her for six years, the last of her three visits to Chicago to see her family while he was growing up. Her daughter Ruby (20) and Mia (18) added their smear of lipstick on his cheek and like their mother had pressed their tits into him. He wondered which of the three he’d fuck and then optimistically thought he might strike it lucky with all three.

The girls from a supposedly backward country were dressed and made up as if they were straight off the Miracle Mile on Michigan Avenue.

“God you look sexy,” Ruby said, running her tongue along her top lip.

“Ruby!” yelled her mother. “He’s your cousin.”

“So?” said Ruby and Mia chipped in, “Yeah mom, don’t be a spoil sport.”

At the carousel Jo pointed to a shocking pink bag and asked Kelvin was that his luggage. While the girls were holding each other laughing Jo said to Kelvin sternly, “You have to promise me you won’t have sex with my daughters.”

“Well okay. You are as bad as an American mother attempting to control the morals of her adult daughters.”

“Well I am American,” Jo said, turning on her half-forgotten accent.

Jo’s car was a new near Mercedes C-class sedan, further evidence that izmir escort the twenty-five years behind quote was a misnomer. After she dropped the girls off at their university Jo said they were short of bedrooms at present with both girls still living at home and her husband’s mother was staying in the guest room following recent surgery.

“Brian and I own an investment apartment in the Trent Hotel and we have arranged for you to occupy that. You can come to us for as many meals as you wish.”

“That’s very nice of you. Mom wouldn’t have let me come if she knew I was putting you out like this.”

“But you don’t mind putting me out?”


She said something under her breath that Kelvin thought sounded very much like ‘fucking men’.

He moved immediately into power play to be a grateful nephew.

“You are very beautiful and far more fashionable than mom.”

“Oh darling,” Jo said, acting pumped up. “How lovely of you to say that. I gather from Amelia that you are with women all the time, that she’s not even sure if you have male friends.”

“I have a couple of buddies and of course many male acquaintances.”

“Well you certainly know how to talk to a woman,” cooed his aunt. “You will be aware that I’m only seven years your senior.”

“Yeah and I would have thought at the look of you it might only be three years.”

“Oh darling.”

The three-level apartment wing of the three-star hotel had external entry access along verandahs and they passed a young woman sitting on a chair holding a very young sleeping baby.

Jo ignored the straight-hair blonde in a sundress who was showing great cleavage. Kelvin looked up from the breasts and said, “Hi, lovely morning.”

“Indeed,” she said, her voice sounding faintly familiar. Their eyes locked briefly and he followed the swinging butt of his aunt.

The apartment was like am extra spacious hotel suite.

“This is lovely.”

“Thanks,” said his aunt, running both hands down her sides and over her hips, Kelvin’s eyes following those hands.

“Well what now?” Jo said, brushing imaginary dust off a breast.

Wondering why she suddenly appeared nervous, Kelvin stalled and said, “I have no idea.”

“Do you need to sleep after that overnight long haul?”

“No I’m fine. Mom and dad upgraded my return ticket to business class so I slept most of the flight.”

“Well in that case… Jo tailed off, he tongue running over her top lip.

She stood motionless, watching and waiting.

“Would you like to fuck?”

She reacted as if shot. “God Kelvin, fifteen minutes ago I said you know how to talk to a woman.”

“And what I just said hasn’t done a thing for you?”

She snorted and said she hadn’t said that.

“Take your dress off Aunt Jo before I rip it off you.”

She bit her lip and looked at him closely, as if weighing the risk. And then, “Well I do have time to play around a bit if that’s what you are hinting at. I’m an accountant and have arranged to be away till 3:00 when we have a partners’ meeting.”

“Great, get your dress off baby.”

“Baby? I’m your aunt.”

“I think you are more like my younger sister.”

“Oh god, do you have sex with Claire?”

“Not since she was eighteen.”

“Oh god,” Jo wheezed, carefully removing her tight white knitted dress.

* * *

Standing in just a bra, panties and a garter belt holding up her white stockings Jo debated with herself whether to pull out of this before he pushed in. God she was his aunt although she had the permission of his mom, well more of less.

Probably less.

When Jo called his mother two days ago Amelia said she had something rather delicate to say and then told Jo about jerking Kelvin off. When their giggling stopped Amelia had said she was amazed he’d squirted so far and she had no guilt because she considered she was trying to pull her son out of his writer’s block. Jo had said she probably would have done the same thing if she had a son. Amelia said well if Kelvin looked sexually frustrated she’d be delighted if Jo would consider jerking him off.

Ever since then Jo had been thinking of doing more than jerking off her nephew. She occasionally enjoyed casual sex on the side and usually her choice was for that adulterer to be a younger guy. At the airport when she diverted Kelvin away from her daughters she knew she’d had to offer her something in compensation but hadn’t figured on getting down and dirty so quickly. It was just her acting impulsively, that’s all.

As Jo watched Kelvin unzip she was disappointed when she saw his cock peeping out. It looked rather slender. But as he dropped his pants and briefs he eyes bulged when what she saw in his hand appeared to be at least an inch and a half longer that her husband’s.

She licked her lips.

“This might not be thick,” he said. “But as experienced women always say, it’s how the guy uses his dick that matters.”

Jo’s knees momentarily felt weak and then she was sure her panties had suddenly alsancak escort gained a damp patch.

Oh god, her body was ready to fuck him but her mind was still wavering.

“You have a young woman’s body,” he grinned.

She beamed, thinking liar.

Kelvin removed his soft jacket and shirt and her confusion accelerated.

He dropped on to a lounge chair and smiled sexily. “Drop to your knees and suck me.”

She whimpered and in two bounds was over him and she sunk to her knees and grabbing his erection dribbled on to it. She felt him undo her bra while saying, “Let me get at these two fuckers.”

She was proud of her breasts and just loved a seducer calling them fuckers. She was now committed.

Jo sucked and Kelvin squeezed.

She stopped and said, “Come over to the sofa. You’re been left out. Let’s fall into a sixty-nine.”

Kelvin just fucked her the once, disappointing Jo, but she accepted what he said that he shouldn’t go too hard at it after enduring a four hour wait in LA after a three and a half hour flight from Chicago and then a 12-hour flight across the Pacific.

“You’ve done very well and you fuck beautifully,” Jo said. “Let’s clean up and go out to eat and I brief you about where to come for dinner tonight. Brian left his bicycle in the second bedroom here for you. We live only two miles from here and he also left maps on the bed.”

“Aw he’s been that generous and here am I fucking his wife.”

“Don’t feel badly about it,” Jo said, spitting out a remaining glob of semen. “He’s fucking his new personal assistant and that’s why I let you fuck me to make me feel better about his deceit.”

“Isn’t Uncle Brian a judge?”

“Yes but judges want sex like everyone else.”

“Oh yes, I ought to have guessed,” he grinned.

Jo thought women must love him… the smiles, the charm. She was in great need of a pee and wondered about enticing Kelvin in kneel for her in the shower but then thought perhaps it was best not to rush it. She thought also about taking his slender cock up her ass.

“Welcome to New Zealand Kelvin.”

“Huh? Oh thanks.”

That comment had caught Kelvin by surprise because he’d just worked out that the young woman who was sitting with the baby sounded familiar because he’d caught a possible American accent when she said only one word ‘indeed’. He now thought she possibly looked American although that was stretching things considering the huge ethnic range of Americans.

When he was leaving with Jo to go to lunch, Kelvin was disappointed the woman with the baby had gone and the door to her apartment was closed.

Later when walking back to the hotel Kelvin spotted the same young woman up ahead carrying the baby. He loped up to her.

“Hi, I’m in the next apartment to you. Are you American?”

“Yes and I gather you are too. I’m Carey Wills from Albany, New York, and this little blue-eyed beauty is Jasmine Wills. I’m an unmarried mother.”

“Well hi Carey, I’m Kelvin Grant from Chicago, an academic who’s taken time off to write a couple of novels. My first is being printed now and I’ve hit the wall with my second.”

“Writer’s block?”


“I majored in creative writing so know what the problem is. Are you here to try a to shake out the cobwebs by changing environment?”

“Yeah and that’s smart thinking.”

She smiled and said did he think young mothers lost their intelligence when giving birth?”

“Hell no. My comment about smart thinking was simply a compliment about you thinking that way, that’s all. May I carry Jasmine to give you a spell?”

“That’s kind of you but…”

“I carried my sister’s two kids often when they were infants.”

Jasmine cried when handed over but when Carey went to take her back Kelvin said, “She’ll settle in a minute.”

He made throaty noises and Jasmine started at him and, as the man said, she settled.

“I was surprised you remembered my baby’s name.”

“I teach classes and am practiced at remembering names of students, colleagues, admin officials, cleaning staff and… well you name it.”

“What do you specialize in?”

“Twentieth Century and beyond American Literature.”

“But having an interest in earlier writers?”

“Oh yes, but the first job I secured as a college instructor was Twentieth Century American writers so I’ve stayed in that rut. And you, do you write?”

“I was deputy editor on a health & beauty magazine in New York, became pregnant, the guy disappeared. When I resigned from my job seven months pregnant I went home and two days later was thrown out of the house because I refused to prepare for an adoption. I had enough money to come here to my widowed uncle in Wellington but he died last week and his family descended and Jasmine and I were given two days to leave. I have my return ticket to LA and decided to stay here in style for a couple of nights before my money runs out. I have friends in LA. I’ll call dad and ask for money but I don’t want mom to see Jasmine until buca escort she’s six months old, because by then I hope she’ll be too appealing to reject.”

“Look, she’s asleep.”

“You are very nice to her.”

“Yeah, well I can give you some money.”

Carey’s face contorted. “How dare you act as if I were soliciting for money. There was no such thought in my mind. How dare you.”

“Hush Carey,” soothed Kelvin, who was used to dealing with distressed students. “It was a thought that jumped into my mind, that’s all. It just… well it just seemed to be the right thing to say. I ham-fisted the offer though… I’m deeply sorry to have upset you.”

“You have no idea… ” Carey stopped and blew her nose.

“How it’s been for you all those months? No and I don’t believe I’m capable of imagining it. Am I an asshole or has my apology gotten through?”

“You are kind to Jasmine, so can’t be an asshole,” Carey said, pulling out her handkerchief and dabbing her eyes. You know what, I can’t imagine my despair ever ending.”

Kelvin looked at her and smiled. “Here’s a quotation: ‘In all things it is better to hope than despair.’ It came from Johann Wolfgang von Goeth, a German playwright and writer of note in other areas, who lived through the turn of the 18th century.

“The simplicity of that is beautiful. Do you know another one?”

“Try this from a political adviser: ‘In life you need either inspiration or desperation’.”

Carey said excitedly, “I know it and can attribute it…. Anthony Robbins.”

“Ah little Jasmine has a literary mom. Here’s the hotel. Will you come in to my apartment for coffee or perhaps tea?”

“Weak tea will be great. I’m feeding Jasmine,” said the 24-year-old exhibiting a mature attitude.

She saw Kelvin look at her breasts. “Big aren’t they?”

“They are achieving their purpose that I guess we men don’t bother to think about. You will be delighted to have them firm and back into their familiar shape.”

“Ecstatic more like it.”

He smiled, unlocking the door. “Actually it’s doubtful whether such a return to normality or near normality will be noticed either ecstatically or with delight because change will occur very gradually, much like gaining or losing weight. Then one day you’ll look in the mirror at a great pair of tits and say, very surprised, ‘Jesus’. Believe me, that will happen.”

Carey laughed and moving past him said, “You are funny but what you just said will be how it will be. You have a writer’s mind.”

Jasmine was asleep on the sofa when Kelvin sat with his coffee. Already sipping tea Carey said, “That woman you arrived with, you obviously knew her?”

“Yes she’s my aunt.”

“But the noises I heard…”

Carey stopped, her face very pink.

“Oh that. Yes we were having sex. It’s the first time and I think I know why. She met me at the airport with her two daughters who are twenty and eighteen, university students. The twenty-year-old called me sexy and her mom asked me to promise not to touch them and I said sure. When we arrived here I think my aunt felt guilty about possibly depriving me and so made it clear she was available. Um I swooped, being a guy without hang-ups about ancient taboos, most of which are completely outdated these days.”

“But she was your aunt?”

“Yes and still is. Actually she’s a great fuck.”

Without backing off this line of conversation, Carey said, “Is that the end of it?”

“I don’t know. If you are really interested you ought to ask her.”

Blushing, Carey said, “Oh god, it’s none of my business.”

“Hush, it’s fine. You’ll be lonely and probably are beginning to think about sex again. That is perfectly natural, more so than a guy having sex with his aunt. I’ll stay away from you if you are disgusted or you believe I’m an unsuitable person for wee Jasmine to know.”

“No please, don’t think like that. We both welcome your company and I certainly don’t regard you as being a bad man. In fact I find you fascinating… er… I mean interesting, very interesting. May we talk about your first book and what you believe has gone wrong with this second planned novel?”

Half and hour later Jasmine was awake and needed her diaper changed and food.

As Kelvin was leaving Carey said, “You may kiss me if you wish, like a friend.”

Kelvin kissed Carey lightly and unhurriedly on the lips and then pulled away just slightly and looked into her blue eyes. She turned scarlet.

He winked at her and pulled right away. “I’m out for dinner this evening. May I take your both to breakfast in the morning?”

“Yes I’d like that. I still have money.”

“Of course and you can pay the next time we have breakfast.”

* * *

Next day Kelvin knocked on Carey’s door and she opened it smiling but made no attempt to indicate she wished to be kissed.

“May I kiss you?”


He made no move and she looked uncertain.

“May I touch a breast as I kiss you?”

She swallowed and said yes if he felt he must.

Kelvin kissed her and held a hand over her left breast lightly.

“Why did you want to do that?” she asked.

“I wanted to touch your breasts, that’s all. I’m used to touching women.”

She said to come in, that if he didn’t mind she’d like Jasmine to wake without assistance because they’d had a broken night.

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