Friday’s Surprise Surprises All

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It’s Friday morning and the last of the kids is off to school. As I’m crossing the living room the wife walks in fresh out of the shower and asks me if I’m going to get one. I tell her that I am and decide to go ahead and do it now.

Fresh out of the shower myself now I start towards the back door for a cigarette as she comes in.

“I want to take you out this morning so get your wallet and stuff and let’s go.”

“OK,” is all that I can come up with as my mind is in a state of curiosity as to what brought this on and what she has in mind. Of course there is always only one thing running through my mind and that never runs through hers! We both get into the truck with her driving.

“So what are we doing?”

“You’ll see, it’s a surprise.”

I sit patiently as she continues to drive still wondering where we are going. With a few miles behind us we turn into our old subdivision and once in we turn into our friends’ driveway! Curiosity is really going now.

“Why are we here?”

“It’s part of the surprise.”

Randy is taken by surprise as much as I am as we sit down and light up a cigarette. We’re sitting on the couch with Stacy on the couch opposite us.

“So what’s up?”

“I don’t know, she said she wanted to take me out.”

He turns to Stacy with a puzzled look “Is this the best place you could find to take him or all you could afford?” He says with a laugh.

“Well actually I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately…………” She sits back on the couch and parts her legs just enough that both Randy and myself can see her pussy and the fact that there is nothing covering it. Now I know why she doesn’t have a bra on also. “…….I’ve been thinking about how much fun the three of us had years ago and how much the three of us would love it to be again and …….well I guess if Mike still wants to then I’m game for it but we only have a couple of hours.”

With total surprise on her side, she definitely blindsided both of us but I had no problem blurting “HELL YES!”

“I’d love to,” comes from the mouth of the still very surprised and excited Randy.

Now we have the three of us sitting here and everyone wondering who should move and when. That is just about to be answered though. Stacy lies back on the couch and spreads her legs a little more while caressing her breasts through her shirt, “if you guys want me here I am, ready, waiting and wanting.”

Randy and I waste no time getting over to her and start to undress ourselves as well as her. With clothes tossed aside I stood there looking at her, so beautiful and innocent looking but yet sexy and kinky laying with her head on the armrest one leg on the floor and the other on the couch with her fingers circling her nipples with a devilish smile on her face. Boy are we going to satisfy her craving for dick! Well….try anyway.

Randy moved between her legs lightly rubbing her clit with his fingertip just admiring her beautiful pussy before burying his face in it. I stood watching with fascination and marvel at the sight, the sight I’ve longed to watch and see.

Randy finally buries his tongue into her wet and hot pussy as she lets out sounds of pleasure and invitingly opens her legs for him to have all the access he wants and he takes it. I stand there and watch him eat my wife’s pussy, her hands one on his head and the other on her breast fondling and caressing each with her eyes closed and mouth open, the look of pleasure.

After several minutes of this I find my dick leaking all over my hand and so does my wife. She tells me to bring it to her so she can clean it and I do. What was a totally hot sight to see just turned into a hot, sexy, erotic sight. Her laying naked on the couch, pussy being eaten and sucking a dick and she knows how to suck a dick! With my dick leaking cum into her mouth I start to pump her mouth with slow short strokes while watching Randy tend to her hungry pussy. She looks and feels so hot and sexy laying there with the two of us on her.

Within minutes Randy gets into position over top of her with his hard on ready for action. I watch as he slowly penetrates her, Stacy starts a low moan while still sucking my dick. I feel myself leak more as I watch his dick slowly disappear inside her. Once he has it in all the way he pauses a moment as he savors the feel of my wife’s beautiful pussy and body. I myself have stopped pumping her mouth to take it in myself as she also lays there enjoying the moment with my dick resting comfortably in her mouth while she moans lowly.

Randy, with one foot on the floor and the other resting on its knee, grabs her waist and proceeds to thrust hard and deep. This starts her motor purring! She releases my dick from her mouth while holding it in her hand and the games begin.

“Oh yea that feels good, fuck me, fuck me hard.” The dirty talk was doing nothing but casino oyna making me leak more and get harder, if that is possible.

I stand there watching my lovely wife getting her pussy fucked hard and listening to the both of them start talking dirty. Mean while I’m leaking profusely in and on her hand and she wastes no time getting to it again. Now she is sucking me good trying her hardest to get every drop of cum. Her moans, stifled by my dick in her mouth, are vibrating on my dick and it feels good, especially while watching her getting hammered.

Randy grabs her feet and pulls them up high and far apart and starts to pound her hard. I can see and hear that Stacy is enjoying this immensely as she releases my dick from her clutches and the dirty talk fly’s.

“Oh yea that’s it fuck me hard, harder, faster, fuck me.”

I stand there and watch as Randy fucks her good and both, no, all three of us are enjoying my wife’s little surprise. I’m leaking like crazy watching his tool going in and out of my wife, her pussy being pounded hard.

With her toes almost at my mouth I bend to take one in my mouth. As I start to suck her toes she starts her moaning again begging to be fucked then grabs my dick again and starts to suck. I start to pump her mouth and she begs for that too while I suck her toes and Randy is tearing up her pussy.

“Oh yea, I’m ready to cum,” I hear Randy say as my wife releases my dick and begs him to fill her up.

“Give me your cum, give it to me, I want it deep,” as her hands move to his ass cheeks and she pulls him deep into her. I watch as he bucks up and moans pumping what must be a large amount of jizz into her hot, wet pussy.

As everyone, except me, relaxes a bit I watch as he pulls his meat out of her, glistening from their juices and leak more, if that is possible. As I make my way around to take his place I see her pussy leaking his jizz and go down on her. She moans with pleasure as I start to lick and suck her clit. From my position I can watch as she takes Randy’s meat in her mouth and brings him back to life all the while moaning.

As I work her clit my dick is busting waiting for relief so I reposition myself to plunge my own meat in her. With the head in I sink it into her enjoying and relishing the feel of her cum filled pussy. I’ve tried to tell her how much I love to fuck her after she’s been fucked by another and I’m going to fuck her good so she knows I mean what I say! I start to pump her while holding her calves in my hands nibbling on them while watching her suck Randy’s dick knowing that I’m going to blow very soon. I want it to last but I know it won’t, I’m too excited from all of the sights and pleasures but I know that even though I go quick now the rest of the day it won’t be as quick and she will get a workout.

She has her hand around the base of Randy’s dick while sucking him getting dribbles of nectar from him, her lips shinning, soft and so delicious looking. It’s just too much, I’m cumming! She sighs with disappointment but knows that she has two dicks at her disposal and one of them will be in her at all times. I bury my dick deep as her free hand grabs my ass cheek and her other still on Randy’s dick.

“Give it to me, I want it all. I want both of you to fuck me all you want and fill me up with your cum.”

I do just that unload the mother load into her. She moans with each spurt as I do and enjoy the feeling of her silky pussy. With both balls emptied I leave mine in her to go soft while I watch her resume her masterful technique on Randy’s dick. Just watching I think mine is getting hard again.

She turns to me with Randy’s dick still in hand and the head of his hard on aimed across her lovely lips, then turns to him.

“Fuck me please.”

The sight of it all and that on top of it I thought I had another orgasm! I pull out and give Randy access to her soft, hot pussy. As he moves between her legs he too goes down on her and sucks her clit. I watch with intensity as he does and notice him licking between her lips cleaning her magnificent cream pie. She is bucking her back and moaning begging to be fucked and he obliges her. I watch him position himself and sink his second hard on of the morning into my beautiful wife’s soaked pussy. Both let out a moan once he’s all the way in. After a small pause he starts to pound her pussy once again and she raises her legs telling us how good it feels, how much she wants us. She loves to suck and fuck but she is usually very, very conservative but today she is letting go and I am loving it.

I watch for quite some time as the two of them fuck like animals before positioning my dick at her soft lips. Before she takes it I bend down and plant a deep and passionate kiss on her lips and she reciprocates all the while Randy is tearing up her pussy. I break our kiss and she grabs my now hard dick and pulls it to her. canlı casino Before taking it she looks to Randy.

“Oh this feels good, fuck me, fuck me hard. You two fuck me all you want, I’m yours today. Oh GOD you feel good in me.”

I have never heard her talk this way and I am loving it. As I’m still getting over being excited about her behavior and talk she takes my dick in her mouth and works it over good pumping it with her hand and mouth while Randy is slamming his dick in and out of her. I look at her with her tits bouncing getting it at both ends and loving it, her and me that is, hell all three of us love it.

With the three of us working each other over good and really enjoy ourselves we are all very quickly jolted back to reality by the sound of someone clearing there throat. It’s Randy’s 18 year old daughter! She’s standing there in the garage looking at all three of us, her dad with his dick in my wife while mine was in her mouth but has since been released. The silence was deadly as no one says a thing, the three of us staring at her wondering what to say if anything.

Brandy finally breaks the silence. “I guess I don’t really need to ask what is going on here.”

“How long have you been standing here?” I ask with a shaky voice.

“Long enough,” she says and I notice a slight smile breaking thru her lips.

“It’s really none of my business and I guess I don’t need to say anything to Mom as long as I can have Mike.”

The three of us just look at each other with question as well as scared shitless!

“Fine with me,” comes out of Randy’s mouth as he looks to me then Stacy.

“OK, just not behind my back,” my wife tells me.

I am still standing there in shock, wondering where to go from here. I look to Randy and Stacy.

“Are you sure?”

“Go ahead,” my wife reassures me.

“Yea, go ahead, she’s an adult.”

Still nervous I walk over to Brandy. With both of us facing each other, her back to the couch sitting perpendicular to the one Stacy and Randy are on she pulls off her shirt and bra exposing her lovely breasts. With a smile on her face she unbuttons her pants and starts them down her legs. I reach to them and help them off as she falls to the couch sitting in front of my hard on.

“Is this an anything goes little gathering?” she asks jokingly.

“Yes,” I hear my wife tell her before anyone could even think. I turned to look at Stacy and she’s watching with a smile on her face, Randy’s dick still in her but no movement, yet. She’s watching with a curious and excited look about her as I turn back to Brandy.

No sooner had I turned around her mouth was on my dick sucking and licking it. Her subtle soft mouth feels good. I stand there for a few minutes enjoying the new pleasures before gently pulling her head back. I kneel down and kiss her lips, gently licking her upper and lower lip then kiss both again. I break our kiss and lean her back and start at her neck and nibble and kiss her to her breasts. As I finally reach one I take as much of it as I can in my mouth and start to suck her breast like a baby feeding. First one then the other fondling each with either my hand or mouth. I feel her hands on the back of my head gently resting while I work her young tits over good.

With both tits worked over good I move down her belly and work towards her honey pot. Her breathing is heavy and I feel her heart pounding throughout her body. I find as I get there that she keeps it trimmed. A nice surprise I must admit. My tongue slips down her crease and tickles her clit as I start to hear her moan. I spend the next several minutes exploring her little pussy and listening to her moan and grind her pussy into my face.

“Oh yes eat my pussy.”

I pause with some shock at what she said then continue. After several minutes in her pussy I glance over to my wife and see her getting her pussy eaten as well while glancing over at my direction every now and then. She blows me a kiss and a smile as her head turns back and her hands cup the back of Randy’s head pushing him into her pussy. I’m getting very anxious to bury my throbbing dick into Brandy’s pussy. I feel myself leaking a lot. The excitement of a threesome was already a dream cum true but now to add Brandy into the mix, to fuck her and watch my lovely wife being fucked while doing it that is hot.

I stand above her readying my dick to enter her pussy, anxious to discover this new territory. She’s laying there looking up at me with legs spread as I look down and guide the head of my dick to the entrance of her vagina. She moans as it pierces the entrance and I slowly work the length of my manhood into her. After a minute or so I have the full length of my member in her as we both pause enjoying the moment and feeling letting out moans of pleasure. I start to fuck her soft young pussy and listen to her moan while at the same time kaçak casino I hear my wife’s own moans. I look over at them and she too is lying with legs spread as Randy’s dick is pumping her pussy now.

The four of us spend many minutes in a hot and passionate fuck session, moans and some dirty talk. I was a bit startled when Brandy whispered into my ear “fuck my pussy”. Startled but excited I continued to pound her slow then fast, changing pace as to not have an orgasm too soon but after almost a dozen minutes there was no holding back now it seems. I let it be known that I’m ready as I hear Brandy, “cum in my pussy please,” she said in a begging voice.

“Give her your cum baby,” I hear my wife say. Who am I to argue? I plunge my dick deep into her pussy and unload a gusher in her. She starts to moan and tells me she feels it. It excites her to feel it as she pulls me into her and down to her lips and kisses me. We lay there for a couple of minutes, her legs wrapped around me, my dick still semi hard in her pussy and deep breathes exhausting on my neck.

I hear Randy’s moans get louder and more frequent. He’s ready to unload into my wife again. Both Brandy and I turn to watch as Stacy pulls him into her begging him for his cum and he rams his dick into her and gives her another load of cum. Now all four of us are just laying there almost frozen as we rest, probably all wondering as I am what next?

With myself and Randy exhausted, the girls appear to still want more. I’m looking at my wife as I hear her say, “Eat her pussy now.” Revved up and exhausted but still wanting all of this I do as she says. I pull my somewhat limp tool out of her and proceed to eat Brandy’s cum filled pussy. While eating her I glance over and see Stacy and Randy in a 69, each of them sucking the other. Brandy sees this too and asks for the same so I graciously oblige her as I get over top of her. She opens her mouth and takes my wet dick into her mouth and sucks me as I go back down on her. After several minutes of this my wife begs me to come over and kiss her. As her and I are kissing I hear movement and look to see Brandy standing over us and Randy on the other couch lighting a cigarette.

“Can I taste Stacy?” She asks.

Stacy and I look at each other with a not knowing look, both shrug our shoulders not sure what to say.

“I guess that’s up to Stacy.”

“Please, I want to know what it’s like,” she begs Stacy.

“Sure, I guess,” Stacy says with an unsure voice.

I watch as Brandy goes down on her and Stacy, nervous, starts to enjoy what is happening. She lays her head back and does just that, enjoys, as she turns her head to my dick and takes it in. The sight is beautiful, my wife lying naked getting her pussy eaten by another female while sucking my dick. She herself is enjoying all of the attention as I pull out of her mouth and tell her I too want a cigarette. I didn’t mean to spoil the moment but I guess I did. Brandy comes up and sits on the couch next to Stacy as Stacy gets up too. Stacy reaches for her smokes and lights one up. Here we sit, three of us smoking and all four of us sitting in a moment of silence.

“Would you gentleman mind going in and cleaning yourselves up please.”

Randy and I just look at each other and get up and do as we are asked without question. As we get farther into the house I look at Randy. “I’m not sure but I think Stacy wants to talk to Brandy but talk to her about what?”

“I don’t know but I hope it doesn’t ruin what we have. Did you enjoy my daughter?”

“Well, yes,” what else could I say and it is true, I did enjoy it, I have fantasized about it before I must admit. “You didn’t mind or have any problems with it, did you?”

“No, if I did I would have said so. I rather enjoyed you two over there doing your thing while me and your wife were doing ours, I’m ready for more.”

“Well, let’s clean up and go get more.”

We enter the garage and the girls are sitting there naked with a smile on their faces. I must admit it has been a great morning and they both look wonderful. I got the biggest and best treat of all. As we sit and light up a cigarette Stacy lights one and the girls sit back.

“I don’t know how your feelings are,” she says looking at Randy “but I’ve told Brandy and now I’m telling you two. I have really enjoyed this morning and want it to go on but Mike and I have to go. I would not object to having other mornings like this and would not mind Brandy and Mike having fun as long as I am there that is. I don’t want anyone here doing anything behind anyone’s back. We’ve had fun, the four of us have a new relationship with each other now and I don’t want it ruined. I myself must admit that watching Mike and Brandy was kind of a turn on and having both of you is a definite turn on and pleasure.”

“I don’t have a problem with any of it and Brandy is 18, she can do what she wants and I would love to have more days like today, are you sure you have to leave?”

“Yes, but we’ll work something out I’m sure.”

The four of us get up and start to dress.

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