Friendly Competition

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“Okay, Kayla. Your turn. Truth or dare.” Kayla thought for a moment before responding.


“If you had to bang one teacher at school, who would it be?” Zoey asked with a smirk. Kayla giggled.

“Definitely Mr. Delgado. One hundred percent,” she replied.

“He’s pretty hot,” Zoey agreed. “But if I had to pick, it’d be Mr. Booth.”

“Mr. Booth?!” Now Paige chimed in. She looked horrified at Zoey’s choice.

“Zoey,” Paige said, leaning forward. “Mr. Booth is like, super old.”

“But he’s sexy for an old guy,” Zoey pointed out. “You know I have a thing for old guys.”

“Eh, I’m still judging you,” Paige said with a shrug.

“Well, who would you pick, then?” Kayla asked indignantly. Paige looked up at the ceiling, thinking.

“Mr. McKinnon,” Paige finally settled on.

“I mean, he’s sort of attractive, I guess,” Zoey said. “But he’s so uptight and boring. I mean, he teaches calculus, Paige. He’s probably a lousy lay.”

“See, I think Mr. McKinnon is all reserved on the surface. But I bet once you got him in bed, he’d be an animal,” Paige said.

“Well, there’s no debate about Mr. Delgado,” Kayla said. “He would be fantastic.” The two other girls nodded.

“I wish there was a way to find out,” Paige said wistfully. “It’s such a shame. We’re gonna graduate soon and never see them again.”

The three girls sat in silence on the floor of Kayla’s bedroom. The three high school seniors had been best friends since middle school, and had made weekly sleepovers a tradition. They were already beginning to feel nostalgic for their high school days — soon, they’d be going off to college, and their weekly sleepovers would be no more.

“Guys,” Kayla said with a devilish grin. “What if we tried to bang them?”

“Are you insane?” Zoey asked. “That’s so not happening.”

“Zoey, truth or dare?” Kayla asked.

“Dare,” Zoey replied.

“I dare you to seduce Mr. Booth,” Kayla said. Zoey threw a pillow at her head.

“Come on!” Kayla said. “We’re super hot. We’re all eighteen. We’re graduating really soon. I think they might go for it.”

“Mr. Booth and Mr. McKinnon are both married,” Paige pointed out. Kayla rolled her eyes.

“Like that’s ever stopped a man from fucking another girl,” she said. The other two said nothing.

“Well,” Kayla said with a shrug. “I’m gonna try and go after Mr. Delgado this week. You two can decide on Booth and McKinnon.” Zoey and Paige exchanged a look.

“Well, if we were to do this,” Zoey said cautiously, “we should make it interesting. Like, there should be a winner for the kinkiest encounter.”

“Yes!” Kayla said excitedly. “We can have some kind of points system. Like a few points for a hand job or blowjob, more for the actual act. And bonus points for any wild locations or positions.”

Ten minutes later, the girls had the official points system figured out:

KISSING: 1 point

HAND STUFF: 3 points

ORAL: 5 points

SEX: 10 points (5 bonus points for anything kinky)

ANAL: 20 points

“Oh, my god, are we really gonna do this?” Paige asked.

“We’re really gonna do this,” Kayla said with a grin.




As Kayla sat in her last period Spanish class, she couldn’t help but look at the clock every five minutes. Today was the day she decided to try to seduce Mr. Delgado, and she was getting incredibly antsy.

Kayla was a very pretty girl — blonde, long legs, lean body. She wasn’t very gifted in the chest area, but she made up for it with a spectacular round ass. Today, for the seduction, Kayla had chosen to wear a short, flouncy shirt and a low-cut tank top. She’d worn a push-up bra, which made her small tits look quite appealing in the tank.

She stared longingly at Mr. Delgado as he taught the class. Every girl in school was in love with him. He was in his late twenties, tall, dark and handsome. His biceps bulged every time he raised his arm to write something on the chalkboard. Yeah, he was smoking hot.

Finally, the bell rang and every student scrambled to gather their things and get the hell out. It was last period on a Friday, after all. But Kayla took her time, slowly putting her textbook and pencil back into her bag. She was slow enough that by the time she was done, all the other students had gone. She and Mr. Delgado were left all alone.

“Any fun plans for the weekend, Kayla?” Mr. Delgado asked, plopping into his desk chair.

“Not really,” Kayla answered casually. “Actually, do you have a minute? I just had a question about the homework.”

“Sure,” he replied, showing Kayla his blinding smile. Her heart started racing. This was it.

Kayla grabbed her notebook and confidently walked up to Mr. Delgado’s desk. She put the notebook down and leaned over it. Mr. Delgado moved his chair closer to get a look at her homework, his face right near Kayla’s extra pushed-up cleavage.

“I’m just not sure if I conjugated this right,” Kayla said, pointing out a few sentences she’d written. “Does this make güvenilir bahis sense?” Mr. Delgado examined Kayla’s notebook, doing a good job of ignoring her tits right near his face.

“Yeah, it’s perfect, actually,” Mr. Delgado said, looking up at her. “You’re an A student, Kayla. You know this stuff. You should be more confident in your translations.”

“Well, I guess I’m so good because you’re such a good teacher,” Kayla said, giving him a flirtatious smile. She took a step closer to him.

“You know,” Kayla continued. “I’ve actually been wondering how good you are at something else.” And before Mr. Delgado even had a chance to process what Kayla was saying, she quickly sat down on his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Kayla! What–” Mr. Delgado looked extremely flustered as he struggled to stand — but he couldn’t do that without physically lifting Kayla off of him.

“Get up right now,” he said, his voice low. Kayla pouted at him.

“Come on, Mr. D,” she said. “I see the way you stare at me in class.” Kayla paused. “I’m 18 if that’s what you’re worried about.” She put her hands on his chest and started caressing him over his shirt.

“This is so inappropriate,” Mr. Delgado said. But he stopped trying to get up or get Kayla off of him.

“I’ll let you do anything you want to me,” Kayla whispered into his ear. She planted a kiss on his cheek. When he didn’t protest, Kayla kissed him again on the corner of his mouth, and then, finally, right on the lips. (1 POINT)

To Kayla’s delight, Mr. Delgado returned the kiss almost right away. His arms circled her waist as his tongue pushed into her mouth. Kayla started grinding her ass against his lap, and Mr. Delgado’s hand found its way up her skirt. He started rubbing her clit in circles through her underwear. Wanting more pressure (and more points, duh) Kayla grabbed Mr. Delgado’s hand and slipped it under the elastic of her underwear, silently signaling for him to finger her. Mr. Delgado slipped two fingers into Kayla’s tight, wet pussy. (3 POINTS)

“Ohhhhh.” Kayla broke away from their kiss and moaned as Mr. Delgado pumped his fingers in and out of her.

“You’ve got a tight little pussy,” Mr. Delgado whispered. “God, I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

“Keep going,” Kayla encouraged. She could feel Mr. Delgado’s erection growing beneath her ass as he fingered her. He added a third finger, stretching her out, feeling as deep inside her as he could.

“Are you a virgin?” He asked.

“No,” Kayla replied, her voice tight as she felt an orgasm starting to build.

“You give blowjobs?”

“Oh, yeah,” Kayla said, bucking her hips up against Mr. Delgado’s hand. “I’ll give you one as soon as you make me cum.”

That must’ve been the extra incentive Mr. Delgado needed, since he started rubbing Kayla’s clit with the heel of his hand as he continued to work his fingers inside her.

“YES,” Kayla said, holding onto him more tightly. “I’m so close, Mr. D.” As he continued to finger her, Mr. Delgado used his free hand to grab at Kayla’s tits through her tank top. He yanked down the neckline of her tank, then pulled up her bra so Kayla’s small but pert breasts were free. Mr. Delgado’s left hand played with her nipples as his right sent her over the edge.

“OOOHHHHHH,” Kayla screeched as her pussy clenched around Mr. Delgado’s fingers. He quickly pulled his fingers out of her and pushed them against her lips. Kayla opened her mouth and sucked Mr. Delgado’s fingers clean. He moaned.

“My turn,” he said, unceremoniously pushing her off his lap onto the floor. Kayla, tits still out, scrambled onto her knees and started undoing his pants. She was pleased when she pulled out Mr. Delgado’s cock — it wasn’t too small, but it wasn’t huge either, meaning a blowjob wouldn’t be too difficult. Kayla gave his shaft a few pumps with her hand before bringing her lips to the head. She swirled her tongue around the tip, licking up the pre-cum that was oozing out. And when she started to take his cock into her mouth, Mr. Delgado sighed and leaned back into his chair, closing his eyes. (5 POINTS)

Kayla had given a few quick blowjobs before but had never deep-throated. So she continued to suck on just a few inches of Mr. Delgado’s cock, using her hand to stroke the base of it. But after a few minutes, she could tell he was getting restless. Mr. Delgado suddenly grabbed the back of her head and pushed Kayla forward.

“Take more, Kayla,” he said, his hand getting more forceful when he sensed Kayla’s hesitance. She did as he asked, but when his dick hit the back of her throat, Kayla gagged and retreated.

“You came on to me, hon,” Mr. Delgado said. “If you’re gonna throw yourself at me, you better give decent head.” With that, Mr. Delgado put a hand on either side of Kayla’s head, held her in place, and started thrusting his hips against her face.

“UULLKKK,” Kayla gagged immediately, but Mr. Delgado continued to fuck her mouth, going deeper with every thrust. Finally, he managed to get his entire dick down her throat.

“Fuckkkk,” türkçe bahis he moaned, holding Kayla in place before starting to thrust again — faster this time.

“ULK, ULK, ULK.” Kayla gagged with every quick thrust and her eyes were watering, but she let Mr. Delgado continue to force himself down her throat. He was fucking her throat with such intensity that it came as a complete shock when he suddenly stilled, his dick only halfway in her mouth now. Mr. Delgado lurched forward in his chair, rolling up against his desk all the way, forcing Kayla into the small, cramped space under the desk.

“Hey, John, did you forget about the meeting?”

Kayla was unable to see what was going on, but figured the other Spanish teacher, Mrs. Thomas, had walked in. Mr. Delgado was sitting so close up against the desk to hide the fact that his pants were undone. Kayla wasn’t sure what to do.

“Oh, h-hey, Jen,” Mr. Delgado said in a shaky voice. “I guess I did forget about the meeting. Is it 3:00 already?”

“Yeah,” Mrs. Thomas replied. “You wanna walk over together?” Mr. Delgado was silent for a while, undoubtedly debating his options. Kayla was very upset that their encounter was interrupted. They likely weren’t going to get to the actual act — the least she could do was make Mr. Delgado cum like he’d done for her. So, Kayla leaned forward and took his cock back into her mouth. She heard Mr. Delgado inhale sharply.

“Actually, I’m gonna be just a few minutes late,” Mr. Delgado told Mrs. Thomas as Kayla muffled a gag in order to take him back down her throat. “You better go on w-without…me.” Mr. Delgado was struggling to form sentences as Kayla continued to deep-throat him. She reached up and massaged his balls, and she felt him tense up in his chair.

“Okay…” Mrs. Thomas said, the confusion clear in her voice. “Are you alright? You look kind of sick or something.” Kayla swirled her tongue around the tip again then moved her lips up and down the side of Mr. Delgado’s shaft. There was so much saliva she felt it dripping off her chin.

“Y-yeah,” Mr. Delgado replied. “I’m fine. Just…tired, I guess.” Kayla gave Mr. Delgado’s wet dick a few pumps, then aimed it into her mouth, tapping his head on her tongue, encouraging him to cum. When she suddenly took most of his cock in her mouth again, Mr. Delgado couldn’t hold it in anymore. With a strangled grunt, Mr. Delgado shot his load into Kayla’s mouth. The force of his ejaculation startled Kayla and she instinctually backed up, ramming her head against the back of the desk. The thud echoed loudly in the empty classroom.

“John, what…”

“Save me a seat, okay?” He panted out as he shot one last rope of cum onto Kayla’s tongue. Mr. Delgado’s breathing was really heavy as he struggled to catch his breath.

Kayla didn’t hear Mrs. Thomas say anything more, but heard her heels clacking as she exited the classroom.

“Jesus,” Mr. Delgado mumbled after she’d gone. He slowly rolled out, allowing Kayla to crawl out from beneath the desk.

“Do you have to go to that meeting?” Kayla asked. “I wanted you to fuck me.” Mr. Delgado looked at her like she was crazy as he shoved his dick back into his pants.

“Are you insane? My entire career almost ended just now.” Mr. Delgado stood up and fixed his shirt and pants. “Just stay away from me.”

Upset now, Kayla stood and pulled her bra back down over her tits.

“Well that’s pretty rude, considering I just let you cum in my mouth,” Kayla said, crossing her arms. She’d never let a guy do that before. Mr. Delgado sighed heavily.

“I’m sorry,” he said quickly. “That shouldn’t have happened.” And then he grabbed some folders and strode out of the room.





Zoey had a thing for old guys. She always had. She remembered being a young girl, and instead of swooning over the normal pre-teen heartthrobs, she preferred the actors who played the heartthrobs’ dads.

She didn’t have any daddy issues or anything. She had a very nice, normal, loving father. Zoey just loved the idea of being taken my some big, sexy, hairy man.

Mr. Booth was an English Lit teacher. He was in his late forties, and very much looked like a college professor. He had a dark beard and glasses and constantly wore sweaters with the suede patches on the elbows. His face was just okay, but really it was his intelligence and eloquent speech that made him attractive.

Zoey was a beautiful girl in a quiet kind of way. She wasn’t what the high school boys would call hot, but she had a pretty face and nice, round C-cups. She was definitely a bit of a late bloomer. In fact, she was still a virgin. She’d hooked up with a boy before but had chickened out before they could go all the way. Zoey didn’t want to lose her virginity to some boring, dumb high school boy. She wanted her first time to be with an intelligent, charming man. So this teacher pact she and her friends made was actually kind of perfect.

Zoey knew Mr. Booth’s schedule well. School ended at 2:30, but he didn’t güvenilir bahis siteleri end up leaving until after 5:00 — he always had a ton of essays to grade. 5:00 was later than most teachers stayed, so Zoey knew she had a good opportunity to find Mr. Booth alone.

She loitered in the library for a while, and then when they kicked her out, she slowly made her way to Mr. Booth’s room. She found him, just as she suspected, at his desk grading essays.

“Hey, Mr. Booth,” Zoey said. He looked up at her and smiled.

“Hi, Zoey. What are you still doing here? It’s late.”

“I had yearbook,” Zoey lied. “I just was thinking how I wanted something new to read over the weekend. You got anything good?” Mr. Booth’s smile got even bigger. He loved recommending books to students.

“Definitely. Come here.” Mr. Booth got up and walked towards the big closet in his room, which he used to store books that weren’t part of the curriculum. Zoey followed him.

“Let’s see…” Mr. Booth scanned the bookshelf. “What are you in the mood for?”

“I don’t know,” Zoey said. “Something…different.”

“You’re one of my only students who actually reads for fun,” Mr. Booth said, shaking his head. “It’s very refreshing.”

“What can I say, your class has inspired me,” Zoey said with a smile. Mr. Booth returned the grin and turned back to his bookshelf.

“Have you read Lolita?” He asked. Zoey shook her head.

“What’s it about?”

“It’s a classic. You’ll probably read it in college. But basically, it’s about a disturbed man who falls in love with a young girl.”

“Does she love him back?” Zoey asked. Mr. Booth tilted his head, thinking.

“Well that’s the thing,” he said. “The book raises the question of if that’s even possible — for the girl to truly love this man, who is essentially her captor and manipulator. Many argue it’s impossible for a girl to love an older man.”

“I don’t think it’s impossible,” Zoey said.

“Yeah? Why is that?” Mr. Booth asked.

“Because I’ve been attracted to older men my whole life,” Zoey said, her voice low. Mr. Booth cocked his eyebrow.

“How old?” He asked. Zoey smiled.

“Your age.” Mr. Booth exhaled slowly and moved the tiniest bit closer to Zoey. She took a step backwards, her back pressed up against the bookshelf.

“You didn’t come here for a book, did you?” He asked. Zoey shook her head.

“As much as I love to read, that’s not what I have in mind at the moment,” she said. Mr. Booth stared at her for a minute before reaching behind him and grabbing the handle on the closet door. When it clicked shut, Zoey’s heart started racing.

“What did you have in mind?” He asked, his voice low. Mr. Booth stepped forward and put his hands on Zoey’s hips.

“I’ll give you a hint,” Zoey said, placing her hands over his. “See this dress I have on? I’m not wear any panties under it.” She grabbed Mr. Booth’s right hand and placed it under the hem of her dress. Mr. Booth slowly slid his hand up Zoey’s thigh until he reached her pussy lips. He gently rubbed at her entrance, his fingers easily sliding around due to her extreme wetness.

“A dress with no panties,” Mr. Booth said as he continued to rub her, his fingers not quite daring to slip inside her yet. “I think that’s against the dress code. You’ll need to be disciplined for that.”

“Everyone’s left for the day,” Zoey replied, her heart beating so loudly in her ears she could barely hear herself speak. “So it looks like you’ll have to discipline me.” A hungry look entered Mr. Booth’s dark eyes. He suddenly removed his hand from between Zoey’s legs and spun her around so her front was pressed up against the bookshelf. Mr. Booth quickly flipped up the bottom of her dress so her bare ass was exposed. He grabbed a handful of her plump flesh before smacking Zoey’s ass hard.

“Oh!” She cried out as her ass tingled from where he’d slapped it.

“That’s nothing,” Mr. Booth said as he hit her again, harder this time. “You’re going to be screaming by the time I’m done with you.” He hit her ass again and it stung badly. Zoey yelled out from the pain, but she could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter with every slap.

“Please,” Zoey mumbled out as Mr. Booth spanked her again. “Touch me, Mr. Booth. You’re making me so wet.” He stopped the spanking momentarily and felt between her legs. Zoey was so wet his probing fingers just slipped right inside her pussy. (3 POINTS)

“Ahhhhhh,” Zoey moaned as Mr. Booth repeatedly plunged his fingers in and out of her.

“You’re so fucking tight,” Mr. Booth said as he forced a third finger inside.

“I’m…a virgin,” Zoey managed to pant out as her English teacher continued to finger her.

“Shit,” Mr. Booth growled. “A virgin who’s acting like a whore.” He used his left hand to slap her ass again as his fingers fucked her.

“I want you to take my virginity,” Zoey said. “Don’t hold back. I can handle anything.”

“Oh, I don’t plan on holding back,” Mr. Booth said. He forced his fingers as deep inside her as he could and kept them there. Zoey, desperate to cum, started grinding furiously against his hand. While she did that, Mr. Booth started humping her ass. Zoey could feel his giant erection pressing into her.

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