Friendly Neighbors

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We had just moved to a new town and bought a house in an established neighborhood. My wife Pat and I were just beginning to enjoy our empty nest at the age of 45. We met our neighbors Hector and Yolanda who had recently taken early retirement at age 62. They were Hispanic but Hector was very dark and everyone thought he was Black.

About a week later I woke just before sunrise and heard a water running. We were under water restrictions due to drought. Thinking I might have left my hose on I went to the backyard. I immediately realized the sound was coming from Hector and Yolanda’s yard. As I peeked over the stockade fence I saw Yolanda in a thin nightgown and watering her flower beds. Now Yolanda was a full sized woman with light brown skin a very pretty face. I couldn’t help noticing her very large tits that hung so freely as she bent over. Her erect, dark aureoles and nipples were in stark contrast to the thin white cloth they pressed against. As she stood up her gown clung to her thighs and I could see the dark triangle bush that rested between her legs.

Their patio door opened and as she turned I viewed her very large but nicely shaped ass. It was a beauty. Hector came out and said something to her in Spanish. He was wearing a robe loosely tied at the waist. They both laughed. She waved him away but he continued to approach her. He untied his robe and let it fall to the grown. Hector was naked and had a hard-on I couldn’t believe. He was about six foot four and had a good build for his age. He stroked his growing cock as he continued to speak in Spanish. Yolanda was kneeling over a flower bed as he tried to slide his dick between her ass cheeks. She turned around and said in broken English, “okay I suck you.” I had a wonderful view of her butt as she bent forward and took his big tool in her mouth, inch by inch. Hector smiled as he reached down and fondled her large breast, tweaking her nipples as he squeezed her mammoth melons.

I was getting hard watching and began stroking my cock şişli escort while I enjoyed the show. Hector said he wanted to cum in her pussy and pulled out. Yolanda kept kneeling but turned her back to him while she lifted her gown. They both were facing me now so I ducked under the fence. I heard Hector slapping against her butt as he rammed his rod in her and Yolanda moaning excitedly in Spanish. As I peeked back over the fence, Hector saw me and kept fucking as he motioned for me to come over. Yolanda looked up as I came in their yard. “I suck you” she said as she took my cock in her hand and began sucking me. Her mouth was soft and warm as she gave very deep and long sucks and licks. I reached down and rubbed her big tits and nipples. She sucked me in rhythm with Hectors banging her. “Cum in her mouth,” Hector said, “She likes to swallow.” The pace quickened and Hector and I gave a loud OHHHH! as we unloaded in both ends of Yolanda. She smiled as she licked us clean. Yolanda then looked at me pointing to her pussy. She laid back. I licked her long labial lips and suckrd her clit as she wrapped legs around my head squeezing every time she came.

My ears were red from Yolanda’s squeezes but I loved every minute of it. Yolanda said something to Hector in Spanish. He smiled and told me “she wants you to fuck her pussy while I butt-fuck her.” Yolanda handed me a tube of lubricant and bent over as I applied it by sliding one, two and three fingers in her butt hole. Hector sat on a chair and Yolanda sat back on him. He guided his shaft into her ass and she settled back. I stood in front of her and slid my throbbing cock into her waiting cunt. Yolanda loved it. She moaned and gasped and cried out in Spanish. We fucked her hard and she begged for more. Finally we all came and felt most satisfied. While having a cup of coffee in their kitchen Hector said he bet Pat was a great piece of ass and asked if she would like to join them. I told him I didn’t think so as she was pretty straight laced. Yolanda said mecdiyeköy escort she would like to talk to her and see what happened.

A week later Hector and Yolanda invited us over for dinner. After we ate Yolanda took Pat into another room. As they talked I could see that Yolanda was showing Pat some pictures and various dildos and toys. Pat had never used toys so I was interested in what her reaction. When we got home I asked what she and Yolanda talked about. “Just girl talk,” she answered. “I saw her showing you some sex toys. What did you think of that?” I asked. “Well I borrowed several and will see if I like them,” Pat replied. I was getting hard just hearing her say that. “She showed you pictures, what were they?” I asked. Pat told me they were of Yolanda and Hector fucking and some pictures included other couples. I asked if that upset her and she said no. It actually made her pussy wet. Then she said, “Boy that Hector sure is big”

“You mean he’s tall?” I asked knowing what she meant. She laughed and said I knew what she meant. I asked if she would like to suck that big black dick and feel his cock up her cunt. She blushed and asked if I would mind if that happened. I told her no. In fact I’d like to watch her get fucked by Hector, that is if she wouldn’t mind my fucking Yolanda. She smiled and said, “Yolanda likes you, you know.”

That night we had the best sex we had in years. She gave me the greatest cock sucking and I used the dildo in her ass while I ate her pussy. She even wanted it left in while I fucked her. The next day I told Hector it was a go and so we set up a dinner at our house on Saturday. I couldn’t wait for the week to pass. After dinner Hector played a video of he and, Yolanda fucking another couple. We all watched and began to play with our respective spouses. Halfway through the video clothes were scattered all over. Pat was sucking me and Hector was eating Yolanda’s pussy. It wasn’t long before Pat was chewing on Hector’s tool while I licked Yolanda’s cunt. Pat was in heaven and I was enjoyed watching her suck his big black dick. In the meantime Yolanda and I were sucking and fucking in our own right. We did stop though to watch Hector slide his thick black cock into Pat’s tight pink pussy. The contrast of his black body on her white skin was beautiful.

Hector and I were having a drink during a break when we realized the woman had disappeared. We heard laughing and giggling coming from the guest bedroom and walked in to find Pat and Yolanda eating each other in a 69 position. Pat stopped when she saw me and asked if I was upset. She said she always wanted to see what it was like to eat a women’s pussy…and she loved it. I told her to continue we were enjoying the view and would join in when they wanted us.

We had many friendly neighborhood get-togethers after that and the Asian couple, Kim and Ty, who lived down the street joined our group. Kim is was a real sweet fuck. She had a little patch of jet black hair just above her clean shaven slit. Her pussy tasted very sweet and she always had the most wonderful aroma. Just for fun she would use chopsticks to hold and then role up and down our dicks as she gave the best head. The ladies liked what Ty could with his tongue. He too used chop sticks to hold the ladies pussy open while he sucked their clit. Another of the ladies favorites was Ty shoving the chop sticks up their ass while fucking them. The most popular group activity was the daisy chain. Can you picture Hector sucking Kim while she sucked me and I sucked Yolanda who sucked Ty as he sucked Pat while she was sucking Hector. Someone would yell switch and we would flip around. Eventually we all tasted each woman’s cunt and each woman sucked all the cocks.

Another game we would play is to blindfold one women and she would have to identify each man by tasting his cock, kissing his butt, feeling him in her pussy or butt. The men played the same game but we had the advantage of identifying the women by sucking their tits as well. From time to time we had guest couples join us but our core group has continued on together.

As Mr. Rodgers says: “It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood.”

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