From Her Student, to Her Foot Bitch

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Ms. Till was always a flirt. Teaching seniors in highschool while only being a few years out of college herself, she loved to say sneaky sexual comments to her attractive male students. I was her favorite student and we would flirt daily. She finally wanted to have some fun and invited me out to her house for dinner. Ms. Till had just finished her divorce and never had any kids. She lived alone in the house she had just kicked her ex out of. She was tall, beautiful, and didn’t take any shit from people. As soon as her husband started treating her less than perfect, she filed for a divorce and got half of all of his stuff. She often bragged about this to her students as if she got off to having that much control over him.

When I got there, I walked through the door to see her wearing a red cocktail dress and black high heels. Her red toenails and perfect size 10 feet is what caught my attention the most since I have always had a huge foot fetish. I am insecure about it and never tell anyone, but in this instant I couldn’t help but to stare. We hugged and I could tell that she was already pretty drunk. She was a big partier in college and didn’t slow down a bit since becoming a teacher. She hands me a glass of wine that was already poured waiting on me. We ate, drank, and talked for about an hour. She told me that she couldn’t wait any longer and had to know how I taste. She dropped down to her knees and started to unbutton my pants.

She gave me some of the best head that I have ever gotten in my life. She would massage illegal bahis my balls with one hand while she stroked my cock with her other, all while licking the tip of my dick. She was obviously very experienced with this. After a few minutes I couldn’t resist the urge to cum any longer. I exploded in her mouth and she immediately swallowed my cum and didn’t even miss a beat. To this day it is still the best head I have ever gotten.

After she took my cock out of her mouth, she looked me in the eyes and said “My turn” She got up and walked into the living room so she could lay down on the couch. I followed her and sat down beside her. She put her legs up on my lap and asked me to take off her shoes. I removed them and set them on the floor. She then opened up her legs and pulled up her skirt to reveal her beautiful pussy. She didn’t even bother wearing underwear, and her smooth vagina was freshly shaved and dripping wet. I put my head between her thighs and place a big kiss on top of her clit. She moaned with pleasure just from the first touch. I then beginning licking every inch and every drop of her sweet juice. I was in heaven and couldn’t help myself. I grabbed her ankle and put her foot to my face while rubbing her pussy with my fingers. I begin sucking her toes and licking in between them while bringing her to an orgasm. After she climaxed I licked her again for a few minutes until she grabbed my head and told me to stop.

We sat up on the couch and began to talk. “That was amazing, but I have to ask. Was the illegal bahis siteleri feet thing for my pleasure.. or yours?” she asked me.

“What can I say? Your feet are just so mesmerizing to me.” I replied.

“I never would have guessed that you would have been into feet, you just don’t seem like that type” She said.

“Yeah I keep it pretty well hidden for the most part,” I said.

She then gave me a smirk. Like she enjoyed the fact like she was let in on this little secret. The sexy little smirk also seemed a little evil, as if she started to get some ideas about how to have some fun with me.

The next day at school she called me over to her desk after giving out an assignment to everyone else. I sit down beside her and notice that she was had her feet out of her flip flops. She places her feet right on top of my crotch and my dick immediately becomes hard as a rock. She starts to giggle at me in a humiliating tone.

“Wow you really are a little foot freak!” she said just quite enough that nobody else could hear.

My face gets red and I get embarrassed that other students might have heard that. She tells me to stand up and go back to my desk. Before I walk away she tells me to be at her house as soon as she gets off work today.

Later that evening I head to her house after she texts me and tells me she was leaving the school. I park in the driveway and sit in my car waiting. She pulls up shortly after and steps out of her car. She walks over to me and tells me to grab all her bags canlı bahis siteleri out of her car and bring them inside. I get her stuff and walk inside to see her sitting on the couch with her feet up on the table. As soon as I take a step inside the door she says “Why do I not have a drink in my hand foot freak??” I was very surprised at this question but I couldn’t even hesitate. I went straight to the kitchen, got her a glass of wine, and walked it over to her.

“On your knees foot freak!” she commands.

I stood there for a second confused and trying to process why she began call me ‘foot freak’. She didn’t like that I wasn’t immediately following her order. She grabbed my crotch with her hand and squeezed my balls so tight that I thought they were going to bust! I drop down to my knees but luckily I didn’t spill any wine. She brings her face to mine while still holding my cock and balls with a death grip.

“Listen here you foot freak. I know how submissive men with feet fetishes can be, and I am going to have you be my own little foot bitch. You would do anything for my feet and I am gonna use that to make you do anything I say and serve me in any way that I need. Do you got that you little pathetic bitch?” She said.

I couldn’t believe what I just heard! My heart was racing, but I couldn’t deny that what she just said to me sounded like heaven! My dick began to swell in her hand and she laughed in my face.

“I knew this would be easy. I am going to make you my foot bitch and you are going to thank me often for it! Now little bitch. Hand me my wine and remove my sweaty flip flops. I am going to use your face for a footstool while I explain your new life to you.”


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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