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Amelia sat at a table in the cafeteria of her university with her best friend Kylie.

“How’s your chemistry teacher been lately?” Amelia asked Kylie as she sipped her soda from a straw.

“Ugh just as pervy as ever.” Kylie made a disgusted face. “I saw a girl bend down to pick up her copper sample and he stared right at her ass with no shame at all.”

“What a creep.” Amelia replied. “Isn’t he like 60 years old too?”

“70!” Kylie shuddered.

Kylie was a very short and skinny woman with short red hair and light freckles all over her face. She usually wore something with some kind of flower on it and was very happy and very energetic.

Amelia spotted Kylie’s boyfriend Landon walking towards them with his best friend Blake.

Ugh she thought. Speaking of creeps. Here comes Blake.

While Blake was technically part of their group due to his friendship with Landon, he wasn’t entirely loved by all. He was about 6’2″ with lean muscle covering his body. He always wore a bright colored T-shirt and loved to lie to women to get them into bed with him. Despite his faults, Blake was rather attractive. He had a great smile and striking green eyes. He also had very soft, very thick, brown hair and a jaw like an anvil.

Landon was a very cheerful person and loved to laugh most of all. Blake was his best friend because Blake and Landon were very clever and when combined, very funny. Landon had a thicker build than Blake and was a couple of inches shorter. He had a huge smile and deep dimples in his cheeks. He also had big brown eyes and short brown hair.

Kylie smiled widely and got up to hug Landon around the waist.

“Hey baby!” she greeted and kissed him.

“Hey.” He replied, smiling back. “Hey Amelia.” He said, noticing she was there.

Amelia just smiled back and tried to ignore that Blake was there.

Blake smirked at Amelia as he sat down.

“Ooo Amy, I can see right down your shirt you little vixen.”

“Blake!” Kylie lightly hit him on the shoulder in disapproval.

“Fuck you.” Amelia shot back, pulling her shirt up.

This shirt never used to do that. I guess it’s getting old. Thought Amelia. What an asshole.

Blake leaned on Amelia’s chair with both hands on the arm rests, slightly towering over her. “When and where baby.” Amelia bit her lip and pulled her foot up to look like she was going to kick him in the groin but he grabbed her ankle.

“Whoa Babybird calm down a bit, I need that.” Amelia scoffed at him and rolled her eyes as she lowered her foot.

Blake always called her “Babybird” because she was usually so offended at what he would say that her mouth would hang wide open like a baby bird waiting to be fed.

“You’re right, I wouldn’t to get all those venereal diseases on my foot.” Amelia turned her chair back to the table to sip her almost empty cup of soda.

“What is your problem babybird? Do you need to get laid?” Blake teased, knowing Amelia hadn’t been in a relationship in over a year.

“Don’t fucking call me babybird.” Amelia glared at him.

“Seriously you need a good fuck Amy.” Blake sounded serious, he was feeling attacked because he didn’t expect Amelia to be so rude right off the bat, she usually waited until he spoke for a little bit.

“That is none of your business.”

“Leave her alone Blake.” Kylie whined finally fed up with their bickering.

“Look Amelia, I know you’ve been single for a while, if you need that stuff taken care of, I got you.” Blake flicked his head in her direction.

“Wow.” Kylie and Landon laughed.

“What in this universe would ever give you the impression that I would sleep with you?” Amelia was baffled.

“Oh no honey I didn’t mean any sweet cuddly lovin, I meant rough, screaming, earthshaking fuck.” said Blake nonchalantly as he popped a cherry tomato in his mouth and smiled. Landon and Kylie both giggled.

“Right.” Amelia scoffed.

“Actually Amy..” Kylie said innocently.

“What? You think HE could actually please a woman?” Amelia looked at Kylie in disbelief.

“Actually I know a lot of the girls he’s slept with.” Kylie said looking away and Landon had a hand over his smile. “They all say he’s really good..” Kylie admitted. She was never good at lying or simply not saying the truth, it always came out whether she regretted it the second she said it or not.

Blake gave a closed-mouth grin with his mouth full of food and flicked his eyebrows. Amelia became nauseous.

“Wow…was not expecting that.” Amelia said, mad that she was wrong about something.

“Maybe if you quit judging you’ll be able to see the actual facts Babybird.” Blake said after swallowing his last bite of food. He got up to throw his paper plate and plastic utensils away but before he did he kissed Amelia on the cheek, but quickly enough to avoid any sort of painful objection from her.

“Eww!!” she shouted and wiped her cheek furiously with her sleeve and looked at him wide eyed as he threw away his plate and started to walk off.

“Where casino şirketleri are you going?” Landon called after his friend.

“Gotta go to class bro!” Blake called back.

“What the fuck Landon!” Amelia turned to him with rage in her eyes.

“What!? I didn’t tell him to do that!” Landon was trying not to laugh.

“You need to talk to your boy and explain what consent is.” Amelia got up with her plate and empty cup. “I’m going to go to class.” She said and stormed off.

Later that night Kylie decided to call Amelia.

“Hello?” asked Amelia as she sat on her bed turning away from the porn site on her computer so she could focus on the hopefully short conversation.

“Hey Amelia.” said Kylie cheerfully.

“What’s up I’m kinda in the middle of writing an essay.” Lied Amelia as she clicked on the top rated button at the top of the page.

“Oh well are you gunna be busy all night because Blake is having a party tonight and I really want you to come.”

“What? Why would I go to anything Blake is hosting?” Amelia leaned back on her bed ignoring her explicit computer.

“Look babe you don’t even have to talk to him I just want you to come and maybe you’ll meet someone! Because I hate to say it Amy but Blake is right, it has been a while since you’ve…been with anybody.”

“Oh my god Kylie I’m fine ok!” Amelia lied glancing at her computer with guilt.

“Amelia I am not stupid!” Kylie started, getting upset. “I know how much you like sex and goddamn it you are going to this party if I have to come over there, force some slutty dress on you and drag you by your hair.” Kylie was mostly sweet but it was obvious she usually had her way.

“Ugh! Kylie!” Amelia started to protest but Kylie interrupted.

“Amelia Peterson I am picking you up in an hour and you better look good.” Kylie hung up.

Amelia put her phone back on her bed and looked longingly at her computer. She reluctantly started to get ready.

An hour later Amelia heard banging on her door and rushed to open it. There stood Kylie with a yellow number on hanging on the arm of Landon like always. Kylie grinned.

“Amelia you look great! Are you ready to go?” Kylie said as she got a look of Amelia in a black and gold skin tight dress, some strappy heels, smoky eye makeup, and the scent of Amelia’s lovely seductive perfume wafting through her doorway.

“Yeah.” she replied uncomfortable tugging at the hem of her dress. She felt like she looked like a hooker but Kylie had bought that dress for her and to express that would be offensive.

The group exited the dorm room and dormitory and proceeded into Landon’s car to the party at Blake’s house.

When they pulled up they saw through the blinds of the window several colors flashing at certain intervals and heard music escaping the house. They saw people littering the lawn talking about various things pertaining to sports, sex, and booze. Amelia stepped out of the car, at first looking like a newborn deer trying to find its footing but once she stood up all the way her bearings came back to her and she recalled how to walk in heels. Landon and Kylie got out of the car and joined Amelia and they all made their way to the bumping house. Kylie knocked on the door and Blake answered with a red plastic cup in his hand.

“Hey guys you made it! Come on in, help yourselves!” Blake didn’t see Amelia there at first because Landon and Kylie had been standing in front of her but when they went in the house Amelia was revealed and Blake didn’t recognize her for the first three seconds as she walked through his doorway.

“Amelia?!” Blake asked still holding the door.

Amelia turned around,

“Yeah?” she asked with attitude but was obviously embarrassed at her appearance and looked down and away.

“Damn. You look, way sexy.” Blake sized her up. Amelia was surprised at his compliment for a moment.

“Uh, thanks I guess. Kylie made me anyway.” Amelia scratched her head uncomfortably.

“Why’d she do that?” he asked finally closing the door.

“I don’t know why don’t you ask her?” she replied not wanting to tell the truth. Amelia turned and made her way to the kitchen for something to drink.

As she sipped from her cup of beer she felt that everyone was staring at her so she drank it quickly. Three cups later and she was on the dance floor trying to let loose. After a while she still felt like a spectacle and the number of dudes that were coming up to dance behind her was a little unsettling. Amelia made her way to the kitchen and did a few shots with Kylie.

Kylie was smiling and giddy as ever dancing with Landon and hugging everyone she knew, every time she passed them. Amelia was still not feeling it so she went into a dark room to sit and think of how on earth Kylie dragged her to a party, when she really doesn’t even like parties, and how to prevent it from happening again.

Amelia sat on the bed and looked through her phone for someone that could make her feel better but she realized that the only ones casino firmalari that could were in bed or working some crazy graveyard shift. She closed her phone and lay back on the bed to listen to other people have fun in a place where she could not.

Why am I here? Why on earth did I think for one second that I would find someone interesting to talk to at one of Blake Daine’s parties? She thought depressingly.

“Hahaha yeah dude there’s some in the fridge.” Amelia heard Blake say through the door of the room she was in. He sounded close to the door.

“Fuck” she thought realizing that she was going to have to interact with the bastard. As dreaded, Blake opened the door and turned on the light.

“Amelia? What are you doing in my room?” Blake asked at the vision on his bed.

Amelia squinted at the light and looked around to see posters of shitty bands and shitty rappers and realized that she was indeed in his room.

“I didn’t know it was your room. I’ll leave.” Amelia got up to go but Blake closed the door.

“Are you okay Amelia?” he asked looking concerned.

“Peachy, can I go now?” she rolled her eyes impatiently.

“Are you sure? Did someone say something to you or something?” Blake asked.

“No and why would you care?” Amelia was getting mad that he was being nice to her. It was easier when all she had to do was be mean. She was good at that.

“Look Babybird-”

“Don’t call me Babybird!” Amelia hit his shoulder.

“Look AMELIA, you may be a screeching siren but you’re still pretty and things happen to pretty girls at parties alright?” Blake blurted impatiently.

“Screeching siren? Can I go now?!”

“You can talk to me hun, you can tell me what’s wrong. I’m not the bad guy you think I am.” Blake looked down at Amelia with his green eyes and perfect smile and warm tan.

“Don’t call me hun.” Amelia fought.

“God you are such a bitch Amelia.”

“Fuck you asshole!” yelled Amelia, she was a bit reactive because of the alcohol in her system. “At least I don’t go fuck everything that walks past me!”

“You don’t even fucking know what a cunt you are Amelia! You need to stop fucking judging everyone over every little thing and live your own goddamn life!” Blake shouted back.

“Shut the fuck up Blake you’re so fucking stupid.” Amelia said causing Blake’s heart to really race with anger.

“You know what? How about I go get one of my friends out there to fuck you because you obviously need it.”

“My sex life is none of your fucking business!”

“You’re making it my business Amelia! I feel like I need to fuck the bitch out of you so you’ll give me a goddamn break! You’re constantly on my fucking case!” Blake said loudly in her face. “At least I can have relationships! You’re too much of a bitch to be nice to anyone long enough to get any dick which is probably why you’re such a bitch!”

Amelia reached back and slapped Blake hard in the face. His hand shot up to the stinging pain in his reddening cheek.

“Fucking cunt!” Blake pushed to the wall Amelia but when he did he watched at how her breasts bounced almost out of her tight dress completely, and this sudden lust confused him in his angered state.

Amelia gritted her teeth and pushed him back with a grunt. Out of anger Blake grabbed the sides of Amelia’s arms and pushed her back against the wall. She grunted as she hit it and looked up at him in hatred with her large orb like eyes. Blake took a second to evaluate what was happening. He saw Amelia, a girl he right now hated, her hair was in disheveled curls, her lips plump and shiny with gloss, and her large tits were heaving from her rapid chest movements.

Blake then shoved his lips onto Amelia’s.

Amelia was trying to escape his hold but Blake was much stronger than her and was almost hurting her as he forced her to stay against the wall. As Blake forcefully moved his lips on hers she felt a heat between her legs that angered her in its contradiction.

Blake pulled back and stared at Amelia who stared back at him, both panting and both strangely aroused. Amelia quickly grabbed Blake’s face and forced her tongue in his mouth kissing him hungrily.

It had been so long since Amelia had been touched and she needed it desperately especially when she was in such a drunken passion. Blake reached down and grabbed the ass he had longed to feel ever since Amelia’s first episode of stomping away in a huff from him. She moaned in his mouth. Amelia’s hands went down his torso and up his shirt to feel his hard muscles. Blake made her lay on his bed without ever breaking their kiss. He explored her body with his hands making her moan uncontrollably in his mouth causing his cock to strain against his jeans. Blake reached his hand up and grabbed Amelia’s breast through her dress and bra.

“I hate you.” she moaned gripping a hand full of his hair.

Amelia let go and ran her hand down to grab his bulge through his jeans.

“Fuck.” he moaned against her lips. Blake forced her dress up and jerked güvenilir casino her black lace panties off and threw them across the room. She forced her way on top of him before he had the chance to touch her shaved cunt and straddling over the hardness in his pants she grabbed the hem of his shirt and threw it on the floor to reveal his six pack delicious abs. Amelia was surprised to find how sexy he was under his stupid hipster garb. She took a second to run her hands over his washboard stomach and she bit her lip. Blake looked at her confused that she would find him sexy but smirked at the contradiction. He sat up with Amelia still straddling his lap and pressed her to him in another heated kiss.

“You like what you see baby?” Blake’s breath was hot against her lips.

“Fuck me.” Amelia snarled and took her dress off. Blake made quick work of her bra while she fumbled with his belt but he stopped her when her breasts were free, he massaged them making Amelia moan, then he pressed her a little higher so he could tongue her nipple.

“Shit! Blake!” she gasped with her head thrown back and her fingers through his brown hair and his hand grabbing and rubbing her ass. Blake slowly dragged one hand over to her hot pussy. He felt how wet she was. Amelia shouted at the long desired contact to her hot slick folds, Blake caused her to claw his back a little.

“I bet you touch yourself a lot, don’t you horny bitch?” Blake told more than asked, his warm breath on her collar bone, making her eyebrows furrow in frustration.

“Yes you fucking asshole.” she moaned.

“You don’t seem to get nearly the release you need Amy.” Blake rubbed her moisture over her clit.

“F-fuck you.” Amy stuttered as her legs shook from pleasure.

“Fine.” Blake pushed a finger into her slick hole.

“Oh god!! Blake please!” Amelia shouted.

“Do you like one finger, or two?” Blake slipped his second finger in her and fucked her slowly. Amelia had never had two of her fingers inside of her because it normally hurt but Blake’s felt amazing and she moaned.

“Blake please! I need your dick.” at this Blake flipped them over so she was lying beneath him and he thumbed her clit while still pumping his two fingers inside of her. “Shiit!!” Amelia gripped the sheets around her. “I fucking hate you.” Amelia suddenly reached up and undid the button and zipper to Blake’s trousers and forced them down as much as she could before Blake stopped her.

“Now you want some dick huh? How about you suck me off a little bit and I’ll see what I can do?” Blake asked as he towered over her on just his knees while she was sitting up glaring at him.

“I’m too horny Blake, just fuck me.” she said and tried to grab his dick from the hole in his boxers but he stopped her.

“Really?” Blake asked surprised at her stubbornness. He pushed her back down on the bed and started lightly tracing his tongue on the side of her neck. He reached his hands down and massaged her tits lightly and she moaned with her eyes closed. Blake reached down to his boxers and pulled them off, along with everything that was at his knees. He put his face down in front of Amelia’s again but this time looking at her straight in the eye, both of their faces filled with hunger. He kissed her roughly and broke when she seemed horny enough. He gently took her hand and placed it around his cock.

“Don’t you think this would feel nice and thick up in your wet pussy baby?” Blake asked on her lips. Her mouth opened as she felt the length and girth of him, she was not expecting him to be so big or so hard. She had forgotten how hard dicks could get.

“Blake fuck me, you bastard.” she said biting his lip not understanding why he wouldn’t fuck her before she changed her mind.

“I’ll fuck you baby, I’ll make you cum so hard you’ll forget your fuckin name,” he said this on her lips while he played with her nipples. Amelia’s pussy gave a spasm in anticipation. “But first I want you to promise you’ll suck me off sometime. I wanna see your delicious lips wrapped around my cock.”

“Yeah whatever.” Amelia vowed, her pussy giving another spasm with his words.

Blake’s hand went down to guide his cock into her, he rubbed it on the entrance to her pussy to get it wet and she gripped the sheets. Then he guided his dick into her slick, tight hole.

“Fuck Amy you’re so tight.” Blake said while he slowly worked her hole with the head of his cock.

“Shit! Oh my god! You’re fucking hu-huge!” she yelled not caring if the music was loud enough to drown out her cries or not. Blake shuddered as he slowly slid his cock in and out of her and let out a moan, biting his lip. He thrust deep inside her and she yelled as she clawed his back.

“Goddamnit.” said Blake. “I can’t believe you had this tight pussy this whole time.”

“Says you. Your dick is like two feet long.” Amelia exaggerated. Blake thrusted a little faster now that she was slightly loosened up. Blake smiled.

“Its eight.” he informed.

“Jesus Christ. You’re a monster.” she managed to say while he slid out of her slightly. Blake shoved his entire cock deep inside of her. It hurt slightly, but as he stayed there the pain faded. Amelia yelled and looked down at it wide-eyed. “How did you do that?! I’ve had smaller dicks that couldn’t get in all the way!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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